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welcome back everybody last video we had a look at tourism in Australia and we examine the different markets and the different types of people about Australian tourism caters for and what kind of things these people want from a holiday in Australia so this time we're going to start looking at the benefits of tourism so why do we even care about maximizing the amount of people that come to Australia what does tourism actually do for Australia so there are three main benefits of tourism the first one economic benefits okay so all the money that tourism brings in for us the second benefit is social benefits so anything that improves the quality of life of the places where tourists visit and also the last benefit of tourism are environmental benefits so anything that tourism brings to help improve and preserve our environment so the first type of benefit that a country can receive from increasing their tourist industry is economic benefits now there are several different economic benefits that can be generated on the back of developing the tourist industry the first type that the first economic benefit that can be had from having a booming tourist industry is increased employment and there are two ways that employment can can increase due to tourism firstly it can increase directly so direct employment in the tourist industry such as tour guides or hotel housekeepers or anybody that works in a hotel that is direct increase of employment due to tourism you can also increase employment indirectly and that's in other services that don't directly service the tourist industry but they are is necessary to increase those services to cope with the increased tourists so that's things like food production and retail another benefit of increased tourism is they generate income for the local community so many communities that our highly trafficked with tourists are actually quite poor community so places in Southeast Asia like Thailand Malaysia Vietnam and other places like that are actually quite poor communities but due to the increased amount of tourists that travel through those area actually generates an income for the local people that they wouldn't otherwise have without tourists visiting their place another very important economic benefit is economic diversification so some economies are heavily reliant on particular elements of the economy such as mining and manufacturing so Australia is very reliant on our mining and other countries are heavily reliant on manufacturing or agriculture so tourism brings another level to that economy so if there are problems in the area that they are heavily reliant on they still have some sort of industry that can keep the economy going while the other areas recover the last important economic benefit of tourism is what's called infrastructure development so due to the increased amount of people going through the area a community will develop its infrastructure to cope with that so things such as airports roads schools hospitals are developed to cope with the extra traffic from people moving through the area however although they're usually developed to greater assess the tourists these of course have a benefit to the local community as well who wouldn't have these things without the tourist industry infrastructure development is important because not only as a benefit in itself but it also brings another another benefit in that if you have better airports roads schools hospitals transport systems you are going to aid your economic development because it allowed more trade and better flow of goods and services so you can see that these four things are very important benefits in the economic area that are directly related to the increase and improvement of tourism the next type of benefit that comes from increasing and improving tourist industry our social benefits so shows social benefits are anything to do with the general quality of life that people experience in the area that the tourist is visiting so the first social benefit that comes from having a booming tourist industry is a sense of pride in their community so because people often come to visit places for their distinct characteristics and unique culture it allows people in the area to develop a sense of pride about that unique culture so they can showcase distinct characteristics of their way of life a history and culture so you can see I've got here an Aboriginal artwork now these artworks may not be considered particularly special here in Australia but some people from overseas really appreciate this kind of art and that appreciation allows the indigenous communities to have a sense of pride in their way of life history and culture another important social benefit that's that comes with tourism is the preservation of trivet traditions so if any place in the world you go you are able to experience many different traditions that date back a long time so in here in Australia of course there's a lot of Aboriginal dance that has been preserved due to the demand of tourists wanting to see that unique sort of style of dance and you often see that in other countries in the world so if you go to Hawaii you're probably going to see the hula dancing and those sort of unique traditions that are repr formed night after night after night are passed on through the generations because there is a demand from tourists to see those things so that's a really important social benefit that these sort of historical traditions are passed on through the generations so that tourists can experience these things and so they live on and don't die out because there's no demand for those things anymore the last type of benefit that comes from an increased tourist industry are known as environmental benefits so that's anything to do with preserving our environment the first type of benefit that you'll see from tourism is financial support so due to our booming tourist industries we are able to dedicate more funds to preserving and conserving our natural resources the second type is there's more effort going into maintaining and preserving the environment because it's often the environment that draws people to a particular destination in my previous video I mentioned that several different market groups of people are particularly interested in the color the coastal environment of Australia and we're well known from our natural environment so more effort is going into preserving those environments so that we can draw more people here to Australia so I hope this videos helped you understand a bit more why it's important to care about and develop our tourist industry as you've heard there are you know three key types of benefit that we get we get economic benefits we get social benefits and we get environmental benefits from increasing and developing our tourist industry so that's why it is very important that we understand how tourism works what people are wanting from a holiday and being able to develop our tourist industry so that we can receive these key benefits that tourism generates

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