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How did we get here, man?
I don't know. Look at this. Whoa. [Music ] Mic check one two. Um, what's
the first question again? Forrest and I met way
back in grade school, I guess um probably grade four or five. I remember we didn't get
along when we first met. I thought that he was
super, super annoying. He was like a super high energy kid and
I was just like, this guy's too much. we eventually did become friends
because of a school field trip. I actually brought walkie talkies with
me and on the way back Riley got one of them and I got one of them and he
started doing these like really, really funny voices go a Wiley, He's doing this weird voice
and I thought it was hilarious. And as soon as he started
doing that I was like, okay, I can be friends with this guy. Riley and I have actually been filming
stuff for a long time since we were like a 10 or 11 I think that's
when youtube became a thing. And that was like one of the big reasons
for us to hang out and just sort of be goofy. But as high school came around,
we went to different high schools. We still spent good time with each
other but not really consistent time. So only a matter of like a
weekend or a couple of days and now it's really sporadic. Even though
we only live like an hour drive away. Being an adult, you know, we both are super busy with jobs
and work and other relationships and everything. Pretty excited for this trip because we're
going to be spending a month together and I don't think I've seen for
us for like a couple months now. So this is actually the first time
Riley and I have ever traveled together. I'm a definitely a lot more just sort of
headbutts scenarios and just go with it for three little thought
Forrest is a lot more. not really necessarily planned out,
just a little bit more methodical. It's something that I've wanted
to do for a really long time. I don't think that we're going
to annoy each other too much. Obviously it's going to be five weeks
together. So who knows what'll happen. I think that it's actually going
to be a really, really fun trip. Riley and I landed in Taipei,
which is the capital of Taiwan. We had a few hours to burn before we
were supposed to meet up with our coach surfing host. So on our
way to a skate park, we got on a random bus that
took us out to this Geo Park we found the tourist sector. this is Awesome. We're trying to get in contact
with homie for the couchsurfing. our couchsurfing host Chiahao not only
gave us a place to sleep that night, but he also introduced us to his friends
and we played the Taiwanese version of Mahjong. ChaiHao. Yeah, I gotta
remember that one. Yeah. Um, you told us this awesome local
dinner. It was just incredible. We're actually staying on his
couch tonight. He's just, uh, being so incredibly nice. Yeah, it's my
pleasure, pleasure, pleasure pleasure. [inaudible] lifes a bitch and then you
die. life is a bitch and then you die Exactly. this is where we're staying set my hammock up here, Forrests
got a little bunker over there. The next day we met up
with Chiahaos friend Ann, and hiked up elephant mountain
to get an awesome view of Taipei. So we just met up with Ann and
then we got Ricky reckless. Ricky! This is Chicken butt here. Deep Fried Chicken parts here
to all parts of the chicken. And then believe it or not,
we've got some veggies. (Ann) No these come from chicken as well. This is all chicken fries. ChiaHao has been showing us
around, he's taken us on hikes. He showed up all his favorite food places. hope we can stay connected and maybe
we'll come to Canada and we can show him around there. I think
he'll really enjoy it. so we finally figured out where to go, uh, just by looking at our tickets and then
actually matching up the characters on the other one. So just
kind of like double check, make sure where I got the right train, all that stuff going all the way to
Hualien man, this is a scenic ride. Yeah, right. We're going
to go meet up with Bruce, probably waiting for us at
the entrance or the exit. Um, we just got to find him. Chuck your stuff there So my brother, um, he
left me with the vehicle. red light? Yeah, I guess he went out last night
and had a couple of drinks. So he left his scooter just over here. And then he gave me the keys to his
Van to drive in this crazy town, scooters and other
vehicles. Yeah, I'm scared. I really gotta check that mirror
that corner. I'm like, oh my God. The scooters everywhere,
like all around you. And all of a sudden they'd be
like zip behind you, you know, blind spots to stop and oh man, This is my brother's place. This
is the roof that we're staying on. We stayed on ChiaHaos roof and then now
we're staying on my brother's that just seems like a overall trend here. Right? So it's a bachelor pad. we have blinds, our desk is a futon. Do
some yoga here if we need. That's backpackers life, man. No
complaints, no complaints whatsoever. Pretty awesome. Absolutely. I always love taking a skateboard with
me on trips just for getting around, traveling with a
skateboard is really handy. Have your backpack and just carry
a board with you wherever you go. But also I just love skateboarding. So it's like if you're looking for
something to do or just like want to kill some time you just grab your
skate and you'd go explore around. You find little curbs and hills or
corners or whatever you can skate man. Like there's just, there's a whole
world of skateboarding out there. I'm just riding an old Lombard that
actually made a long time ago. Um, it's beat up as hell. It's been
traveled well traveled for sure. It's a falling apart at the seams and
just like, it's not the prettiest board, but I loved the thing. I got my own little bits of custom
concave and era trucks with power wheels. Oh, surfing in Taiwan was awesome. I, uh, definitely wish I got a
lot more days in surfing, but that's just the way it goes sometimes. We've been a little bit unlucky with
the, the waves that have hit the beaches, the waves here are quite
nice, very beautifully shaped, have lots of power and there's
just so many different surf spots. There's certain parts of the coasts
that are just riddled with surf breaks. You can literally just
drive, you take a look, maybe look down the coast a
little bit and you're like, yeah, it kind of looks better down there.
