Book Junkie Trials Week 1 Reading Vlog | visiting the #Mage locations in real life!

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Hi! So welcome to my book junkie trials
vlog. I am trying to do all 17 prompts but I’m gonna try and do each week, each
of the different classes. So this will be my vlog where I focus on completing the
challenges for the mage and I have discovered that sitting in this position
right here I can actually do a little bit of magic. Whoa! Anyway I’m far too excited about that but
how appropriate. I also do have down here you can’t really see it but I have one
cube… where is it? Down here, one cube dedicated to the books that I want to
read this week. It’s looking a bit fuller oh dear that magic just keeps spreading.
Well that’s not straight at all anymore but whatever um it is looking a lot
fuller than I wanted it to be but let’s just quickly talk… the one that I need to
start with is the book for the orc groove prompt. I just this morning opened
it up and discovered that it’s full of magic. The text is tiny so this is gonna
be a pain in the butt to read but this is the one I’m first gonna read. It is
the first day of the readathon but to be honest I’m about to go to my boyfriend’s
place and I don’t know that I’m gonna get any reading done there and I don’t
know when I’m gonna be back so it’s not the best stat but I will see what I can
do with these extra three days that the Mages have. So this will be my first
read. I also need to read The Next Together and the group book Stardust and
then I also have for the mage books Ship of Magic by Robin Hobb and what’s the
other one? Eldest by Christopher Paolini. So I’ve got to try and interweave those
with the physical books that I’m reading. I’m gonna try and make sure that I start
them in the right order and finish them in the right order but I might sometimes
be reading two books at once because I always like to have a physical book
and an audio book on the go. But I think we can work it. I hope so.
Also the other books on the shelves. So I still have from the library My Hero
Academia. The first volume that I wanted to read. It should be quick so I’ll try
and sneak that in but it is due back at the library next week so we need to read it
and also I have Descender. Again another quick read that’s due back at
the library soon. Also this is my Kindle but I need to read a book I’ve read
about half of it and to read the rest of it for this work related book club that
I’m in. It’s called The Human Side of a Agile by Gil Broza I have started it.
Not really enjoying it to be honest but I do need to finish it so I can
participate in the discussion. And I also have from my TBR machine picks Pixel
Juice by Jeff Noon that I want to try and fit in. So I’ve got a lot of books
to read over the next week but I do have these extra three days. Yesterday I spent
most of the day trying to finish off as much as I could on my June TBR so that I
could just focus on the book junkie trials and I did okay. I also do need to
read the last chapter of On Writing by Stephen King. Oh and I can hear that my
lunch is ready so I should go. I’m not sure… if I do manage to… I’m not gonna fit
any more reading in today. I will probably check in with you when I’m back from
my boyfriend’s house. I’m honestly not sure when that will be but I’ll see you
then I guess. Hi so it is Saturday afternoon. I’ve just
gotten back from my boyfriend’s place. Unfortunately he has to work tonight
which sucks for him but for me what I’m going to do tonight is I’m just going to
refresh my haircolor, get rid of these little blondie white spots and also
continue reading this. To be honest yesterday I only managed to read about
12 pages which is a pretty pathetic start to a read-a-thon. But I am now
up to page 30 because I picked this up before I could be bothered picking up
the camera so I’m making some progress although it’s somewhat slow. You know in
the first like epilogue I thought that the main character was gonna be called
Penny and I was really excited but now I’m in the main chapter and Penny is
nowhere to be seen which I’m very disappointed with. So I’m gonna go dye
my hair and keep reading this. I do also have this audiobook called Quiet
Influence which I didn’t mention at all yesterday.
I’ve been reading a bunch of different books about introverts lately so I’ve
got about an hour left of this audiobook before I can get into Ship of Magic
which I’m much more excited to read because this one unfortunately not the
best. So I guess I will listen to a bit of that while I’m doing my hair. We don’t
want to cover this with hair dye. But hopefully I can get through quite a bit
of this tonight. Also I did check my introduction that I
filmed yesterday and I think I was so excited about my new magical powers that
I forgot to mention one other thing that I’m hoping to do during this vlog which
is that I’m hoping to go and visit the different quest locations in real life.
So I’ve found some locations around Auckland here in New Zealand that I
think are pretty good equivalents for the quest locations so I thought it
would be fun just to go and see those different places and do the quest in
real life. I forgot to wear my ears again. If you saw my book junkie trials TBR you
know that I’m actually a Cat Mage but my ears aren’t visible through the camera.
I’ve been wearing some fake ears just so that you remember that I’m a Cat Mage
but you’ll have to imagine it because I keep forgetting to put them on but trust
me that my true magical ears really are there. Anyway I better go start doing my stuff
before the whole night disappears and we will see how far through this I can get. Good morning it is Sunday I think. So
