Data breach at restaurant affects 2 million, Zuckerberg says government needs to regulate more

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welcome to your tech news today where we keep you informed and empowered by giving you the latest tech stories that impact your daily life it's Monday April 1st I'm Monica Gees sitting in for Mike James coming up in a bit we'll tell you about a data breach that could have your credit card info up for sale then Mark Zuckerberg wants the government to regulate Facebook Plus Apple scraps a highly anticipated device and NASA might just have that job you've always dreamt about we'll get started in just a moment but first I'd like to recognize our partners who helped make these Commando podcasts possible we start with the news of yet another massive data breach and unfortunately this is not an April Fool's joke Krebs own security recently discovered that credit card information from over two million customers from a popular restaurant chain were up for sale on the dark web what happened was earl enterprises had its point-of-sale systems infected with malware by hackers the malware allowed crooks to steal information found on debit and credit cards that included credit card numbers expiration dates and names the company owns a few popular restaurant chains but the one that was hit the hardest was Buca di Beppo it's a popular Italian restaurant that is known for its huge meals served up family-style but now it'll be known for serving up customers private information on a platter literally every single bucco location in the United States is impacted in this data breach and what's even worse is the breach went on for a crazy long time anyone who visited one of these restaurants between May of 2018 and March of 2019 is potentially a victim there were a few other restaurants that were head those include 31 Earl of Sandwich locations a few Planet Hollywood locations in a couple of little-known restaurants in the Las Vegas and Florida areas if you ate at any of these restaurants in the last year the first thing you need to do is check your bank statements look for any suspicious activity that you don't recognize if you find any your card information may have been stolen and some crook is out there ripping you off there are a few other security precautions that you should take and to find out what else can be done and learn more details on this breach head on over to commando comm and read our article titled if you ate at these restaurants hackers may already have your credit card details well this might be the most surprising story in a while Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is actually calling on governments and other bodies to increase regulation of the site but is he being sincere he posted his thoughts in a blog over the weekend detailing the fact that companies like Facebook have immense responsibilities and need better regulations no kidding he claims that by updating the rules for the internet we can preserve what's best about it while also protecting society from broader harms Zuckerberg wants these new regulations to focus on four areas harmful content election integrity privacy and data portability I'm sure we can all agree that Facebook does need some help when it comes to privacy it's been a complete failure on that front for years Zuckerberg said he'd like to see more countries adopt privacy regulations like those found in the European Union's general data protection regulation so why is Zuckerberg now talking about these issues it would be nice if it was coming from a genuine place of concern but most likely he's just trying to get out in front of regulations that might be on the way after a series of horrible missteps by Facebook by getting out in front of the issues he's able to help shape future regulations honestly Facebook doesn't have to wait for the government to step in with regulations to make its site better for the billions of people who use it just figure out ways to protect those people and implement them just ahead Apple decides to scrap a highly anticipated device and robots are actually humorless for a reason right now let me tell you about our sponsors Robin Hood Robin Hood is an investing app that lets you buy and sell stocks ETFs options and cryptos all commission-free plus there's no account minimum deposit needed to get started so you can start investing in any level the simple intuitive design of Robin Hood makes investing easy for newcomers and experts alike you easy to understand charts and market data and place a trade in just four taps on your smart phone with Robin Hood you can learn how to invest in the market as you build your portfolio discovered stocks track your favorite companies and get custom notifications for price movements so you never miss an opportunity to invest Robinhood is giving listeners of tech news a free stock like Apple Ford or sprint to help you build your portfolio sign up at money Robinhood calm that's money dot Robin Hood calm now for something you don't hear about every day an epic failure by Apple yes bad apple you know the one that appears to do no wrong and has millions of fans that can't get enough of its pricey technology well we just found out that one gadget people have been waiting for isn't actually going to be released ever after more than a year of hype Apple has announced that it's killing the planned air power in case you don't remember air power was one of the first products launched at Apple's new Steve Jobs theater it was in full display alongside the iPhone X air power is basically a wireless charging mat that plugs into the wall but transfers electrical charge to compatible Qi based gadgets through contact there are charging pads available but they are smaller in size than the air power was supposed to be and you can only charge one gadget at a time the air power concept was pretty cool actually you would be able to charge your iPhone Apple watch and air pods all at the same time on this magical mat but it's never gonna see the light of day Apple announced that after much effort we've concluded air power will not achieve our high standards and we've canceled the project it went on to apologize to customers who were looking forward to the launch I guess cancelling a project that doesn't live up to a company's standards should be looked at as a good thing instead of you know selling a piece of rubbish just pack it in and move on I'm sure you've heard this expression before a comedian will say something like oh man I just killed it out there that means they had a great set and the crowd left their act but if robots are built to have a sense of humor that saying might become literal experts in the field of artificial intelligence are saying that robots that have a sense of humor may struggle to understand what makes things funny and this could lead them to kill people for real it's all because AI machines