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hey guys so today we're gonna be taking a look at the escena baby impact 17 and if you've been watching the channel for a while you know that I really love tactical looking bags both for travel and daily use we featured the gr 1 and gr 2 on the channel several times also bags from companies like 5:11 so I was really surprised that this bag had flown under my radar for so long and so I've been testing this out for about a month and overall the bag has been fantastic it has a ton of great features a really solid build quality an awesome tactical look and then one of the greatest parts about it is how many modular components the company offers for the bag so you can really customize this to your heart's desire we're gonna be taking a look at the bag on its own first and talked a little bit about how compared to other bags that we've had on the channel and then towards the end of the video we'll go into a little bit more detail on the accessories and how they all combine with the bag so gonna be maybe a little bit longer of a video lots to go through here I'll make sure to include time codes in the description below so you can jump around or whatever part you want to check out and so I want to go and think the company for sending the bag and accessories for me to check out and I'm really excited to share with you guys so let's just jump in and take a closer look at the escena beanie and 17 pack so starting out with the outside of the bag the baby impact definitely has a tactical aesthetic of course the first fact that this is gonna make me think of is the gr 2 which we looked at pretty recently and one thing that really stands out about GORUCK bags in general is just their minimal mindset as far as features and pockets on bags they really just kind of keep the bag very simple-looking offer a few rows of MOLLE webbing so that you can add different features that you might want whereas the banyan pack here includes a lot of the features that you might customize on the GORUCK right off the bat one really nice thing about this bag here is that it actually has the ability to compress and expand so that you can use it for travel or daily use when it's fully expanded out as you see here the bag is about 47 liters according to the company's page they also say can go up to 55 litres with the added modular accessories that we'll look at later but as you see it here I would say this is between 40 and 45 liters so plenty of space to hold everything that I'd need for a two to three week trip and even when the bag is expanded out to this larger capacity and it has all my travel items in it I really like that it has pretty slim silhouette it doesn't stick out awkwardly while I'm walking around with it especially I don't attach the outside pouches it really manages to stay pretty sleek so that I could walk around comfortably it's a really nice balance of capacity and aesthetics and as we'll see later it has a pretty nice look when you compress it down for day to day use one thing about the sizes that I do believe that even though this is a little bit larger it should work well for carrying on to a variety of different airlines the only caveat I will mention with that is that the bag is actually quite heavy on its own it comes in at three and a half to four pounds so very similar problem to what we mentioned with the go ruck bags and even though it's unfortunate that the bag is that heavy one of the nice things is that it does feel very durable and well padded the materials used on the bag or a sixteen eighty D matte material it feels a little bit like ballistic nylon similar to what you've seen on the air travel pack too but it doesn't actually say ballistic nylon on the side so I'll double check with the company in place any updates that I receive in the description below but the material feels really solid I haven't noticed any issues as I've been using it it also seems to offer a nice amount of weather resistance the bag also includes YKK zippers all around and they seem to have a nice amount of water resistance there's even a really solid waterproof covering on the laptop area which we'll look at later on the outside I was happy to see that you have two external water bottle compartments and these have a nice amount of capacity as you can see I have the same bottle that I've used in all my other trouble bag videos and that fits in there very comfortably the compartment has a nice amount of depth so if you have something a little bit taller it should be able to fit in here comfortably there's also these attachment points here which you can pair with straps that the company sells to wrap around something a little bit taller to make sure that it doesn't fall over like an umbrella or a tripod the water bottle compartment expands a fair amount you see it has this elastic here to allow it to expand a little bit and then it's a little bit awkward with pushing out so that you can get the full volume because it does have these two magnets here that help keep this compress against the bag when not in use so these magnets attach together and then you can tuck all the leftover flap in there so it does keep a clean aesthetic when you don't have anything to place in there above the water bottle Department you also have a little pass-through here for a power cable so that you can place an external battery in one of the pockets on the inside and pass it through so that you can charge your phone while