I'll just keep driving for another five, 10 minutes. The surface here are all super nice
and everyone in the line of smiling and having a good time. There's no like really serious
localism here and I'm like that. So keep it just super chill. Trying to chase waves for about four
or five days now and they provided some dude let me use his SUP, which was
awesome, cause I love Supping and yeah, I've got a bunch of rides
with that, which was sick. I'm trying to join with a local talent.
Oh my God. they are shredding right now. So I'm pretty amped on that.
So I just went surfing, uh, caught a couple of decent waves,
first decent waves of Taiwan for me. It was super, Super Fun. Riley's going back out for the
last little bit of daylight here. We're going on this crazy aggressive hike
and we've actually had to get permits. They only allow a certain amount
of people a day to go on this hike. And thanks to Bruce, we got our permits. So that's in a national park Called
Toroko, which is about 45 minutes away. We're just going to double on the old
scoop scoop and we've got to pack up and get ghostly mostly. Yeah, we got get a
lunch, go get some gas and some water. Brap Brap. Brap Brap Music now we're just making their way up this
a pretty steep climb. A bunch of stairs. I'm just dripping in sweat. My feet are absolutely just
so hot and sweaty right now, so I'm going to just do it. I'm just going
to go barefoot for the remainder man. I think Riley's got the right idea.
So I'm ditching my shoes here too. Now I'm really ready to step
on a snake or a tiger bee. So this is like the sketchy, a
little narrow trail that, uh, that we came for. There's nothing there. It's just goes straight down and then
valley and a river at the bottom and then mountains are still
towering over top of us. So we just ripped around this corner.
That's like the cliff edge right there. As soon as we came around, they just
offered us tea. It was really cool. , no shoes, no shirt, all service.
So they wanted pictures with us so we made it back to the
bridge. I was one epic hike. You want to check out those hot
springs or what? Yeah, hot springs. That's great. what happened?. Well see if she starts anyway so we just ducked under the sign a lot
of warning signs don't go, but yeah. know what I wasn't thinking about
when I was loungin in those pools? All these stairs. My legs are going to hate me today.
They hate me already they hate me a lot. Mother, son, waterfall, waterfall. Riley's brother. Bruce
owns island life. Taiwan. Which is a tourism company based out
of Hualien and without his help and expertise, we never would have seen half of the
amazing things that we saw in Taiwan. looking for a water snake
that used to live there, but I haven't seen it in about a
year, They say it's "Mildly venomous" using scooters is kind of the way
to get around Taiwan in general. And we were blessed enough to be
able to use this one of Bruces. [scooter noise] Either the wind or maybe somebody knocked
it over or maybe I didn't have this stool that they kicked down properly. The only damage was we
bent the handle over Broke it…. doing a motorcycle trip of the eastern
coast of Taiwan was something Riley and I really wanted to do so when we heard
about a music festival happening in kenting, the southern tip of
Taiwan, we decided now's our chance. So I rented a scooter and
Riley borrowed a motorcycle, I get that all week so if we got all our gear on our
bikes and then it started to rain, it is a perfect day for a ride down
the coast. oh it's perfect All right. we just got to jiqi Um, man, we stopped at this little lookout
and I was just jumping this really, really short gap and I gunned it and
did a wheelie on the scooter and totally just dumped it. Had to do a roll off
of it. It was pretty gnarly actually. It wasn't actually, it wasn't that bad cause I wasn't
going very fast but it was just like adrenaline and you know all
that. So here's my scooter. scuffed it up a little bit right there. Shoes are soaked everything is Soaked walking and getting off the bike and it
just like pools of water just squirting out of my shoe. everybody is making food. This is like an epic fan tailgate
party and it was awesome. It was raining earlier. They got the whole spread
with the Christmas lights
Just such a good ambience . I can live like this forever.
