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hello everybody welcome to the channel
my name is JGod in today’s video we’re gonna be focusing on how to get long
shots and call of duty black ops 4 so what you can expect is a handful of tips
as well as specific map locations for every single map in the game although I
tested the ranges for pretty much all the weapons in the game the ones you’re
gonna see featured in here are the assault rifles the tactical rifles the
sniper rifles as well as the pistols so it’s actually a couple different reasons
I did that one just for simplicity and two because you probably clicked on this
video you’re trying to get that longshot camo grind going so what you’re seeing
in the background here is the testing I did for the assault rifles I did the
same for the tactical rifles I did it for the snipers and I also did for the
pistols I just kind of chopped it up so you could see them side to side back to
back one you don’t get a long shot medals the person steps back just a
little bit further and you get a long shot medal and based off that testing I
was able to find approximate distances for different weapons so when I came to
sniper rifles they had the farthest distance at approximately 52 meters the
assault rifles and the tactical rifles fell in right around 50 meters and all
the pistols fell in right around that 25 to 27 meter range which is
coincidentally about half the distance of all those other weapons so now that
you’ve seen the testing I might ask you for an early like and if you’re brand
new to channel I typically cover Call of Duty news and game updates best class
setup subscriber breakdowns well as other tip and trick videos on how to
improve that Call of Duty being that seems interesting make sure
you subscribe and turn those notifications on cuz right now we’re
gonna get into the specific Maps and the specific locations so on screen right
now you can see pretty much every map but the first map we’re gonna focus on
is Arsenal and when you look at Arsenal it happens to be one of the worst maps
in the game to get long shots because there is pretty much only one sight line
long enough and that is the window on this left-hand side where you see this
one the green line is for pistols and the blue line is for sniper rifles since
the sniper rifle line is just a few meters longer than the rifle one you can
use these sight lines because if you’re hitting someone at that distance with a
sniper rifle it will include the rifles and tactical rifles as well so one of
the first tips I’m actually gonna give on how to get long shots a little bit
easier is that you’re gonna have to camp these specific locations if you’re
actually trying to get them out of the way as fast as possible you’re gonna
have to camp these locations it might not be as fun but you’re gonna knock out
10 long shots very quickly the next map we’re gonna go ahead and talk
his contraband and the interesting thing about contraband is actually has five
different sight lines some are a little more viable than others
but we’ll do a start off talking about number one which is right in the middle
you’re gonna be in the back wall on this middle sight line over seeing the bridge
and that person has to be on their back wall on ahead glitch basically on the
opposite side where the B flag is so this is gonna be a high traffic area in
domination very easy for your rifles and tactical rifles not so much for your
snipers you won’t be able to get a long shot on this sight line with the sniper
rifle you’ll have to use two three four or five you can see how those sight
lines work and you can actually use alternate sight lines so keep in mind
that all these sight lines works from both directions so four four and five
they are a little bit less practical but five is a good one if you’re gonna start
in your spawn just kind of camp and as people come out that doorway you will be
able to hit them and then be able to get that long shot so another tip I’ll give
you on how to get long shots just a little bit easier because even if you
know the location and you use these spots and you camp you’re still gonna
want to make it as easy as possible for yourself and the next tip is to play
hardcore and the reason most players trying to accomplish these challenges go
to hard floors because it use it only takes one shot and then sometimes two
shots to get that head shot or long shot I still have one more useful tip for you
just to get a little bit easier long shots in addition to all the stuff I’ve
talked about the next map we’re gonna talk about is firing range and fire
range actually has a couple easy long shot opportunities unfortunately two of
them are actually spawn trap opportunities so for number one and
number two basically you’re gonna position yourself in these areas look
directly and spawn wait for people to spawn as they come out to spawn you
shoot them easy long shots for number three it is a little bit harder to hit
because you got to be sitting in that window and number four kind of falls
into a spawn trap area as well you can just lay down prone in that little room
with the window just lay there and pretty much peek into spawn as people
come out easy long shots the next Mac we’ll talk about is
frequency and right here you can actually see that there is only really
three sight lines there is kind of a fourth if you do the opposite of three
on the left side of the map but all in all that is not a viable option number
one and number two are pretty much the only officers you’re gonna really
want to use on this map so that number one sight line is where the be objective
usually sits pretty much you just sit at the edge of where you have run down that
ramping peak to the other side as if people come around easy long shots
especially in hardcore the next map will go ahead and talk about is gridlock and
for gridlock we actually have a handful locations to choose from first one is
going to be that middle section from the freeway overpass to the actual little
room and vice versa that is gonna be the number one spot and then number two you
can see is that little room on the top peeking out into the enemy’s spawn also
where that little bit of an objective sits when you’re playing domination
there is a number three there that is much less viable you can actually sit
out there gonna be an easy target from the person sitting at number one but
overall if people are coming right out of spawn you should be able to pick them
off for some easy long shots as well so pretty much one of the last bonus tips I
have for you on how to make long shots just that much easier is make sure
you’re using sites that are long range sites but what that means is I would not
recommend using iron sights I wouldn’t recommend using a reflex or an e low so
just focus on those sites that have the highest magnification the next map we’re
gonna go ahead and take a look at is Hacienda and for this map there’s pretty
much only two side lines and only one of them is really viable so for sidelining
number one to work you’re pretty much just gonna have to lay down cap in your
