Battle Trip | 배틀트립 EP152 NCT Dream’s trip to Busan Part. 1 [ENG/THA/CHN/2019.08.25]

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(Sisters Yu Hyeri and Choi Soorin went to Jeju-do) (A trip planned for her big sister) (These sisters bicker, but they’re close) (Delicious Jeju-do dishes) (An island within Jeju, Udo) (Which team will win?) (Numerous great tips on trips) (Kim Sook, Sung Sikyung) (Lee Hweejae, Chaebin) Travel is war! Battle Trip! Continuing on from the last episode, we’re watching summer vacation spots in Korea. We’re with the trip planners that went on these trips. – Welcome. / – Hello. Once again, we have 100 judges in the audience to judge these trips objectively. Hello. (100 judges in the audience) We saw Udo in Jeju-do last episode and you complained it was hard to watch, Chaebin. Yes, my group made our comeback. So I’m trying to lose weight. – All I’m eating is salad. / – Oh, dear. Watching the footage made me so hungry. What did you want to eat the most? The braised hairtail. – The braised hairtail. / – I really wanted that. – That looked really good. / – The braised hairtail. – The trip to Jeju-do… / – Was strong? – Too strong. / – Our trip is strong too. Sure, it should be. It should be. Why are you so unsure? – Where’s your confidence? / – Yeah. Jeju-do is so beautiful and we wanted to go there too. We were envious. – Just go to Jeju-do then. / – Yeah. Busan was nice too. Sook, what’s another good place to travel in Korea… – Besides Jeju-do and Busan? / – So many places. One of my goals for this year is going to Ulleungdo. – Ulleungdo. / – For the squid. Yes, at Ulleungdo… Squid isn’t the only thing they have in Ulleungdo. They have all sorts of stuff. Yes. Look up the Ulleungdo episode of our show. – The nature is so well-preserved there. / – Yes. I recommend stopping by Gangneung on your way to Ulleungdo. If you really want to eat, Mokpo was pretty epic. Right! We saw a trip to Mokpo. So much street food outside Mokpo Station. – And Tongyeong. / – Tongyeong is nice too. Do you remember the raw mackerel? Anyway, it’s always good to go somewhere coastal. – It’s very nice. / – I tried the original version… Of barley corvina. – I was shocked. / – Barley corvina. – In Yeonggwang? / – Yes. – Yeonggwang. / – Yeonggwang. The barley corvina in Yeonggwang was unforgettable. Busan… For Busan… – I’m from Busan. / – Right. I lived there for 20 years. But Busan changes so often. It changes every year. Actually, it changes every month. Busan used to have just one subway line… – But now, there are a few. / – There were 2 lines. – Oh, it was one line when I lived there. / – One line? One line… That’s a long time ago. I was there back when there was one subway line. – One subway line… / – Just line 1. She’s not that much older than your grandmother. My grandmother? (Sook is suddenly an old lady) I… Grand… I’m not sure, but your grandmother and I would be friends. You look very young. (Why is it so sad to hear this?) – Busan has a lot of great food. / – Yes. All sorts of food. I can’t wait to see what you ate there. We ate all sorts of stuff. For Busan… Did you eat pork soup? Unfortunately… We ate something similar to pork. You’re supposed to eat pork soup, wheat noodles… – And stuffed pancakes in Busan. / – Right. That’s what a lot of people think. But we tried more new and special dishes. – I can’t wait. / – New and special? Things people our age would like. Then I wouldn’t know about that. – Oh, come on. / – I wouldn’t know. – Hot places. / – Hot dishes. What’s hot these days? Stuffed pancakes? – Stuffed pancakes? / – Spicy rice cakes? Stuffed pancakes are hot these days? I’m sorry. I always ate stuffed pancakes in Busan. – At Jagalchi Market. / – It’s not something common. I bet it tastes bad. – I can’t wait. / – No, it was good. (Later on!) – There’s cheese. / – Cheese. (A big twist with the food in Busan) Now I’m jealous. What’s the name of your tour? Oh, we came up with something. Dreamy Tour will show you Busan! 