last night while I was doing my hair I did manage to finish On Writing by
Stephen King. I didn’t have much of that anyway. To be honest this is a bit of a
disappointment in that I don’t think I actually learned anything about writing
in it. I didn’t mind the bit about his life but
overall a bit of a disappointment. Also I’m up to page 129 of the Cold One.
It’s quite interesting although it’s like classic… Christopher Pike as he got
further into his writing career became quite obsessed with the afterlife and
Hinduism and like Christian mythology and you can see that this is definitely
getting into that too. It also follows quite a few characters so things are
getting complicated and it’s definitely getting gory and gross because this
person got ripped apart and blegh that was yuck. So I do want to try and finish
this today but I’m not sure. I’m not going to get to it just yet. So what I’ve
been doing this morning is doing a bit of housework while and listen to Ship of
Magic. I’ve only listened to about an hour of it and I’m listening put it at
1.5 speed so I guess I haven’t actually spent that much time with housework but
it feels like a long time. You might be able to be my washing machine in the
background sorry about that. So now I am going to go walk to the library, listen
to Ship of Magic on the way and pick up Middlegame by Seanan McGuire which I’m
excited for even though of course I can’t read it yet because I’m saving that for the
third week of the readathon when I’m gonna do the bards part of the journey but still
it will be nice to have it in my hand. And I have to pick it up today because
tomorrow they take it away from me. Also while I’m out I’m gonna pick up some bug
bombs because last night at 3 a.m. this horrible bush cockroach decided to wake
me up by crawling down my forehead and I haven’t ever gotten out of bed so
quickly. It was awful. I killed him and like I’m pretty sure he just came inside
because it was cold and he was exploring but I want to kill anything like him
that might be around so I’m gonna get some hardcore poison and get that done.
This afternoon I’ll see about reading some of the Cold One and also my sister and I
are gonna go to Orc Grove so that’ll be exciting. Hey so I’ve just been reading a
little bit more of the Cold One. I haven’t got much further. I’m up to page
141. What’s happened is we’ve just gone into the second part of the book and I’m
not really enjoying it. I hope that we will quickly get back to all the other
characters rather than this weird Indian guy who’s being told to chase after this
vampire type guy. It just seems like a distraction so hopefully not much longer
of that part. Also at the library I picked up Middlegame and it’s all so like
nice and new because it’s a new library book so I really want to just start
reading it but I can’t… so I won’t. I’ll be good. I’ll put it aside for my TBR. So
I’m gonna keep seeing how much further I can get through the Cold One.
Also I did listen I think to about four hours of Ship of Magic so far while
I was walking and also while I was doing some washing. I’m not sure how I feel
about it. I think the problem with the audiobook is that it keeps switching
between different people’s perspectives without any indication and so it’s only
when things suddenly don’t make sense or like the pronoun changes that you
realize oh we’re following someone different now. Also after four hours I
still feel like we’re in the setup phase of the book. I don’t think the actual
story or the actual plot has started or if it has I don’t know what’s happening.
So first four hours not amazing. There is some amazing… there is some interesting
stuff being set up in the world but so far not much actual substance so that’s
a bit disappointing um right now I’m gonna keep trying to read this for like
the next forty or so minutes and then I’m gonna go and meet up with my sister
and go for a walk and Oak Grove. hi we are at Orc Grove. It’s here. This is
actually a park that we come to all time um which makes sense because it makes
sense that our journey would start near to our home. We have… oh we did see a
couple of Orcs before but mostly we don’t see many Orcs here do we? I am
here with my um mage assistant but you can’t see her cuz them we were playing
with invisibility spells and we haven’t quite finished figured out the end of
the spell yet but we’ll work it out soon eh Dan? We do also have a very tough orc
hunter dog. Oh I can’t see what I’m filming. Very tough Orc Hunter. Toby Toby
can you see any orcs? Mostly we don’t tend to see many orcs here I think we’re
just too sneaky and our dog is too tough. So I don’t think they’d want to mess
with us really. I don’t think there’s any orcs in there. Maybe there is. I was
thinking that if there are any orcs living here they actually live in that house
where those dogs bark at us. because I never see any Orcs do we? Have to
go into the Grove anyway to see if we can find any orcs. Hey so it is Monday about midday so I thought
I better give you an update about what’s happened since we went to Orc
Grove. So I’m really annoyed at myself because it’s now technically July and I
didn’t manage to finish this book during a mage head stat so that’s annoying. I do
only have about 80 pages to go so I am gonna finish it this afternoon or
tonight. I am very soon gonna go with my sister to Ol’ Pirate Cove
mainly to take the dog for a walk but I know somewhere where there’s a pirate
ship so we’ll go find that. I did also last
night go for a run and listen to my audio book while I was doing that and I’m now
seven hours into Ship of Magic. I really wish that it was just following one
character instead of multiple but I am after 5 to 7 hours starting to get a hang of
