Battle Trip | 배틀트립 EP170 Part. 1 Trip to Australia 2 [ENG/THA/CHN/2020.01.12]

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I prepared a tour of Melbourne city. Intense Melbourne. I love it. Everyone visits this landmark in Melbourne. Did you see the drama, “I’m Sorry, I Love You?” It’s a lot hipper than it was in the drama. Do you want to eat with me or die? This could be the highlight of our trip. (The highlight of Chiyeul’s trip) (Skydiving) I did it! (Perfect activity for Chiyeul and Boreum) (Intense! Battle Trip!) Something we can only taste in Australia. For Australia, by Australia. A special meal. (Chewing and eating) It’s so good. This is the best thing we’ve had so far. We can see some new things. This is… You can’t see this unless you take a helicopter. Move this way, Chiyeul! Shouldn’t you move? I want to take a sexy photo too. Go pose. As we take in this fresh air. We’re becoming true Melburnians. The weather helped us out. Yes, it looks nice. My day was so cold, windy and rainy. We’ll start our busy day in the morning, Chiyeul. Where are we going today? The place we’re going… BBC said you have to see this place before you die. (A must-see attraction in Melbourne) – That’s where we’re going. / – What’s this? – It was so nice. / – This is… (Made by the waves and wind) This is the Great Ocean Road. – So this is the place. / – I’ve seen this place… – In a travel magazine. / – Right. Yeah, this place is always in travel magazines. This image is saved in my head somewhere. Yeah. It’s incredible. – So this is it. / – Gosh… (Going to see the great nature of Melbourne) It’s the Great Ocean Road. It’s a 4-hour drive away. So it’s not easily accessible. It takes around 3 to 4 hours… So an 8-hour round trip. It’s around 250km. – 250km? / – Yes. – 250km. / – Oh, 250km… – That’s like going to Daegu. / – Right. – My hometown. / – Right. It’s a 4-hour drive away. I was trying to decide between taking a rental car or a tour bus. But for a more comfortable trip, I rented a car! Let’s go! Open sesame! Oh, nice one. It’s a private tour, so it’s a bit over $300. But if 10 people went… – That’s only $30 a person. / – Right. – Right, right. / – Right? That’s good for big parties. – The van. / – Right. Boreum got the van for us. (Boreum’s Melbourne, day 3) – This is our first time going to the outskirts. / – Right. I’m kind of excited. It’s like taking another trip within Melbourne. We mostly planned stuff to do in the city. That’s why we saw a lot of the same stuff. Now we’re going to see some new stuff. And the Great Ocean Road is really wide. It’s wide and big. – I’ve seen photos. / – We’ll take a helicopter… And see three spots. You’re taking a helicopter again? She wanted to take a helicopter. (I have a fear of heights…) If I knew that you were going to do a helicopter tour for your day, I wouldn’t have taken you skydiving. We didn’t have to do both. Yes, that’s a good point. (He jumped not knowing there was a helicopter tour) Dad, mom, I love you! That was only for you. I didn’t know you’d make it only for us. It’ll be a different experience. Around 3 hours. The outside view from the window… It was amazing. It kept changing. There’s so much to see out the window. Right. It feels different. I planned such a different day. (They can see the blue sea) Wow, the sea looks so pretty! (Port Campbell) This village is called Port Campbell. They used to catch whales here. You can’t go whaling anymore now. And since the Great Ocean Road became a popular tourist attraction… – There are a lot of hotels. / – A lot of places to stay. They opened a lot of restaurants here. It’s kind of like a rest stop. You stop here before going to the Great Ocean Road. – It’s the only place where you can eat. / – So… – We’ll buy some food. / – It’s so pretty. And we’ll eat outdoors. – I see people over there eating. / – I see that. I’ll go buy some food. You just wait here with the nice breeze. – Yeah? Alright. / – I’ll buy some good stuff. – I can’t wait. / – Okay. – Just wait. / – The sky looks so pretty. – Later. / – I’ll be back. – I’ll find us a seat. / – Okay! (Boreum’s Melbourne, day 3) (Lunch at Port Campbell) (Vacant) It was cold. – So I looked like that. / – It looks cold. Hi, guys. I’m Chiyeul. (Who are you talking to?) (Who are you?) (No reaction) (Lonely) (As Chiyeul sits alone) She ordered them herself and she got some good food. (She checks something while waiting on the food) I don’t think Chiyeul is good with his hands. – Want to see? / – How so? – The photos. / – Oh, the photos. Look at my face. My eyes are closed. Oh, come on… What kind of photo was that? You can make it look cool when your hair is blowing in the wind. True beauty is natural. But that’s such a bad photo. Look at my face. My eyes are closed. Hair looking like seaweed. I don’t like them. He’s taking photos by himself. I took photos by myself as I waited. (He looks around) (Grabs