By What Processes do Glaciers Erode and Transport Material? (Part 2 of 4)

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As glaciers move, glacial erosion
processes take place causing the glacier to transport huge amounts of material
with them, The main erosive process of a glacier is
called plucking. As the glacier moves along the valley the ice melts lightly
around boulders before refreezing around them. As the glacier moves in the
boulders are then been ripped out of the ground. Any rocks and boulders embedded
at the bottom and slides of a glacier become agents of the process of abrasion. These are abrasion processes leave behind
smooth polished surfaces. Sometimes these surfaces have scratches on them called
striations that have been carved out by debris embedded in the base of the
glacier. Another glacial erosion process is that of freezing and thawing. Water
enters cracks in the rock during the day. Overnight temperatures plummet and the
water freezes. When water freezes it expands placing
pressure on the surrounding rock. Over time this pressure on the rock causes
it to crack and split. This process makes the rock more vulnerable to being plucked by the glacier. Glaciers transport enormous quantities of debris. Most
of the material is carried near the base of the glacier from where it was plucked. But glaciers also that carry frost shattered debris which has fallen from the
valley walls and onto the ice. It is easy to observe that the debris being carried by glaciers. Over time glaciers can transport debris long distances. Sometimes glaciers split at the ends into
smaller sections. This is called calving. These have potential to become icebergs
if the glacier snout ends in the sea or a glacial lake. An hour and a half walk to
Hooker Lake in the Mount Cook National Park will reward the hiker with views of
the terminus of the Hooker glacier. Calving is taking place here and numerous small icebergs float around the lake.


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