who all the different characters are and what’s going on. I still don’t really
feel like we have a proper plot going yet but hopefully that’ll all come
together soon. So really my goals for the rest of the day. Obviously I’m going to Ol’
Pirate Cove. I do need to edit this wrap up that I just filmed, do a little bit of
housework and then I’m just gonna focus on finishing this off while I’m doing
some housework. I’ll listen to some of this and then I guess maybe at the end
of the day I’ll check in and let you know how it went but I’ll see you at all
Pirate Cove. So we’re here. I think this is actually the
true pirate cove here and all of these boats are actually pirate ships. They
don’t look that much like pirate ships but like modern-day pirates… actually
modern day pirates are horrible. Real ones, not like these digital pirates. But
modern-day pirates would probably have boats more like this. Maybe bigger.
These are just like baby pirates. The nicer kinds that don’t really do anything
that horrible. Probably. I guess. You want to be a pirate pup? Not really.
Not really. Hey it is Tuesday I think. I keep
thinking that it must be later in the week but it’s not. It’s only Tuesday. It
is a really yuck and rainy day today so to be honest I’ve been kind of
procrastinating doing anything today which is not very good. I am about to
film some booktube videos but I thought before I do that I will update you guys
with my reading. So last night I did finish the Cold One
by Christopher Pike. There were parts that I really enjoyed. I just think there was a
whole bunch of Hindu mythology in here that really didn’t need to put in and
also it’s the same as enduring mythology that he included them the last vampire
series which I looked up and he was writing it at the same time which is a
bit naff and then also there’s some weird sibling shit in here which I’m
sure he did in another book as well. I can’t remember which one but it’s just
like, dude, why are you putting all your ideas in every book? But at least it is
done. So then after I finished that I did pick up My Hero Academia basically because I
didn’t want to pick up the next book for the book junkie trials yet because I
can’t finish that until I finish my Ship of Magic audiobook and that’s gonna take
a while so I thought I would pick this up.
I only read a little bit and then I fell asleep but then today while I’ve been
procrastinating I finished it off. I do quite like it. I find it can be a bit
confusing in some parts like it’s not clear what’s happening. I’m quite
interested to watch the anime and see if it pulls it off a bit better but still I
really like the idea in this because it’s set this world where everyone has these
different superpowers and then you can go to hero school and our main character
never got any like superpowers but he wants to go to hero school anyway. It’s
quite cool and then also just my audiobook of Ship of Magic I am up to 24
hours to go which means I’ve read ten hours. Wow. I am starting to see how all
the threads are going to fit together. Just now I was listening to it while I
brought in my washing and I was like talking to myself basically I was saying
‘oh my god what a dick’ because this one character is making
me really mad. I hope none of my neighbors heard me saying that. I am tonight
going to this meetup in town which to be honest I’m not super excited about
having to go out into that shitty day but I am going out and so hopefully
while I’m out and traveling there and back I will be able to read significant
bit more of that but I’m not sure. We’ll see how we go. I think it’s probably
still going to take me at least a couple more days to finish it. So then after I
finished My Hero Academia just before this when I was like putting off actually
filming I started on The Next Together. So I procrastinated by doing something
kind of useful. It’s it’s not bad. I’ve read like the first two chapters. It’s
kind of weird because like each chapter has a little bit of like the three
different timelines, maybe even four different timelines? We are following
this couple as they meet in each of the timelines and then at the end of each
timeline there’s like – you won’t be able to see it so I don’t know I’m looking –
but there’s like a little computer note about what’s just happened. So it’s
keeping me interested and it’s quite an easy read so hopefully I will get
through this one quickly. Although also hopefully I won’t have to like stop just
before the end until I can finish up Ship of Magic. Ah it’s very hard to organize my
life. Anyway I guess I better go and actually film this video that I was just
planning to film, maybe two but I don’t know if I can actually be bothered. I
need to get out of this I can’t be bothered mood that I’m in today.
But maybe I will check in with you guys again later although I find that at the
end of the night I just can’t really be bothered. What is it with me and not
being bothered lately? See you soon. Good morning! It is… I never know what
day it is. Wednesday. I really wish I was still in bed but I am up and I
thought I would give you a quick reading update before I head off to Glimmer with
my sister. We’re going to a place known as Crystal Mountain to check out some
glimmery stuff so I will include a bunch of footage for that. I’m not sure
whether I’ll be able to talk much but there’ll be some pretty crystals. So
reading update. I don’t remember had I finished this last time? I don’t know. I’m
taking it back to the library today so that’s done and dusted and then also for
the next together I managed to get up to about page 98 but honestly it’s… not much
is happening yet because we’re following like these four different timelines so
each one just a tiny tiny bit happens and so I’m intrigued but I’m not
