BEST TRAVEL ACCESSORIES 2019!! (Don't travel without these gadgets!)

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hello everyone and welcome back to my channel so if you follow me on Instagram and if you don't you should I have been traveling a lot lately I have been very lucky and my boyfriend really kind of got me into this travel bug I never really was into it before but since me him I have had the opportunity to travel to lots of different places and so because of that and because of my OCD quality you know I have anxiety not so much OCD so with that comes my need to organize and I love to be organized and I love everything to look pretty and have its place so because of all that I have put together this video which is my top travel essentials now I've done like what's in my carry-on but I wanted to extend that a bit too just like my travel essentials whether that's like in your check bag your carry-on what-have-you just everything I need that I think make traveling so much smoother and so much easier and like I said I have been traveling a lot so I kind of have everything narrowed down I've gotten like really good products like from different airports and everything so yeah everything I talk about in this video will be listed down below most of these things you can get on Amazon which is so great I actually have an Amazon store so I will leave my Amazon store listed down below and you can just click that and all of these products I talked about will be available um so yeah without further ado let's just get right into my top must-haves travel essentials I wish you guys could see the pile next to me because it's crazy it's just crazy I don't even know where to begin in no particular order this is my most favorite thing ever I got this at the airport it is a little bit more expensive than your average neck pillow but I have chronic neck pain and I tend to pull my neck all the time like an old lady and I like to sleep on planes I'm pretty much asleep on planes the entire time I'm a window seat person because I just want to sleep so I got this which is great because it comes in this little pouch it has a clip so you can clip it on to your bag or throw it in your bag how big your carry-on is and then all you have to do is open it up and it unravels he's gotta give it a minute to like expand itself to grow into the beautiful butterfly that it is so the reason why I like this is it actually comes up so high which looks awkward but it actually is the best cuz the ones that you could just get anywhere that are really cheap like with filled with beans I find like I still have to like go like this like they don't really hold your neck whereas like this holds your neck so much like I'll show you I can't I can't do it with my hair down difficult there there and my earrings horrible time to do this so a Titus of the front and you can tighten it but like do you see how high it comes up most like are only like there and so this I sleep like this and your neck or you could just like literally sleep like this and your neck is completely supported your won't fall at all it looks really awkward but again I just like sleep with a tiny angle right on this thing you put it on your cheek it is so good it is the only way to like really get a good night's sleep for me on the plane so I would recommend spending a little bit more money on one that actually supports your neck and still doesn't have you kind of moving all about so I absolutely love this one and I take it everywhere with me I travel just that I travel I'm not like walking on the street with this okay my next travel essential is a little clear container like this that is TSA approved it says carry-on approved like I don't know that's official but it does say it it's just a clear bag to contain all your liquids I love this one because it like stands up on its own you can clean it it's got a nice sturdy zipper I just love how sturdy it is so it's not like all flimsy you can really just like stick in your bag really nicely so in here I put any liquids I want to bring but you definitely need this that you're not like scrambling to pull it any of your liquids if they ask you you have them all in here you can easily pull it out of your bag during security so in there I typically carrying wet ones these are travel essential you get the travel pack this one has 20 and I've been on a lot of trips with this there's a lot air locked in hang on there we go so I like to bring travel wet ones because I read an article that planes are so dirty they don't wash them then I also read an article that hotels are so dirty and hokay a hotel TV controllers are the grossest things in the world so I bring these and I literally in that nerd who wipes down the plane wipes down the tables wipe down the windows and everything like that so these are a must-have for me even like not even to like disinfect but like let's say you spill something on yourself you can use these let's say your hands get sticky for some reason you don't want to go up to the bathroom you can use these like it's just there's so many different things that you can do with these so I must always have these then I bring a travel little pack this one's almost empty of makeup remover wipes these are the Neutrogena ones these are great I love having these because again let's say maybe I have a tiny bit of makeup on and then I have a really long flight I'll take my makeup off on the flight or if I'm just feeling gross I'll wipe my face with these at the end before I exit the plane to kind of just like refresh and get all the gunk off my face so I love having them and they're so thin and they really just like fit in here my next travel essential is a little thing of tissues so this is a little Kleenex things it has like just ten little Kleenex is in there like I said you never know when you're gonna spill something have a runny nose just need a Kleenex what-have-you so it's good to have and these are so tiny and these things all fit in here so beautifully next is hand sanitizer goes without saying again you never know maybe when you'll be able to get to like a bathroom to wash your hands if you're about to eat on the plane you can use this so I just love having a hand sanitizer I then also always have to have a hand cream and this is my favorite one and it's really really tiny to me this is a travel essential because the planes are so dry I don't care if you're a male or a female my boyfriend's always like you have any hand creams any cream like airplane just so drying and so dehydrating for your skin so you definitely have to bring a hand cream and again it was in here