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not only the chicken but that sauce is just blowing my tastebuds right now it's just it's just unbelievable I'm in like a world I've never been before there it is that is the best single bite that went in my mouth in 2017 its mark Wiens and I just want to wish you an extremely happy new year 2018 and thank you for being amazing throughout this year for watching our videos okay now let's get on to the main video believe me it was an incredibly hard decision but I've narrowed it down to the top 10 the best meals of 2017 and you're gonna want to watch this entire video because at the end I'm gonna share with you some of the top some of my favorite destinations that we visited this year and also some of my favorite camera gear that I've been using this year but really quickly before we get started on the food if you're not already subscribed I want to personally invite you to click the subscribe button right now I'm gonna be sharing lots more food and travel videos that you're not gonna want to miss and also there's a little bell icon click the Bell icon and that way you'll get notified of all the future videos that I publish okay let's start with the food right now I am Incheon booty Thailand about an hour and a half outside of Bangkok in the countryside this is a restaurant that is well known it's actually in the middle of nowhere but they are known for serving traditional and especially jungle Thai food and this is a jungle Pig a wild boar and with a very interesting ingredient which is pineapple shoots that's my first bite and it's a winner that ratio of minced bird to herb for lunch today I am eating at a Filipino roadside restaurant this is one of the restaurants that I am most looking forward to eating at this place is on the corner of the road as a mechanic shop kind of surrounding it's a it's a great environment and the Filipino food they serve here looks absolutely incredible kind of rich kind of oily stew with a sour taste and then that meat is so tender the entire Roubaix the best of the best Kobe beef but really fascinates me is how he works both of his hands together but doing separate tasks he he does it with just like immaculate precision and just pure love dr. tuna here it is the O total the fatty tuna belly and this is one of the most beautiful things that I maybe I've ever seen in my entire life that is undoubtedly one of the single best bites you cannot explain that sensation in words at all and he's been making the most awesome handmade kebabs that I've ever seen in my life that is gonna be one of the world's greatest aromas I can already guarantee a little meatball shapes and a little one-liners you can actually see all of that parsley within it as well and now it's caramelized the meat has caramelized on the edges where it was girl oh that is just just wondrous that slow grill over the fire giving it that wonderful smoky greasy like umami flavor benefited OKC from us sir my wife is from Thailand Julia Thailand also America I'm gonna zoom mountain goat we're here because I love to eat this is amazing he's such a nice friendly passionate guy you can tell how he has he he pours his love into his cooking the first is stewed Cretan mountain goat look at those chunks of all-natural meat oh look it okay I'm just gonna pick up one of these guys right here look at that it has an amazing like almost herb flavor good wallets spectacular we're gonna eat the traditional style where we just all dig into the central platter oh look at the way this this way I'm just falls apart all that lamb is just crazy tender it's just ultimate tenderness and got the fatty juices flowing oh that's flavorful so the Reds house is like a tomato basically a tomato tomato puree this is a place to come to eat eat I am Bakar thali wrong which is grilled chicken Wambach style they have the sweet one the sweet soy sauce one and then they have the spicy one and they have the super pedis which is the extra PS which is the extra spicy and that's the one we are eating it'll literally like scooped on a ladle of just pure chili sauce onto our chicken and I think I'll just break off that drumstick kind of dissect this entire chicken the chicken actually is so good that it doesn't need any extra sauce but but dunking it into this this sauce just brings it to the next notch it's like adding an explosion to fire that's what you want that's what you call explosive flavor okay this one is this skirt oh wow this is a course that I have been looking forward to this entire meal this is the Wagyu cutlet sandwich is perfect you can see all of the lines in the beef it's bloody and juicy it's it has a crispy layer even the toast is just perfect and he was explaining to us it's all about the balance I'm certainly already loving the ratio of beef to bread and it is just like it's squeezing with juices oh wow you literally like slide through the beef it's ridiculous that is the most insane omelet I've ever seen in my life and she's making a burrito style we should have seen how much jealous crab that she added in there she is literally taking care of it like a baby says her process of making the omelet I will ensure that it doesn't soak up too much oil even though it looks like it's gonna be a little bit of an oil sponge there's only two eggs in this entire thing so you can imagine how much crab is in here and her method of making this omelet she ensured us that it doesn't soak up that much oil can I pick it up like a burrito those nuggets of crap literally melt in your mouth and the egg is merely there to hold it all to hold the crab together this is one of those meals where I'm starting to to shake a little bit because I'm so excited for to taste all of the dishes this is also a really interesting dish which is a pine needle salad it's absolutely spectacular when you come to Yunnan when you come to Dali this is a dish you have to seek out I'm just blown away by this entire meal but that was such a almost actually impossible decision to make and they're rowing it down to a top 10 list and I didn't feel that I could cover all of the highlights of the year within those top 10 meals so I also wanted to share with you some of the best travel experiences that I had this entire year which of course also included food on the sleepy coast of kep Cambodia you'll find one of the world's best crab markets to eat like a local you choose your crab directly from ocean baskets boil them right before your eyes and feast on all-you-can-eat crab within the market if you love crab this is the Cambodian food trip where your dreams will come to life we're gonna do a lot of crunching