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before oh I'm I'm keeping my eyelashes on and they're hanging on for dear life so we are staying at the London not impressed a we didn't want to stay in West Hollywood we wanted to stay maybe eventually some of the others caught fire engine oh there's a gym look at the gym the gym men I just topped up my makeup real quick just to get a good job so I just popped up the same products [Applause] yes this is West Hollywood very sensual inspiring journey and we start see this my offer I actually got this when I was in Marbella Love Shack fancy women boobs trendy act leader here [Applause] we actually fancy go into a comedy club because we've never done that before is it this way look how cute the London is I find it a bit strange being LA it's got a nice outfit on yeah I find it strange that there's so many English things here it's actually really really pretty you know like company of this black English flags everywhere but it's really pretty look at that it's the comedy club fingers too loud what is that the road what did you think funny my jaw is aching and I'm quite hard to make love so we didn't ever ticket it was sold out and you have to stand on its standby line and we were at the front half price then buy let me yeah so we were at the front and we were there half an hour early it was a bit long we literally waited for 40 minutes and the show starts for 15 minutes so you miss the first 15 minutes but it's less than half price which we didn't know we had really good seats I advise not going in the middle front because we would have sat there we could but actually some of them rip the people that are there and it was so funny wasn't it it's funny to watch but not if you're being ripped can we go and and it was hilarious I liked Jeff Robins fashion who did you like I think this is so funny we really recommend going we've been LA so many times I've never done that but because we like watching comedy is on that Britain's Got Talent America's Got Talent this is our focus and you're going to tell me off sorry that was our focus we decided to go and if we really recommend it we're walking back to the hotel so we liked this location of London because it's not in the middle of West Hollywood it's kind of on the way it's Beverly Hills so we really liked that location this is West Hollywood by night so this is our beautiful Terrace excuse the helicopter they've been flying around for the last few days so I love doing my makeup an electrolyte and I thought I'd show you my go to products that I have been used in every single day I get so many questions about what makeup products I'm using so here we go it's a mixture everything looks bit skanky because they use it every day I start off with this primer this is my favorite primer I've ever used look at the state of it it's so good then I put this on which you've been using for years the Chanel so late and a Chanel I use that a lot on its own when I don't know where foundation or I put it underneath my foundation or above whatever mood mmm it's my second spray that I use at the end or this one at the airport favorite brushes I love body shot brushes and I love Real Techniques brushes that searched his Charlotte Tilbury one favor I should have palette at the moment is this dual back stage I love it that it has the primer these two are my favorite and I put that in the inner corner I absolutely love it and then I blend these into my crease or by my lashline if I'm going out I love the highlighter powder because you can have pinky or bronzey I always use a liquid one underneath I've been using this one for years this is my second bottle this comes in gold or pink I like both if you put a liquid underneath it stays a lot longer yep that's my highlighter favorite primer is NARS I have kind of a brown eyelid sorry about the helicopter I have brown eyelids so like a natural pigment so I have to have that my favorite bronzer is the healthy glow by Givenchy it doesn't smash it really blend so I went to the skin I love the mirror it's so so good and natural this is my favorite pinky Charlotte Tobi blusher my go-to brow products I cannot live without it took me about a year to find good brow products so this is the brow definer precisely brow by benefit I think I'm just gonna have to talk over the helicopter they're everywhere I use shade three or three point five three definitely in the inner part of my eye brows I'm have really fair eyebrows it's so good and so natural and this is like flash the matte black and mascara and I use that in two favorite foundation is the counterculture everywhere I love this foundation it is so good I used to fifteen to when I'm at home in the winter a very light under-eye concealer this is number fourteen love this really you have to use this every day best mascara in the absolute world it is honestly is out of this world good it's the brand-new one volume disturbia I don't know what to do about this le helicopter it's like circling the hotel look go away right let's get this done before it comes back around again William disturbia by G&G is brand-new ow I had heard that it was good like really good but you can never be too sure can you I when I do these launches for brands they're always good to be honest because you know I like the brands and it's always a good product this is probably one of the best products ever it's try it and then you know you can always trust me when I recommend things not a paid thing lot of sponsorship literally nothing to do if John Shea it's the best mascara