Caloundra Sewage Transport System

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right now unity water is putting the finishing touches to six years work on the Caloundra areas sewage transport system we've invested thirty million dollars in five separate infrastructure projects to make sure the sewage network will meet the needs of a growing population hi I'm Lois community water and I'm standing here today at the duct holes Creek surge pumping station this pump station here is as well as a lot of the other associated projects is really the center of a lot of the development on the Sunshine Coast this pump station services Pelican Waters Golden Beach or our little mountain clowned rock Lander CBD so really it is kind of a critical piece of infrastructure and a critical upgrade for the growth and expansion of the Sunshine Coast as well as work on duxelles Creek pumping station the new projects include new sewer mains in central Calandra a new outer control unit in aruna and realigning the Colada roads sewage main a long Nicklin way between Calandra and aruna we built a new pipeline using the longest horizontal directional drill of its kind in australia the sewage pumping station at dock holes Creek is the final piece in unity waters six-year project the benefits of these schemes will result in reduced overflows reduced maintenance costs it caters for future and current growth and then also addresses odor and corrosion issues within the network beauty waters upgrade to the Calandra sewage transport system makes it ready to meet the future you

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