interested yet. And my camera is gonna die. Great. Also quickly before it
dies, Ship of Magic I’ve got 19 and a half hours left to read. I have bumped the
speed up to a 1.75 speed because I was finding it just a little bit slow and
that is helping me to get through it but I still don’t think I’m gonna get through it
today especially cause I’m about to go out and I don’t know how long we’ll be gone
but I’m hoping we’re gonna have a good time seeing all the pretty crystals so I
enjoy the pretty crystals. Hey good morning it is a Thursday
morning and I think for the first time I feel like I actually got a good night’s
sleep last night so that’s good. Although it did mean that I didn’t quite read as
much as I wanted to of the next together last night. I think I’m up to about page
Oh what happened to you? Page 172 so that’s progress even if it’s a slow
progress. Also I can’t finish this until I finish Ship of Magic and I’ve still got
about 19 hours left of it because obviously yesterday going to Glimmer
I spent most of the day with my sister and you can’t really listen to
audiobooks when you’re with other people especially when you’re listening to them
on 1.5 speed because that would be crazy for someone who hasn’t built-up that
speed. This afternoon we were going to go to Draconic Isle, take the dog for a walk
at this dog park that just happens to be right next to Draconic Isle but
unfortunately you can see outside – can you see? It is a very yucky rainy day so
basically that means we’re not going out because Draconic Isle gets a bit muddy so
I don’t think it’s the best place to go today. We’ll have to try and go on Sunday
probably. So instead what I’m going to do today is try and get some shit done. I’m
gonna like rotate between all the things I need to do so I need to do some
housework while I do that I’ll listen to Ship of Magic. I need to do some booktube
like editing and also some booktube watching I want to do so I’ll do some of
that. I also want to do some work-related stuff so hopefully since I’m just going
to spend the day at home being productive I can get all that done. I’ll
also try and read as much of this as I can. I can’t finish it until I finish
Ship of Magic so not sure how it’s gonna work out but I guess we’ll see if I get
through too far through this then probably that’s a sign I’m not doing
enough for the other stuff I’m supposed to be doing but also I could pick up
another book. We’ll see what happens and I’ll let you guys know. Hey so it is most
definitely bedtime now. I didn’t actually get much reading done today because I
was productive at other things which is good.
Not so good for the readathon though. I’ve realized that I still need to
listen to the audiobook of Eldest as well as Stardust. I think I’m not going to
get to Stardust this week to be honest but we’ll see how we go. So I have been
listening to Ship of Magic while I do some other things and I’ve got 14 and a
half hours left so that puts me at 57% through. But still like I don’t feel
like it has a strong plot but it has a lot of interweaving parts which are at
least interesting and I do feel attached to some of the characters now. Also in
terms of the Next Together I’m up to page 230. I will read a little bit now
just before I go to sleep but I might fall asleep quite quickly so it might
not be that much and I think I’m actually fair enough through this that
I’m pretty confident not much is going to happen which is a bit disappointing. I
hope at least that these little computer excerpts end up being something good
although I also discovered that there’s a sequel so maybe it won’t even tell us
what happens in this book. That will be annoying. So I don’t think I’m likely
to do much reading for the next two days but I will try and at least check in
with you briefly or we’ll see how much reading I can do over the next couple of
days and I’ll see you then. Good morning it is a freezing cold
Sunday actually though it’s gonna be a really beautiful day. I can tell like if
you see over here like there’s so much Sun coming in that window. It’s all
fogged out but once we stop being fogged up it’s gonna be a beautiful
sunny day but probably still cold. So the last two days I pretty much was just
hanging out with Jase and like having a good time. We went up to Mangawhai and I
don’t know maybe I’ll put in some footage if I’m like somewhat organized.
So that’s cool but now it’s Sundays though and I’ve only finished one book for
the book junkie trials which I feel like is not very good. So my focus today has to
be finishing Ship of Magic. You can’t see that. Has to be finishing Ship of Magic
by Robin Hobb. I’ve got how many hours to go? 13 hours to go so we’re gonna try and
finish that today and then as soon as I finish that I should be able to finish
up the Next Together. I don’t actually know where that book is. I looked for it
just before I was gonna film us and like who knows where I’ve put that but I
assume that I will find it and I’ve put it somewhere. Somewhere safe, somewhere
sensible. So we’ll find that. I need to hurry up because the first book that I
wanted to read for the scribe journey is Storm and Fury and that’s due back on
Tuesday so I need to really start hurrying up. Also this afternoon me and
Danielle, my sister are going to go to Draconic Isle since it’s been sunny
hopefully the mud will have dried up a bit and we can see what we can find
there. Otherwise today I’m not really doing much except housework and I don’t
know just normal life stuff so I guess I will probably see you at Draconic Isle. So this is draconic isle. The bridge
and the actual island itself are made of dragon bones, hence the name. Although it