next essential next essential now this is just for me maybe but I have to bring a mini bottle of mac fix+ any kind of hydrating spray will do they have some by Evian Kota Lee makes some there's so many brands that just do like a hydrating refreshing spray and you just literally I hate the feeling it always happens after I like nap on the plane if I'm like sleeping I wake up I'm like my skin is dry my mouth is dry my eyes are dry I hate that feeling so I just spray this on my face it smells good it gets her at the plane smell and it just refreshes your skin and makes you feel hydrated so this may seem like a princess product but it isn't essential for me okay the next thing I want to mention is from Amazon and it is by this company called travel on and it is this kit of three pouches so you get a large one a medium and a small one so these are so so great just for keeping it organized they're really really affordable they're on Amazon I love out their color-coordinated so typically in the big one I put all of my chargers so this is like my headphones my chargers my adapters like that kind of thing everything goes in this one and then in this one I don't typically bring this in my carry-on I do sometimes I have it now but this one is all my like medical supplies I will say bring gravel that is a travel essential one thousand times over for me I always get carsick seasick plane sick probably just walking down the street sick I always feel nauseous I'm very sensitive so I need gravel and this is the ginger one that's not drowsy so I have that I recommend always bringing bug-bite you never know where you're gonna be with that we don't need to go over that I will leave down below my what's in my carry-on to show you like exactly what I pack in these containers but these bags are essential next essential my dad got me this so long ago and it is a suitcase scale so looks like this you can get the one Amazon you get them in the drugstore wherever and basically you turn it on and you like lift up your suitcase with it like this and it weighs your suitcase it's pretty friggin accurate I've never had a problem being overweight if this says I'm fine I've never been like overweight at the airport so I recommend not only when your suitcase before you go but bringing it with you because you typically buy things on vacation and your suitcase weighs more on your white back so again you need to have this it's really small and compact and you just weigh your suitcase before you get to the airport so you know if you're gonna have a hard time or not must-have next I recommend a universal adapter this comes in a little pouch obviously if you're staying in your same country that's fine but anyways this one is set up for the European one so that's just where we're going next but you can get one that's universal that has everything obviously don't forget this or you'll just have to buy it at the airport and it will cost a lot more money than it would on Amazon so you definitely need a travel adapter and check where you're going or get a universal one that has every single plug you could ever need which is just great peace of mind next my most favourite thing ever is this passport wallet I typically have a backpack or a purse but I like to carry this in my hands its zipper so everything's safe you have your passport and then you can put all your cards in here it's like debit cards credit cards there's a zipper pouch for some cash money I put all of my like bag tags in here in case your bag gets lost you have everything together you can put your boarding passes in here you can put your phone right in there and then zip it all up and then you don't have to like continuously reach into your bag you have it all here you can have your like customs documents in here anything you need I love this it comes in many different colors I obviously got the pink one because I love pink but some kind of passport holder is a necessity next I wanted to talk about packing cubes everyone in my family makes fun of me for these but they are actually a lifesaver and I finally bought more because I had a couple but then like there was still some loose things in my suitcase but now I bought enough that like every single thing in my suitcase is in a packing cube and that might sound crazy but it's so wonderful it saves so much space and it's so glorious when you get to your destination and you don't necessarily want to unpack because you're like I know in this cube it's all pants or in this one it's all dresses so I have two kinds again leave them my Amazon store but basically this is the largest one you just put all of your clothes in here put up and then put it in your suitcase like this it stays so organized so neat and tidy and they come in like so many different shapes and sizes like this is the biggest one they have like little ones you could put like your socks and underwear in this one or like bathing suits I love this little guy because what I actually do is like put a pair of like socks and underwear I'm a big a change of from shirt or something and bring this in my carry-on or if you're going to a tropical destination always pack your bathing suit in your carry-on just in case your luggage gets lost but packing cubes are a must for me I have so many and then the other kind I have are these ones I'll leave them less down below as well and these are compression cubes so they have like a double zipper system and it just squishes all the air out of them so like no matter how much you put they kind of like do stay like this size maybe it's like a little bit bigger so I love these as well if you've like really bulky things like big sweaters or anything like that it just squishes the air out and you can be so organized when you get there trust me they work everyone on YouTube says they work and they do work it's seen as believing though you definitely have to try them and they're affordable to test out so check out the ones I leave down below I always like to bring a laundry bag this I got I think it Lou I think it came with my leg Lululemon backpack but and it's kind of like drawstring bag or even like one of those packing cubes would work because like I just like to put my dirty socks and underwear in here or like anything else but mostly just socks and underwear everything else is essentially probably not getting that dirty but I just like to do that keep it in a different part of my suitcase so it's all organized and separated and you're not like wondering what's cleaning or whatnot and just keeps the smell together and keeps it in that's why I always bring a laundry bag headphones headphones