you're on the go continue along the outside I was happy to see that you have two compression straps on the bottom to allow you to carry something like a yoga mat or skateboard these are very easy to open and they seem to come out a nice amount so if you have a bulkier item it should be able to handle a pretty comfortably on the outside the bag also has a strap on the side and top so that you can easily grab this to load into an overhead storage compartment the bag includes this nice padded and removable handle that you can swap between the top and the side depending on how you want to carry the bag so it's easy to remove and then if you want to carry the bag in briefcase mode if you don't want to wear it into a meeting or something like that you can place this padding here around the handle and then you have a much more comfortable grip to carry this sideways like a briefcase one thing to notice that when the bag is expanded out as it is here it is really heavy to carry like a briefcase so it might not be something that you'll be able to carry for a long period of time but it's nice to have this adjustable handle to move between the top and the side if you need that extra bit of comfort and support jumping into the straps on the back paneling the harness system has been very comfortable as you can see a nice amount of padding it's very thick yet soft it also has a nice mesh II material to help prevent moisture from building up the straps also have a nice width so even when you're carrying with a lot of weight as I currently have here it doesn't dig into your shoulders it's also nice to see that the bag has these load lifters near the top so that you can adjust how the bag sits on your back in addition to the load lifter there's also an adjustable sternum strap to help distribute some of the weight this has a magnetic closure so I really like how easy it is to attach and release this one of the straps also has a small zippered compartment where you can place something like a MetroCard for easy access and then on the straps you also see a lot of different attachment points that combine well with the accessories that we're gonna be taking a look at later in the video so you have a magnetic attachment here and then a little loop as well as some MOLLE webbing so lots of different options for how you can attach things to the straps moving on up a back panel and this has been really comfortable overall there's a nice soft foam here with a meshing material to prevent moisture from building up there's also a nice amount of elevation on the foam to create these air channels to keep air flow moving throughout the day on the back paneling there's also this nice strap here that works as a luggage pass-through so if you're traveling with an additional carry-on and you want to rest this on your suitcase this is gonna be really helpful for that it's nice that you can actually adjust this so if you have a different sized suitcase handle it makes it very easy to just pass through quickly because of the size of this bag I don't know how often I would end up you this but when the bag is compressed down it might be nice to be able to just rest this on a carry-on and then an added benefit of the ability to open this suitcase pass-through up is that if you need to check the bag for whatever reason and you want to prevent the straps from flopping around you can rest them against the back paneling and then using the strap you can hold them in place and I really like how this system was implemented here to me personally this is a lot easier than actually having to detach the straps and tuck them away when the bag is full this is just very quick and easy to get done one nice feature given the larger size of the bag is the ability to attach and detach a waist strap so the company has this padded waist belt that they sell separately or as part of their travel bundles for the baby impact and this attaches and dis attaches very easily I like how this was implemented the waist belt on this bag reminds me a lot of the waist belt that we see on bags like the nomadic travel pack so nice amount of padding here it's pretty thick it actually comes out a nice amount and then the waist strap also has pockets that you can use for flatter items for something like your passport or your phone so really like this system to attach the straps here makes it very easy and quick to get them off if you don't want to use them if you're using the back for your day-to-day or something like that even though you can purchase this separately or as part of a travel bundle this is really the one accessory I would have liked to have seen included with the bag as it is very useful given the larger size that the bag takes when you're traveling the last thing I'll mention while we're on the back of the bag is that there's this little compartment here that you can use to store something that's more sensitive like a passport or your wallet and so nice slim compartment here currently what I have is just my field notes notebook for size comparison but plenty of space here for something a little bit longer and definitely an area that's gonna be harder for pickpockets to get into and so jumping into the organizational options of the bag the first thing I'll talk about is the four rows of MOLLE webbing it's nice how this is distributed across the whole front of the bag and it combines very well with the accessories that the company has created but I still like the molle webbing even without