Destiny Dead Ghost Locations Earth “Ghost Hunter Achievement Trophy Guide” Part 2

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Destiny Dead Ghost Locations Earth Ghost Hunter Achievement Trophy Guide you are missed having year and be a part
two aren’t all that echoes this is all the
ones on earth first one is the mission take Guardian rises and wanna be fide all on free roam only one do is come to have to show on
your and next where the spaceship is on the very first mission and jump under on top of this building
here and you can see the ghost is on some ledger miss in the first time but I
do get in the second time and that is the location all the first
one the second one from the top of that film where you were seized that’s where
the loss was you wanna head over to one side being massive type which you can see
just in the background and in day you will find a spinal and
you will find into the gloss hidden in the crust so that is the next on
other is sixty ghosts in on the map for the achievement you need
fifty so we’ll be doing in being yes o mas and then we’ll probably
out if you want just so everybody’s got everything speed you only need 50 on the is extra
ones but again the mission a guardian rises the area is
divide so you can see where back over in this
area here this is the steps I’m what you want to do is wanna be on
the mission called restoration and from here all you want to do you can
see that this is the shit and again there’s radio towers in the
ship’s just their last something on his radio telling just
next when you want to do is go in that media
tower and he’s just lying on the floor ready for you to pick him up so they is
king know the dead ghost train now you get a 20g it even when he completed
haha you can actually get different avenues she didn’t now this one he is again a
mission restoration as you’re between one side near the you
see in this big hole U Haul flew through it job lasted head along to the bottom left-hand side
in the grass you will see know the dead ghost just pick him up and
a you are you going again duties on freer on or on the mission
restoration either way you will call him past year he won
explore the map once you’ve done this one all you want to do he is head towards this area mclarty
want to do the mission adopted in and you’ve all seen his
playing you can even jump an end up in this location or you
can use spiral Jim flying once again you’ll have
probably captain and something else one teacher Karen you will be able to
find y’all goes to a cheese hidden behind one
of the rocks you will see the seam in a minute when I
work out their use so just beyond onto the rocks is also I
think his chest he never remember but I might have already picked it up so that he is he in no the ghost way to
find let the next one that we will move on to
he is the mission the job within Luna complex you’ll recognize that green area and
then you walk to the doc now once you get up stairs in the dark
area all you want to do please keep to you right hand side until you see that
nuclear reactor shelter in the background kill the enemies in BBQ all you want to do in jump off sure inside the loop complex in the dark just
above find a ghost on the top nighty of a fine have sometimes there is a
night in there but DVD with a friend in Europe or two in
the Chi Minh you find easy next one ease the mission is called your
mind and this is for Gottschall where the shipwreck saw so you wanna do
his head towards the ship which looks like it’s just the is it just the biologist stern and you
see it cuz its he’s pretty easy to see once you’ve seen
it germane to use the bridge on then you can find it cost on the
floor play the area Spagat show on the mission is
the more mind it will bring a year if you need to do the mission now in the
mission da within will bring you from they round
the back to hear and you going to terrestrial complex now I’d already collected this goes but
I’ve decided on initially anyway cities for my part on the way in on the
right hand side your CDs and the ghost is just line up there and
Corey comes along because he hadn’t had any he and pick it up soul that he is way is again remote on the missions we did these some
missions some free mode so this one the mission is called the
last tour and it seemed Skywatch so you recognize the area this
is where you do you the Houston Paul rang ground helicopters we want to do is his head straight to
the helicopters around to the back and there is a little secret passageway
that leads you underground now makes you if you do an
issue well-armed because there is Guyana that’s quite strong level 20
Press care 320 to use and then you’ll be able to see on um sure I D chewy yet his chest is their
goals chest and days ago lost around the
corner shell areas but any in free mode if you know where that is Skywatch in
the helicopters you know free motoring doing in the mission’s it doesn’t me
Mata this one he is the devil’s lake in the area home rocket yard now in rocket yards you
recognize a really losses all area arguable that sometimes you have to go around up on
your side retin-a thing of and basically the ghost which had already connected again
he sittin on top in the shelf they’re using right there you can see
mostly but Corey managed to pick them up and that his location of the lawn at
same mission the Devils led hysteria is in the refinery the mission will directly to your
basically don’t have to kill anybody in this area but if you just keep walking
straight forward i’m looking to the left so you can see
where I am you will see a room down the steps and just an anteater sign she’s going to this room you will
be applying the girls areas three easy to see really really
bright and i won again he’d get this area and three Roman which is not a problem
this one spy tank is the devil’s lair the area is called
the blast up to leave have to be on the mission in this one
but not 100 percent happening here actually pre-roman or doing mission non-member
but either way eg no spy tank happen out and just Edwards where years
and to the left head up the stairs and right in front of
Vienna’s table well I didn’t look in the right way and
the goals to sing on that table where the
flowers again this is one that already collected into going along in future years I’ve basically decided
it wasn’t an eclectic moguls until I recorded them so this one
he is call bus nicely it in exploring mission you find is exploring and the poem the
rs2 which is next best ships next time of
charge wanna come at this one is a little a
cheap now call we managed to see it and we Boston
the exact same estimate do with level on weapons of when you go so all you want to do is
come tomorrow yards where the ships are head towards the
east tower in the top the mission’s a turkey issue you know exactly where it
is and you know you wanna do his head down
the stairs all the way to the bottom level and there is 3 really really strong guys
down here right now you don’t have to kill ’em by
when I show you where the ghosties we did kill ’em and again it didn’t appear for me but it
did for Corey so keep follow my steps I didn’t speeded up for anything see go all the way down and we are coming
around the last gonna so where to go he’s John steps drop down
and the ball should be just a nanny here he’s not for me the Sydney thank
you and and does nothing hidden in here this is another one
explore the same location so that is where we went on the right this time gonna go on the left
in this the last one on you showing in so basically get on your a bike just follow the path around now
there’s a couple of 15 guys sometimes please just keep to the left so follow
the path like I do any options Chen left taking it so II thing actually drive the whole thing
so don’t get confused because someone was watching commented on video and said I am people
speed doing don’t show is a way to get to it so we went through it step-by-step opinion
maybe a little bit longer usually to take that left followed
around and then you reach p my sissy which by
which is there jump off your have a bike and there you
will find another ghost and that is it that’s the
ones for the year so we’ve done the moon damaged Corey
will be uploading Venus or Mars and then we’ll be showing your the last
few from there so please hit the like button and subscribe


EliteSnipersRF · September 22, 2014 at 8:15 pm

#destiny Destiny Dead Ghost Locations Earth Ghost Hunter Achievement Trophy Guide

EliteSnipersRF · September 22, 2014 at 8:15 pm

#destiny Destiny Dead Ghost Locations Earth Ghost Hunter Achievement Trophy Guide

Harry Rutter Automotive · September 22, 2014 at 8:26 pm

First 🙂

Daniel roberts · September 23, 2014 at 1:01 am

hi mr c can u tell me how u level up fast and get that sort of weapin u have got im really struggling with gameplay

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