ever always use eyelash curlers again body shot blending brushes for eyeshadow this is the jewel backstage one it's actually amazing so it's like a little paddle brush lastly I loved your bunchy lipsticks and lip liners this is what number is this number eight so I love that normally where I don't normally have serial nude but it's in all of my bags and I found this one yesterday and I forgot how much I loved it it's the Sicily number 11 the bloody things back again so that's the final look can you even see me I literally did this so quickly but I did it so quickly it's like my go-to makeup but I'm using every single day so I do it really really quickly it must take me about 10 minutes so we are now going to go have a proper walk actually Paris is going to go to the gym we're going to have a proper walk by the hotel this is like a really chic part of West Hollywood it's like the crazy West Hollywood out there and it's really chic with boutiques and blowout bars it's really really cute and this is cowboy store that'll always cover boots and I always used to go in there but never be able to fold anything and I can't remember because I own a lot more money than I used to do three years ago those you that do think oh I've always lived off Paris well no because I can even call those cowboy boots so I'm really intrigued to see by going there oh my god yeah it's already expect so I'm not getting one or that they're not my standard price of shoe shopping now and it's like a breeds and I can buy two pairs I can't remember like if they're like $600 I'm not gonna buy them even $300 I think they're around to $300 which I probably wouldn't pay unless they were like coming I'll show you my outfit when we're out I hope you found the interesting they're literally my favorites please let me know in the comment box if you'd like to do like a tutorial me actually doing that I'd probably do it better than this excited indeterminates haven't seen a lot of really ugly some sweetie probably like slug with slick tires so yeah that's not talking let's go for a walk and then my friend Rosie is actually standing Venice so I think we might go and see her I'm not sure let's go for a walk and start day I'm you so Beverly Hills it that way the hotel is that way this is where it gets really cute this is my dream la house this is literally why envision a baby king Parisian esque Juliet balcony with shutters like this to me is the perfect mix mix of South of France Perry and LA and inside it's the dream like there's like a flamingo courtyard oh it's so beautiful got my comfy shoes on weather is perfect now I'm just going to go to the cowboy show up she's just out there on the left they're so amazing and then I'm gonna go by the pool for an hour I think all that looks good over there was a huge queue outside Princeton yeah it looks good on camera okay if it dances it means you like sir you didn't even want to come in here and now we've been in here for him who really suits them I'm literally in my poor outfit like everything's gone everything that we could I'm actually straight from the pool I look like all four I know everyone hates us and I'm just saying I'm not trying to shock him I'm not half dressed so I know the real world had a shop I'm always going on there online I'm always linking things like my Chanel bags we were so impressed like the staff were amazing not to be pushy it's the tallest store ever everything is so immaculate so you don't feel like you're like even shopping free laughs obviously this is not on add we didn't even know we were going I didn't even know that existed he was getting bored I want to go on wanna go so I said listen look in the boys section this lucky he is like so lucky with everything we found the most beautiful hundred percent Kashmir his size baby blue brand-new tongue full jumper for four hundred dollars which is unheard of at home I don't know if I want it I don't know if I want to pay that I said no no you have to get it it's amazing gets the till it's $200 and they give him a 25 pound off voucher and then he found another one just as good he got so lucky and then we spent most of time with him because now I really want to go to the vintage shops to pull a close the berceuse animes the best I've ever seen they had like baby Kenny in blue gap glassier which is my favorite and they had and he took Constance oh I think was amazing oh my they had a rose gold ballon blower that I really wanted and I'm really tempted to get that on link empting hello from I saw the wait that was successful wasn't it now we're going to shot him I can't get this to ever look he said enough I'm in bed we just got back from Bora we always go to Paris lots of steak but actually I love I had two sellers if you ever go there you have to have the Caesar salad I did my makeup in the dark earlier and I didn't want to be orange so actually didn't put enough makeup on and this is literally how I went out but anyway Caesar salad is amazing there I had a bacon salad it was just so good on the way there just just gonna share this with you because I really don't need to think were the perfect couple and I think it's important also I'm not going to vlog I don't Rob when super amazing things happen I mean sometimes I do but like the real amazing personal moments yet personal moments don't blog through them so you can't see how really we are when we're personal and I also always don't blog when we argue so this is a very silly argument very very like Vickery but I just want to tell you maybe you can relate so do you ever have