Destiny 2: Void Configuration Quest Guide | Keycard Locations, Node Puzzle Solution & More

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what's up guys jeff here and we're back today jumping into destiny 2 now in our video today we're taking a look at the void configuration puzzles so this has been solved as part of the zero hour mission so in our video today we're going to break that down and help you guys solve this puzzle so if you enjoyed the video be sure to leave a rating but without further delay guys let's jump into this video first things first guys I want to give credit to math class and the guys over at raid secrets on reddit for helping us solve this puzzle there is a mega thread over on the forum I've added that to the video description below there are some essential tools in that mega fred so make sure to have that to hand and to help you on your way when we're solving this puzzle today in order to be able to solve this puzzle you first need to have completed 0 our heroic and have the catalyst for the outbreak perfected so once you've done that you'll have be able to pick up the particular void configuration it is located here over in the first area one should clear out all the enemies it's just sitting here on a shelf so if we come here and pick us up that is the first step of the quest activated now from this point forward there are three other keys hidden in amongst the zero our mission these are a blue key card a green key card and a red key card so if we start off with the blue key card in if you drop down from that area from the spaceship you'll enter this particular room and we come by the stairs there's a little passageway just underneath and if you shoot your way through the vents you can see the blue key card glistening at the end so if you make way through the vent you'll be able to pick that first key card up for this puzzle as for the green key card as you approach the section where you're just about to go outside and start jumping outside the tower walls if you head on to the right-hand side again there's another walkway which you're able to walk underneath if you make way under there and turn left and you'll see the keycard waiting for you at the end now the third and final key card the red key card once you complete the outside section and made your way indoors here on the event instead of going right which would take you down the chute head left and jump over and at the end of the room there's a secret little passage if you look down to your right-hand side you'll see the keycard waiting for you on the floor so that's all three key cards that you need and the void configuration now you need to just make your way to the vault we'll catch you there and we'll solve this puzzle now you've made your way to the vault there are three boxes in this room they're listed one two and three and these are referred to as the consoles and they look a little bit like this so these are the main three that you need to keep an eye out for as well as these that are colored rooms on each side referred simply by their color so you've got green white yellow red purple blue and seon and as you can see they have different color nodes that light up so inside each room you'll have seven nodes make sure to bring up the map from the video description below to get an idea of their placement and their numbering because those would be super important to helping you solve this puzzle now this puzzle is entirely random every time that you run it so it'd be completely different for every fireteam so you'll need to use all the tools that we have in a video description to make sure you were able to complete this and one of those tools is the node count later you'll need to use this alongside the node map which are both in the video description below but once you open this up you'll need to only use terminal 1 and terminal 3 for this week for the voyage configuration the console one will need readings from the both left and right clock and for console free will only need a reading from the left hand side so what you're basically doing is taking the reading from those consoles entering the inputs on this calculator and it will tell you what color room and what number terminal need to look in place for a successful node to activate now to read the clock you essentially read it as a clock each section is broken down into a quadrant and there are 12 quadrants in total so depending on which one split up and where the section has stopped it will be relevant to the image that you see on screen now now in this example you can see that on the left dial the quadrant in the one section is illuminated and on the right dial the six section is illuminated now I've overlaid a clock representation to cover the quadrants to give you an idea of where the numbers are in relation to the actual quadrant itself but in the example that you can see that is one and six so you take that information pop that into the calculator and then you take the reading from terminal 3 so once you've taken your reading from the consul's itself you'll then need to take the solution from the calculator based on the information that you've input and reference it against this map and that'll identify the room that you need to go to and then note that you need to activate so first of all you need to identify which color of room the node is located in this would be shown by the calculator itself in the solution and then next to the color it should stay a number and this number represent the number of the node that needs to be activated successfully and that is a successful node what will happen now is that the consul's 1 and 3 will now show a new sequence and we need to re-enter that sequence into the calculator and repeat the entire process and you'll need to complete this across all the nodes in all of those rooms and there's 49 of those in total so it's going to take a bit of time but don't worry you get an extra 15 seconds for every successful node that you complete so you can extend your time for being in zero hour by being successful at this puzzle now if you were to fail on a node at any point you can unlock it and try another one and you can do this another 9 times and that is shown by the number on the node when you fail a lock as well as this the consul's themselves will also turn gray and they'll also display the amount of attempts that you have left if you don't have any attempts left though they will instead show a scrambled message if this were to be the case then you wouldn't be able to complete the puzzle on this occasion and you'd have to try again on a following run so there we have it guys that is a break down to the voided configuration quest for this week next week and the week after will see a arc and solar variation so if they are any different of be sure to make sure to cover those as well for you guys as I said be sure to use the tools interview description the map and a calculator they will make this super easy and they're super useful and effective for you guys from here though I'm gonna let some footage play out of us successfully completing the puzzle for this week this is me Foundation and Sivir running it earlier this evening so you'll see the repair schematics and receiver particulate that we also get which count towards your outbreak perfected catalysts so yeah I hope you enjoyed this video today be sure to hit that subscribe button if you're new to the channel I'm going to jump back into the game and I'll catch you guys again very soon peace


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