his phone) Why is this out of focus? Let’s focus it… (It’s hard to take photos by yourself) (He poses) (He jumps) I got the shot! That looks great. This place looks great from any angle. She’s back! I found us a seat here! I feel like the coffee will fly away. Give it here. Wait, hold on. I got it. I got it. The coffee. Hold on. I got it. Hold on. Got it! Look how thick the pizza looks. She bought a bunch of good stuff. Is this pizza? – Pizza! / – Pizza! This is the steak sandwich we were craving. And this is a salad with fried squid. – Oh, this is fried squid. / – Yes. Thank you for the food! Let’s dig in. That looks so good. It was so good. – She kept shouting after eating. / – Is it good? “Ooh!” Like that. (Will Chiyeul like it?) You shouted even louder! I did that? The audio sounded distorted. I yelled that loudly? (Wow) Refreshing, right? Good, right? What is this? This… I’ve never had anything like this before. Good, right? – It was so good. / – It looks delicious. It was so good. Calamari is different from squid. It’s salty and a bit spicy. I thought it was fried chicken. Why? The squid is so good! He really means it. The squid came to shore from the sea. It saw me at the beach. “Hey, it’s Chiyeul!” As it moves like… Chiyeul, you sound like a con artist. We mentioned last time that he likes to exaggerate. I thought you were a serious guy. You’re actually pretty silly. I’m usually serious. “Hey, it’s Chiyeul!” As it moves like… And it comes to me for a hug. – Oh, really? / – Yeah. (Ignores the comment) (Time to try the steak sandwich next) (It’s so thick that he eats it with the fork in it) Is that good? (Nods) (Boreum takes a big bite too) Good, right? It’s so good! This is all steak. This is amazing. They put a piece of steak inside? It’s really thick. – That looks so good. / – It’s not a patty. – It’s a steak. / – A steak. The bread is pretty hard. It’s like a baguette. – But the steak inside is tender. / – Right? I think they added mayo too. The steak is so tender. This is the best thing we’ve tried so far. The sandwich. – It’s that good? / – Yes. The background looks amazing right now. The beach. I’m so happy to be eating on the beach. – Wow, with a view of the beach… / – This view… This view is everything. Let’s fill up on this and go for a helicopter ride since it’s nice out. It’s really windy… (Coughs) Can we really ride a helicopter? – Sure. It’ll be nice when we get there. / – Okay. – Let’s fill up on this. / – Okay. Enjoy the food and prepare yourself. (Great Ocean Road) (A special way) (To enjoy it) I should put this on my bucket list. This is pretty nice. – Seriously. / – The Great Ocean Road. The end of the world. (A 10-minute drive to the heliport) We’re here to take a helicopter and see… – The Great Ocean Road. / – We’re here! Wow, I can see the helicopter. Right? That’s what we’re going to ride. Is it okay when it’s this windy? Sure. It’s fine. Wow, I can’t believe I get to ride a helicopter. It’s my first time too. – Neat. / – Interesting. They weigh you and you sign a consent form. (They get their tickets after the procedure) Ten2. He seems so laidback now. – Right? / – After going skydiving… – Look at his face! / – He looks so different. – When I take courage… / – He’s laidback. – I can do anything. / – It’s only hard at first. (Big talk) Why do you remind me of Heo Kyeonghwan? The helicopter! This should be fun. (As Boreum is excited, Chiyeul is worried) (Another team’s helicopter takes off) (These two will also get on a helicopter!) Neat! I’ve seen a helicopter from up close, but this was my first time riding one. – It was for me too. / – You got to experience… – A lot of firsts in Melbourne. / – Yes. But it’s nice to try new things… – When you’re traveling. / – New things. – Or else you end up regretting it. / – Right. She’s always excited about stuff like this. – What? / – You love stuff like this. So cool! (I went skydiving, so I can do this too) (Scared) What is this? (Squats in case the propeller hits him) – In case it hits him! / – Gosh, he was scared… – That’s so lame! / – Hold on… He’s not just afraid of heights. He’s a scaredy-cat. He’s a coward. He’s just a coward. I walked normally. – What are you talking about? / – Really? – You folded yourself in half. / – Really? (It’s like he’s folded in half…) (They board the helicopter) Oh, scary! (The helicopter takes off) Here we go! How exciting! Wow! This is so cool! What is this? (So impressed as soon as they start flying) This is so cool! Wow! (After they pass the green plains) (They slowly head towards the Great Ocean Road) (It seems like the cliff stretches on endlessly) I’ve seen this. It looks so picturesque. This is so cool! So pretty. Beautiful! (The beautiful sight makes him sing) They almost look fake. – Right? / – It looks like a photo. – Do you see those pointy rocks? / – Yeah. Those are the 12 Apostles. – Oh, those pointy ones? / – Yes. This