something where someone annoys you all the time and you suck it up and then you just explode even though I'm gonna didn't explode but you know and it's the stomach little he is very confused and he's not here he's gone to the rooftop bar public so I was boring and every time we go on a date night this is hurting my um every time we go on a date night he makes me out he makes me walk I don't care if it's five minutes ten minutes he makes me walk all the time it's all whoa yeah he always makes me walk whether it's yeah 10 minutes 15 minutes and when we were in Cleveland I wore Milo to me choose because I thought he's gonna make it won't and he doesn't seem too different differentiate the difference between him going out these friends and walk in for 10 minutes and it's fine when you're in loafers and he needs to realize that when he's with me that today we have walked from one end of Melrose to the other and back again I have no problem with walking but well I mean like I've just brought out my hair and it's humid got very high heels on I've got a little slinky dress on I don't want to walk 12 minutes up a hill no I don't and every time he makes me do it and I'm beyond asking can we get a new bar because Cantley bothered for the argument and then we ended up having an argument anyway because I didn't want to fast get into the rest Shaun and I said that it was a romantic and he doesn't understand and he's like I am romantic so let me know I mean obviously it's a very silly thing just because I don't want you to think with a perfect couple vintage shop and I'm going to keep this try and keep this under 4 minutes vintage shop in at very disappointed in it Westland is meant to be the best on Melrose it always used to be good I've been gone a few years it was basically two year old revolves off really just went and didn't buy anything actually I bought a bodice a lace bodice I'll show you tomorrow and when I got to the sill was full of women's so I love for love of lemons and I wonder why I liked it but I was like that is not vintage and also it made me realize that I'm a lot more picky when it comes to vintage because before when I shopped vintage I had no other option so I would really really search now and it's taken me a long long time like mid 30s for me to get here where I do have access to the unique luxury pieces that I worn and if I really really want something the expense this expensive I'm in a position where I can save or dip into some money or some things when I shop vintage now it's not because I have to it's because I want to and that was a really nice feeling because as I say it's taking me a long long time to get to this point so yeah there was nothing like I really loved but hopefully when we go to Fairfax tomorrow that will be more successful so that's just a five minute catch up as to what we're doing and then Oh carry on login to my that you're sorry we turn a page and make up I'm going trucks got you wanted daddy was enough to maybe changing you tried to say that the whole of Los Angeles smells of weed doesn't it it's bad we don't like it that we didn't even know it but it was legal here I'm sitting by the pool there is there's probably someone behind it's making me there is only see no one here it stinks of weed anyway went to Fairfax restored my faith in vintage because of amazing imagine Edward Scissorhands film or what they wore in that that was there I thought it all I fell in love with some beautiful furniture I just this is really off-putting what are you doing I've ruined my book and I just mean you really want to move to LA like we always rearrange some house feelings as well you cannot be like out-of-this-world furniture for 200 pound startin talking huge antique cabinets that you've just not find for local money in England and the most stunning mirrors for a hundred pounds I tried everything to try and get them sorted out to be shipped it was just too much hassle so we did that it was so hard about lots of vintage bits and the roads going whew some houses I'll show you one of them like some outtakes and it works completely different here and we've been trying and we've actually done some secret mirror in like the last two years and this is not really mentioned it and we've really struggled because we're like we do not want to be unlike the Sunset Strip they call it the flats we don't want to be there so then we start being in the hills that's not what we want either and we found today through our own research exactly where we want to live like exactly it's just perfect for us the budget is better for us falling in love with the house it would mean we'd have to sell our house at home and ideally I wanted to buy like something separate so the next couple of days we're going to be viewing I'll try and I don't really want to rub up other people's houses then that we haven't bought so yeah we did that today now I just find a pole it looks so beautiful I'm desperately going to try and blocked more I'm really sore heaven so this is the rooftop bar well rooftop pool at the London because it's not got music or anything it's no one's here but it's actually really really nice the weather's been that perfect with this about the town and tomorrow we're going to be going like to have a nap all day in a Cabana so I'll blog go in there at the PNC arcs we love the peninsula I can't say that with my braces because I've got less I'm gonna try and block just some disorient we've just been having like real holiday time and then having the meetings with the house viewings and we need a house here