don't have the ability to grasp context timing and tact which could have dangerous consequences instead of just bombing at a joke they might actually bomb those listening a German computer scientist said giving robots a sense of humor would make them more relatable especially if they're able to understand sarcasm but that's the problem machines aren't able to understand the difference between a sarcastic joke and being literal at least not yet maybe we'd be better off as a society to leave the jokes to the professionals and not try to reinvent the comedic wheel sounds like it'd be safer anyway don't you just love watching a movie at an IMAX theater with its high-resolution cameras and film projectors there's probably not a better way to catch a flick until now thx is debuting its premium brand theater called the thx ultimate cinema in the next couple of months it features a dual laser 4k projector and a THX certified immersive sound system the projector alone costs around 1 million dollars some think it's gonna be head and shoulders above the IMAX experience to make watching movies even better at least 30 films per year will be specifically mastered for the thx system the first thx theater will open soon in the los angeles area before expanding across the country later coming up you'll love these new Gmail features and NASA might just have your dream job right now a quick thank you to our friends who helped make these podcasts possible can you believe that Gmail is 15 years old it's true Google launched its popular email service on April 1st of 2004 in honor of the 15 year anniversary the company has added a couple of new helpful features to Gmail including improvements to smart compose and the ability to schedule emails to be sent in the future smart compose is that sometimes helpful and sometimes annoying feature that tries to autocomplete your sentence as you type an email it's supposedly being upgraded now to adapt to the way that you write greetings so if you prefer to say hey instead of hi smart compose will learn that it will also now suggest subject lines based on the content of your messages but the most helpful change might be the ability to send two emails at a future time once you receive the update you'll see a drop-down menu included with the send button it lets you schedule an email to be sent at a later time and don't worry the recipient won't know when you wrote the message if that's a problem what was your dream job when you were a kid come on we all had at least a couple of interesting ideas right if you had a sense of adventure you may have wanted to be a cowboy or an astronaut others who wanted to be rich and famous probably dreamed of being a professional athlete or a rock star then you got your slackers they just wanted to get paid for a lying around and sleeping all the time well don't laugh NASA could make those dreams come true now let me explain NASA along with a couple of other space agencies are looking for people with a special set of skills no you don't have to track down kidnappers like Liam Neeson did in the taken movies this role is much simpler at least in theory you just have to agree to lie in bed for about two months without getting up to do anything literally anything the hardest part is you will have to do everything while lying down that's right eat get dressed wash TV exercise and yes even shower while lying on a bed if you can handle this hard-hitting task you'll get paid a cool nineteen thousand dollars that's for the entirety of the study that lasts about two months from September 2019 until December 2019 there is one catch that might keep you from participating you have to know how to speak German that's because the study is being conducted in Germany researchers are studying how the body changes in weightlessness based on results scientists will develop countermeasures that reduce negative effects of weightlessness on astronauts it's all part of a bigger picture project NASA plans on sending crews of astronauts to Mars in the near future and this study will help make the lengthy trip easier on them check out the NASA website for more details on the study and it'll show you how to apply if you end up being chosen you'll look by the way once you're done listening to tech news today do us a favor and give us a good rating on wherever you're listening to us give us a couple of good words so others can find us more easily we'd really appreciate it and finally for today's commando kicker recycling has been taken to a whole new level for one woman from Greece a 75 year old spent the winter knitting a business skirt and jacket from filmy brown plastic bags cut into thin strips and tied together to make yarn but the woman wasn't done there she lined the garment with cotton fabric and the finished outfit is a very stylish tweety look from the green printing she found on the brown bags she has been knitting and sewing since her childhood in Sicily and was drawn to the idea of repurposing plastic into clothing when she saw a purse made from plastic bags she does it just for fun but as a great icon to how creative recycling can actually be for more fun and interesting facts go to and search for the commando kicker that's your tech news today and if you enjoyed it check out our other digital updates you'll get tons of great information like our consumer tech update packed with facts opinion and introducing you to the latest going on in tech underneath the surface tech news this week is filled with top tech story scams security alerts product reviews and crazy happenings in the world of technology and don't miss commando on demand where kim provides in-depth insight on the ever-changing technology landscape by talking to tech movers and industry shakers subscribe for free on apple podcast google play spotify or pod Netcom you'll be glad you did also check out the big stories trending right now at like our article 10 things you didn't know your iphone could do in it you'll learn things like how to use your keyboard as a trackpad how to hide photos that you don't want others to see and how to automatically answer calls and more if you're an Apple pro you're sure to find something helpful then read how Chinese embassy robocall scam is making a comeback find out how scammers are spoofing phone numbers to make them look official and ways to keep from falling victim to those attacks and by the way every week on Kim's national radio show she answers questions from people just like you who want to live their best digital lifestyle ever whether it's a family problem or a business issue or you're wondering how to get things done you can make an appointment to speak with Kim just use our dedicated color line and leave a message at six zero two three eight one eight two zero zero extension 290 thanks for listening and we'll be back with more tech news tomorrow you

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