Destiny Dead Ghost Locations Moon “Ghost Hunter Achievement Or Trophy Guide” Part 1

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Destiny Dead Ghost Locations Moon “Ghost Hunter Achievement Or Trophy Guide” stable I missed having yeah I got a
brand new achievement for you on destiny this is called the lost underachievement and
there is nine on the moon so this year’s called wanna future
videos I’ll include all so the first one he’s just over a year
as you saw on the video juicy star mission tough beyond you look at
them pipes and you will see the two yellow onion
white yellow and white striped know you want to do is come around where
I was general you can see he’s pipes from where you start the game at the very start I will move around
sorry kinda work out where I am for let me stop there them the next one on the job beyond awesome line and what
you do is you come over towards this shattered dome
head towards the right matisse the mission will take you this
route so you will see all these things come around to the right and then you
will see the ghost over namely just have to jump down and grab
it and that he is number two verges on the same mission the doc
beyond and in the area is called arches line now the next one is still
follow a mission for a second giant satellite station all you have to do is jump up to the
highest level on it so use the boxes are in use the
crates and the Gators for anybody to know what good is all
that big metal pipes used and to jump up to use a higher
level and then you will see the course on the top there so if you’ve got triple jump you should
find this nice n Easy but basically just keep Germano until you get to a level way you can see
the course the years up there and you will be in the mission once cm
METU a time with you to get it right but once
you’re up there and is a little platform you stand on as
you can see I’m just jump in the mail you will find the coolest up there and
that he next one a unifying country shall about
to find it right about now and the areas you can just see in their
al gym over and grab implies that one then next one that we’re gonna move on
to because there’s nine on the moon the next one he is the mission the doc
beyond snotty 12 grams an enhanced on wisdom where you
wanna be see see I am this whole the end now kill any reaches our index company and then
just follow my pot law start and the of Applied left bridge so you see the picture 90 you want to do
his job over like and then fine posted I’ll look to the right now
Chinese policy when our called jumper at you will see that the next one is
again the same mission the world’s grave for this is the area
called the circle bones we want to use computers on the left
news nights here usually quite strong 141 them and then the course will be not
fall behind them as you can see left watch it workout of so might be a higher 11 storms same things he doesn’t kill them
and then all you want to do easy see this little edge on the right
hand side all you want to do is jump up on top of it it to me trying to get a ride once
you’ve jumped up on top all you want to do walk along and you
will see a secret passage with the back now all you want to do is just jump
along Walker jump in jump and you end up on this secret passageway
at the other side and then just walk around on that is
where the cost will be I’m gonna shoot him also gonna start
with a moon them were gonna go on to Mars and Venus
and do the rest them so you be able to completely complete this
achievement I don’t know what happens at the end but we will get there and then walk along and a is the ghost
in new be look in the background it might help you work out where next one this sort of croatia in
hell mouth you will see it being sought likely to
use polls the blue light on the top just that they’re all you want to do is
come over again the mission will send you here so you will composite CEO
recognizing kill any enemies are around you and then all
you want to do coming to the first film see by enemy on the right hand side will be a little computer on the dead
ghost will be sittin on top of that computer screen there is so you’re waking him high and
move on to use next one i mean you know to see complete
the mission and then take the next mission if you want it this one is sure sold croatia again and this area yet how
someone through the gate house comment 10 left and just court was into
the map and you will see he’s just and there’s
the area again recognized CCC it from the video so that eased up on is now completed I
walked around a little bit to try and help you work live next mission wanna do is this Ryan
Fox and ACT chamber you will come to be a
huge dole just nine days into a round circle area lights you want
to do feel enemy should be BBQ three in one night as was for us we were getting close the level 20 might be slightly ya slightly
harder for you and then all you want to do is key to
the right walk along receiving does Tuesday again if you watching this video of
paused and when you do in the mission’s you wrecked we easier their next mission eased the chamber of night and again the
temple a broader you come down he you know obviously just
do these in the really good to find anywhere on the map
but the mission’s makes it easier and this is being a huge green statue
reading all I wanna do is jump on that wall and
then jump up on the rocks and if you look up to you will see
alleges stone ledge that he’s where legal status all you
want to do is basically jumpy self up until you can
jump anymore now you’ll see when I get to the top
I’ll look down and Sri the past the data but he is a pretty obvious path launched
our German up there you will see the point to point to point
and then once you get close to the top you see that ledge and then that shelf all you do jump onto
the ledge and then jump up onto the next level and you will find the course today and this is the ninth ghost in the moon
so you will have completed all the moon
pottery and then you would move on to the next
one so we try to do these in order the missions but ET good in recognize the areas you don’t
have to be in a mission to do them you can just go around to pick up the
ghost so please hit the like fun and subscribe for more and as always we
will continue until this achievements complete


Matthew Hill · September 18, 2014 at 9:19 pm

First comment and like

Thom · September 18, 2014 at 9:24 pm

Sick! Gonna do this tommorow, Thnx ESRF 😀

Aaron Zdravkovic · September 18, 2014 at 9:33 pm

Great video keep it up

EliteSnipersRF · September 18, 2014 at 9:44 pm

#destiny Destiny Dead Ghost Locations Moon "Ghost Hunter Achievement Or Trophy Guide"

EliteSnipersRF · September 18, 2014 at 9:44 pm

#destiny Destiny Dead Ghost Locations Moon "Ghost Hunter Achievement Or Trophy Guide"

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