1, 2, 3. To the world, this is NCT! – Hello, we’re NCT! / – Hello, we’re NCT! Hello, I’m the unfunny one in NCT Dream. I’m Jeno. Hello, I’m the lovely one in NCT Dream. – I’m Jaemin. / – Say it again. – Lovely. / – No. – Lovely. / – Change it up. To what? (Just looking at him puts you in a good mood) He looks like such a baby. (Jaemin of NCT Dream) So cute. (So unfunny, yet so handsome) So handsome. (Jeno of NCT Dream) (They’ve known each other since trainees) Gosh, look at their skin. What’s the most famous spot when it comes to a summer vacation in Korea? Renjun went there recently. – Jeju-do! / – Jeju-do! And you went to Sokcho, Jeno. Busan is also a famous place. Oh, Busan. – Busan. / – Busan. I feel like that’s where we’ll be going. – My mother’s mother is from Busan. / – His grandma. Right next to Gwangalli Beach. There’s all sorts of good food in Busan too. So many good places. – So maybe we should go to Busan. / – Okay. How many times have you been there? My grandmother… – Many times. / – Lives there. – Many times. / – As for me… I lived in Jeonju and Busan for a bit. Oh, you lived there? Jaemin lived in Busan. (When it comes to Busan) (Tony and Jaedeok went there first) (It’s been featured on our show 3 times) (What side of Busan will Jeno and Jaemin show us?) Yeah, Busan’s so big. It’s so big. Okay, so since we’re a bit lost and don’t know what to do… Let’s call a friend. – You know, right? / – They know a lot of people. – So many people to ask. / – Yeah. We have a lot of friends, so it was hard to choose who to call. (Who has the exciting connection tone?) Hello? Shindong! What’s going on? Hello. He’s been on Battle Trip too. (Shindong took two trips on our show) So, you two are traveling somewhere? Yes, that’s right. Abroad? – We’re going to Busan. / – Wow, Busan. Where are your opponents going? Jeju-do. That means you guys lost. – Why? / – Here’s some good news. Your hotel fees will be a bit cheaper. – Jeju-do gets a bit pricy. / – Oh, right. Do things for younger people because the studio audience is usually filled with young people and couples. He really knows the deal. (That’s our senior!) And take a lot of food photos with your phone. Find the photo spots and take a lot of photos. – Okay, we’ll do that. / – Thank you. – Thank you. / – Sure. I’m so nervous. Shall we try this? Shall we? We should! Get ready, Jaemin. 5, 6, 7, 8, let’s get it! (This isn’t on pause) – Hello! / – Hello. You two didn’t act this way with Shindong. Maybe they don’t really respect Shindong. No. Oh, hi. – Hello. / – Hello. It’s Jeno and Jaemin. – Oh, Jeno and Jaemin? / – Yes. The thing is… – Who is it? / – We’re traveling to Busan. – So… / – Busan is great. – But… / – Busan is great. Suho, we heard you went to the Busan International Film Festival. So we figured you’d know Busan better than us. My father is from Busan. (So reliable) I grew up in Busan as a kid. You have to plan your trip well though. Right. I love traveling. – I’m very thorough when I plan trips. / – Wow, look. I see. What’s a good place to take photos? Oh, for that, just search for #Busan on social media. All the photos look the same. If you see what other people posted… If you try #Gwangalli, you should see a lot of great photos in Gwangalli. A lot of people post from there. Anyway, have fun and be safe. Okay. – Take care. / – Okay. – Thank you. / – Thank you. I think we should come up with a tour name. Let’s use Dream… Yeah! We call ourselves Dreamy. Dreamy. – Yeah. / – Dreamy. That’s cute. I like it. Dreamy sounds good. Dreamy Tour will tell you great tips on Busan! (So romantic) (A great summer travel destination) (So many things to see and do) This is what it’s always like. – Gwangan Bridge. / – It always looks like this. Is this from Guardian? (Jaemin and Jeno of NCT Dream) (So loud and hyper) (Great reactions) He has great reactions. (I’m going to get all the footage) (He just goes with it) (These idols know TV well) (Amazed) (Energizer Jaemin) (My gosh) The judges… A very different reaction from the last episode. Just let them enjoy themselves. That’s why they came. (They’re really enjoying themselves) (Such attractive smiling eyes) (So excited) (Everything is amazing and fun to him) (Jeno is fascinated about the outside world) (Their first trip at age 20) (Even the rain won’t get them down) I’m so happy! (An exciting and thrilling trip) What’s that? (A youthful trip where they do everything they want) (Of course, food in Busan can’t be missed) (Even tripe grilled over flames) That’s what we need to see. Wow, I don’t recognize those dishes. (Romantic and satisfying) (Dreamy Tour will show you Busan!) (The daring trip to Busan starts now) (Jeno Day, Dreamy Tour) (Jaemin Day, Dreamy Tour) – Even though it rained… / – I remember that photo. Seeing it now, I think we can win. – So pretty. / – Very well-edited. He said it’s well-edited. Sure. Did you go by train? Yes, nothing beats the KTX. (Busan Station) We’re in Busan now. Yeah. But what’s with this weather? Look at this weather. It’s raining. I didn’t know it would rain. (But they’re still energetic!) Busan is romantic when it rains. What should we do first now that we’re here? – You planned the first day. / – Yeah. – I planned this day. / – So what’s next? So just follow me today. Shindong recommended boiled pork and noodles. – Oh, the 100-year-old restaurant? / – Yeah. You have