DDG and Kennedy caught on vacation in Mexico he gave her the rollie back!

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Ponyo Ponyo follow – oh yeah oh yeah yo what's Papa labas the kidney yo check me out check me out there first of all if you had some kids in the background trust me not my kids man I ain't ready for no kids yet they the neighbors kids the outside they playing the extra lap hopefully I can edit this the noise the background noise out but if you did not fear some kids name my kids shy wanna bite in the comments like you'll to kill your kids like ain't got no kids man don't want kids maybe we'll see but look old man son I mean you know last night the Bloods were going crazy man it blocks our going super crazy they starving they matching elevators all that's the same elevated relax man relax okay he's our GPAs clearly she's in Mexico fuck I boohoo event I don't know maybe a sponsored shit I don't really know what's going on man but it's a it's a free trip I'm going you feel me a sort of sponsored trip apparently didn't she was invited to I don't know if he bought its own ticket if he was invited he said he was invited so I got take his word for it but she oh I see you I see you I had young black melanin King go get your girl back there like I I see what's going on there do what you gotta do even hopped in the comment section like there's cat man I see you up look what man I made a CD right behind her like he ain't even sit at the other end of the bodies like now I'm saying thanks to one wanna sit next to me I know you want to sit next to you feel me but I see a lot of people not liking this in the comments a lot of people do not like the dis foreman every way I see a lot of people hating Kennedy not like a lot of dudes that kidding like oh shit cloud change see she need the eg4 view there's actually playing them well I said Kenny is very successful by so in my opinion me although she may not be known YouTube is every YouTube every Instagram post she's promoting something so heads up that's big checks big checks trust me check is huge so she still get her money if he just used to bring her only former income so I see a lot of dude says she needed easy from view she hasn't really been posting like that you feel me yeah I gotta relax like it's getting spooky I've seen one in comment and she got the Rolly back without even trying I saw like that I was like okay I love it it's a lot of people people feel like dude you being used you know what that wasn't easy bro DG clout DG should charge for his cloud late there's no way I believe like DG don't get paid you know by companies to promote certain talents like like look like all right look recently you could talk about Tiana right he did videos were leave it like a couple videos with her now she making it twenty thousand a month easy work he's where every video doing like almost 100 cake you know he doesn't know where ever like oh maybe a week total bro light and she clouded up and you remember back then when he did filled with a miser bro that literally that one when he when she when he was doing but she was with me Luigi literally bought her my my house their ad shit went platinum not a sign around nation so did you should be charged it for cloud man cuz he pretend a true for one week man you bought you gonna be a hundred thousand then you know in a few months you feel me like his cloud has ever lasted maybe and it's plentiful you should take there those prolific gifts you know so if you were a chick you might make the payee to G bow a couple of racks are you like well here a million is so maybe if you kill you might be able to get a deal at Ted racks but you know if you ugly might the pale at 50 to 100 to get services but the lease open up a little freaking light agency and start like climbing up chicks cuz the nigga clout that's shit crazy bro he making chicks rich out here bro Oh anyway that's all I gotta say master kid New York what are y'all think man I know like hey try to be nice in the comments man yeah I think is we going crazy on Kenny like relax it ain't that deep he know what he doing man he made me a level go but do you know what he doing what are y'all think man anyways kid out of New York I'm out this thing that pays you