Charter Boating in the British Virgin Islands with MarineMax Vacations

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I will welcome to Brie Max vacations my name is Harry mountain our dedicated team at Remax vacations has put together this series designed to help you plan and also help you enjoy what we know will be an amazing experience for you we'll cover all sorts of topics so no matter where you are given these videos if we put together you can learn more about your murine max vacations experience down in the British Virgin Islands our brand promises to provide an extraordinary charter boating experience that exceeds your expectations and changes lives this video is one of the many resources we have to ensure your child was everything you want it to be in this program we'll provide you an overview of boating in the British Virgin Islands we will review some of the basics for navigation and safety in the hopes of making your boating experience as extraordinary as possible whether the BVI is is relatively predictable with long views of the rise and you can often see approaching afternoon schools or changes in wind conditions in addition to your observations you can obtain up-to-date weather reporting from channel 6 and 9 on your VHF radio typically wind conditions are strongest in the mid afternoon sea conditions will be calmest earlier in the day west and southwest are the usual wind directions this provides for most coasts offer protection draw an unusual north wind it is not recommended to travel on the Atlantic side of the island chain but rather enjoy the lee side of Tortola and the many destinations that exists along so Francis Drake Channel should you require assistance or advice during of charter each vessel is equipped with a local cell phone using this or your personal phone you can contact the base at two eight four three four five two four two five during business hours or for technical needs anytime two eight four three four six six nine one one you will have the option to add Internet service to your vessel should you wish this service will allow unlimited data for all Wi-Fi enabled devices onboard due to distances in the BVI there may be times and places where service is not available or signal strength is low do not plant rely on internet connectivity at all times Virgin Island search-and-rescue is locally operated all volunteer rescue team they can be reached on channel 16 in the event of an emergency visor is your first responder to any major incident you witness or are involved in they are funded by donations only and remax is proud to contribute to their ongoing training and operations should your witness will be involved in any type of instant wear injury or damage occurs you are required to report this to Mary Mac star from the BVI as soon as possible during certain times of the year commercial fishing for lobster or other sea animals is prominent in the BVI pay close attention for small buoys marking location of nets or traps typically these are laid out across as much as a quarter mile steer clear of the line of buoys to avoid prop-fouling or other issues the BVI is proud of its beauty and diversity in its national parks these amazing destinations are for day visits only no overnight moorings are permitted in national parks additionally restrictions may apply regarding bringing dinghies ashore consult the printer cruising guide for specifics on each part there are a few restrictions in place for your protection and protection of the environment boating after sunset is not permitted anywhere in the BVI a boredom remax vessel cardboard is to be removed as soon as possible from vessels in order to eliminate bringing insects or pests on board disposal of garbage is never to be in the sea the rich clear warm waters the BVI filled with sea life for your protection and longevity of all creatures nothing living may be taken from the sea in the BVI in addition there are a few dangers to pay attention to the Barracuda is attracted to shiny objects it is advisable to remove rings watches another jewelry that may be mistaken as food by this species file coral is another no danger to avoid this brightly colored coral will render a long-lasting stinging pain your vest is equipped with a variety of appliances equipment another gear during your boat orientation and briefing these items will be demonstrated and located for you everything from galley where the anchor and flashlight for your dinghy are included pay attention to these items as they will make your trip more enjoyable and comfortable each marine max vessel is accompanied by an appropriate sized dinghy you will be shown how to raise lower and secure the dinghy before and after operation it is important to secure the dingyi well and show no lines or ropes are left in the ward and where they could become entangled driving the dinghy priming the fuel tank and operating a small outboard are all simple steps and will be demonstrated to you upon arrival to the base mooring balls are color-coded red balls are a day you certainly blue balls for dingey yellow commercial dive boats and the most common would be white which are the only balls were over night mooring is permitted snorkeling in the BVI is one of the most popular activities the opportunities are endless