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hi guys hello and welcome to my apartment tour this is a long time coming I know I'm so excited to share my apartment with you guys but before we get into it I just want to give you guys some quick little background information in case you're new in case you've never seen my videos before or maybe you just forgot that kind of stuff to give you a little bit of the background about the Disney College Program housing so if you're like brand brand new my name is Emily and I'm participating in the Disney College Program spring advantage which means I am living and working in Walt Disney World from January until August the Disney College Program is open to anyone who is enrolled in a college anyone can apply for and if you get accepted then you'll get the opportunity to come and live down here in Walt Disney World now Disney does provide Disney housing for people participating in the Disney College Program aka DCP you don't have to live in DCP housing but most people live in it because that's just the easiest way to find a house and find an apartment down here and Disney because you're only going to be here for a short amount of time now the way it works is that you do pay for your apartment it's not free however the money that you pay for it comes out of your paycheck so for example if you earned four hundred dollars one week then Disney will automatically take out the rent and so you'll get so when you get your paycheck it already comes to you with the rent taken out rent it can range honestly anywhere from a hundred to about two hundred dollars per week the rent is weekly and it is taken out of your paycheck every single week price of your apartment depends on how many people and how many bedrooms you have for example a one-bedroom two-person apartment is a lot more expensive than let's say a three person six bedroom hello a two bedroom six person apartment so it all just kind of depends but before coming down to your program I know a lot of people stress about which complex they want to live in there are four Disney complexes that you could live in there's Patterson Chatham the Commons and Vista Way Patterson Commons and Chatham are all right next to each other and they're all about maybe like a five-minute walk like the way it goes there's like a little complex area and it goes the comment chat and then Paterson they're all right next to each other Vista Way is actually across the major street it's only about like a five minute drive from the other three but Vista Way is kind of separate because that was a very first DCP complex that was built and the other theory built later I believe two of the complexes have bunk beds I'm not sure exactly how many but bunk beds are a possibility as well when you have a two-person six bedroom apartment for example because you'll have three people in a room rather than two people anyways because of that you are able to rank and I know a lot of people stress out about this about which complex is better do they want this to way do they want the comments and bla bla bla bla however I just want to let you guys know that quite honestly the way you rank the housing honestly doesn't really matter however Disney doesn't really care and it's not that they don't necessarily care per se but it's just there are so many people and most people probably rank them the same way so it's really hard to give everybody what they want so just letting you guys know the way you rank them is not something to stress out about honestly like I really wouldn't get your hopes up all the way you rank them because you're just gonna be given something I was actually the way I rank them we were given our last choice which is a two bedroom six person apartment in Chatham Square and the reason we put that last was because I had bunk beds and we really didn't want bunk beds but now we have bunk beds honestly it turned out to be not that bad I mean I'm gonna be honest it is kind of annoying having like three people in a room because that's three different schedules and three people in the bathroom and whatnot but it hasn't been as bad as I thought and I just think that's something that probably happens to everyone in the beginning you might be really bummed if you get the complex that you didn't want or you know you don't get you get more people than you wanted or less people but at the end of the day it honestly doesn't matter because you're probably not even going to be in your apartment that much anyways because you're gonna be in the parks and you're gonna be working it expects literally anything on your check-in day and when you get your itinerary expect the worst and I think you'll be good I'll give you guys a quick little rundown of like each apartment complex but I'm not going to go into too much detail because I only live in Chatham square so I really only know the most about Chatham that you have this away is the one that everyone says they do not like the way is the one that Suzy talks about and is Disney he'd like to stow away and that's how everyone knows it it's known as like the party complex but I mean I've never really been there I can't say that that's true or not but I don't think it's any crazier than like the other complexes like I think it truly is just a normal complex maybe there are more parties there because it's known as the party complex but like it's not that bad a lot of their apartments are renovated now so they're not that bad like this Dawei has a lot of amenities and Vista Way is like the central bus hub so pretty much all the buses go to Vista Way so it's great if you don't have a car so Chatham that's where I live Chatham I love Chatham so much Chatham is like the central bus hub for like Chatham