aren't essential I it kind of depends how long I'm going for I have these these are buy beats they're wireless and they're like really comfortable so they're not gonna like hurt your ears or anything like that but they obviously won't actually well these do come with a cord to be able to plug them into the like airplane armchair to watch TV or anything like that so these are great I do really want the the bose noise-canceling ones because I hate the sound of airplane I sleep but these are pretty great at blocking out the sound they're not as good as that these are definitely more for like music and stuff but I would highly recommend over the ear headphones who they tend like those ones really hurt my ears but that's when you prefer that so you prefer just make sure you bring some headphones next is some sort of iPad maybe this isn't essential for you but this is for me i download like all my Netflix shows on this I was just on WestJet and they don't have TVs on the domestic flights they only give you like the app so you can watch the shows on your phone or if you have an iPad you can watch on your iPad recommend getting a case that like stands up so you can watch your shows on the tree table something like that a Kobo um if you read a lot like me and you don't want to like carry multiple books usually the books I read like this big – I highly recommend getting a Kobo because you can just like get on the Wi-Fi order a new book if you're bored of the old book and just keep moving on with your trip okay next I recommend getting travel containers these are from the dollar store you can really find them anywhere I highly recommend this because I am a beauty and skincare fanatic and I don't want to leave home without any of my products so I put them in here cuz I can't bring any of those big bottles I literally put everything in a little container I'm not even lying like I've used I use every single little one I've even got like bronzing glow oil and this little one so definitely little bottles that you could decant everything into this is body wash this is toner this is cleanser like you you just need to get them and they're so affordable next I highly recommend a scarf now this one is my favorite this one is from Lululemon but also just like a regular big pashmina will work as well because you can wear it as a scarf while you're traveling through the airport but then this one in particular from Lululemon actually on buttons so now you have a blanket like you just have a full blanket and this one is kind of like workout materials so if you spill anything on it it's easy to just wash away it's so soft and cozy and it'll just keep you warm and I think it's just like I don't know a complete essential for me cuz I always been cold on planes and I don't want to like wear bulky sweaters you can wear it as a scarf you can roll it up watch that you can use it as a pillow if you're on the window-seat like there's just so many uses for this and it also will fold up really really thin if you don't want to wear it in the airport and just put it in your carry-on this is another essential for me I love this thing this is the Venus little I think it's called a pocket razor it is this tiny tiny little razor it is so cute gets the job done shaves everything you needs to shave comes in this little container so it won't cut anything it's got holes in it so it can breathe if it's wet and air out so it won't get all gross and dirty love this it just keeps it nice and compact obviously get a mini toothbrush and a mini toothpaste bring this on the flight with you if you want to brush your teeth on a flight this travel mini wet brush is my absolute favorite I love this it's so small but it gets the job done it brushes through dry hair wet hair it's so compact but it works as well as the big one so I will leave a list down below my Amazon store because they're super affordable and it's the best little travel brush I love it God how travel-size dry shampoo batiste comes in a sample size or like a travel size so this is a travel essential because you don't want to wash your hair and do your hair all the time on vacation okay so you need dry shampoo and a good scrunchie to put that hair up in a ponytail if you know what I'm talking about scrunchies are a travel essential especially on planes there's nice and soft they won't give you a headache I love scrunchies for me a travel essential is a little camera now I know a lot of people just pretty much use their phones all the time but I just prefer like this video camera I am always the person who is taking all the photos and all the videos of my friends so for me that's a travel essential but that knob it might not be for everyone but for me it is again similar to that is a selfie stick oh I think my dad got me this one or my boyfriend this one comes with like a little controller it's kind of crazy but to be honest my boyfriend and I use this so much when we were in Paris like we just were obsessed with it because you don't want to always ask someone to like take your photo maybe they'll steal your phone I don't know so you just like pop this on your phone and you're just like cheese cheese ding ding cute photos we have them up on my walls in frames so you're traveling with someone just be a cheesy tourist and get a selfie stick next thing I would recommend is a power bank for your cell phone your electronics you just charge this thing and then plug it into your phone now I have a Google phone and it pretty much lasts charge for about like two days so I'm not like an iPhone user who's charging it like every couple hours so I don't use this that often my boyfriend has a Google phone either it's more for like iPads and stuff for us because our phones are the best and last forever but if you have an iPhone definitely get a power bank last but not least I like to get a little wallet for travel again I don't like to bring all my cards you don't like to bring all my wallet like my huge big wallet so a little wallet this is perfect especially if you're transferring from carry-on to like little purse when you arrive just keep all your cards in one little compact location and that's the best way to deal with that that was everything I know this is a very long video but I am very crazy when it comes to travel I like to be comfortable and I like to have all these things that make me feel good I hope you guys took some good information from this video leave down below what I've missed any recommendations down below if you're a flight attendant let me know if I'm crazy but anyways thank you guys so much for watching I'll see you my next video bye you