the accessories for the versatility that it offers for attaching things like the carabiners so here what I have is my hero clip that I like to carry with me so that I can attach my bag off the ground the Molly can also work well for attaching something like my Beats Studio wireless headphones if I don't have enough room inside the main area in addition to the molle webbing there's also two quick access compartments on the front they're gonna make it very easy to get your smaller accessories throughout the day these have a nice well-protected YKK zippers now opening up this first one on the bottom this one's a little bit larger it has a nice amount of volume currently what I have in here is my ray-bans with their case and then I also have my u Tech wireless charger for my phone and even with those items in there there's still a little bit of leftover capacity I really like how many things I could toss in here as you can see my hand fits in there very comfortably at the top there is a smaller but similarly styled quick access area one thing to note about most of the zippers on the bag is that they do have these little fabric loops that you can use to attach a lock to add a little bit of deterrence for pickpockets opening that up we can get it into the small quick access compartment here and this one has a pretty small opening which I thought was unusual the compartment has a nice amount of space but I did have a hard time fitting something like my sunglasses in there so currently what I have is my GoPro hero3 plus so it does have some volume it comes out a nice amount as you can see I can almost fit my all hand in there it doesn't go all the way to the sides it really does come about the width of the MOLLE straps here so still a nice amount of space kind of a perfect spot for something like a phone or a point shooter or the GoPro as I had in there next up is kind of the main storage area where I have all of my travel items and the compartment that is fully expanded out at the moment and so what's really nice about this bag is that it does have a clamshell style opening so you can easily lay it flat and see everything that's on the inside at once jumping right in the first thing I have here is my air travel kit which is my favorite top kit next up I have my smaller packing cube with my shirts and underwear and socks then I have a few pairs of shoes so I have a pair of Tom's as I always have on my trips and then a simple pair of sneakers as well and then the last item that I have in here is my larger double-sided packing cube that has my jeans and dress shirts and larger clothing items and so now with the compartment empty you can get a feel for how much space is available it's nice how much it comes out and one thing about this main compartment is that it does have a lot of internal organizations so if you're somebody who doesn't like to use patches and you like spots in the main area to kind of keep everything organized there's a lot here and so first up here on the bottom there is a larger sleeve that you can use to tuck your shoes away if you want to keep them separate from your clothes so a nice amount of space here it has some nice elasticity one thing to note here is that even though it has some elasticity it doesn't come out that my so it's not gonna be great for only something like basketball shoes or boots but if you have flatter shoes like my Tom's or penguin chillerz shoes that are you've seen in my videos these should be able to fit in there comfortably or even something like a pair of flip-flops next up there are two small slit compartments on the sides very similar in style to this larger one here but just meant to hold smaller accessories so if you have something like your phone or a portable battery this slip pocket here works particularly well for portable battery just because it does sit next to the pass-through that we saw earlier so that you can pass a cable through if you want to charge your phone and then at the top here there is a mesh zippered compartment that you can use to store things like your socks or underwear if you don't have them in a packing cube on the flap for this main area there's two smaller compartments that you can use to organize things like cables so in this bottom one here there's just a zippered mesh area where I currently have a lightning cable to charge my phone but if I had laptop dongles or things like that this might be a good spot to keep them so that they didn't get lost and then at the top there is a similarly sized elastic slip pocket that has this velcro closure here this one's nice because it comes out a little bit more so if you have something like your toiletries that you want to stick in here and be able to grab quickly while you're on the go this is gonna be a great spot for that it's a really great job on this main area works great for traveling and then as we mentioned earlier one of the best things is that you actually have the ability to compress this down quite a bit so I'm gonna go ahead and close the main area and then it has this zipper that goes all the way around allowing you to compress the back down from 47 at 27 liters so it's very easy to close this up and now with the back compress down to a 27 litre capacity you have a pretty capable day pack there are actually two versions there's the Damien pack 17 and the 15 so the 15 is gonna be smaller both in daily and travel use this here is the 17 so for my size it works pretty well this is gonna be a little