Patterson in the comments so the good thing about China is if you don't have a car and you have the bus stop whereas if you live in Patterson or the comments you have to walk to Chatham to get on the buses and so Chatham is great for the buses Chatham is also where all of the housing events are held so like graduation the Welcome events all that stuff is in Chatham because we have this huge field so that's really cool we have tennis courts we have a nice pool this Dawei has two pools every other complex only as run by the way Patterson people call it Caterson because there's a lot of cats roaming around there's also some cats in Chatham but I think there's like a lot in Patterson Patterson is also joked to be like the old people complex you're like what does it call like senior living because it's so quiet and then again like it might be quiet but also honestly I'd say Chatham is pretty quiet our downstairs neighbors are kind of loud and in the beginning of our program they I feel like they had a party every single day but like honestly I just think it's who you live by not necessarily like the complex Patterson is nice so I've been into a Patterson apartment and it's pretty cool I liked it the comments is the very last one and the comments is what everyone like really wants it's what I really wanted and I do hear it's really really nice because it's a very newest so like it it is very very nice and they actually have laundry in their room which is so cool they were washer and dryer and it is free laundry however this is what I think about the comment is that acne Klee the laundry is free so if you live in the comments you get free laundry if you live in Chatham Patterson or Vista Way you do have to pay for your laundry and your laundry is either going to be in your building in like a separate room or like the laundry and chatham for example we have to walk to there's like one building there's like one laundry building every couple of like buildings and so that is kind of annoying and you have to pay for it there's card and there's coins in the comments it is free however I do think you have to pay more to live in the comments then you do the other complexes so I don't really think it's technically free like it it is free in the sense of like you can you're not paying for your laundry but you do have to pay more to live there so like living you know and traveling example I'm pay less and then I don't know it just all like equals out if you know what I mean I just wanted to give you guys a little bit of a background about all the complexes I live in China so this is a Chatham Square apartment I hope you guys enjoy this apartment tour I'm sorry it took me so so long to make it if you're a fall arrival and you're coming hopefully this helps you a little bit and let me know how you're gonna be decorating your apartment or let me know how you decorated your apartment or where you're living just just let me know how's it going how's DCP housing if you're already here and it for you guys in the future to come and join us here and yeah I hope you enjoy this video I have a lot more videos coming so get excited welcome to my apartment here's our welcome mat we put one over the one we already get here's our door and here is my apartment so walking in on your left we have a storage closet we keep just suitcases we don't really have much to put in there but you could definitely put a lot of stuff in there the thermostat is also when you walk in right on the left on the right is the bathroom door to room number one and then as you keep walking there's a little desk area we don't really use this that much but we keep little things like a wish jar air freshener and just kind of where we keep all of our random things we have a house phone so we can call maintenance if something is wrong or they can call us we also keep all of our Wi-Fi passwords and everything right over there then walking into our apartment this is our dining room we have one table with five chairs even though we do have six people we have a nice little table topper and some flowers to give it a little bit of decoration the table topper is from Target it it was like a dollar and then the flowers is something a roommate just brought we also have a fire extinguisher in the corner on our wall we have some happy birthday decorations because it was a couple of our roommates birthday's back-to-back so we decided to keep them up we have two big trash cans that housing provided along with like four little ones that we have in the back then walking into our kitchen we have a cute little rug that got really really dirty but this is our kitchen so first here's our sink it's really really big it's really nice we have some nice dishwashing stuff and I have a Brita filter that is great for filtering out water and gives you some nice clean drinking water highly recommend got it from Target and then under the sink we have just some towels that's our hand towel and then opening up the cabinet we have dish soap trash bags etc etc then we have a drawing mat I highly recommend this I don't know where it's from but you could probably get them anywhere it's just great to put your dishes on and then we have some paper towels on a really cute paper towel holder that I got at Target we have a toaster that we brought a coffee maker that we brought some coffee stuff that we brought I don't make coffee so it's not mine but we have it and then up above we have a cabinet and this is where we keep all of our dishes our cups most everything all the plates and the bowls and the pink mugs were provided for us the like other mugs and like specialty stuff that is what we brought but housing really does give you a lot of dishes and a lot of stuff in your kitchen