Disney Christmas Cruise on the Disney Magic🎄 A Very Merrytime Cruise

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All the ships lined up. Holy Moses that’s
a lot of ships. Yup Royal Caribbean and then Disney. Is that Fathom? That’s Fathom right
in front of Disney. Oh ya. And I think That’s Harmony oh no. Look how small that ship is
compared to the Magic. Wow, My Gosh. So Disney is right there the second ship and then Fathom
cruise is the one that we went on a few months ago right in front of it. That’s crazy. And
then I think and right behind it is the Navigator of the seas, a Royal Caribbean ship which
is even bigger than the Disney Cruise Ship. Tunnel, There’s the Fathom, the one that we
just got off on recently, and there’s the Disney Magic. There’s home for the week. Yea.
Yea, cruise. This could go on for awhile. Yea, Pull in, drop off our luggage with all
the other luggage. This is the hurry up and arrive and then wait for it. I think we arrived/got
there at the worst time possible. We did, we got here early we never get here this early.
Our Mickey ears didn’t fit on Kelly’s head but it’s going to fit on Pik a chu. PIk a
Chu’s got Mickey Ears. And this was actually kind of easy putting him on. I like um. It’s
like a baby. ha ha ha. And then Hunter’s got her ears on. Christmas ears for a Christmas
Cruise. This is check in time for our maritime cruise. It’s a little busy but it’s early,
they haven’t actually started boarding yet. Oh sounds like they are about to start boarding
right now. So we’re gonna go check in and hopefully get on board soon. Ice Cream. Hunter
was all excited, forget getting on the cruise ship, you get to see the inside of the escalator
huh? That’s really cool. So this cruise is gonna be a lot of fun. We just got here and
we’ve already seen so many Jones Family Travels Fans..so Hi Guys..looking forward to spending
seven nights on the cruise with you guys. Ya so a lot of fun. Poor Kelly and Hunter,
they switched their pictures. Unfortunately it happens all the time. They think Kelly
is a girl and Hunter is a boy. But no, you guys have awesome names just the way they
are. Hello Magic, it’s been way too long. We didn’t board in the atrium so they’re doing
things a little different. Interesting. How do you get 100 Pik a Chu’s on a bus? You poke
um on. That’s pretty good. Thank you. Did you get it on film. That’s my good side. There
you go it’s your good side. The Jones Family. Whoo hoo. Thank you , thank you, thank you,
thank you. They are very organized this cruise where they have stantions and ropes directing
you around the ship so it kind of spreads everybody out and you’re not kinda all clogged
up together, very efficient and then they have little drink stations where you can buy
the drink packages along the way..so very smart Disney, Very efficient and it’s not
cloggin up the elevators too, which is amazing. Kelly’s hungry , he Didn’t even put his back
pack down he just dove right in. All right Hunter what are you going for? Chicken tenders?
Awesome sauce. Awesome…sauce. ha ha ha. I had that planned, believe it or not. Since
it’s not busy I’m going to walk through the rest of them, the buffet. The kids love Cabana’s
so we’ll probably be here a lot this week. And the first day has like really good sea
food dishes and chicken, all kinds of stuff. See this is like Thanksgiving Dinner over
here. Turkey and ..There’s too much good stuff, I can’t help it. Wow, look at this. Roasted
Steamship, I have no idea what Roasted Steamship is. That is a lot of meat. Here’s the section..all
the sea food, shrimp and mussels and waa. And all the sea food salads and salad. And
here’s the dessert section. As you know my favorite section. They’ve got peach and cranberry
cobblers with vanilla sauce. You gonna try that? yes, later, later, then cookies and
ice cream and then a whole bunch of little samples, jello,pumpkin pie, fruit. such good
stuff. Carrot cake is awesome and so is their pumpkin pie. And look they have holiday little
treats on it. .Right now we just finished breakfast, we just finished lunch and now
we are gonna go check and see if they will let me into Edge, because three days after
the cruise I’m turning um I’m turning eleven and that’s how old you have to be so I’m like
uggg. Right after the cruise I’m turning eleven and I really want to go to Edge too so ya
this is not…So we came over to Edge to see if we could get Hunter in and the Edge here
was renovated and it is awesome. I know it’s been two years since we’ve been on the ship
but this is so cool. So awesome. And here’s the activities. Op Kelly, gaga ball. ha ha
ha. I love Ga Ga Ball. So is it a yes? Are we a yes? I think so yes. Cool. Look at this!