bit taller than what I would typically like to use for my day-to-day so I would have been very curious to try out the Damien 15 just to see how that looked but for the most part with how slim this manages to get it's still a pretty decent size for walking around it doesn't feel awkward and you're gonna be able to hold a nice amount of stuff especially you would have a lot of stuff that you carry with you on your day to day and so if you do want to use this as a daily bag the last compartment were going to be taking a look at is the laptop area and so as I mentioned earlier this has a nice very well protected YKK zipper it definitely feels like it's gonna help keep water away from your electronics one thing that the company notified me of with the prototype is that they are going to be moving the zipper down on both sides to be able to make it easier to actually open this compartment up I didn't really have too many issues with this it is a fairly wide opening and it does come all the way around it doesn't open flat like a TSA style bag but still pretty easy to open up and just grab whatever you need to and so starting out on the back side of the pocket at the bottom there's a nice mesh zippered area where you can put something like a charger it comes out a nice amount currently what I have in here is my USBC cable and power brick for my macbook touch bar and that fits in there pretty comfortably a larger laptop charger might be a tight fit but it's nice that because of the way the pocket is laid out there's a nice amount of space at the bottom to give you just a little bit more volume moving up along this area there's a small slip pocket here with a nice amount of elasticity where you could put something like a mouse maybe or even a portable hard drive and then it's nice to see that the bag has compartments are both the tablet and the laptop it has this nice velcro strap here to help keep everything in place starting with the tablet compartment it does offer a nice amount of padding and it's nice that it is elevated off the bottom of the ground so currently what I have in here is my iPad Mini 2 and that fits in there very easily this would be large enough for sure to hold a full sized 10-inch tablet and then moving on to the laptop area because this is the baby in 17 this actually is able to hold up to a 17 inch laptop so currently what I have in here is my 13 inch macbook pro but you can see how much leftover space there is in here and then the compartment also comes out of Fairmount so if you have a thicker device that you'd be able to fit in there comfortably similar to the tablet area the sleeve offers a nice amount of padding it doesn't have any sort of felt lining on the inside which would have been a nice touch but it is elevated off the bottom of the ground which is always the most important thing to me so if I place the bag down it's going to be well protected from the laptop making contact on the ground and moving on to the other side so you can see some of the compartment that they have for your other tech accessories at the bottom there's two simple slip compartments that you could use for maybe something like a folder then next up near the top there's these two simple slip pockets that have a nice amount of elasticity for bulkier items so if you want to hold something like a mouse currently what I have is my blue pop portable Bluetooth speaker and power bank and then behind that there is additional slip pocket I wouldn't necessarily use both of these as they do share space so it's nice that you have some variety and how you want to organize everything on the other side there's just two identical pockets and in the messy area I have my Apple Magic Mouse and then at the top here they just have some simple elastic bands that you can use for smaller and thinner accessories so currently I just have a stylus in one of them and then I also have a little adapter that I can use to connect my SD cards to my computer and then I just have a simple lightning cable the last thing in this area is a simple plastic loop that you can pair with one of Moschino accessories so this is one of the clips that we're gonna be taking a closer look at in a little bit which is removable and you can attach it to the plastic clip here if you don't want to use a Sheena's clip you can use something like this s carabiner that I have here to attach either your keys or in this case I just have my Gerber Dunn multi-tool so just really like the amount of organizational options and variety offered here and as if the baby impact didn't already include enough great features the company has also created this ecosystem of accessories to allow you to further customize how you use the bag you can purchase them individually or as part of a variety of bundles on the company's site and so the first accessory we'll look at is the company's L cube which is a larger organizational pouch which has a lot of different pockets and can serve well as both a Dopp kit or a tech organizer and so lots of different ways that you can use this pouch here and opens up flat and it has some nice internal organization and has a little band here to stand up taller items it has a smaller mesh zippered organizer at the top for smaller accessories it even has little bands on the inside if you have something like a toothbrush or a razor on the outside there is a smaller zippered compartment to help add that extra bit of separation for the smaller items it actually opens from the