It is, it is the life man. We're actually at the beach parking lot, just having a party in it and
no one's here kicking us out. Like I think that's pretty cool, The Cops just drove by and
waved hi at us and kept going. we're packed up here. You're going to
start a journey down south to Kenting. Yeah, we got a three hour
drive ahead of us here. Uh, the traffic is pretty busy, but at least
it's sunny. So compared to yesterday, this is going to be an amazing drive. We just drove down to
kenting and supposedly , there's like a party going
on on the beach there, so we're going to check it out. Apparently it's called like
spring scream or something. Just trying to find a place
to put up our hammocks. Riley's over there right
now. There's three trees. It looks pretty decent and we're very, very close to the party so we could
even just walk the beach down there, um, and hopefully just sneak in so
we don't have to pay 35 bucks. So we were just walking down the beach.
We saw this fire, we thought, oh, maybe we could make it down. Sneak in a
little bit. And we got stopped by those, uh, two guys there. I parked next to a bike, some homies coming. I was like,
what? My board, my wheels like airtrucks. Oh Dude, this guy downhills man. And like the first person we meet is like
a downhill skateboarder. You're like, what are the fricking odds,
man? That is awesome. Um, so he just gave me his contact information
and maybe we will party with him later tonight. Oh Man. They're
good guys. They're man. Good guys. good guys,
good squid a drum circle. we got wristbands. Riley and I just a snuck into
the party. It's all good. It's all good. Show me,
show me your bracelet. This is a plastic, big handle. 3, 2, 1, happy new year!! I am tired. went to bed at like four
or five in the morning, set the hammock up between two trees
on the, on the Nice beach. Yeah, I probably got like two or three
hours of sleep. And then, uh, got kicked out by the lifeguards. Apparently you're not
allowed camping on the beach, kind of a rest day after night
of partying and staying up late, especially for me. Uh, we went to go see the most southern tip
of Taiwan and this is the lighthouse. We're just gonna keep on keeping
on. Yup. I'm trying this new uh, electrolyte drink. Pocari sweat. They actually have this guy named Pocari
and they put them in a sweatsuit and they harvest all this sweat out
and that's what this is an essence. [Music (like born to be wild,
Think the movie easy rider)] Stopped in to check out the cows and then
we looked up and we saw these dunes up here. It looks like some guy was
driving around a jeep here earlier. It looked pretty fun. Um, we're just
going to go mish up there by foot and, check out, what the scene's like up
there. This is the edge of the earth man. Whoa. Wow. We're going to have to check
that boat out. Let's do it. Boats just sitting here
I guess is on display. They got stands for and stuff
like that. It's a big boat. I don't know what it was for, but that's
it. has a rope going up to the top. Should we, should we try and
climb it? (I'm good) You're good. I think I'm going to try climbing it. it's a bit of a climb, but I made it up. Not really sure what
kind of boat this was, but theres some hatches and stuff
here. So may as well go check it out. Oh, that looks like an old
fishing boat. This is the, um, one of the hull coolers, I guess,
where they store all the fish. So that was kind of cool, what we
got here, we got the galley. Oh yeah. Couple stoves, breakers.
All the good stuff in there. What do we have? Pretty cool. Tiny kitchen. I can barely and stand in
this thing. Absolutely. Tiny. Let's go check out the sides. Yeah. Well it smells like an engine room.
Oh yeah. There we go. Look at that. Woo. Oh Man. Check it out.
The cockpit. The cockpit. There's a phone ,ni hao Whoa. Yup. Yup. I a think we're Grounded.
Yeah. We're not moving. Yeah, we're gonna need some rescue. So a little shrine here too. In the captain's quarters. In the cockpit, there's the old rusted up anchor here. That is a rotten floorboard. I don't
want to put too much wait on that. I can feel like it's going to just pop
the floor and I don't really want to die. inside of a fishing boat. what do you think this Is this? should
we go? Uh, let's go check it out. Let's do it. Definitely a
temple, a couple of people here, but none speak English. So we're
just sort of walking around, not really sure what to do. Um, we've
come to look (you're here to visit?) Yes. Yeah. Okay. No problem.
