Code Vein Secret Gift(rv mastery)& maps Of the Depths locations(Shang Side quest

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Code Vein New Secret Gift(rv mastery)&3 map Of the Depths locations (Shang npc Side quest) Oh Erichs I’m a merchant my at Ivan’s
I’ll be around I collect stuff even in the debt so if
your head remember it’ll greed I’d like you to dig up some rip we’re going don’t
be overeager come back immediately if you sense danger understood I’ll do my
best to help out how shall we proceed lost nearby look at that greetings I’m hey did you drag those
materials up out of the depths they’re quite valuable thank you kindly I don’t
know if it’s a proper thanks but I’ll have a wider selection of valuables for
you next time lost had me surrounded back there I’ve
managed to get away but I’m sorry to cause you trouble again I
guess the medicine I was carrying attracted the lost for some reason it’s
supposed to enhance a revenant strength but I’ve got no business using it I
think you might make better use of this so take it as a token of my gratitude greetings you know I actually got some
new info on the depths recently it might lead us to the materials I’ve been
looking for all these years I’d go and check for myself right away but the
stuff is in the hands of some especially mean lost I think you’d be up to the
task though so would you mind looking into it – lost this is all we’ve got for
available routes don’t be overeager enemy spotted be careful oh you brought
back some materials okay let’s have a look at him
I hate to say it but this isn’t what I was looking for I might have sent you to
the wrong area of the depths I made you take all risk for no reason would you
mind if I reassessed my information and asked you again but first I’d like to
thank you for what you did bring back it’s quite nice so I can get some use
out of it greetings I finally figured out where
the materials I’ve been searching for are hiding the information this time is
correct the stuff I’m looking for is in this area of the depths but I can’t go
in there on my own The Lost in that area are just too
vicious I don’t want to put you in danger
but with your skills I know you can handle it so please I’m begging you all
those materials up out of the depths for me routes we have to choose one way or the other greetings I have a lovely selection
today oh you found the materials come on let’s
have a look shall we my goodness yes this is it
this is what I’ve been searching for seriously I can’t thank you enough I’ll
start using it right away but look at you
slang beasts and collecting treasure top Class Heroes is what I’d call you greetings you’ve helped me out so much
thanks to you I’ve got all sorts of rare materials I put together a collection of
valuables to give you as thanks I wish I could do more but please take them I’ll
still be doing business so if you need anything
drop on by greetings whenever I touch materials


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