Birthday Party At Five Nights At Freddy's Sister Location – Funko Surprise Blind Bag Boxes

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cookies world cookie can you do morph enough please cookie you are the best youtuber in the world my kids love five nights at Freddy's I heart my method please cookie you are amazing make more five nights at Freddy's and sister location I love you cookie can you do more sister location cookie do more sister location videos can you make more videos of sister location alright cookie fans here we go more five nights at Freddy's sister location wow this is a great party this is going really good you know it was a little hard to find it though oh you mean the location yeah I thought you were having her birthday party at sunlight fredbear or fazbear's pizza oh yeah Freddy fazbear oh yeah I wanted to have it at that pizza place but they're being shut down right now I don't really know why so they decided to move us over here to the sister location so we figured that's alright we can have our birthday party here it doesn't matter where we have the party just matters that we have fun and friends oh very good well everybody seems to really be enjoying themselves yeah I know huh it's so cool so amazing yeah the pizza looks really really good too they're supposed to be some animatronics around here but I don't know where they are so did you say animatronics yeah yeah they were part of the birthday party package deal so I hired a whole bunch of animatronics to be here at the party I guess they should be showing up any minute now as soon as they get here we can have pizza and cake well well well cookie fans it looks like we're invited to a birthday party but wait a minute wait a minute if we're at the sister location oh we're the animatronics oh they are looks like we're gonna be opening any surprise blind bags Oh location okay abuse Luke is so absolutely amazing we can look on the back of the box and we can see all the different characters to collect and there's some exclusives in here well so let's start opening them up and getting those fun started see if there's animatronic come on out who can it be on the inside all right first one to join the party little hook hand whoa is this animatronic even in working order he's got all of these wires kind of sneaking right out of him all right kids let's go ahead and gather on over and go over to Pirates Cove I heard that there's gonna be an animatronic over there oh wow really mom you gotta go over there and find out I'm sorry did you say an animatronic yeah an animatronic it's great I hired him for this kids party so here we are at Pirates Cove wait a minute says sorry out of order I wonder if Foxy's in there in a minute it can't be out of order I paid to have these animatronics here at the party Oh so while foxy gets ready to come on out let's open up the next surprise balloon bag open it up who is the next one and the next one is gonna be all we've got Freddy looks like he also has a whole bunch of wires kind of popping right out of him all over the place look at what else he has he's got little friends also sticking out on him right here there's one here and one on the side of him right here Oh looks like he's making sure the pizza is nice and filled oh I think it's good the manager just put a fresh pizza out right perfect so whatever the pizza gets low Freddy will be so SuperDuper nice enough to put a new pizza out looks like he's heading back into the back room there he goes looks like the show is going to start at pirates house yeah next box come on Odie who wants to come and hang out at the party and watch foxy in Pirates Cove and the next animatronic is ah we've got baby so here she is with her little microphone look at her big big big green eyes so she's gonna go on over to Pirates Cove and watch the show here she comes thank his baby you can sit next to me over here oh how sweet I don't recognize you you are new they're all gonna watch foxy yeah grab some more blind bags whee who do we have next come on help ease the next animatronic who's coming to the party and of course that's going to be so cool okay so looks like funtime Freddy's right in the middle of me opening up his face plates getting ready to do a little jump scare he's got his little hat on right here he's got his little microphone you can see his little endoskeleton on the inside of him look at that on the back it's so cool looks like funtime Freddy is going into the back where Freddy is maybe he'll be out a little bit later Oh looks like they're enjoying the show open up the next animatronic who else could it be and right on the inside we have witch so here we have her oh she only has one eye glowing whoa she's totally withering away her suit totally needs a repair so cool it says let's eat on her bib oh it looks like foxy is almost over all right kids let's eat I can do something special did you know that huh what I can make ice cream yeah pizza first then dessert come on kids let's see Oh looks like chica definitely wants to eat too Chicka Chicka Chicka loves to eat she loves pizza come on kids gather around grab a plate and grab a piece of pizza can I go first cuz it's my birthday well of course sweetie wait a minute hold up a piece of pizza oh wait a minute chicas eaten this piece of pizza she needs to wait her turn here we go for the birthday girl yeah thank you let's open up the next one yeah so who wants to come and eat pizza whoo I definitely do if I rent the party okay here he is oh oh he also has wires sticking out all over him – Bonnie want some pizza so Bonnie's gonna get in line as well and wait his turn you are a baby I am a baby – who else are we gonna find you'll be really cool to find a nerd or balloon boy the marionette Oh an evil let's find out right now who's inside come on out happy birthday and we have right here how it says exclusive so we can see also our whole endoskeleton here and we can see her face plates just kind of opening up now they don't actually move they just stay just like that but so so so cool this is a really cool one let's put her right on the stage right here next to Pirates Cove wow you're a ballerina I've taken ballet classes before it was a lot of fun sure do you want some pizza I'll share with you all right here we go next up we have dg2 deep doo-doo oh we've got another Freddie that is – Freddie's at the party all right this is it the last surprise blood back so the last sister location character to arrive at the party crew is it going to be maybe fun time foxy and it is oh so we can put the other foxy with the foxy and Pirates Cove wait a minute where's foxy oh they're both waiting for pizza oh how nice Freddy just brought out a nice fresh pizzas YUM chica Oh come here big guy you want some pizza come on come to Daddy mm all right come on all right it's almost time for cake and cupcakes oh I think she can really what's a cupcake so let's gather around and sing happy birthday there we go all right ready one two three [Applause] Wow all right Cub fans looks like we're gonna be cutting up the cake well and then heading on over to my next video after the party don't forget to grab your goodie bag it's filled with nothing but happiness woohoo and I will see you cookie fans head on over to my next girl band and go buy cookie fans hey cookie fans how will were you paying attention to the video does anyone remember which animatronic started eating pizza before it was served do you remember was it chica circus baby funtime Freddy or foxy have the most special day ever today bye cookie fans


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