You drink coffee, so yeah. Okay. I think he asked us if
we want ice coffees. We said yeah cause he's offering and then
he said one minute and you took off on the scooter. So I think he's running the store
to get us some ice for ice coffees. What's your name? Oh, my name is
golden. The soul is always there. oh, we can, we can stay here. You, Oh, We're staying at this a temple
tonight. We offloaded our stuff. It's like a temple hostel. So yeah. Didn't really expect them
to stay here tonight. You took us to this
room and he's like, Hey, want to go want to stay
here?actually the translation is, um, do I live here tonight?
This is really, really cool. being able to stay
here. Super, Super Nice. And I'm definitely going to have a shower. Spirituality and spiritual belief and,
and religion is very present here. Uh, there's a lot of people that
do ceremonies in their house. They have this God money that they burn, kind of neat and eyeopening to
see people's views and how they, uh, experience life differently. And here I've noticed that they
really respect their, their ancestors. There's these huge cemeteries everywhere. Forrest is going to get some gas and
we just drove down the sick hill. I'm going to try to hitchhike up
and skate down here comes from cars. Let's see if we can get picked up here. No Way. First car how are you doing? To the top of the hill. Okay, thank you. Welcome It's been like 10 minutes now and I
am just cooking in the sun. Holy Crap. Only one car came by and they didn't
pick me up so far. Oh hell yeah. three rides, 7-11's are everywhere in Taiwan and
they've been kind of like a reoccurring theme for us. Just a
lifeline. Really? Yeah, like Riley and I would just like, you know, I'll stop and get some Kimchi
noodles is one of my favorite things. Most consistent good coffees too. Yeah. definitely one in every town. Even though
if it's like a tiny, tiny little town, and they're not like seven eleven's
back in North America where there's, you know, some candy
bars and a lotto tickets. It's like there's legitimate meals here. You can actually get train tickets here, you can pay your taxes here and they're
all open 24 hours as well. So 7-11s man, seven eleven's are something that
we've constantly gone back. 7-11 24/7 food here in Taiwan has
been absolutely amazing. Endless amounts of seafood here. And seafood is definitely
one of my favorite meals. best goddamn miso soup
ever. Really awesome. They have all the food like kind of ready
to go and then you can just pick out what you want and then he'll
just deep fry it for you. So I just got some fries and
a squid a couple veggies. So we're set for lunch
and we also got Jipai, which is like a half of chicken kind
of flattened out and it's like a full chicken flat and I don't even
know what it is. And Deep Fried. It's really good though.
Super, super good. I'm Pretty picky eater. I try my best, but I'm also a recovering vegetarian. Meat is something that I have to
like kind of force my mind around. I'm not supposed to eat the beak am i? again, we're eating fish, we're
eating duck, we're eatingpork, which isn't my favorite, and beef. So
it's, it's everything. Um, you know, we're eating snails, we're
eating anything out of the sea. There's been definitely some things that
I've had to like really try and get out of my comfort zone, like a thousand year old eggs and pigs
feet and all these strange things. I don't know if I can,
oh, I'm going to God. Oh, oh, oh. A lot of times the people here have
built their food and their food culture around, I guess sort of the off
cuts. or the cheap scraps of food, every part of the chicken
and stuff like that. And they will throw in a soup or fry it
up and just cook it in such a way that it's just absolutely delicious. And you're kind of getting this like
weird chicken foot, You're like, oh, I don't know if I can eat this. Like
just in your head you're like, oh man. But you give it a try and it's
definitely worth it and quite delicious. One thing about the
beaches here in Taiwan is, although they're beautiful and diverse, there's a lot of plastic and garbage
that just washes up on shore and no one seems to really do anything about it. I don't know why one day force was
actually going around picking up garbage while I'm out surfing. It's really
cool because I know he has a real, a real passion for, you know, taking care of the environment
no matter where he is. So he's just cleaning up
the ocean, cleaning up the
beaches and doing his part. All this plastic on the beach really
affected this one guy, Josh, who uh, made it like his mission to really figure
out a solution and work with all the information he can to help, you know, clean up the beaches and take
care of all this recycling and uh, really just kind of find a place
and a use for all his plastic. So that's what he's been working on
for the last, like couple of years. Essentially only 9% of things that get
recycled actually become something else. So he said, okay, well where
are the holes in this cycle? Because it should be a bit of a loop.
So he looked at it again and said, I'm going to tear this whole system apart
and rebuild it in a way that actually works. So he's able to recycle 90% of the
recycling he gets talking to him was so interesting because he is
so knowledgeable about this, but he learned everything just through
the Internet and through trial and error, he's creating new materials out of
what people would just consider waste. And he's actually turning a lot of the
plastic into art and showcasing it around the world to say, you know what?