Cheerdeb1 · May 15, 2019 at 7:48 am

Got the lululemon scarf in pink Just got it today on a cold rainy day loved it thank you for the recommendation – awesome

G Salazar · May 15, 2019 at 7:48 am

About the clear liquids bag: I bought the exact same one you show for my trip to Ireland last year; no issues with TSA here in the States but once I landed on Heathrow the security agents told me it was too big and I had to leave behind some stuff. Just be aware.

Renelyn Cunanan-Dinh · May 15, 2019 at 7:48 am


rtm12252 · May 15, 2019 at 7:48 am

Can get a lot @ $1 store for travel 👍😃
Plastic containers, meds , first aid & minis of everything 🤪😎😉 Sunglasses 😎
& Walmart for everything else 😜
Packing cubes 😆

SuperPiper27 · May 15, 2019 at 7:48 am

I watched most of your video. Good stuff. The hair thing you constantly do is very distracting.

alan frost · May 15, 2019 at 7:48 am

Leave your hair alone

iamalwaysgeekay · May 15, 2019 at 7:48 am

I tested the packing cubes from the dollar store and it is a game changer when it comes to packing. I will be getting a better quality when the dollar store ones break 😁

iamalwaysgeekay · May 15, 2019 at 7:48 am

That passport holder is AMAZING!!! I have one and use it to hold 4 passports, money, boarding passes, important cards and it’s all in one place. Love it

Michelle Humphries · May 15, 2019 at 7:48 am

Do they consider Gel Deorderant a liquid, & Shaving Cream in a tube, toothpaste, After Shave Gel, Chafing Relief Powder Gel, & Bug Bite Relief?
Can you take sunscreen spray in the can in your checked luggage?

Michelle Humphries · May 15, 2019 at 7:48 am

Where did you get your passport Holder? What's the name brand of it? How much is it?

Michelle Humphries · May 15, 2019 at 7:48 am

Where did you get your clear bag for your liquids? I have to use a quart sized zip lock bag.

Michelle Humphries · May 15, 2019 at 7:48 am

How much is that neck pillow that you showed? Who is it made by? Can you get it from Amazon?

Espresso Logic · May 15, 2019 at 7:48 am

This travel pillow is fucking awesome. The one reason I never use one is that people always look like cunts when you see them on a plane using them, but I think this one is really fucking cool. Great video, thank you.

Jake Javier · May 15, 2019 at 7:48 am

I lost count each time she touches her hair. Nice content though.. 😄😍

mugai khan · May 15, 2019 at 7:48 am

Hi I love you

aussieheather · May 15, 2019 at 7:48 am

I watched your video and decided to order the lululemon vinyasa scarf… omg this is so perfect for travel! Its so soft and versatile. Thank you for recommending it!

Susan Bane · May 15, 2019 at 7:48 am

Hi, just wanted to say that you don’t need to put the towelettes in the TSA liquids bag 😊

CLAWZGALAW · May 15, 2019 at 7:48 am

I don’t use wet wipes (hand wipes) for surfaces, only for my hands. I use Clorox wipes or Lysol wipes for surfaces.

Patricia Jackson · May 15, 2019 at 7:48 am

Stop pushing on your hair! It’s going nowhere!! Makes me think of the Kardashians, they do that ALL the time. Annoying!

Sunshine Happy · May 15, 2019 at 7:48 am

This helped SOO much!!!

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