is also known as Library Point which is also a good name. Should we go see if we can
find some dragons puppy? Nah don’t care. And these but clearest dragon bones on
the island obviously and as the dirts started to wear away you can see more of the dragon bones. Noisy people. Oh yeah I guess it could be baby
dragon something they really sounded like that. Hey so it’s now eight o’clock.
I pretty much listened to Ships of Magic most of the time since we got back from
Draconic Isle and I just managed to finish it. So I’m very happy with that. I
don’t know in the end how I felt about it. Like I definitely want to continue
the series. I really liked the world that’s been built and the way all the
characters have ended up interacting but at the same time I’m not particularly
attached to any of the characters but they do all seem very realistic so maybe
I’m kind of attached to them. I don’t know. It’s a weird book series but there
are parts that I like so I think I will continue with it. It’s just like a it’s
audiobooks even though they are long audiobooks I think I can do the
audiobook version. I think I would die if I tried to read the physical books but
that’s a whole nother thing. Also for the Next Together I’ve only got 20 pages
left. So I started the day very behind but I think I’ll have read three books by the
end of the day. I also have the audio book for Eldest which is my book for
Draconic Ilse. It’s only a nine-hour audiobook and I’m gonna listen to it on
two times speed so I think if I listen to a little bit of it tonight and then I
do some stuff tomorrow morning and listen to it then I should be able to
finish it tomorrow morning. Then I’ll just have Stardust to go to complete
the mage part of the journey. So what I think I’m gonna do is keep this vlog
going until I finish that which will hopefully be tomorrow. Better be tomorrow!
So I’m not sure when I’ll check in with you again but you’ll know in a second. hey so it is Monday morning I still need
to sort my life out but I thought I’d give you guys a quick update. For
Eragon I’m up to go like seven hours left which if I listened to that 2 times
speed will be three and a half hours. I am about to do some exercise and I was
trying to convince myself that I should listen to it while I do that but I
actually think that it will annoy me so instead I’m gonna do what I normally do
which is watch booktube while I exercise and then I’m gonna do some housework so
I guess I will listen to Eragon while I do some housework. I don’t think I have
three and a half hours of housework to do but I guess somehow I’ll find the
time to finish it. I really want to finish it this morning but like that’s
it’s already nine o’clock so that’s just not even physically possible so I guess
I’ll finish it sometime today. The other thing that I’m reading is Stardust by Neil
Gaiman. So I read about 40 pages last night. I do really like it
or at least it’s a good start. Also last night I did very briefly watch the
trailer for the Stardust movie and I really liked it so I think once I’ve
read the book I’m definitely gonna watch the movie. I’m pretty sure it’s on
Netflix so that’s pretty exciting. I suspect I might like the movie better
than the book which is actually quite common for Neil Gaiman for me. But
other than that I don’t really have much to say other than hopefully next time
you see me I’ll be a bit more put together and maybe I’ll have finished
something… maybe… Okay so checking in it is like three
o’clock and I finished reading Eldest. To be honest I didn’t really get into it
and I can’t tell if that’s just because I rushed through it so much or whether
it’s just not the style that I like. Like I don’t really like the way the story is
told but again I rushed through it so I need to think more about it. I haven’t
really had enough time to process it yet. So what I’m pretty much gonna do now is
just focus on trying to finish Stardust. I’m up to page 19 now. I read a little bit
before so I’m just gonna keep reading that. I’ve kind of run out
of housework to do I should be doing some other things but I kind of just
want to catch up on this read-a-thon so I’m not constantly behind so I’m gonna
try and do that this afternoon / tonight. Also then I could finish up this vlog
which would also be good. So okay. So I thought I better put on my cat ears to
celebrate the fact that I have finished Stardust which means I have found the
Bookie Grail, completed the mage part of the Book Junkie Trials. So I’m very
excited. I’m also like kind of my brain stopped working because I read two books
today. Pretty much all of this one, not all of it, a significant amount of this
one and also a significant amount of Eldest. I did enjoy Stardust quite a lot.
Like I think I would have liked it if it was like longer and more developed but
is like a fairy tale type thing. I thought it was quite good. I am quite
excited to read the movie. I think it was good that I watched the trailer before I
read this because I had some of the images from the trailer in my mind which
kind of made this seem maybe better than I would have thought otherwise?
But I did still really like this. I thought it was like quite a lovely
little story so I’m glad I read it. I guess right now I’m going to wrap up
this vlog. Hopefully it won’t be too long once I get it all up.
Hopefully that won’t take me too long and you will be watching this very soon
after I am now talking and then tomorrow I can start on the scribe journey. I
might actually start a little bit tonight but that can be what we talk
about in the next vlog where I go on the scribes journey so thank you for coming
along on the mage part of the journey with me. Let me know how you’re going
with the book junkie trials and I will see you soon 🙂