This is actually not waste. This doesn't need to
just go into a landfill. This can actually be turned into
something of beauty or something useful. So that was a pretty cool thing
that we experienced here in Taiwan. One of the really surprising things about
Taiwan is the different ways that they do things that we do in North America. And one of those things is perfectly
kind of like exemplified by their garbage system. They do not have
public garbage cans anywhere. There's a garbage truck that starts
coming around and it starts playing this music. So that's how everybody knows that
it's there and uh, it starts playing. And Riley and I, for like the first
couple of weeks I've been like, Ooh, ice cream song or ice cream truck and a, it kinda triggers us and we want
to eat ice cream afterwards. But in reality it's
actually a garbage truck. Ice Cream. I like to follow
synchronicities whenever I can. Whenever there's some
coincidence, I like to think, uh, maybe it isn't a coincidence.
Maybe I should look deeper into it. Maybe it has some sort of meaning. A lot of people from British Columbia
were also in Taiwan at the same time. Buckman Coe came over from Vancouver
and is doing a tour around Taiwan. One of the guys on tour is another
downhill skateboarder friend. He's a mutual friend of the
whole community, has been
in the scene for awhile. But the crazy thing is that we
haven't met Buckman himself, put together this really good group
of people to go on tour with him. So he got their drummer from Maui
Noah. He's like a super cool dude. Like as soon as we met up with them, we just like got right in there and I
feel like we all bonded pretty well. You know, Riley and Alex, you know, lost somebody close to them and they,
they were able to meet in person. That's kind of been, I think a little bit healing for both
of them to just have that connection. So maybe that's the, that's the important part of that
synchronistic event that happened. I'm not sure yet. Sometimes
it's easier to look back on the, on the past on these events and
see the true meaning behind them. I used to just sort of shrug my
shoulders and I, you know, that's just, you know, things work out
how they do. But you know, I, I think now there's actually a,
everyone you meet is for a reason. Like, well, it's not just like random
coincidence or, and like that. I think things just
seem to happen. Oh man, I can't even explain like how that
works in my mind. There's, yeah, there's purpose to it. I think there's purpose to everything and
there hasn't been one interaction with somebody that's just like completely that
you're not giving or taking something away from and learning from
that interaction with somebody where I am right now. Yeah. You're going
to pick up the volume. Pocari Sweat, the Essence of Sweat. Riley and I have been best friends since
fourth grade and we finally went on a trip together. We flew across the world to a foreign
country to experience the life of backpackers. Taiwan was
absolutely full of surprises. The nature surprised us, The Food surprised us and the people surprised us. Taiwan was the perfect first trip for us. Riley and I filmed daily videos of our
trip and those are available only on our personal youtube channels
which are linked below. Really crazy stuff happened on this
trip that for one reason or another we weren't able to include into this travel
show and that can only be found on those youtube channels. We also
posted Instagram exclusive content, so follow us there to keep up to date. Taiwan was like a crazy adventure
or something like, you know, so many unexpected things happened
and more of like a journey. Yeah. I was a bit of a journey. So many of like developments in so
many different ways as well. You know, you can see that I'm sure throughout the footage, but like just like unbelievably great
spiritual and intellectual conversations with people as well as like figuring
things out about what we'd want to do in life. You know, it's kind of a
pivotal moment, so. Totally. Yeah. This could be a big, big changing
point for my life too. Well, yeah. What's the future for you man? I know
like I did this, this whole trip. It was cool because I had learned more
about filming and doing youtube videos, which is something I'm
kind of want to get into. And now that we've talked with Josh and
learning more about this plastic, um, yeah, be Kinda cool to maybe I might be living
down there actually in the near future. So we're back here, but Riley's actually thinking about going
back to Taiwan in a couple of months and working with Josh and the Taiwonderful
recycling co making youtube videos for them. Yeah, it's crazy, right? Like you never know what kind of
opportunities will present themselves when you're open to the world. Totally
awesome man. Well, anything else? Keep it real and yeah, enjoy the moment. Thanks man for traveling with me.
It's Super Fun. Keep it real, real. Fist pump, since we got back from Taiwan, we
filmed episode two of best friends, which takes us through the Gulf islands
of western Canada near our home of Vancouver Island. We access some amazing and remote areas
only available to those with a boat. We do this trip on Riley's C and C
29 sailboat and we bring along our videographer and friend Greg, so stay tuned for that and
thank you all for watching. I think I need a pocari Sweat.


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