about three weeks ago and I'm just go three years and I'm so glad we didn't because we fell enough the house but when we knew it was in the right area for us and we've taken three years basically to like study where we want to go not it's not an announcement that we are moving that the lobby helicopters back again but yeah we are house hunting the house hunting in England we're just trying to work out before today we're not even here that's the update I am going to go and upload something this this boy honestly he's itching himself on how do i zoom in okay do you want to say anything else about LA cuz you've not been in it at all but there's like a massive weed aquarium everywhere yeah what it mentioned now their interest on pet shops and there was that rescue dogs there with way like this cuddle dogs all day long basically dogs on the street dogs in the rescue centers that's another reason why you only live here so you've gone a little bit annoying thing is the tipping system yeah that's because we're English and we don't get it and every time I go people try and Rob me like I got my hair done for forty nine forty five dollars and they basically pressured me to to give like a really high tip like 15 pounds tip it's just ridiculous and it wasn't me neither so yeah another five minutes and you're gonna have to edit this will blog better it's mine today's Monday this is what you wake up to every morning it's half a and it's like hotter than the hottest day that you would get in England in my gym kit I worked out a lot in Cleveland and I haven't since we've been here I planned on going to like lots of classes but I haven't so I wanted to show you this hat because I bought this yesterday at the flea market I paid for them because I think it's important to support young designers so I'm gonna go to the gym and then she's gonna come here and I'll show you all the other colors everything and we I really can't see anything let's just hope for the best with this I'm gonna have to look this way so we are at the princi are a lot of word I can't say since I've had braces I'm just in my bikini I've been in the pour some cream in my hair we love the peninsula in Paris which is why we want you just to come here in LA the location is the dream it's in Beverly Hills the weather's imperfect we've had the most amazing food outfit of the day accessories of the day that's the hat I got from Fairfax and I've kept this in the Sun that's why we love having the Cabana I'll quickly show you around the pool it's around 7 p.m. exactly and the inside of the palencia up this Paris there inside of the palencia is like my house at home which is why I love it oh there's no one here now so I can show you property but it's a rooftop as you can see we've took Paul it has the Sun all day and that is how we make the B rolls that you're gonna see later this is a Cabana we made the most amazing friends that were here that's our Cabana this has been the most amazing relaxing day these might option ones yeah they were from Seattle she was like beautiful amazing and he was like some military arms dealer like war dogs we had the most fascinating conversation for hours we was meant to the entire ages ago I wanted to shoot some pictures see my favorite psychic on Rodeo Drive but it's been so relaxing here I really hope you can see me this has been so relaxing and it's exactly what we wanted to do when we come back in September we will be saying here so I'm going to shake it out but look I come from the Sun so we're just having a cappuccino at the moment and then we're going to go for a walk we need two M Google and there are psychics open but yeah that's what we did today and we'll show you around Paul from what Huestis films so better to be good with dis cocktail we are going to my favorite psychic on Rodeo Drive I see her every time I come she just she's magical I don't know how she it's a long story but I fully recommend you to go see her make some spring clothes oh I'm just gonna quickly walk there and then we're gonna go back to have a fire and we're gonna have dinner right watch your film and the Cabana it's gonna be really nice got my hat I'll be just don't really leave it there I'll show you what it looks like the sunsets just come in so pretty around Beverly Hills to call the lights right let's go my little country dress on no work a picture you look so la although you should be wearing white socks I feel so much happier in Beverly Hills I look the Beverly Hills found him so there it is next two sprinkles she's still there and I've been coming here for eight years now we're back from the psychic how beautiful is this we've got it all to ourselves oh well that looks better to show you she's so lovely we'll have bits and bobs I have a Cobb salad yes thanks again and we're watching at paradise hotel because you can't get that at home and we have a view of the pool showed you it earlier this is my absolutely perfect day perfect evening not going to a bar you just watch it Netflix by the pool I can't even this salad here called greeni it was on pic drive it was amazing we didn't want anything fancy and after Paris said I'm so full and he's never said that after salad always needed salads like that uh-huh it's not just so much they're big people they are huge but they're just amazing so hope my dress I've had a lot of questions about this one stories yeah if you watch my story as well store in LA I've done a lot more stories than I have blog and so and it's a high street dress really affordable I'll leave the link below I did a bit of shopping