is the biggest attraction at the Great Ocean Road. (12 Apostles) (The biggest attraction at the Great Ocean Road) (Limestone boulders made through erosion) – There’s a place like this? / – Yes. A work of art made by nature. – No way that’s man-made. / – Right. – Cool! / – Neat! It looks like a castle. A bunch of castles. – It’s so different seeing it in person. / – I bet. – Chiyeul this is… / – It’s so different. Where London Bridge was. But it fell apart in 1990. Those are the remains. So natural. It’s so natural. Chiyeul, that’s Port Campbell. – That’s where we ate earlier. / – Yeah. It looks so small now. This is actually a really big cliff. From up here, with the naked eye… It looks so small. It just looks like a cliff. It’s so picturesque when you take a photo. But it’s actually huge. It’s a work of art made by nature. That looks amazing. This place is amazing. – This place looks incredible. / – Right? We’re on a helicopter, like in the movies. This is really nice. Thank you, Boreum. You can’t see this if not for the helicopter tour. When else would we get to see this? (You can only experience this in Melbourne) – This is wonderful. / – Yeah. I’m not afraid of helicopters anymore. – You aren’t? / – No. – Look! A helicopter! / – There’s a helicopter. Hello! You can fly. I’m so happy today. This is so much fun! (They’re back down from the helicopter tour) How was it, Chiyeul? That was awesome. – Right? / – It was totally awesome. – It almost felt too short. / – Right? I love how we got to see something you can only see from a helicopter. Yeah. We would’ve regretted it if we didn’t go. – You have to take a helicopter tour here. / – Yes. – Right? / – Or you’ll regret it. – You’ll regret it if you don’t go. / – Right? – You need a view from above. / – Yes. Even though it’s a bit pricy… – You have to ride the helicopter. / – Yes. Do you have to book the ride in advance? It’s good to make reservations because then you don’t have to wait. So you might not be able to ride it… – If you sign up the day of. / – You might be too late. Right. – If a lot of other people are there. / – Right. So sign up ahead of time online. Depending on how big your party is… The price changes. There are different courses too. It’s only available at certain hours? You can’t see things if it’s dark. Until 4 o’clock. – Dark? / – You can’t ride if it’s too dark. – Dark? / – Until 4 o’clock. You can’t ride it when the sun is down. It looks amazing just seeing it on screen. Imagine how amazing it looks in person. I bet I’d cry. I should add that to my wish list. Places I have to go to. I have a big list of places. I should make a list too. The view from above looks different from below. We’re going to see the 12 Apostles from below now. – Oh, we’re going to see that now? / – Yes. Can we go there? Sure. We saw it from above, so we have to see it from up close. – Let’s check it out. / – Shall we go? (To the 12 Apostles observatory!) (Boreum’s Melbourne, day 3) (12 Apostles observatory) Chiyeul, we’re going to the 12 Apostles observatory. – To see what we saw. / – So it’s here. There’s a hiking path that leads to it. Yes, we’re going to walk there and see it from up close. – This is a nice path. / – Right? And it’s so clear out too… – I love it. / – For your day… Chiyeul! Look! The 12 Apostles! See it? – It looks so different here. / – We can see it here. When you see it from up close… It’s so different. So cool. Cool. – It’s such a long shoreline. / – Yes. (Limestone rocks that endured 200 million years) 200 million years… (Limestone rocks that endured 200 million years) Wow! It’s like a work of art. So cool. I love it when the wind blows hard. This is nice. – So picturesque. / – It feels like I’m flying. Yeah. (Feeling the great nature with their bodies) I love the smell of the sea. So this is the 12 Apostles. 12 rocks represent the 12 disciples. It’s really windy now. Weathering destroyed some of the rocks. They don’t count the smaller ones. So there are 8 left now. Oh, I see four. They’re not counted? They’re not counted as the 12 Apostles. That’s why you have to see this before you die. – It’ll be gone over time. / – It’s weathering away. You don’t know how many will be left the next time you come here. Chiyeul, let’s head down and check things out. – Sounds good. / – Right? Since it’s really windy up here. Do you know which way to go? – No. / – Just let the wind guide you. Yeah? Man… I’ll just go this way. This place is amazing. They have a few different viewpoints. (20-minute drive to London Bridge) – This is London Bridge. / – We saw it earlier. – From the sky. / – Yes. You used to be able to walk on London Bridge. But not anymore. You can only see it from afar. – That’s why there’s an observatory. / – Yes. It’s still so cool. – This is where London Bridge once was? / – Yes. Those two areas used to be connected. (London Bridge) (London Bridge) (Shows the erosion