and a scenery amazing your vest is equipped with adequate snorkel gear for all passengers on board it is advisable that you inspect and fit snorkel gear before leaving for your charter to ensure proper sizing for all guests on board most navigation the BVI's is line-of-sight meaning you can see your destination in addition each marine max vessel is equipped with an electronic GPS and chartplotter Raymarine navigation equipment these charts are accurate marking shallow zones Harbor entrances and also channels familiarizing yourself for this equipment ahead of your charter is easy to do using YouTube videos or content from the Remax video library before departing is advisable to view a checklist of items and showing you are all well prepared locate your cruising guide national park permits and vessel manual verify water tanks filled coolers with ice provisions stored away safety gear located and your float plan or itinerary far with remax staff at the base when leaving the base operate the vessel at an idle speed through the marina identify the channel markers in your path to the sea once clear of the marina and the first turn toward to see you can increase speed gently until clear of all channel markings the remainder of this program consists of a tour through many of the island destinations you will find views of the approach comments on hazards and even some suggestions and activities available in each harbour Cooper Island offers a wide approach from the sea deep water and steep cliffs on the left as you make your way into the morning field there are limited number of mooring balls operated by the resort on shore once the shore will find that flat sandy beach a quiet and comfortable setting dive shop and ice cream store snorkeling assist in rock on the west end of the beach is accessible by dinghy using the blue dinghy balls anchored in front of the rock structure for dinner the restaurant at Cooper is small and requires reservations the limited number of table suggests reservations be made early in the day you can call them via VHF radio or by stopping in in person next to Cooper is Salt island this is a unique formation of rock and natural salt small mooring air exists here and this is a great spot for a stop to explore have lunch and they continue to Ward's your nighttime destination further up the front straight channel you'll find the bars these amazing rock formations are the must-see for all visitors to the BVI being a national park this is a day stop only warring bulls run the length of the park but fill up very quickly during busy season to go ashore you must thing you to tether line and attach your dinghy to a blue mooring ball then swim ashore once ashore there are hiking shells through the rock formations a trail to the top lead you to a gift shop restaurant and outdoor pool a wonderful reward for making the journey to the top as a safety point the beach in front of the bars will display swim flags indicating the sea conditions observe the flags prior to venturing ashore if the flags indicate strong currents or dangerous conditions it is recommended to make the bars a stop for another day when conditions are better traveling north along Virgin Gorda you'll pass Spanish town this is a commercial harbour in Spanish town you can find provisions boat repair shopping and other interests it is typically only used for supplies and is not frequented by charter guests located in North Sound Savannah Bay has the appearance of a peaceful reef protected Lagoon while true is also very shallow and prohibited as a destination aboard a marine max vessel there are far more beautiful destinations to choose from do not be fooled or enticed to venture here as damage to the bottom of the vessel is undesired by all we are at a leveraged Bay Leverett Bay Marina is located in the southwest corner of Gorda sound as you can see from behind me it's a nice little marina you can pull in for an overnight stop and take a slip here or if you choose you can actually take a more involved as well so you got to option now it is one of the places on the itinerary that offers fuel water and also ice nice little marina there's a Pussers bar and restaurant ashore so you can dine and either shore it's very well protected being in being in North Sound so it makes another good night stop up here in un'goro sound alright now here I just want to point out one of the restriction areas in the BVI it's right by the point of voting order and muscular island now there's a passage right there but that a very restricted area now getting into got a sound you got to make your way all around to the channel markers mosquito island which is going to be on your starboard side coming up the reason why this is restricted is because it's pretty show and your vessel won't be able to make it through here you can run aground so you want to do it the safe way make your way in coming through the China market Anegada is the furthest island available to you within the cruising territory far enough away that is out of sight over 13 miles as you journey from North Sound towards the island very low-profile and small-sized making visual challenge to see from aboard your vessel the water surrounding are shallow and filled with reef and obstacles Anna Gard is known for its remoteness Beauty