in but the only thing is I can't get it home I've got so much stuff up like a cutaway or but I wanted rings you're but it's a little bit cheaper at home so I'm gonna ask my essay to then you want to get home weather is perfect this is the dress we're just gonna look in a few shops and then Paris let's get these cookie that's like famous in Barney's I think and apparently there's a sow so I'm gonna have a quick look there oh I got my nails done it's not a place called aqua loved it was so amazing so enum in America I'm get my nails done I'm in there for hours they're like massage more massage and ended up having a full-body edge feet massage I love it but I I don't wish it was that that in London because there it would be a hundred pound each time it's still the same day I got changed because but Victor shoot and also where we're at Villa Blanca unless the first coming Libya was the day that we got engaged we came here for lunch and I didn't always get engaged that night so I've got a little picture here if I can find it I remember what I was wearing rounds wearing sports from Zara and a white people's flowers and all myself ring I remember and I'm having the cocktail it's champagne elderflower and I loved it so much that we drink that we serve to engage the party what I had one out at my channel I was telling you guys the same again I started to massage they're my earrings quick stop in Barney's especially sir it's half hour past closing time and the most hilarious thing is the only other people in here shopping other people we met in the Cabana yesterday and we're just doing hanging out with them shopping I always get so lucky when we went to the Hamptons what a load of Love Shack fancy Jonathan sin Chi and I just got the best is a bomb Iran is I just kind of went a bit wild you know when you she's not about in I bought a beautiful black they're great laser diodes really wanted before that was I just had to have it it's very wintery very London I wear it with the time a beautiful lemon dress that was like to a hundred and twenty dollars buys and a black blouse that's a thousand pounds and I got it for three $60 and I really wanted that before so it was basically all things I wanted but yes clothes basically how about private shopping in Barney's sweet Alex you know that it's very very quickly that was successful Barney's trip he's look at the face on this look it's gone upset because sorry the color went up it where he's upset on you because we only went in there to get a cookie some are recommended and they both didn't have a more seasoned for cookie absolutely to have me Love Shack fancy and I hope all of that and drive around Beverly Hills I love looking at all the houses it's a dangerous hello everyone who are back in the room I've been packing this is the view I'm terrified like this I have a feeling that the balcony is going to plunge but this is our beautiful view that's our other balcony did I already show you this I'm not sure so I don't think I'll shoot you our room so I'm going to quickly shoot me now and we'll just all have room service I'm going to quickly show you it now as you can see this dog had a head massage today I think it talks about five times just conscious of morally here so let me show you the room now and then I'll show you it get in the morning so this is that bedroom it looks on – Balki number one in dribs the most beautiful bathroom how cool that the light comes on double shower that's me my robe toilet area buff I got in there as soon as we arrived think obviously I'll show you this better hopefully Paris has filmed it better a few future or see there's our living room dining table and more packing ready for tomorrow that's another bar for him and that's a bar this is too casual showing and I'll show you again in the morning whoa I'm so addicted to the salads here they're so good oh we've got water drinks blow dry this morning I was in a bit of a rush so I didn't vlog anything but it's the driver on Sunset Boulevard think I paid fifty forty nine dollars then the tip which John gets used to now he was really good I really recommend going there the one in Laguna was really not great like it was awful looked all for painful one relaxing and where's this one was really good we have lots of appointments today nothing to blog in he has some appointments and then we have some other equipments so in a bit of a rush we can't really blog and then we will start our road trip to Arizona he told me that it was three hours and he's done a Sri Lanka because in Sri Lanka he told me that we could go to one hotel the mountains away from the pool and I was I don't really want to leave the pool it becomes stressful yeah you remember I was going to go to this team and him we were there for one night and it took like seven hours so he's done that to me again and it's like eight hours drive but the good thing about here you can stop at those of restaurants I'm sure we get it it's going to be really fun to think so if you want to see our trip to Arizona I am so excited we're going to like Utah Arizona we've booked so many private tours it's been quite complicated to book because there are so many different canyons so many different tours so many pieces to stay so he's normally really good at this so I feel like it's gonna be good so if you if you do want to do that I suggest you watch it so I'm gonna end this LA vlog now unless something really fun happens in the next hour and then head over to the next vlog where we'll be in Arizona and then we're going to one more place after that