Oh ya, got a game, a video game. Want to play some games Hunter? You’re in,,,whoo hoo. How
excited are you? I’m excited. Hunter has definiately been talking about this And this…And so
close to your eleventh birthday. Act like on the balcony. so ya it’s new Edge and both
of you get to go in. YEA. This is one of my favorite parts. ha ha ha. The new hand washing..this
is not new. contraptions. I know they’re not new but they’re newer but they’re funny. The
crazy part is they have the washing but they don’t have automatic dryers..which is crazy
because they have automatic dryers. But aren’t those things cool? Those are awesome. This
is the only place they have those. Here is the Oceaneers Lab. Oh Hunter’s favorite spot.
They have different rooms. A lot of science experiments, crafts and things like that happen
here. This is the Animator’s Studio. This is my home. Is this your home? Hunter loves
Art. They have computers. Oh tracing stuff. Yes, this is my favorite thing..art. I normally
trace Stitch. Cool. Let’s see if I have any luck. Green is start. What’s your mission?
Let me see I’m goin’ oh to Castaway Key. Select your ship, loading, Let’s do this. I don’t
know what this does, maybe go forward or backwards. Oh I gotta. Press the Green Button.Green,
there we go. Oh ho ho ho I’m standing still not doing anything. Do I need to ..Push the
throttle back..oh beep. beep. beep. Says you have made contact not very elegant. So I am
not a good Captain. All right I feel like I should be saying Tally Ho. Maybe I should
be saying Bon Voyage. The kids are now checked into Edge and checked in to the Oceaneer Lab
Club. Edge right here. Edge sticker there. And then..cause you can do both, and then
I’m team green and Kelly’s also team green. There’s also Team Yellow. Now we’re gonna
head over to the Oceaneer Club which is really cool because the Magic and the Wonder are
the only ships that have this little pass so you know when you check them in, the kids
can go back and forth between the lab and the club completely safe, checked in to the
Lab and Club the entire time. How awesome is that? Avengers Academy, so cool, with Ironman
and Captain America’s Training Shield. So cool . What is this for? I have no idea. Kinda
looks like a metal detector. What is the agents of Shield metal detector thing for? Do you
guys know? Leave a comment if you know what this is. I’ll go stand under it so then you
can see if anything happens. NO. I don’t understand what’s supposed to happen. ha ha ha. There’s
Thor’s mighty what’s it called? Hammer. Mjolnir. Jolonir? Jolonir? We’ll just call it the Hammer.
Oh look at the book. This is where they watch movies. Look at all these big books that are
sittin’ there, that’s so cool. Pixie Hollow. Oh where all the Princess stuff is. You can
draw and color and meet Tinker Bell. Look at the little pots, very cute. Andy’s Room.
Which is just fun. Slinky Dog. The Slinky Dog Slide. I love how it’s two stories so
the kids can run upstairs. TOY. Run upstairs go down the slide. There’s Ham. Oh is that
a big video game? Does that actually work? Oh maybe. Oh ya, it’s a gingerbread house
and it has a fireplace, Mickey and Minnie, Duffy and scents Oh Ya, look at the scents.
Oh there is Duffy. I wish you guys could have smellivision, it smells so good. That is cool.
Little Gingerbread houses. Kelly is getting in trouble over there cause I think I saw
you touch the Gingerbread House. This is not like a real Gingerbread house that you could
eat there kid. ha ha ha. Loook at all the., I think these are almost Mickey Ears. These
look like Mickey Ears. I’m petting the house. We got an interior state room this time. Awww.
Awww. Where’s our key? I just forgot what the key was. Back up. Ops, whew I don’t think
I’ve ever stayed in an inside suite. I don’t think I have ever seen an interior either.
Ah. so we’ve got the couch and then this is a bunk bed that pulls down that housekeeping
is gonna pull down at night. So you got a little couch and then the bed. So a little
bit more squishy and they don’t have the virtual port holes on the Magic so no view of outside
but you know what it’s like a standard hotel room so we’ll be good. Right. All right whose
gonna gets’ the top bunk, me, who gets bottom? Top. So you get top first or? First. So Hunter
gets, we alternate, so Hunter gets top first and then Kelly and then Hunter, and then Kelly,
and Hunter. Somebody gets it too many times. I’m thinkin’ it’s Hunter. Hunter gets it one
extra time. Whoever gets first it is. Kelly if you want I can take the top bunk…Ok there
are four of us in here and we are already kinda smushed. So state rooms are definitely
teeny, tiny on ships but what can you do. ha ha ha. The only bad thing, there is only
one bathroom. The other larger state rooms, ocean view, suites and veranda’s have a split
bath. This one has only one. Dah. Hunter’s got the ice cream going, the swizzle stick
going. You all having a good time..yaaaa. “When you wish upon a Star”. Gonna check out
VIbe during open house. Man this place is awesome Kelly, isn’t it? Open house, still
open house. ha ha ha Funny, oh ya I think these two would stay here the entire cruise
if we let them. Hey llet’s be honest, if they had Galliga, I’d stay here the whole entire
time. Free Galliga the whole cruise, I would be gaming the whole time. That’s not really
gaming, you know that right? h a ha ha That is old school gaming. Pong..also known as
old people gaming. You guys remember Pong? Old people gaming! The ball went from one
side to the other side..ya old school , old people gaming. ha ha ha. And we’re finally
on the move out of Miami Beach. This is such a cool little park right here in Miami Beach
and as you can see you get a great view of all the cruise ships leaving the Miami Port.
