COWORKATION: When Work meets Vacation w/ Stuart & Kirsty

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this week I'm back in Bali at the famous W Hotel and semi AK to meet with the team from colocation a company that's helping business owners to set up on their own digital Nomad journey so convocation they're one to two week trips to exotic places around the world and in these locations the workspaces are moving so we'll work from the the villa or the accommodation where there's obviously going to be a lovely swimming pool well that will have next to us but then we'll be going off and seeing other beautiful places around that location or that destination where we're at and we'll convert them into work spaces and we'll do a series of programming that is all about working on your business as opposed to in your business so taking a back step from your your normal day-to-day environment try and look at your bigger picture issues of your business or your career your vision your strategy your planning then addressing topics such as lifestyle design and then also some of the more psychological and cognitive elements of self development for professional drive so colocation is essentially co-working vacations we offer people who maybe aspire to being location independent or already are the opportunity to come on what is an amazing holiday experience but with a program set up to allow them to expand their businesses and their networks in context as well as experience their location in a really original fashion with the interviews done Stuart and Kirstie take me next door to potato head beach club to meet the rest of the team swim up pool bars beachside meetings it's all in a day's work for this jet-setting Nomad startup team in over the past 15 years or so I've been managing my business whilst travelling at the same time and so a few years ago when I discovered co-working spaces instinctively popped into my mind of while bringing co-working spaces whilst traveling so the idea of colocation growing up the location independent movement and I really do see it as a movement is just at the cusp every month there's more and more people becoming aware that there's other ways of living and working for me the location independent movement is really exciting because whilst I'm a humanist I'm a futurist and I get excited about the idea of this global emerging global community I'm excited by the fact that we are all experiencing other lifestyles and other cultures so much more and that with the technologies that are nailing us to do so we're seeing much broader perspectives on life and there's really no boundaries anymore and I think that's awesome and that's that's where we're headed think the future of the location-independent movement is a lot more cohesion and collaboration I see people addressing their industries really differently within the corporate environment people are allowed to be remote workers and then on the self-employed level we are we have so much more freedom so it's not about creating a life for yourself with security in the traditional sense it's about creating a life of opportunity like I said freedom and travel


COWORKATION · May 16, 2019 at 8:42 am

Thanks Chris…really love the video!

Tech-Lo · May 16, 2019 at 8:42 am

Have a look at Twitter 🙂 Explained it to you.

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