front and the back so we saw it opens up flat here you can also open it on the front and it actually goes all the way through so just a really versatile compartment very reminiscent of GORUCK steel pouches on the outside there's also a few additional thin bands here so you have a little bit of a toothbrush holder if you're using this as your Dopp kit and then there's also a nice top handle if you just want to carry this around separate from the bag at the bottom you have these two small compression straps that you can use to attach a longer item maybe something like a tube of toothpaste or a shaving cream I'm not entirely sure what I would use these for but it still adds some additional versatility on the back you see a variety of attachment points a nice thing about this is that you can actually combine it with the waist strap and use this as a sling bag so if you don't want to carry the larger bag around even when it's compressed down and you just want something simple you can use this for your daily carry and then of course one of the main attractions of the molle webbing on the bag and these attachments here is the ability to attach this to the front of the backpack so that you can have a little bit of extra space these attach very easily through magnets they're very easy to get through the molle webbing I like this system a lot as it feels strong and it's a lot easier to get accessories on and off than some of the ones that we've seen in the GORUCK videos that we've done so just a really simple and well implemented system here the next accessory is what the company calls their eye pouch which is a great spot to put something like your phone and a portable battery so this also has a magnetic closure like we've seen on many different parts of the bag and so very easy to open up the pocket offers a nice amount of space for a larger phone so you have an iPhone 10 or a Galaxy Note or something like that it should be able to fit in there pretty comfortably at the front there's just a simple slip pocket that you can place a smaller portable battery into and then at the bottom there's a variety of opening so that you can pass cables through so here the charging port for the phone would be exposed and then you can pass a cable through to the portable battery on the front and then on the back of the pouch there's also a simple clip that you can use to attach this to your belt and then it also has this similar magnetic clip that we saw on the L cube that you can use to attach it to the strap of the bag next up the company has a smaller cube that is a little bit more padded and has a nice protected zipper and on the inside it has a soft mesh material it's got a nice padding so this is very good for something like a camera lens or a point shoot camera that you need to keep a little bit more protected on the front it has a small magnetic pocket that you can use to hold smaller accessories and then on the back it has a similar clip to the one that we just saw on the eye patch if you want to hang this from a belt loop or something and then it also has a variety of magnetic attachment points so these you can really place on the back of the bag on the straps these also combine well with the waist belt you can add them on here so you can just get very creative with how you lay all these different pouches out with all the different connectors and openings that the company has provided on each of them next up the company has another small simple pouch that is meant to hold your sensitive item so you can put something like your wallet and your passport very simple dual compartment pouch so these are nice slim compartments so that you can get to your items quickly it has this little band here so you can carry it in your hand if you don't want to let this go it also has a similar clip to the other ones that we've seen as well as a magnetic attachment that you can use to attach this to a variety of pieces it's a very simple pouch here no internal organization in the pockets so it just meant to kind of hold those items you need to get to quickly you could also use this to store some cables and then the last accessory I want to talk about is these clips that we saw a little bit when we were going through one of the compartments in the video so these offer a lot of different variety and allow you to get to your keys or multi-tools easily and so this is one area where the company notified me that they are going to be adding some metallic hardware to these to make them a little bit more durable than the prototype that I have here but even as they are I found it very useful to have this clip to make it very easy to attach either to the strap of the bag or to that little loop on the inside of the tech area and then it has this magnetic attachment which makes it very easy to just get your keys off and remove them from the inside of your bag so this is one of my favorite systems and then of course on top of that you also have the retractable keychain so that if you don't want to get this out of your bag you can just reach in and pull this out or if you attach this to something like your belt loop you should be able to just reach down and pull this up easily to get into your house or whatever you're using your keys for so really just kind of throw in the kitchen sink at these clips here tons of different ways to use them I love the versatility that they offer and in general all of the accessories work very well together there's been a lot of thought