Look at all those people and families out there. Allison and I said we need to come
and sit at that park sometime when we’re in Miami and just watch cruise ships leave. And
how cool is that Art Deco light house..look at that thing. That is sooo cool. Suite Condo’s.
Right on the beach. There’s the Carnival Sensation out there. They passed us on their way out.
I don’t know what they’re waiting on but we’re, gonna catch up to them maybe. How are you
doing tonight? My name’s Ashley and I’m your cruise Director and behalf of all the crew
so thrilled you are sailing with us on this very very Merry time Cruise. We couldn’t be
happier for tonight for what has become a tradition on board the Magic. Tonight we’re
going to spend special moments together singing songs, lighting our tree. Yea…Oh Mickey,
the ship is so beautiful. Is everybody ready to help us out? Yea..Deck the Halls with bows
of Holly, fa la la la la, la la la la. . Jingle bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way. nine
eight seven six five four three two one…Yea. You found the best place in the whole entire
ship. this is call sea labs. So we want you to join in. This one which is cool, Mickey
Mania, which is the most insania of them all. Have you seen Mickey Mania Before? Insania,
Mickey Mania. Let’s go down the line and see who we have, We have Allison also from Orlando.
Yours is broken, sorry darling. With whom does Jesse Tango with? …That’s correct.
fifty points on the score board. There is goes. The Tiara ..again, New Orleans, New
Orleans is correct. What did the accidnet in Epcot when the park first opened? Experiemental…The
winner is Who is today’s Mickey Mania Champion? So close our last round the winners of Mickey
Mania are the Rhapsody’s . So we didn’t win Mickey Mania, but I kinda felt bad cause we
were answering like every single question, right? Every question so I kinda let up at
the end. I told Hunter, I let up at the end. She was not happy with me. It’s not called
laying out..It’s not called taking over, it’s called Winning. I felt like I was taking over
the game cause we answered like every single question. We have a truly unfair advantage
but it was really fun and did you have a good time. Yes and the person who were in Minnie
was a boy and then a little girl, so the boy had to wear a Minnie hat and people just kept
on giving him points.He was so cute with the Minnie hat and it was really fun but now we
are off to dinner at the loser’s …Very tropical>There you are. For appetizers, I got the empanada,
she recommended it so I’m going to try that. I always get the Ahi Tuna and Avacado Tower.
It’s one of my favorite appetizers on the Disney Cruise. Someone’s getting sleepy Oh,
I’m not sleepy, I’m just resting. Resting? Resting your eyes? and mom..ahh so sweet.
Since we’re going on the Latin Theme, we also got the Cuban Black Bean Soup. Soup is really
really good. Hunter got Macaroni and Cheese and French Fries and peas for dinner and did
he make you a Mickey? For entre’s Tim and I both got the rib eye with the cheddar potatoes.
I think Kelly got the winner for dinner, he got Tortillos and build your own. Hunter’s
starting to crash. It’s tough having the eight fifteen dinner since it’s so late. We all
went different for dessert. I went with sweet temptations which is like one of each, Tim
went with the coconut one, Coconut con leche. All right Kelly, what did you go with kid?
Strawberry shortcake. Dinner was amazing but now we are stuffed and tired so give us a
thumbs up if you liked the video, we will see you tomorrow. Tomorrow is Key West Tomorrow.
Yea back to the Florida Keys. Click that red subscribe button. if you’re new to the channel
and we have one more flight of stairs then we’re there. Keep on dreamin guys, we’ll see
you tomorrow. Bye..love you all. They prepped the bed up for the kids which we were away
at dinner. And what do you think this is Hunter, do you think this is an Elephant. I don’t
know. I don’t know what that is. Then we got our debarkation authorization. We don’t have
to worry about that and Ghirradeli Chocolate. That’s new. Milk chocolate, I thought it would
be Peppermint cause Ghiradeli has Peppermint. I bet they have that later this week. And
they put Pik A Chu in bed already and Pik a chu’s hat. And you’re on top tonight? Very
interesting. I don’t think Kelly can, it’s 220 lbs. Ya I think he’s ok. Daddy probably
can’t but Kelly can.


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