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yell what's going on you guys – boy Pony Montana and today I am bringing you guys the best offense one of the best offenses in the game now this has been a formation that's that's been used by a lot of competitive players as of late because of the blitzing meta that is in the game where you're sending pretty much six people now before I get into it if you guys are new to the channel don't forget to smash that subscribe button man all that good stuff it helps helps keep me what helps keep me motivated I have been very very busy as of late with work and stuff so I apologize for not bringing as much content as I usually have been in the past so today I'm bringing as the best offense in the game this is this is gonna be kind of like a little mini scheme that you guys can bring onto the field with you that was a low voice crack don't make fun of me for it but yeah so we're gonna be coming out on trips tight end now before I get into this there is a way to get a running back in the tight end spot in this formation now the way you do this is you substitute in your depth chart I'll actually do that for you guys right now in your depth chart you substitute a whatever halfback you want so let's say we want Sony Mitchell as our as our tight end you substitute them like he's our number one isn't he okay so I guess we'll just put James right there so we're gonna put James right here or do we have somebody faster nope all right so we're gonna put James White as our number one fullback now what this is gonna do that's gonna make it so that once you audible he's gonna be at your at your tight end spot so we're gonna go into why off trips we're gonna go into fullback wing then we go into fullback wing James White is gonna be your tight end obviously you want somebody faster so you're not gonna sit there and leave dabbling in because he's obviously a slow fat fullback now when you do that let's call a random play when you do that you audible to trip's tight end which will be the first right audible that you guys are able to choose and then just like that we have James White a running back out there running on this on this specific formation now this literally makes trips I tend almost virtually unguardable because you can't there's not gonna be anybody like usually your tight end is gonna be guarded by a linebacker you're not normally gonna have you're normally typically not gonna have a cornerback or a safety manned up on your tight end because typically your tight ends are pretty much like the slow people that are on the field so this is incredibly incredibly tough to stop especially just leaving him on a drag brady ain't got wheels leaving them on like a drag from time to time we're putting him even putting them on us on a streak it makes this trip side nformation absolutely hell especially if you have your audibles down set and i will be going over everything cuz like i said this will be kind of like a little mini scheme so right now we have them on a streak and we're able to get a nice gain of you know 15 yards so let's call timeout real quick and go over what I would like as the audibles for this trip site information myself if you guys don't know pretty sure drag is still running this chaos who is actually doing youtube now as well who's one of our better competitive players so if you guys want to check out his channel I'll leave a I'll leave a I'll leave his channel down in the description below he literally he's like the trips Titan master like he probably runs it the best out of anybody he's been running this for years so I'm pretty sure he has if you guys sucked his you not his YouTube his twitch he has a whole full ebook on this and no I didn't buy it I actually run the formation a little bit myself but I obviously have to pay homage because that's the guy that a lot of people learn from and obviously if I take techniques from somebody that I play that's the one guy I know for a fact runs it a lot so that's my boy so for audibles in this formation I'm gonna have the double in sale you always want a run in all and every single one of your audibles you want the double in sale you want I'm not gonna go over this PA counter go but this is definitely one of the audibles that you guys are gonna want have you guys are gonna want where is it where is it where is it this PA slot corner and then you guys are gonna want obviously the PA shot wheel PA shot wheels one of the best plays in the game hands down no matter who no matter who you're talking about it's one of the best plays in the game so we're gonna be calling a random play and the reason why you got to do your audibles is because you guys are gonna be coming out in this gun why off trip spats and with that we're gonna be Auto bullying into P a shot wheel let's talk about P a shot wheel a little bit so this P a shot wheel is possibly one of the best plays in the game simply because you have that wheel route that you can keep you have now you have a running back in that spot at the tight end so he's gonna be fast enough to drag up any zones so literally all you have to do streak your tight end drag your dragger wheel route and now you have a play that can be pretty much most main coverages most zones like pretty much anything like the play is disgusting with a with a running back there at tight end and that's what makes this this formation so so good especially in this PA shot wheel also you can leave the wheel route as well if you need to but obviously from time to time it's not gonna be it's not gonna be open all the time there's gonna throw it right now see if we can