spawn aim at that garage is people come out you will be able to shoot them if
they break the plane of the garage if they come out of the building it will
not be a long shot as long as they are in the garage or further back it will be
a long shot so it’s just something to keep in mind and for sight line number
two it only works if you’re standing literally inside the window because if
you’re behind the window or on the ground level you will not be able to see
people in front of you you literally have to be standing on that windowsill
peeking over as people are coming out of their garage on that side you’ll be able
to pick them off the next map we’ll go ahead and take a look at is icebreaker
and icebreaker actually has a ton of different locations the number one
location is this middle to map area looking into where that guy will
typically be sitting on a head glitch or that window coming right out of spawn
number two and three are very viable I found out about this the hard way and
while I was playing hardcore I died on a twenty nine streak so I might post that
at a later date but I did want to show off this area literally you spawn in you
go to back of this area in the corner corner
of the map and you basically look for people to come around the corner it
should be a easy kill for you and when it comes to sight lines four
five and six you’re pretty much you’re gonna have to put yourself out in the
open in a position where you’re more than likely gonna get shot but these
will results in long shots but now we’re moving on a jungle I’m going to start
going through these a little bit faster now that you guys are getting kind of
the hang of it so for sidelines number one it’s probably the most obvious
you’re gonna be on top of that rock peeking over the little bridge looking
at the objective at B and when people are coming out of spawn and heading
towards the be objective pretty much it’ll just shoot them right
there easy long shots number two is standing in that little bit of room and
aiming down at the area where people are gonna climb the ladder and as they climb
the ladder it should be an easy long shot for you and for sight line number
three it’s definitely possible but nearly impossible for us to happen in a
regular match so that one’s a lot less viable if it happens it happens but more
than likely that is not going to be your go to the next map is actually going to
be militia and militias actually wanted a little bit of easier maps to do it on
because a lot of them happen from this focal point which is number one you can
look directly into spawn you can look into someone on the bridge and then vice
versa as those work as well you can see where I put number two looking into the
church window that works just as well then these other three locations three
four and five pretty much you camping up in the spawn
number three is great if you’re playing domination because you can look right up
the objective if someone’s on the objective that’s gonna be a long shot
five looking towards the bridge a little bit harder because someone’s got to be
in that direction trying to spawn peak you trying to get that little spawn kill
and then four as someone just coming over the edge outside the church before
they actually get too close because the ground will dip a little bit you gotta
kill them before they get that close pretty much those are the sight lines or
militia so the next map we’ll talk about is Morocco and Morocco has to be one of
the worst Maps for long shots and I’m gonna show you exactly why the main
reason for that is there’s only really one viable sight line and is this one
sitting in your spawn camping prone at the back of your own spawn so in this
first example you’re gonna see how close the bottom player gets to this actual
stairs you can see I made several attempts to make sure I got the perfect
distances at all these ranges you can see right here it is not a long shot at
this specific crane you’re gonna see they take a couple
steps back from where this initial shot was you can see the body on the ground
and a beating shot and that is a long shot and that is literally the only
sight line on Morocco that you can get that long shot from the next map we’re
gonna go in and talk about is payload and there aren’t very many viable
locations if you’re sitting at number one you’re basically in a camp prone in
your spawn as people come around to peek into your spawn pretty much if you’re
playing hardcore with that longer range site you will be able to see the target
kill them and get that easy long shot number two is pretty viable as well
you’re positioning your back against those rocks peak into where people will
typically sit there is one sight line where people will actually be coming
down a little middle section you can take them out number three a lot less
viable wouldn’t recommend it the next map we’ll go ahead and talk about a
seaside and for this map there’s really only one sight line that looks in two
different directions so if you’re sitting in this higher-level window you
could pretty much pick people off a barrel head glitch on this left side or
if you look directly ahead into a little window with that pool table or
regardless of what sight line you’re aiming for you’re gonna want to make
sure your back is against the wall directly behind you the next map we’re
gonna go and talk about is slums and for this map you’re pretty much it gonna
have to camp in your own spawn you can see one pretty much you position
yourself in that corner looking directly down that alley pretty much number two
you can actually stand on a little box right next to that room and you can peek
into the high-traffic area when people are coming around those trucks and then
for number three little less viable you’re gonna camp in your spawn pretty
much as far back as you can sit and as people come around that corner you
should be able to hit them for that easy long shot and last but not least the
final map we’ll talk about today is summit and for summit there’s really
only two sight lines one is on top of the railing looking at the spawn as
people come around out of the corner and be able to get them as they’re coming
down those steps and the other one is sitting right in your spawn kind of
peeking down as people were able to come up that stairway into the middle
building other than that there’s really not any sight lines for this specific
map so at this point we covered all 14 maps I would appreciate if you did hit
the like button now if you stuck around make sure you subscribe turn those
notifications on just a quick reminder that the other tips I gave were to play
hard or camp a little bit and make sure you’re using long-range sights so in
addition of this video what I’m going to do is link this image down in the
description below so you can go ahead and save that on
your phone your computer however you want to save it so when you’re actually
doing that longshot grind appreciate all the support on the channel thank you for
watching it as always have a great day


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