Cuba tourism

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this is how a number of tourists from the United States visit Cuba cruise tourism is up significantly this year the tourism ministry expects over seven hundred thousand visitors including many Americans despite travel restrictions enforced by the US government among the tourists two friends from Chicago who have traveled together for 25 years they visited Cuba last year and fell in love with the country merican visitors here said they had no difficulty in traveling to Cuba with more than 4 million visitors last year tourism brings in much-needed foreign currency to Cuba's economy and though former President Barack Obama eased relations leading to an increase in US visitors president Donald Trump's approach has all but reversed that despite the shifting policy from the United States towards this island curious hoping 2018 will be a record year when it comes to tourism and it's also hoping they'll be growth in the sector in the coming years before that to happen this country needs to develop its infrastructure the face of the famous malecon 7 kilometer long sea drive is now getting a new look with many hotels now under construction already nearly 5,000 rooms have been added this year according to jose luis parayan the former tourism professor says Cuba is playing catch-up with other Caribbean islands that are more established tourist destinations typical Cuba has diversified the mark your eye looking for higher income tourists who are more interested in City tourism than just classic Beach to realize que el duderino classic OS holy playa from informal guest houses to 5-star hotels Cuba stepping up in the city and on its famous beaches 20:19 will mark the 500th anniversary of the founding of Havana and preparations are underway the challenge is modernizing this city and country while retaining his charms Joel Richard Seiji TN Havana

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