Cheap Trip to San Diego + August Spending and YouTube Income

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Hey, it’s Tim! And, it’s Amy from GoWithLess. we are coming at you from FinCon in Washington DC. we are so excited to share our August numbers with you from this
mecca of personal finance media. and we’re gonna talk about our YouTube
earnings, what we spent for ten nights (eleven days) at the beach in San Diego,
and all of our August spending. so we hope that you’ll stay tuned for our video
today. we come out with a new video every Wednesday. if you’re new to our channel,
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receive notifications. be sure to give us a thumbs up. and with that let’s get
going. every month we talk about our spending from the previous month so
we’re gonna get into that in just a second but first we’re gonna be a little
chatty because we’ve allowed to chat about last week’s video we talked about
community and here we are with our community like our fincon tribe totally
obsessed with early retirement and money and they’re all around us and I can feel
this energy sometimes people say that amy is screaming in the video well
apologies because I am so jazzed up that I will be screaming for sure because I
get excited and then I talk really loudly and I am really excited and it’s
like a lot of good buzz energy around so maybe turn the volume down just a little
bit today but just a heads up we just came from a fantastic a gigantic meal be
has like a worth its splurge meal here in Washington DC so we just had like as
much food as we could eat and I should probably be feeling nap like what I’m
feeling like jumping jacks I am ready for a nap August has been a strange
month for us however it turned out to be a great month in terms of spending when
I say strange we traveled very oddly this month we were in France for the
first five days of the month we came home to Parker Colorado we were there
for three days we left and went to San Diego for 11 nights for a house set with
two cats amazing San Diego is glorious we came home and then we briefly went to
Denver for a house set we were there for three nights I think we were only home
for about 13 back 13 nights our life is
moving around so it was something that we were interested in I said it’s kind
of crazy to come back from we were in France and Italy for seven weeks we came
home for three nights when Tim says three days it wasn’t even like three
full days because we got home at 3 in the morning the first day so we’re
counting God is the day even though it was like 20 minutes so we really really
briefly and then backed off we went to San Diego and we were sounds about that
because we’re going to be without a home soon and we’re just going to be moving
from place to place two days without any home and we wanted to try that on and
thankfully it was absolutely amazing and it was the best month I think all year
that we’ve had in terms of spending when I say best it was the lowest month in
terms of spending but before we get to that Amy’s gonna talk about our trip to
San Diego and how much we spent on that trip yeah so we it was actually 11 days
and we spent this is kind of like solo it’s almost hard to believe but I’m
gonna break down how it got to be so low we spent for 11 days for two people
getting on an airplane and staying a mile from the most beautiful beach we
spent five hundred and twenty-two dollars and forty four cents to be in
Tobago I mean people spend that much it I mean
that’s not even a lot of money to spend at home just doing nothing and going to
work but I spent that much I’m like lunch in my old days but I was working
so how did I get to be so low a couple things first we took advantage of a
house set we went back to a house set that we visited before we had maybe a
year and a half ago we’ve talked many times on our channel that we’re looking
for 75 degree weather what we found it in San Diego oh boy yep was incredibly
every single day we got up and we had cats Edward lovely we went every day to
the beach took an hour long plus walk at the beach we didn’t know –ga at the
beach with this fantastic concept the whole thing was like living out of some
like daydream and I just want to go back to San Diego so the house it saves us a
lot of money and the we used our Southwest companion
pass and that selfless companion pass allows so I have the Southwest companion
pass and that means that all of our travel on Southwest in 2019 and in 2020
for every ticket that I pay for with either cash or with points Tim comes
along for free so we’re gonna one other comment so Amy signed up for two credit
cards at the beginning are at the end of last year the end of 2018 in order to
earn this companion pass and through that process we got about a hundred and
twenty thousand miles we had to get one hundred and ten thousand in order to
earn the companion pass then we earned some additional miles so we’ve been
burning through those points this year this trip was free through those two