get a dot get a couple yards there not terrible but he was down there to play that the only issue that I have with this trips tight end is if you have somebody like a George kiddo who's extremely fast outside and you don't you don't need to do that but the fact that you have a running back here you can have somebody with like 94 speed literally running routes for you which is absolutely disgusting at tight end is kind of unheard of but something simple for this formation literally is just this you can drag your wide reciever your old wide receiver and streak your tight end and all of a sudden up triangles wide open and if they're guarding triangle you'll have that route open as well if they're guarding triangle you guys are gonna want to throw it to the back side post that is obviously gonna be open if they're guarding the deep crosser oh that another thing that you guys can do with that will put that backside post if you guys are running it like if it's like first and ten smart route it so it's a shorter post route you guys don't want that deep deep super deep throw that I just made and I'll show you guys why because literally the guy was right there to play it now this is a cover three this is a cover three and the linebackers not deep enough to play either out so you could throw it to either or but this post should be out here dragging any anybody's own that would try to guard this this zone right here should be the one should already be all the way over here if you smart routed it so it's a 10 yard a 10 yard cut this post would be a little shorter and an easier to throw to make and easier to throw to read but I mean we still got the playoff but look at how close he was see intercepting it or making a play on it regardless oh yeah let's go back to the play we're already set up one thing that I want to show you guys out of this formation and why it's so popular is blocking blitzes in it so right now they're in a matching coverage so we're just gonna come out and run sting pitch which is a right so we're gonna blitz this guy because we're gonna blitz six people so we got actually we already have six people blitzing so one huge huge thing that you guys can do to kind of to help you guys out with you know facing Blitzers and stuff like that so right now we have our running back in which means that anybody the time man coverage is literally not gonna be able to guard it we have this hub this Gordon route actually let's that's audible back to the play to the initial play I don't know why I didn't just come on I don't know why I didn't just call PA shout wheel again instead of resetting the play so this is our initial play right here and right now we're assuming you know what let's press we're assuming oh he's sending a blitz he's sending a blitz or he's playing man coverage so uh all of a sudden I know for a fact that I have to block an extra person in this formation just to be able to get the play off so one thing that you guys are gonna want to do is motion in your wide receiver even motion in either wide receiver now I'm gonna show this play because literally it's what a lot of people do if they try to man up the tight end and listen listen that they have to man up a linebacker on the tight end which makes this play absolutely disgusting because you can't there's no linebacker that's gonna guard a running back and if they got if they try to man up a safety or the cornerback it has to be the safety or the cornerback that on the opposite side they're not gonna take their safety that's on the side of the trip side and made them up to the opposite tight end that's just unheard of that would be a crazy crazy adjustment that I don't think I've ever seen anybody really do so we end up motioning our wide receiver now you can motion either or this guy or this guy this route right here you're pretty much never gonna touch this because most of the routes that we're gonna be running in this are pretty much gonna be the good ones or you're just gonna be streaking them you oh you're always gonna want this guy here in this specific slot because of the deep crosser or for streaking purposes and stuff like that but once we get into the double sail play like you'll know you'll understand why we're pretty much gonna go over to plays is this this slot cross and the double sail play because it's just as such a good play that everybody should know and motion blocking your wide receiver is a technique that you guys can bring into most formations now we have this guy wide open because there's no one is gonna be fast enough to guard a running back at Titan simple not a cornerback not a safety no one and then you got this route right here that's a man destroyer and then you got the backside post route you got the back side post route that actually beat him on the coverage but I ended up throwing the ball already like the ball is already in the air so he actually starts playing the other row but watch he beats him on the cut you can throw that as soon as he cuts it and boom you guys have a nice little 10-yard route right there so poem one of the big ways to stop Blitzers in this formation is simply by just motioning over your motioning over your receiver I motioned over Gordon last time but it works the same way if you motion over let's see let's just send a blitz real quick it works the same way if you motion over your outside receiver which actually works a little bit better than me it seems like we're just gonna motion them over and as you can see they are sending the crib and that post route was just gonna it it just torches a lot of things that he was double covered there and he still