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any of you must have heard of Arunachal Pradesh as an unexplored nature's paradise while fewer of you might have heard anything about the mesh me hills of Arunachal Pradesh today there are many home states available for your curious and adventurous Souls where you can pay and stay with us experience the unexplored Nanashi homestay in my village some kilometers away from China Thailand is located in a hilly area with proper road connections it is surrounded by baby hills very rich with wildlife the government provides some financial aids to promote the homestays but before the homestays are open to the public officers come for inspection to check if they are truly ready to function an inspection team comprised of two IAS officers mr. Prince Dhawan the Deputy Commissioner low heat assistant commissioner mr. sunny Singh the tio tourism debreu Catherine Pugh have begun their inspection these are traditional potteries which are very important to the mishmash and are used in many occasions such as bridal price rituals etc you can learn about her culture tradition cuisines and let yourselves enjoy nature's bountiful blessings here the Deputy Commissioner motivates the ladies to make their homes taste to the best capabilities and promises to help them in whatever way he can as dusk sets in the people gather for some merriment in the traditional way the government of Arunachal Pradesh in recent years have been giving more focus to the tourism potentiality of the state and homestays are a part of the tourism promotion the speciality of this homestay is that they cultivate rice in the land near their homestay and if you visit during the right season you might have a chance of experiencing this is how this other rice this is the Aussie home state they cultivate their own ginger they have a chicken farm big skies and even a storehouse in the forest the ladies of this place have formed a self-help group and whenever a work requires many hands they come together to help each other crossing over a small stream we come to the nod on homestay they rare many mittens the mittens are the pride of the mesh myth they are used in marriages and in rituals you can pet and spend time with this amazing beauties this is the ROC homestay and they have their very own huge Teegarden coming lower to the plains the homestay to be inspected next is the jump a homestay and the speciality of this home states that they have a huge collection of traditional attires necessaries on homestay when canine Monica can I say loot angry among like a registration Canaan Ning dissipating home state the Donna got a key to recently acaba her new Naga Maringa da Cunha Anna welcome turning turning my homestay body there are homes terrorism julia with morandini don't wanna the english density where we major hung governor cm levels secretary gotta get tourism department my element ning start hang harmony is redeemed in jewel hung calmly Sankey homestay sahaja yoga this is the mich me Hills homestay this homestay has not yet been completed with the construction but the host promises that it will be completed within two weeks but in honesty but after the charge welcome to Bruna homestay our team of their home state is home away from home Ning tourism department encoder melody especially Ning DTO madam cha initiation the economy go name allah gave October casaya they're going playing documenting parivar while avoiding employment specialist generation cha working on winning determine Tomoko the melody Tom designing the gossip web Valley boo boo Tata primo tourist Lanka day huh Naga we're young praha Lagoon egoic a foreigners make a song Analia Ning especially digital avoiding breakfast spending the Reister Hongdae gotta give WA give the hadoo jargon interest of a photographer will eat a putana mooning jumbo a honeymoon some regulated with judge angle a prologue of Elizabeth Arden Ning do come to Luna Homestake ending parking lot no desire ahead of them but Ju unlucky you will bow drill you viable Kimberly juicy sample space where can winning especially small on eating egg pronounced dead well iboga nama bachelor Manu Roberta AB Bruna homestay new gooning Hideki Carol Shah poor anezka como Indian King mo haneun Johanna Hideki Munna Munna home stereo go welcome away assume yoga Haru D come on Elena now we are heading to the mcgraw loom homestay where we'll find mittens and fish bones away from the town let us go a little sideways and visit the Mishnah museum the museum itself is engineered in the most authentic mich Mich style look at the bamboo pleats and how they are placed the roof is made of hay and leaves this is the emergency toilet used during the ancient days this suspended bamboo bed is for keeping the fire hoods or ports etc and the small bamboo woven baskets are spoon holders they are always made above the fireplace the amazing thing about the mesh mist is that despite embracing religions such as Christianity they have not let go of their tradition and culture they have held on to their ethnic ways of living and celebrating along with modern living author is collected which are used by the tamra's and the commands many of these are antiques now they can no longer be found in the market these are musical instruments and an outdoor backpack this is a mich me sort the mish meas have many kinds of salts and this in particular is the most valued among the salts available today Akim homestay the hosts are siblings a brother and a sister the speciality of this home states that they serve local cuisines the ESC judicial Rebecca tying and dto tourism have come for inspection and locking homes Tina though an homestay amanaki Catanzaro Coquina only t Jelena so arrived in German at a tourism Helen Camacho method angler who Champa Lucarelli – amar Talib mama said mechanically he got intentionally tourism department her Lanka and homestay and Denis that's all men loyalties followed the most peaceful districts of Arunachal Pradesh and regarding the safety and security of tourists visiting the district till now fortunately we haven't caught any sort of or complaint related to the crime again to read and moreover we have a separate cell of police specifically to deal with the safety and security of the to its visiting the district you

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Very nice and creative initiatives…
Hope for better in future.
Thanks for Coverage and information GT Lens #Jai Mishmi

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proud of u guys great Start

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I lob it….. Hats off… Sir GT. Explore more.. Amik mataiπŸ§˜β€β™‚

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Nice initiation for our people like homestay…

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