Nicke Pearson · July 10, 2019 at 12:16 am

Loved seeing you visit different locations from the map, that was a cute idea! With your little 'dragon-hunter' too! x lol Great vlog x

Booktube Goddess · July 10, 2019 at 1:29 am

Sheesh, I can't believe people are finishing up the bookie trials so quickly! Good job!

Gaia Athena · July 10, 2019 at 10:29 am

How disappointing Penny wasn't in the main book of The Cold One. I know you were looking forward to read about a character with the same name as you. Shame it was a disappointing read :(. It's a shame On Writing was a bit of a disappointment. Omg, a cockroach on your head! That would totally freak me out, I don't want any bugs on me haha. Orc Grove / The park looks beautiful! I loved seeing the dog :). It's really nice you visited these locations and put the footage in your vlog :). A rainbow by the beach! Pretty crystals/rocks :). My brother has collected some, he was really into that when he was a young teenager. I think he still likes them. You've been reading a lot in a week!

tia and all the books · July 14, 2019 at 6:34 am

I’m not participating in The Bookie Junkie Trials but I enjoyed watching your Vlog. Loved that you visited all the locations I real life. That was a very creative idea.
Also “I can’t be bothered” is my daily mood. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Fraencis Daencis · July 28, 2019 at 3:08 pm

Visiting the locations is such a cool idea!

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