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Double Vanilla · July 31, 2019 at 7:02 am

you looked so pretty the entire vlog, loved when u were in the vintage shop and Paris filmed u dancing, so cute

Lynn Cohen · July 31, 2019 at 7:02 am

I love how much you enjoy the US. Please let me know if you are ever in North Carolina. โค๏ธ

Zahra K · July 31, 2019 at 7:02 am

LA life seems soo different from London! It seems so chilled, and I know shopping at rodeo drive must be amazing๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿ’ธ

Maggie Chen · July 31, 2019 at 7:02 am

what is the store name that you guys went to before the vintage shop! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ luvvvvvv

Canon · July 31, 2019 at 7:02 am

Tip here is 15% of before tax, delivery, etc. For hair, if they spend a long time, go more, but if it's just a quick trim, 15% is fine. Since 15% of 45 is $6.75, I'd probably just go 7 for a quick trim. I agree though, they should just pay the workers a decent wage and skip the tip. By the time you add tax and tip, it's a lot more than you expect.

AmyIsla23 · July 31, 2019 at 7:02 am

Sounds like my husband and me! They have no clue! ๐Ÿ™ˆ

Stu cumins · July 31, 2019 at 7:02 am

Love this guys! Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜€

Kate Friis · July 31, 2019 at 7:02 am

Do you feel that your Chanel mules are difficult to break in?

runspud · July 31, 2019 at 7:02 am

Paris deals on Tom Ford-wow! Iโ€™m excited for Arizona!

Helen Kneebone · July 31, 2019 at 7:02 am

Claire you have the best content – quality was just fine ๐Ÿ‘

Elizabeth Camping · July 31, 2019 at 7:02 am

Absolutely loved this!

My Style Journey · July 31, 2019 at 7:02 am

That Heidi dress in the Vintage store was ridiculous – laughed so much at your face. Also giggled at your argument. My hubby and I argue OFTEN! At least each day ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad you found some great vintage finds. xo

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A hilarious vlog! I loved every minute of it!

A.M. Finn · July 31, 2019 at 7:02 am

He told you that Arizona was a three hour drive from LA? You two are hilarious!

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What couple donโ€™t bicker and to be honest you spend a lot of time together which tells me you are comfortable in each otherโ€™s company. My husband and I are the same. Prefer our company to anyone elseโ€™s. Your just that cute. โค๏ธ

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did you hang out with that hrh girl?

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Alot of people prefer Youtube Vlogs over Instagram Stories becuase you get to see more of the Actual Experience. I hope when you come back to America in September that you try and Vlog more. It will be warmer at night(and the daytime) in September compared to May. Thank you for the Vlog I enjoyed watching it and am now looking forward to the Las Vegas video.

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Order your own cab and meet him at the restaurant if he is so insistent about walking. A couple of times doing this should straighten him out ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Paris scratching his back ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ญ

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Hello Claire

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The whole of LA smells of weed ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ™ˆ My husband knows better than to make me walk in heels when Iโ€™m dressed up etc because I break his wrist hanging onto him and take forever ๐Ÿ˜‚ so he will literally drive me right up to the place and let me out if he canโ€™t find a park close by ๐Ÿ‘ธ๐Ÿผ Beautiful outfits as usual. Great vlog, thank you for taking us along ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜˜

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Hi, ive been wanting to purchase those same clear Chanel mules, are they comfortable to walk in? You make them look so, to me they look a bit stiff..thanks๐Ÿฆ„โœŒ

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OMG this walking rant is the most relatable in the world ๐Ÿ˜‚ Iโ€™ve had the same โ€œargumentโ€ and used your exact points. Iโ€™m glad to know Iโ€™m not the only one

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Did you have a visit with HRH? She has her showroom open now too!

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Lol, can so relate about the not wanting to walk when you are out. My husband made me walk with luggage in the rain in Paris as we were changing from one hotel to another on our honeymoon. He can never live that one down. With each retelling of this story the distance gets longer.

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That black lemon dress is so cute on you!!!

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