at Great Ocean Road) It fell apart in 1990. The middle part just fell into the sea. Wow! What is this? So that’s how it used to look. People used to be able to walk on it. How did that hole form over there? From erosion. There’s a hole over there. – The waves can get in. / – Yes. How is that possible? This place is a work of art! (Taking in London Bridge) This looks amazing! – This is the viewpoint. / – Yes. It’s a bit different from earlier, right? Compared to where we saw the 12 Apostles. It’s definitely different seeing it from up close compared to from above. You can see more of the details down here. They just look like lumps from the above. Look at that delicious loaf of bread. Yeah, that looks like a big loaf of bread that was cut evenly with a knife. How does it look like that? Yeah, seriously. This is so interesting. Chiyeul, one last place to check out. You’re going to love this. – Where is it? / – Loch Ard Gorge. Oh, Loch Ard Gorge. We have to go there to take some great photos. A place to take great photos? – Let’s hurry! Let’s go take photos! / – Let’s go. – Let’s go! / – Let’s go take photos! So there are three viewpoints. Yes, three viewpoints. You have to see all three places? Yes, you have to. This is the last place we’re going to see. This is Loch Ard Gorge. There are three places you can see from the helicopter and from below. And we’re headed to the last place. We’re going to see some art by the artist named nature. So exciting. That was a great comment. – This place is amazing. / – Very nice. – I’m so excited! / – So pretty! Wow, what’s that? It looks like there’s a cave. We’re here! This is the last stop. I’m so excited! (What does Loch Ard Gorge look like?) (Past the sand, you can see cliffs by the beach) It’s so pretty! What is this place? Isn’t it amazing? I picked this as the last stop because around 50 immigrants took the Loch Ard here. Then there was a shipwreck. Most of them died and only two survived. They named this gorge the Loch Ard Gorge to remember those immigrants. That’s why I picked this place as our last stop. Out of all the places we saw from above, we got the closest view of this place from below. – It’s so different from the sky. / – Right? (Chiyeul and Boreum go to get a closer look) I was most excited about being here. This is great! Wow, it’s so big. It’s so pretty. (Excited) (He’s so impressed by the sight) This is an amazing sight. (He’s so impressed by the sight) People are taking photos. There are a few popular photo spots here. The photo points look so smooth. They’re taking a photo… (Let’s get out of their way) – Go stand over there. / – Wow, so pretty! I’ll photograph you. I want to look sexy like her. Go pose. Count to 3. – Just hold still. / – Count to 3. 1, 2, 3. What was that? What’s this? I’m taking photos of her. Let’s see how they turned out. She’s trying to look like she’s walking. She’s trying to look natural. But for me, I was like, “Why does she keep moving?” Take a look. – Did they come out good? / – Yeah, take a look. Look at this. This looks fine, but I should be standing in the center. Yeah, so… I told you to have my feet close to the bottom. – I took one like that. Look at this. / – You did? – See? / – My feet should be here. He should’ve taken one of her taking a step. Let’s see this one. He took a photo when she stopped moving. I did my best. – He really did. / – Sure. See how focused I am? (Snap, snap, snap, snap) That’s enough. Just pick the ones you like. I took a lot! Alright, okay. Thank you. I used the zoom function and took a lot. One of those usually ends up looking great. – Right? See? She knows. / – Yes. This is what I mean. That looks good. This looks nice. I think it looks pretty good. This place is great. It was wonderful. Loch Ard. This way, Chiyeul. Move back a bit. One more step. Take a step forward. One more step. Yes, perfect. Just a half-step back. – Can’t you move? / – Alright. Just wait. – Stop moving. / – She just sat there… She didn’t move… She took her photos like this. But she kept telling me to move. But she kept telling me to move. “No, a bit more.” No, stop moving. (At a loss for words) Your hat! Approved. – So cool! / – Nice photos. – With that background… / – From the sea… – The opposite direction. / – The opposite direction. Get all this. – There are two spots. / – Two spots in one place. – I like this better. / – What is this? Wow… I would use a real camera here. Not my phone. – Like a DSLR. / – Yes, a real camera. What did you think? We got to see everything from above and below from up close. How was it different? I couldn’t tell how big anything was… – From above. / – Yes, that’s true. But from up close… It’s majestic. It’s so big too. – It’s not small at all. / – Right. It took so much time for this to be made. That’s why we traveled 4 hours from Melbourne to see this. I’m so happy that we came here. If you travel to Melbourne… – You