then down below everything we have a drawer which has all of our silverware again housing provided us with all of the simple silver silverware oh that's a tongue twister but the water looking silverware and like the spatulas and measuring cups that is everything that we brought and we just keep in there then under that we have more cabinet space and this is where we keep all of our pots and pans the silver stuff is everything that housing provided us with we brought a drainer and a mixer this is my room's refrigerator I share it with me and two other people and here's our inspection form I put on there to remind everyone about the time when we almost failed and holding it up is the magnet I got at cast connections if you watched my old video I talks about it because Walt Disney World is on backwards and I think it's so funny here's our freezer it's really really small for three people so we do have a hard time like keeping all of our food in it together and then our fridge part of it we each have our own shelf and we honestly have a good amount of room in our fridge we have a lot of unused space actually in it there's our drinks my chocolate milk but it's pretty Spacey here is the other refrigerator for the other three girls they have a little bit more room in their freezer and then their fridge is about the same size it's a pretty decent sized refrigerator Perry just have really really random storage in like trash bags and I don't even know what's up there tbh and then down here is the more of like little trash cans recycling bins random stuff here is a closet but it's like the maintenance closet or something so we just don't go in there but it is in our kitchen here is the other side of our kitchen right here we have counter space there's some ones Bulls cable outlet up here we just have it's where we keep all of our food and our storage everyone has their own little shelf we keep extra mugs extra glasses kind of like extra pantry space as well down below we keep like oven mitts and like random cooking supplies we're not really super organized here and then under here is someone else's cabinet with their like extra food and stuff here is our stove our oven we have a cute little hand towel there for decoration we have salt and pepper and we have a wreath for just fun decoration and then up there is more storage here is my cabinet the bottom one is mine my extra mugs my cups my storage I keep saying storage here we have our microwave it's a great microwave underneath it a random drawer uh-hum underneath that we have more stuff like cutting boards and cooking supplies we have a lot more storage than we actually use and then right here is our pantry we have I think we have six shelves for six people and so each person just gets their own shelf and we keep most of our like food just you know what you would put in a normal pantry it's really small like I definitely don't really have a lot of room in my pantry but we make do and that is our kitchen it's kind of small but it works and then this is our living room we have those cute dcep couches we decorated with a little tassel some pillows the tassels like at the dollar section and Target you can clearly see we spent a lot of money I had an extra pillow in my room so that's why there's a pillow then we have another flowers our table we have a chair with a blanket we were gonna get couch covers but we just decided not to because we're lazy um and then we have another table that's perfect for a TV we didn't have a TV when I film this but now we do so this is where we keep our TV and then to the right of it there is our Wi-Fi router only I think one room and the whole entire building gets it and we got it for our whole building so Wow but that's Wi-Fi stuff and yeah I don't really go in her living room that much that's why I didn't really take too much time to decorate it but that's her living room into our dining room into our kitchen and then behind our living room is a random open space and this is actually where our patio should have gone but for some reason they decided to not give this side of the building patios and so we all just get more extra living room space so we don't really use this for anything we did our Easter opening here and we kind of left those baskets there we dry our clothes here but it's really just an open space that literally we use for nothing here is the first bedroom this is Morgan Charlotte and Savannah's bedroom this is not mine so I'm not gonna show too much but this is Morgan's side I love the way she decorated it with pictures and canvases and her cute little em just things from home to remind her of home and then there's their dresser with all their makeup and such there is Charlotte's side tapestry pictures and that is savanah side more pictures with an S and I love the way that she decorated this it's a castle with little fireworks above those sea urchins are from Target and I just think it's so cute there is there a bathroom right there and there is our closet I just don't want to show too much so you guys have a good idea of the layout coming out of their bedroom is our living room and then you can walk and you'll see the dining room and then you will see the kitchen and then if you keep walking you will see the entryway which leads back to the first door and now this is my room room number two we have some streamers those are from Haley's birthday but this room is for me Haley and Haley and yes I did say Haley twice so walking into the room we have a dresser and then there is my side of the room with the ears and the single bed that's my side and then the other two the bunk beds there's Haley on bottom and Haley on top Wow confusing to help you guys out the Haley on top is spelled Haley hae-il