credit card signups and not free because the credit cards Nick one was like a
hundred dollars and one was seventy bucks or something like that but
effectively all of our travel on Southwest this year has been covered
with points which we earned with those two credit cards bonus miles so that
tool that we like to use it’s called travel freely we’re gonna put a video
part up here hopefully you’ll take a peek at that after this video because we
use this service it’s free and we absolutely love it so up that five
hundred and twenty two dollars a hundred and fifty one dollars of it was a
splurge so this is something that we’re not usually doing three splurges that’s
exactly right two of those splurges were the symphony
we saw two different things down at the water at the pier in San Diego that was
amazing there were fireworks in both of those shows and we also went to see a
movie called playing with fire which is an early-retirement documentary which we
loved and that was a splurge for us as well I think it was 30-some odd dollars
to see that and then I think the most most of the other spending in that five
hundred and twenty-two dollars was dining so we ate a lot of food and we
were San Diego we plan to take the public bus we didn’t
need to so we met a whole bunch of friends while we were out and about
turns out we know a lot of people in this area and it was really lovely
because they came and met us and for the concerts we have two different friends
go with us to the concerts and they drove us to the concerts one also took
us to the movie so that was unexpected like super duper bonus but normally
we’re very comfortable with the bus and and also our house owner that we support
dropped us off and picked us up from the airport so the transportation was kind
of unique for this because we’re usually going to throw in some buses or
something like that and we just did a lot of walking otherwise we were very
fortunate with them having a chauffeur for a lot of this I have this is
actually so Amy will not get on you know these scooters that you see everywhere
now they’re all over San Diego the scooters so they’re all over San Diego
and I really want to get on one of these and I signed up for like $5 for the feet
free credit on I think it’s called bird and I went to use it and it wanted me to
actually spend five dollars in order to spend my $5 and so I was too cheap to do
that so I still haven’t been on one of these scooters Amy won’t do it with me
she’s afraid I’m gonna break her leg or break my leg so at some point I’m gonna
try one of these scooters if I figure out how to do it for free motorized like
razor scooters but the key is motorized I’m gonna hurt myself on I’m kind of
clumsy and again we have a very high deductible health plan being retired
health insurance is our big problem so I’m not gonna be like I shouldn’t
tell this story but I was in Denver I don’t know months and months ago and I
saw one of these scooters actually fall apart somebody was on it and the thing
just broke half into so I’m not so sure it’s a great idea that we’re on the
scooters but I still want to try it so at some point we’ll give it a go walk eight miles and it’s hot and we
want to get home and we see them and it would be very convenient but I don’t
know and so I wouldn’t know what you think and have you done it and not just
your kids have these kids are brave have you done it as an adult now we’re gonna
get anything on San Diego okay so we’re gonna do a real quickie about our
YouTube earnings for the month of August they were more than they were last month
because we had a few videos that performed pretty well and we had between
the two of us three hundred and ten thousand ninety cents so is that
fantastic sure we’re thrilled this could be because we’re not doing this for the
money but we are not going to be upgrading our I guess standard of living
because of our three hundred and ten dollars between the two of us for the
month so we like to report our YouTube earnings because we have enough
commenters who’ve said you guys are on YouTube clearly you’re making millions
of dollars you cannot call yourselves retired I like to say we’re making three
hundred and ten dollars for two people this is not jeopardizing like our status
as retired so I’m gonna put that in probably until we’re making millions on
YouTube never into our spending overall we had a killer month when it comes to
spending so we were behind earlier in the year we’re trying to catch up trying
to meet this $36,000 year number by the way I don’t think we’re gonna get there
unfortunately we’re trying to get closer and so this month we spent two thousand
two hundred and thirty eight dollars for everything in our life before that for
two people for the month of August that includes our life at home our life on
the road everything in our life we spent two thousand two hundred and
thirty-eight dollars for the month of August and we budget three thousand a
month but because we have been spending more in the first half of the year we
