CP24 Breakfast Previews The Rose Picnic!

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look at this fine fare shy cooter II platter enough for me maybe enough for your deep oh it's enough for the whole crew and everyone beyond the reason why we have it here is because tomorrow is something exceptional I believe it's in its third year the Rose a picnic everyone gets dressed up in white and pink and they go and they have a fantastic time Hotel X Toronto if you haven't been to the grounds it is exquisite and boy what a beautiful compliment to those exquisite grounds is both the Rose a which will be paired with some incredible food fare from the McEwan group and we're here with Chef Sean Osmond thank you very good and thank you I'm always so grateful when someone who knows how to cook comes in because I'm not very good but I get to eat very well so so part of this experience in happening tomorrow the Rose a picnic is some of the food offerings so tell us a little bit about these charcuterie platters and also what you're preparing here yeah so so we are we are preparing at the famous McEwen steak burger of course which is stupio strip loin steak and a 25% fat to you know give that richness most important part is picking the right meat okay so we're using P I skip point speak basically there's no other stuff salt and pepper fresh cracked pepper all you have to do you know different so surrounded big and yeah these are these are these are eight ounce patties okay this is around so you know you can fold it up bigger the better so so the key is you know getting the nice heat on it yeah medium-high heat see how it sizzles you want that crispness as you know grilling so something like this it's about you know one minute for each side but you're gonna cross it so like you know two minutes yes sorry four minutes and then if you rest it for another couple of minutes you know you can get it like a nice medium-rare burger the resting is really important I found this that way because it blocks in the juices right exactly you just throw in a bun or cut even a steak if you get it right into it you're just gonna believe it's gonna do that and also you lose all the moist oh yeah see these are the chef tips that we need when we bring you in so you said two minutes on each side yeah yeah so while that cooking you know also we have this sauce that we make me call it McEwan's burger sauce so it's almost like a bit of favorite thing like you know a little bit of guys a bunion and then we you know make humans own dice pickles alright and a little bit of the pickle juice right yeah and then you know you know any burgers you put what mustard sure ketchup yeah I mean it's right you got it so we pretty much put all the bottle just keep going and it just mix it up okay beautifully so I mean if you like spicy you can have more mustard it is for from the burger well it's on the ground it's for the burger to finish the burger yeah right and then so basically season it with a little bit salt and pepper let us sit while the burger is ready it's all ready to go that looks so good chef all right all right I know you're flipping I want to give a little bit more information because you know it's about the food but it's also about Rosie that's that's the name of the picnic and we have five thousand wine lovers that are going to be gathering here at Hotel X Toronto the the lawns near the barracks and the food is going to be paired with all kinds of different rose' wines it's such a delicious summer libation and you will have entertainment including aerialist performances fashion shows a beauty garden with a braid bar and flower crown station top GJ's tons of instagram-worthy installations as well because it's all about the gram right once you're done eating there's limited tickets still available you can purchase them it's really easy to remember rows a picnic ro scpi CNIC dot-com and boy it's so easy to get distracted when I see this kind of great food you've got platters these there's gonna be charcuterie places well let's cut it down at the Rose a picnic I've got grapes you've got cheese and this all this abuse a European cheese imported and also the Chilkoot abode you know we got to shoot the de palma sopressata and Reggiano parmigiano a bunch of house pickles that you know made in-house some artichoke a whole bunch of stuff in it yeah it's a great it's a great starter on your picnic right and I guess the different Rose ate some of them are sweeter some of them are drier you just kind of have to taste and see what goes with each of the cheeses and if I if I did something instagram-worthy and held up some of the grapes and said take a picture would that be not the kind of classiness that you expect it's pretty tempting to do you know it's gonna be a really fun event it really has been for the last couple of years and it really needs to see everyone so we're putting the burger yeah so I had some pre-made burgers yes because usually you know start to finish with the resting time yeah why don't we take a break go to commercial let them rest for the two minutes as you recommend lock in that juice and we'll be back and then I'll get to taste the perfect okay Rose a picnic this Saturday you don't wanna miss it get those tickets while there is still here Rose a picnic calm we'll be right back I'm gonna taste something good cp24 breakfast is brought to you by mccafé mobile reward

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