EI the one you see in all the videos and Haley on bottom is spelled normally they like h al e why alright anyways so walking into our room right on your right is Haley's dresser and little makeup vanity area we both bought these dressers from Target and the stools are from Target so we could match and have our own little place to do our makeup and keep all of our little things she has her perfume unicorns our theme is very much like gold there's a lot of gold accents everywhere and so everything she had just really fit in well her mirror is from home goods and so that's her like makeup vanity area and then she keeps her laundry under the stairs and the cutest little laundry basket I don't know where it's from so this is Haley on the top side she has the cutest bunk I think she wins for best decoration I just love how everything is gold sheep interested a lot to get the ideas for it and so she got a lot of her stuff from Target from home goods Walmart I think is where she got all of the lights and she got hula hoops and spray painted them gold and then most of her little decorations though are from like Target and cute little home decor shops we were all shook when she saw how she decorated it and she has a top bunk and she is the literal cute Department and then underneath her is the other hailey her theme is very simple very much like blush kind of theme and the theme of our whole room is blush pale pink light pink and gold and so everything works together I think very cool she has a cute little light heart from her heart light I guess from Target her sheets are blush and inspirational pillow then we have a trash can for the room and the one dresser they gave us we decided to give to hailey because she had the least amount of storage they only gave us one dresser for three people I don't really understand it but that's hailey so she has her stuff on it and in it and then above the dresser we have a nice window into the world we never got curtains or anything and then this is my nightstand I brought it from home and I'm so glad I did because I wouldn't have gotten a dresser or a nightstand and so I just keep a bunch of storage in there I keep my cameras in there random stuff I don't even know but if that is from Target and I just brought that from college and then I have a lamp on it and I keep all of my sentimental stuff like my two favorite friends poo and snow Wyatt I have all of my lucky pins I'm into some random cool stuff that I've gotten while being here on the program and so I keep it all next weeks I think it's all really cool I might issues because I have allergies yay and then I have the coolest touch lamp like look if you touch it it turns on and you touch it it turns off it's from Target and it's so cool and then in the corner I have the coolest little thing I showed it and my what I got for Christmas video my first video and it has like I can plug in all of my electronics into it there's like outlets but also the USB ports and it's magnetic so I can just stick it onto my bed frame and it's just really handy I recommend it I think goes from like Marshall's or something decoration wise above my bed I have a tiara light up I had two and then I have an E and my theme is like light pink and gold let's blush more like pink I have this ancient like vintage painting I got it from an antique store and winter garden I thought it'd be cool to have in my room cuz it's just really unique and then I have a letter board my pink letter board it says we all have the courage to fly a quote from happily ever after and then I put subscribe on the bottom because I think that's really really Oh and so from ever filming and that makes it in the show like I think that's fun then I have a plant on the wall because like who doesn't have a plant on the wall I got that from an antique store here and then I also have this Chippendale canvas that Melissa painted for me melissa is a sweet girl who watches my videos and I met up with her an animal kingdom and she gave this to me and she painted it because she knows how much I love Chippendale and she knew that the theme of my room was pink so she made it pink like Melissa you are a star I love this so so much I had to hang it up and it's perfect like it's so so good like I literally I'm so thankful for you and for this and so that is my wall above my bed I tried to keep it simple but still kind of dressy I do have lights above everything to decorate it for my bed I got a lot of my pillows from at home or Target I believe the follow your heart is from at home the heart pillow I got for Christmas some pillows already had the lips one is from at home and I have my puffy of course I did bring Duffy with me and he just fits him so perfectly with my theme like what even my sheets are light pink and they're from Target the kids section and my bedspread is from Bed Bath and Beyond I brought it with me from college it's actually a queen bedspread but it fits a full I think is what this is and then I had a blanket and that is our carpet a nice little white carpet to make our room come together then this is my vanity slash makeup area it's where I do my makeup that's about it my vanity is also from Target and my little stool is also from Target it holds a lot of storage I'm really glad we bought them and they also match so I think that's really really cool my makeup mirror is from Target and on my makeup mirror I keep my Lillian and Coke bracelets because they're so cute and they match the theme and I really love Lillian encode this video is not sponsored but if you do want to get yourself some own Lillian & Co bracelets feel free to use my code Emily Enchanted for a discount go get some race 'lets I really really love them and then next to it I have my