got his hands on the ball so let's go and start run running this double sail play now this double sail play one of the main things in this play this is you got two very very good things in this play you have a table route and you have the deep corner route the deep corner route gets above any Zone in the game and the table route it's a table route you could literally end up taking this up the field for a good 30 yards possibly a touchdown depending on how fast or how bad the person that you're playing user is so I actually audibled into the deep cross play so we're gonna audible into the double sail play this corner out gets a bug every single zone it's honestly disgusting how good like let's just call the cover – and we're gonna shade above we're gonna shade above and oh my God he's blitzing everybody on the field except for this guy because that's his user so we're sending six people now take that take that technique that I showed you guys if you guys are getting screamed at excuse me take that technique that I showed you guys if you guys are getting screamed at now this is a double sail play you motion block look at this route absolutely disgusting there is no zone that guards it even if your guys in a purple there is no zone that guards that route the only thing that might have add a little pressure to it is if you guys put out an outside corner to it if you do that then they'll try to but this having the street there makes it almost unstoppable man it's one of the most it's one of the most dangerous plays in the game because if you're sitting there and you're trying to stop them for like hey they need all they need is a field goal to win the game but they're this far back literally one deep throw out of this formation even if you guys are blitzing one deep throw is enough to literally end your entire game and I know that and I know that that's just something that's extremely frustrating to deal with but once again let's run it one more time I'm gonna put our tight end on a drag and we're gonna motion block this guy because because we're expecting a blitz as you can see like it's just money dude it's just a money play that you guys should all know I was gonna drop this as just like a singular money play but yeah like this is this is it man like that that is the money play right there it's just so dangerous you got that you got the table route if you guys oughta boat what Oh wrong way where's my trip set on you got the table route and the corner route if you guys audible into the double sail the double sail play which obviously well right now they're in the goal line that's why I hate calling a random play because that goal line stuff is kinda needs so let's run it one more time you got this double sail play you got the table route the corner route on the right side and the corner route that's on the left side so if you're running the corner route that's on the left side you guys are gonna want to be on the right hash mark if you run in the corner route that's on the right side you guys don't want to if you guys are running if you guys are running the corner route that's on the right side you're gonna want to be on the left hash mark if you guys are running the corner route that's on the left side you guys are gonna want to be on the right hash mark the table route if they're playing cloud flats throw it every single time to playing hard flats that corner route is disgusting as well the enroute if they're blitzing super heavy way to get a shot on me if they're blitzing super heavy the end routes work wonders and yeah so him and I just want I kinda just want to go over those two plays because they are very very very good place to run on your opponent's I don't want to make this like a thirty minute video fifteen but fifteen minutes seems like enough so yeah my name is Tony Montana hopefully you guys enjoyed the content make sure to check out que haces channel cuz my man has been grinding his ass off excuse my language but ass means donkey butt my man has been grinding his ass off so I will leave a link to his twitch is youtube down below because he is to me this year he's he runs this the bus so I gotta pay homage and yeah man you guys take it easy my name is punk Montana oh my bad two fingers as always you guys peace I love y'all


Ryan Paulson · July 30, 2019 at 6:23 pm

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V.O. Walmart · July 30, 2019 at 6:23 pm

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uhh Treyy · July 30, 2019 at 6:23 pm

We dont need this we have George Kittle in MUT unless ur a regs player I guess

D Nguyen · July 30, 2019 at 6:23 pm

Trips TE been around since 2003 and it’s 2018 and still going strong

KDthefullest · July 30, 2019 at 6:23 pm

Great video pwny got me practicing this mini scheme man but i have a question though from Left to right who would you put your best Wrs in there i know Hill is already is one of them

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great video very easy to understand and follow!

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Great stuff bro, love da vids!

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Pwny u are a Good man lol thanks for sharing the tips

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Damn I been running Pat's playbook all year and never knew this

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Amazing video Pwny!!!! Well explained and I can’t wait to try these out! You da man pimp!!!

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trips te the best offense in the game confirmed

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