Cultural Tourism – Taxco, Mexico

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We are in Taxco in the state of Guerrero which is recognised as one of the magic towns of Mexico or pueblos magicos. Pueblos magicos is the program developed by secretariate of tourism of
Mexico to strengthen the cultural and heritage tourism of Mexico. The secretariate
of tourism has recognized that small towns of Mexico have been attracting
both domestic and international visitors as they possess unique culture and
history and some other unique features therefore they developed a marketing
strategy to strengthen the products of the small towns and disperse of visitors
from major cities and coastal areas into these small towns across the country and
this helps strengthening cultural tourism cultural tourism is the type of tourism
that relies on cultural heritage assets as tourism products and provides
opportunity to sell these products to tourists therefore it involves three elements it
involves tourism and tourists it relies on the cultural heritage assets as
tourism products and it involves cultural heritage management. Du Cros and McKercher have developed a typology of cultural tourists that relies on two
dimensions the depth of experience of culture at the destination and also the
importance of culture as a motivation to visit the destination when cultural
tourism is important to visit the destination and tourists have deep
cultural experience at the destination they can be categorized as purposeful
cultural tourists those tourists who were not motivated by cultural heritage
to visit the destination and have not learned much about it are categorized as incidental cultural
tourists. Serendipitous cultural tourists is an interesting group for them
cultural heritage does not play a major role in deciding to visit a
destination however while at the destination these tourists have a deep cultural experience with the rise of independent travel
the serendipitous cultural tourist group is growing because there are more
tourists that have not have a set itinerary at the destination and they
are likely to be motivated by other elements well with visiting a
destination then simply its culture and history however at the destination they
may incidentally come across interesting attractions which if they provide
engaging experience and good interpretation of culture and history
will provide a deep experience to this tourists and therefore the tourists will
have a great experience of culture and this is the overview of cultural and
heritage tourism on the example of Taxco

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