needed to rein it back in so this so we’re really aiming normally for an
average of three thousand we’re still – hi even with are really low spending
there were some big outliers considering at a lower budget is and we’re really
excited to share those because the fact that our spending is this low with some
outliers like expensive is like whoa anyway
the number one category no big surprise they came in to 596 dollars we’re gonna
probably mention this for a while but the way that we account for that is how
much did we spend in the month of August on track so we had five nights in five
days or nights in frien’s some of these we paid for it in advance things like
that so we paid for some bus tickets in advance stuff like that that it goes in
the month when we actually paid for it so if we bought a bus ticket somewhere
or if we bought a August bus ticket in the month of May if we go in the May
spending well when we talk about our spending for that trip it would go into
like how much do that to accounting for it in two very different ways and we’re
going to continue doing that on our channel because there’s a place for both
of those things so our spending for just travel for the month of August with all
that travel was 596 dollars and that’s mostly that included the two concerts
and film that Tim said because we did it while we were on vacation and it
included every bite of food we ate when we weren’t at home including France ship
and San Diego so so for two people 600 bucks and there’s some three splurges of
entertainment in there it’s pretty good to ship this is your first of our
biggest exactly our second largest category is bills and utilities and so
this normally runs about consistently for a month a month because our
beautilities are about the same however there was an outlier this month and that
i signed up for a mint mobile for an entire year so i spent $200 from it
mobile for the next 12 months that gives me three gig of data every month
unlimited calls and unlimited text for the month i spent 200 bucks on that
we’ve actually done a video specifically about Google Phi as well as MIT mobile
and you should go take a look at that Amy’s gonna throw that up in a park
after we’re done because tim is a real fan of mid mobile and just
spend $200 for the year for your cell phone
total yeah not too bad and I think in the last video when we talked about I
said it was a hundred and eighty dollars that’s what it was last year I don’t
know why it went up $20 this year but now the taxes are broken out so
something weirds going down but nonetheless it is now $200 for a year of
MIT mobile health premiums that’s this makes up most of that so five hundred
and twenty dollars and fourteen cents is health stuff our food and dining
category was actually seems a little out of whack this month I think it’s
primarily because we ate out quite a bit every day that we were home this only
accounts for the food and groceries that we bought when we were at home and that
was two hundred and eighty two dollars and 64 cents that we spent for the month
of August for food when we were at home in Parker grocery shopping trip we were
exhausted from our long travels we were heading right back out the door so we
bought more convenience foods we I don’t know we relied on unprepared food more
than we otherwise would have I think and that is for a lot for us it was three in
about for half a month it’s not even that’s a bag that’s usually what it
costs for the whole month it’s certainly good yeah okay so next up is education
$129 I signed up for a professional conference for bloggers which is always
fun because we’ll learn about it’s not will I will learn about more about
social media and hopefully at some point we develop our blog after we sell our
home we’ll have a little more time so I’m looking to maybe get our blog going
back again we have let that go dormant for a year and a half and I think it’s
time to get that resurrected in about six months so my conference will help us
do that yep our last category is gonna be a catch-all bucket that captures
everything that we spent that doesn’t it’s under a hundred bucks and so some
things that this month have fallen in this category a little bit of shopping
and the gas that we put in our car so that was sixty-five dollars and ten
cents that rounds out all of our spending for the month of
August so not too shabby we’re pretty happy with the numbers this month we are
hoping that this month is we’re hoping to do next few months keeps us in good
momentum hopefully we’ll see I think right now if we spend about three
thousand dollars a month if we continue on that path we’re gonna spend about
forty grand this year which is again more than what we want to spend so we’re
trying to still get closer to that 36k number we’ll see how it works out and
having you watch them I think that helps so we appreciate you for watching this
video because it holds us to really do like it but I know having the
accountability makes it we’re gonna do the best that we can we’re trying a
thumbs up and we’ll see you on Wednesday