succulent ripp I let it die so it is now dead and then right next to it I have love which is from at home and I have my Valentine's Mickey tsumtsum so my mom got me and then I keep all my necklaces and all my jewelry and all my ears all over vanity your collection really fascinated snow-white ears from Etsy 20:18 ears from Disney classic Meniere's from Disney rose-gold ears from Disney pink ears from Disney really cool ears from artsy ears Co Halloween ears from magical princess ears and Cruella De Vil ears from magical princess ears and I actually won both of those and a giveaway anyways that is Hailey's dresser and then there is another window okay what's up and then this is our dresser there was not enough room for all of us so only the Hailey's get this because I have my own dresser under my bed so my bed is elevated because my dresser is under it I have four different drawers under my dresser however they're very very shallow so I keep like my t-shirts my shorts like random stuff in there so I can't hold too too much in here but I do keep a lot in there the left side is Hailey's top bunk hailey she keeps her cute little gold trinkets she keeps her jewelry in that box and accept her and then cheap sure clothes on that side and the right side is the other Hailey's and then she has her own little things that's a candy bowl I bought for Easter oh I'm gonna eat one now okay we also have a fan that comes in handy and then a mirror and then on the side Haley has a cute little Florida sign and that is our room that sums it up I feel like each side of our room really excite expresses who we are as people and I think that's just really really cool above our bathroom door is a Mickey Mouse clock that my sister got for me for Christmas and then this is our bathroom and closet our closet is connected to our bathroom and the theme for a bathroom we kept it as just gold so like all of our decorations are gold and the reason we have the vanities is because three girls sharing this bathroom is actually very hard even though it is pretty big so we don't really do our makeup and here me and Haley don't we do it outside behind our door is our towel rack who don't get one so I highly recommend it – from Target and then we have Haley made a necklace holder out of a tree print and painted it gold sheep interested a lot for this and then up above that is our outlet and our makeup cabinet makeup medicine goodness our medicine cabinet keep all our medicine little stuff in there right next to it I plugged in an extension cord and just command stripped it to the wall and that is so helpful because we have so many hot tools and stuff we have to plug in so that just makes more outlets for us we have our carpet that is really dirty and then this is our sink area it's pretty pretty decent-size countertop we have our toothbrush holder is from Target as well and then Haley has her makeup mirror and her little jewelry holder underneath our sink we have our storage space this is my drawer where I keep like random bathroom stuff we have the middle drawer that isn't a real drawer we have the other drawer that's right Haley keeps her bathroom stuff and then under the sink of course we have three different cabinets we each get our own that's my side honestly we have filled it to the brim like we could use more storage quite honestly and then here's our toilet really really cute if you remember I cleaned it one of my old videos and then you have a toilet paper holder which I recommend a plunger cleaner thing which is handy there's a towel rack above it told your towels or shower curtain I think is just from Target Haley brought it and then in our shower we have a holder now I bought this thinking there was only going to be two of us so only two of us use this even though I should have now thinking about it could have used the three since three of us share the shower but it's really helpful to have one of those shower caddies anyways and then we have a shower mat on the floor because when you moved in our bath was really really gross we didn't really want to sit on it so that might be helpful too if you're kind of like a German person then there's another towel rack soap dish and that is our shower right next to our shower is our closet our closet is really big and I picked the biggest one because trust me we could use a space on our door is hanging a mirror that I got from Bed Bath & Beyond I believe it's good to have a full-length mirror I think and it just hangs on a door and then this is my side of the closet it's where I keep all of my clothes most of my clothes I'm gonna keep all my shoes on top I also keep my hats in the corner and such I also have this little shoe caddy that's really helpful I don't really use it as much as I should keep like bathing suits and dance shoes in there as well then I have more storage it's where I keep my towels so I'd keep my laundry and like my laundry stuff and then we have these lockers right year and this is where you can lock away like your personal items we don't really use them like I just keep paper towels like random stuff you could put a lock on it if you really wanted to and so that's my side of the closet this is Haley side of the closet where she keeps a lot of clothes storage up there there's a lot of storage in this closet and those are all of Haley's clothes and this is Haley side and this is where Haley keeps all of her clothes I know it's so confusing there's also a shelf in here where she can keep her shoes and stuff we have too much storage in this closet quite honestly like there's so much empty space in it which is really nice and then from our closet is back into our bathroom and that is my apartment


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