Cow Ride! Exploring Beautiful Hershey Gardens

Published by Darron Toy on

breakfast breakfast in the hotel room
big breakfast in the hotel room hotel room hey you didn’t eat all your bacon I
didn’t what did you like Gillian thank you it acts like a piece of shop
the macaroons but I want there’s the hotel guys oh it’s a tunnel nothing look at the
vine tunnel that he’s like slow and cool ooh Hershey kiss it’s it’s Hershey
Kisses that are growing up out of the ground like mushrooms these normally
shoot water I think that time of yours over speakers maybe maybe someone’s
playing them maybe you can play them a wagon hedge maze again this one’s better than
the one at the stanley attire it’s a pretzel shape you’re nervous
about the birds well I hear them yeah as a beetle little staring at the beetle I think it’s made for climbing on it’s slipping signs I see doing at what
you wouldn’t want to live here but you were like I think is a dead end captain addy Gillian come on abode since the chrysalis cabinet see there’s all kinds of chrysalis there was one performance to out

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