put into how each of them will be used the company has some great videos on the Kickstarter pages and on their site showing the different ways that you can attach them on the bag so if you want to see more options that definitely recommend you check those out and sort of wrap up it's been a great experience testing out the escena baby and 17 pack over the past month or so the bag has some really great features a solid build quality a nice tactical look and a really great ecosystem of accessories that allow you to customize in a variety of ways and so the company recently ran successful Kickstarter and IndieGoGo campaigns for the baby impact I've included links in the description below to the campaign pages if you guys want to see more details about the bags features and pricing at the moment the bag seems to be available only to pre-order so if you want to learn more make sure to check out those links as far as the pricing there was a variety of different price points listed on both of the campaign pages depending on when you packed the bag basically the bag on its own ranged anywhere from 110 to 170 dollars they also have their older line of bags the bagram packs which had that similar price range to give you an idea of what these bags typically cost they also have a variety of bundles with different combinations of the accessories which can also be purchased separately and those start at about a hundred and fifty dollars they seem to go all the way up to three and $400 depending on how many different accessories you want to add on so if you want to check out the different options that are available those are also listed on the campaign pages it's on a hundred and seventy dollars I think this is a pretty fair price for the bag given the build quality and features that it offers especially compared to other bags in this price range and so as I was testing this out the first tag that this made me think of was the GORUCK gr to which we featured recently on the channel that's been one of my favorite travel bags it's super durable it has a similar if more minimal tactical look and one thing about the GORUCK gr 2 that has always been a little bit of a sticking point into the price especially recently they raised the price by $100 so it comes in at around four hundred dollars for the gr two and although you're getting an awesome bag for the price point I was very excited to see the escena bag coming at about half the price and offering another awesome tactical style bag that's gonna be really solidly built so if you have a little bit of a tighter budget and you're interested in a gr to type bag this is gonna be a great option to check out it's not gonna be quite as durable as that bag but it still holds up well it offers similar customizable abilities because of the molle webbing the next thing that this reminded me of was the instinct backpack which we looked at a little while back and that one doesn't have quite the same look but it's also a really solid versatile travel bag and the thing that reminded me that most of it was the modular accessories that were created for that bag that also has a very complete system with packing cubes and tech organizers and whatnot so if you like the idea of a travel bag that comes with its own little ecosystem of accessories to keep all your stuff organized I recommend you check out the instinct backpack that's been a great bag to use as well it's a little bit more professional-looking so if you need something a little bit sleeker for business travel or something like that that's definitely gonna be a good alternative to this one here another bag that this reminded me of was the Jack Wolfskin TRT 32 which is another tactical looking bag with plenty of space for travel some nice organizational options and a really good build quality that one comes in at a similar price range between 130 and 150 dollars another bag worth checking out that's in a similar price range would be the Tortuga set out to vibe which has the ability to expand and compress similar to this one it comes in at about 180 190 dollars and includes a really solid waste belt an awesome carrying harness and just a little bit of a sleeker and minimalistic look so if you need just a larger versatile travel bag that you can compress down for daily use and you're not looking for something as tactical as this one the Tortuga set out divide is going to be a great option to check out but with all that the escena Bamian pack 17 holds up great against all the bags that we just mentioned it's really surprised me that I hadn't heard of it before and I'm very glad to be able to introduce it to you guys I hope more people get to check this bag out it's been fantastic to use very comfortable and durable and I really like the ecosystem of accessories that they've created to just make this a very well-rounded travel system and so I'm definitely curious to hear what you guys thought up a baby in pack and its accessories and if you have any questions about the features that we've covered throughout the video or suggestions for other cool modular systems that you think would be worth checking out please let me know in the comments and so I want to go and thank the company again for sending the bag for me to test out and if you guys found this video useful please go and give us a like and if you haven't already please go and subscribe so you don't miss any upcoming videos and think again so much


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