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Aww! A beautiful dog and a cute cat. This is Harpurr the cat. And that’s Cinder the dog. They look like they’re best friends. But before they were friends, Harpurr was just a tiny baby kitten… who was all alone in a yard, with no one to take care of him. But luckily, some people found him! They knew he needed a rescuer. So, they brought Harpurr to an animal shelter, where animal rescuer Shannon could look after him. He was so teeny tiny, he was like this big. And he just was purring and purring. Our hearts just instantly melted. Shannon and the other rescuers noticed there was something special about Harpurr. Harpurr couldn’t use his back legs. *meow* That’s just not a very good start to a young kitten’s life. But the people at the shelter knew just how to take care of a special kitten like Harpurr. He was scared, so first they cuddled him. I think he feels, like, “Okay, guys, I could start to get used to this!” And then, they introduced him to someone who’d be able to play with him all the time: Cinder! I would call Cinder “The Amazing.” “Cinder, The Amazing!” The moment I brought him in to meet her, the look on her face, she was, like, giddy. Instantly playing, he was purring non-stop, it was just beautiful and magical. Cinder was obsessed with Harpurr. She just wanted to lick him, like, all the time. He’s probably like, “Get off! I’m clean already!” Harpurr and Cinder were best friends, and you could tell ’cause of how much they would cuddle on each other, and play, and… …they needed each other. Cinder helped Harpurr feel so much better, that soon he was ready to try a cat cart! I think he loved the cart. Harpurr’s cart helps him run around like a crazy cat. So he can run around and chase other cats around the house. He can go just as fast as he could with his back legs. Maybe even faster! ‘Cause, he can go (pshoo pshoo pshoo pshoo). Here we go! (PSHOOO) Pretty powerful little cat. Harpurr came out of his shell because of Cinder. I think Harpurr really needed that. Everyone just needs a friend. Someone that can just understand them. It’s just a really cute story! Remember, if you see an animal in trouble, do not try to rescue them by yourself. Ask an adult family member for help. My mom helps me with the dogs I rescue.

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