have to come here. / – 4 hours… – It’s an investment. / – Right. But it’s worth it. I’m so happy that I got to see this before I died. How long does it take you to see all that? We left early in the morning and it was dark when we got back. I would go the day before and… – Spend the night there. / – That would be better. – That sounds better. / – You could take your time. – Because if you have to rush back… / – Right. – You’d be worried. / – Right. If you have more time, you should spend… – The night there, right? / – Yes. So we’ve seen all three spots on the Great Ocean Road. It’s nice that we came this far to see all this. Right? We have to take it in some more. Let’s take this in some more. Then we’ll go back to the city and go somewhere really hot in Melbourne. – A hot place? / – Yes. Sounds good. (Boreum’s Melbourne, day 3) They’re going to a hot place in Melbourne now. (A hot place at Yarra River) (3-hour drive to Yarra River pub) (Yarra River looks very different at night) Wow, so many people. This is where we’ll end the day. This is it. Isn’t it so nice here? It’s a boat right on the river. – On Yarra River. / – Yes. This is a bar… – So you need to bring your passport. / – Really? Shall we take a look behind us? Casually… The night lights. Make some noise! It reminds me of Seoul. Seoul has Hangang. – It has bridges with night lights. / – Right. – It’s like Hangang. / – Hangang. – It’s like Yeouido. / – With a cruise ship. – From the cruise ship terrace. / – Today is… The weather is so nice. Gosh, the wind feels so nice. It’s so refreshing. I’ll take a photo of you. (Taking photos with the beautiful background) – You sure took a lot of photos. / – Yes. I’m not a good photographer, but I took a lot of photos. A mood wizard! What is that? What was that? (What was that?) A mood wizard! (Hahaha) I took a great photo of you. Really? (Conquering the night lights of Melbourne) Thank you! So pretty! Neither of us can really drink. Oh, pina colada. We got non-alcoholic cocktails. It’s a pina colada. – This is a pina colada? / – Yes. (Slurps) How is it, Chiyeul? It’s like pineapple juice. Pineapple juice? Good, right? Nice and smooth? It’s just like pineapple juice. Really? This is made with tomato juice. They added pepper and… See this? – It’s kind of spicy. / – A chili. – The red one. / – It’s spicy. It’s really good. – What is that? / – A chili… It’s like a health drink. (How does Boreum’s cocktail taste?) – What is it? / – I got scared. What is it? Let me try that. Are you supposed to drink it with this sugar? (Chiyeul takes a big sip) – Chiyeul… / – It tastes weird. This isn’t sugar! It’s salt! Really? It’s salt. Tomato, lime and spicy chilies. It tastes like young radish noodles. It tastes like that cold and spicy broth. It’s the same color too. I’m wide awake now. This is good for fatigue. – It tasted like kimchi water. / – Like cold noodles? I’ve tried some cocktails here and there. But it was my first time trying that. – It really tasted like young radish noodles? / – Yes. Young radish noodles with salt. So all you need to do is add noodles. It makes you tremble when you drink it. Ordering a drink like that will be something you can laugh about later. – That’s what you remember. / – Right. (She tries some again) (Shudders) This is too much! That’s so funny. I ordered the pineapple! Try it. Come on. We’ll never forget about Melbourne if we drink more of this… (Enjoying the night in Melbourne with the night lights) So this is the last stop for today. Get some rest because tomorrow will be even busier. Should we end things… – With cheers? / – Sounds good. Cheers! (To an even better day tomorrow) I’m planning the third and fourth day. After thinking about what we should do… My traveling motto is living like a local rather than going to tourist attractions. It’s interesting because Melbourne’s a city, but it’s called the garden city. There are a lot of trees and a lot of pretty places. Melbourne’s 3 best gardens. There’s one called Fitzroy Garden. A lot of locals go jogging and bike riding here. I should bring my gym clothes. I really enjoy exercising. I go to the same gym as Chiyeul. He likes exercising too. I think he’ll enjoy this. This is a good idea. I did some research. Melbourne is famous for its coffee. Most people start their mornings with coffee. So I think getting coffee here would be really nice. There are always places you have to check out when you travel, and one of them is the market. I want to go here. Queen Victoria Market. I want to see what the people here like to buy and eat. I think the market is where you go to see how locals really live. A lot of youngsters will be there. If you go to a club, you can see what young people wear and what they like. Chiyeul and I don’t really drink, but we still enjoy nice places. So I think it’ll be fun to hang out there.


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