cali trips pt. 1💘

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it's hard to be the cat's-eye in California right now say hi baby look I'll make her laugh look guys it's my bow Chile and I am [Laughter] [Applause] – my haircut not cooperating hey welcome back to my channel we're gonna do a house tour once we get to the hotel like hey guys this isn't a story for the patient's are buying coffees because we're late like that yeah cousins for life yeah coffees wait uh you make money no I get like a hundred views well how like what is it like per view like 0.2 cents on our way to California yeah and to use the cart so yeah my records oh my wrist be looking I see name catch it say hi hi and our chillin in a DS playroom here's kenge hey guys we're at um Kendall softball game and we're about to go hunt for snails going on an adventure and then tonight what are we doing tonight you always vlog with us then never host it it's being posted on Monday because I lost all my footage I had to reshoot everything so yeah tonight we're going to be celebrating with our other family and then after this we're going to eat lunch and find her birthday gift yeah

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