and munching in this meal the shells are really really soft yes all right [Applause] Wow the freshen is just like lights up your mouth yeah well Nuggets just nuggets just pop out oh thank you very much thank you thank you nuggets of crab just slide out with ease like you're pulling a knife out of a sheep finely sliced the banana sucka then he added a spoonful of salt and then he really mixed mixed it up and kind of squash it massaged it with his hands and then he squeezed it all and then he added in the classic Balinese spices the mix of turmeric and galangal and ginger and he added in a few more herbs and spices and then he added a few a few pieces of chicken chopped it up chicken in there too to make the soup stock the presentation is just awesome it's so incredibly good this one is a common oh you don't need teeth to eat that Tokyo Japan there's no question it's one of the world's top food cities today I'm taking you on an exclusive sushi journey where we're going to see the entire sushi cycle from the fish auction – the tuna slicing – eating sushi right out of the fingers of the chef get ready to witness the art of the best sushi in the world we have just arrived to dong lien ha it's an ancient Muslim village this is a picture-perfect setting it's gorgeous the courtyard the scenery on the bottom you will see it's all shredded radish as well as more of that same dressing and it's just it's just filled so I think you can check kind of get a little bit of everything with that beef oh wow that is sensational I had this idea that if we come to the fish market if we could find somebody to – if we could buy some fish or something interesting and have somebody cook it for us this would be the ultimate fish market experience and see Chong I never thought I was going to come to Germany to watch surfing this entire old city of Jerusalem is just a maze of alleys and ancient lanes you'll get whiffs of coffee you'll smell the sitar an overdose of all things that you can see and smell in here through the rice fields and through the jungle okay we're gonna start walking in the water so we got to walk upstream your tropical Lombok beauty here okay and finally to end this best of 2017 video I just wanted to share with you some of my favorite camera gear I've been using lumix cameras now for at least a couple of years but it was sometime in the middle of 2017 when the Lumix G H v got finally released and I bought it a couple pretty pretty quickly after it was released but I've been really happy with the gh 5 it's an amazing camera especially for its 4k abilities and then also you can you have many different options slow motion a really high frame rate meaning that one downside is that the autofocus is a little bit can be a little bit slow so vlogging can be you kind of got to figure it out but anyway the gh 5 it's been an amazing camera I've loved using it this year as for lenses and I do like to switch out lenses when I can when I have time or when I'm not lazy like the lens I'm using right now it's a 2 really sharp nice bokeh lens but this is my go-to lens this is the lens I use for almost all the food videos it's an 8 to 18 lumic's Leica lens you can see how dirty it is from all of the the food that I've eaten with my hands and fingers and then switched the lens and zoomed in and out but this lens I've used it thoroughly throughout this year it's an awesome lens okay for audio this is the main microphone that I've used it's a shure vp lens hopper what does it say vp 83 I think a lens hopper anyway I used to use rode microphones and rode the right world microphones are very good but I recently this year I switched over to this short microphone I like the size it's smaller I like the build quality ah it feels a little more sturdy and I've been very happy with the sound quality as well probably in the middle of 2017 as well I needed a new phone and I before had an iPhone was it an iPhone 6 I had an iPhone 6 but I needed a new phone and so I decided to buy a Huawei p10 and so I'm still using the hoe a p10 and overall I've been really pleased with it the camera in particular is really good I think it's a great value phone for your money and this is the phone I've been using most of the year there's one more of my favorite camera gear of the year and I waited a long time to get it I didn't I always thought it was gonna be such a hassle and so I waited for a long time and after using it for a couple of months now I still think it's a huge hassle trying to vlog trying to get the shots from this this gadget and doing all sorts of thing multitasking it's a real it's a real challenge but at the same time it's so much fun I thoroughly enjoy it and I love the different perspectives that it offers and I'm talking about a drone though every time I post a video that includes includes drone footage I always get a lot of questions about what you drone I got so here's the drone I got a Mavic Pro this is when it's all folded out and ready to go but then the beauty of a Mavic is that it folds in like this and you can put it just within your backpack with in your camera bag it's that small here's some perspective ah and it's not too heavy however I do have to tell you that it is adding an extra thing and it's it's sometimes a little bit of a challenge trying to vlog take care of the baby eat and fly the drone all at the same time but it's so much fun that's a good cup of coffee but again I want to say a huge thank you for your amazing support this year and for watching our videos we're grateful for your support and hope you enjoyed this best of 2017 review oh if you have a favorite meal or can think of the best food dish that you ate in 2017 I want you to leave a comment below right now I'd love to hear from you and yeah I hope you had a wonderful year and I hope you have a prosperous and happy new year 2018 okay thanks again for watching remember to click Subscribe if you're not already subscribed and to click the little bell icon to be notified of future videos I'll see you in 2018 for lots more food and travel videos


Mark Wiens · May 14, 2019 at 4:57 pm

Video is a little early today, because in the Eastern part of the world it's coming up on New Year's Eve already… but just wanted to wish you a happy and prosperous New Year 2018! Here's a playlist of videos with all the best meals:

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Cool guy and I love his show, but let's be honest this guy is a huge dork.

Vidyanand Ramnarine · May 14, 2019 at 4:57 pm

In 2017 the first time i had it in Jamaica a local village "cow cock soup " delicious

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