live natural flamingoes and lobster dinners it does present the greatest navigational challenge due to distance and conditions additional research and education should be pursued if this is to be part of your itinerary scrub island offers a great stop that you venture further south this unique setting is host to a Marriott Resort in Island villas marina with docks provisioning fine-dining hiking spa and two beautiful pools make this a wonderful day stop or even an overnight stay on their docks should you prefer just across from scrub island as marina Kaye offers a great location for day or evening dining as well as historic pasar um experience in addition there is a free ferry that runs between beef island scrub island and marina K on the opposite side of the mooring field is Diamond Reef one of the best-kept secrets of smoking in the BB is colorful fish shallow water and abundant reef life make this top choice for snorkelers another gray spot is monkey point abundant sealife await you at this popular day stop a limited number of mooring balls suggest you arrive early in the day to ensure your spot the roots of monkey island requires close attention to charts and channel a long reef to be avoided lies parallel to beef island follow the recommended route around big and little kimono towards go in our island and you're cruising guides through this narrow passage located on the north side of Tortola cane garden bay provides for a unique grassy bottom bay with gentle shoreline down the long sandy beach you'll find restaurants bars and shopping one block away from the water you will find quiet neighborhoods with local vendors as well as a rum distillery offering tours join the north swell or changing wind conditions this Anchorage can become rougher than is comfortable so watch weather conditions as you plan your visit to cane garden bay located between the western tip of Tortola and yas van Dijk you'll find sandy kei is private uninhibited little island provides a unique day stop to allow for exploration and enjoying the privacy and seclusion of the island one of the many harbors on Yost Van Dyke Little Harbour offers a small Beach area secluded Anchorage and views of undeveloped hillsides further to the west you will find great harbours the largest port on your Van Dyke there is a large anchorage with abundant mooring balls a dinky dog lies in the far right corner of the harbor in front of the famous Fox's bars and restaurant once a short walking down a sandy street in front of the beach you'll find other dining options as well as provisions even further to the west of great Harbor is White Bay this Bay offers a postcard Caribbean Beach lined with palm trees and small waves lapping of the shore protected by a continuous reef entering White Bay requires attention channel markers and reduce speed home to the Soggy Dollar Ivan's on one love beach bar there is always an active crowd and white bait I'm plenty to see and do located on the west end of Tortola so pisshole officer provisioning shopping dining and a well protected Cove fresh water can be replenished ice and other service are available this is also an entry point for customs and a busy ferry dock peter island is a private exclusive resort a quiet bay and beach setting but limited mooring balls are available for stress-free day aboard or short last stop on our guide to the islands is Normand island located directly across the sea Francis Drake channel from nanny ki and the marine max base this island provides a great place for your first and last night on board Northern Ireland offers a large well protected Cove with plenty of mooring balls on the right side as you enter the large cove known as the Bight you'll find the caves another unique and really interesting snorkelling location snorkeling gear was best in the afternoon when the Sun reaches deep into the caves a short two great options await you pirates bite with its open-air dining rooms as well as beachfront including chairs swim area and bar service or the newly opened tapas restaurant next door for a unique dining experience for those looking to peg the fun meter quickly the world-famous Willy T's can be found moored in the corner of the cove with a large dinghy dock tied alongside that Willy T will welcome you with music island drinks and all the new friends you could possibly want to meet upon conclusion of your timer ball there are three steps to returning to the base the first is emptying the black water or waste tanks this is to be done while at sea long before approaching the channel second is to contact the base via telephone or VHF channel 16 last year's refueling of the vessel at the base we hope you found this program to be informational educational and reassuring you're embarking on a trip of a lifetime there is no greater boating destination no finer vessels and no better team behind you we hope you are excited and confident in the adventures that await you in the amazing British Virgin Islands


Alasdair McBryde · July 30, 2019 at 2:20 pm

Thanks Harry, as usual your presentations are great. A good way to test the boat before buying one. This is on the bucket list … the boat and BVI.

john macgugan · July 30, 2019 at 2:20 pm

Amazing Video. I'm ready to go!!!

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