to get meat in Busan. Meat. Do you guys like boiled pork? Oh! I love all meat dishes. – Yeah? / – Yes. I know this place that does just boiled pork and noodles. – Just those two dishes? / – That means it’s good. It means they’re confident. That place is really delicious. (Jeno Day, Dreamy Tour) (Breakfast) It was so good. The restaurant is just a 10-minute walk from here. It’s that close to Busan Station? Just a 10-minute walk from Busan Station. – You can walk there? / – Yes. I feel like getting a taxi since it’s raining, but it’s only a 10-minute walk. I haven’t been to Busan in forever. I haven’t been to Busan since I was in elementary school. (They feel so laidback in Busan) Jeno. There it is, there it is, there it is. – What is? / – There it is. Wow. They opened in 1890. – 1890? / – Yes. – Yes, 1890. / – It’s 130 years old. – Passed down for 5 generations. / – 5 generations. $9 for one serving of boiled pork is pretty good. (The thinly sliced boiled pork looks so appetizing) (The noodles are cooked in the meat broth) You should cook noodles in a big pot like that. That’s why noodles at restaurants are so good. That broth looks refreshing. The broth was so good. (Refreshing) (Clean) (They’re waiting for their food to come up) What are you doing? Waiting. Oh! (Oh! The meat is coming) Oh! Oh, hello! Hello. Wow. Young radish noodles. And the regular noodles. This is the boiled pork. – More boiled pork. / – Boiled pork. (Their first meal in Busan) They each get a plate of boiled pork. That’s a lot of meat. It’s less than $10. – It’s $9. / – $4 for the young radish noodles. $3 for a bowl of noodles? Boy, that looks good. (Noodles, $3) (Young radish noodles, $4) I want to try the meat first. (With some salted shrimp) (Nodding) How is it? Describe it. It tastes like meat. It tastes like meat? But it’s different from regular boiled pork. It is? Sorry, I’m not really a foodie. (He tries a piece with the secret sauce) How should I describe this? It smells different. What should I say? I can taste the 100 years. (What?) What does 100 years taste like? You can’t ignore the 100 years. It’s cleaner and more tender. Looks different from the boiled pork we had. They give you so much. It’s not that oily. It’s good. Cold young radish noodles. Just like eating cold noodles with meat. – Like meat noodles. / – Wrap the meat in noodles. (Slurps) (The sound makes you salivate) (Expressing himself with his chopsticks) It’s sweet and savory. (Cold young radish noodles go well with the meat) The noodles look so nice and chewy. Yeah, they do. (How about the hot bowl of noodles?) (He even slurps up the broth) (Frowns) Wow, this is so refreshing. The 2.5 hours of fatigue just melted away. For real. (Just one bite and you’ll want to keep eating) – How was it? / – The broth was so good. – Like it was boiled for a long time. / – Savory? It comes from 100 years of experience. (Eyes bulging) It’s raining today. Perfect for a rainy day. Noodles! – Perfect! / – It’s better when it rains. I liked the hot noodles. Jaemin, we made a big mistake. Huh? We didn’t take photos. (Oh, right) The concept of our trip… For the fans… Boyfriend shots for the fans! Let’s check out some boyfriend photos. If you post a profile photo, people might think you’re a boyfriend. Take everyday photos looking good. Photos that look effortless. (Boyfriend shots are all about looking natural) There are no boyfriends like that. Come on. For real. Okay, okay. I get it now. Just take photos at the table. – Before eating. / – Yeah. Let’s take some boyfriend shots. Alright, face me. (You have to have the right angle) – What is this? / – Is it a hidden camera? You look handsome, Jeno. Hold on. You look great. (Acting indifferent) 1, 2, 3. Peek-a-boo. This is a boyfriend shot, for real. – What is this? / – Is that really a boyfriend shot? (Where is the boyfriend shot?) I thought I did a good job taking those. – The second one is okay. / – A bit… – The second one. / – It looks like a girlfriend took it. Yes, right. The second one looks nice. (This time, feeding shot) I want some young radish. You sure ask for a lot. Just eat what I give you. Wrapped in young radish… (What the customer ordered) – Like a girlfriend feeding you. / – Feeding him? This looks perfect, Jeno. 1, 2, 3. (Continuous shots) Look at the camera! You never know which one will turn out good. – One should turn out good. / – You seem so close. (Feels shameful…) (One bite for you, one bite for me) – Is that a boyfriend shot? / – It looks good. – What is this? / – It’s a GIF now. – Is that a boyfriend shot? / – It looks good. – What is this? / – It’s a GIF now. I guess youngsters like doing things like that. (Get the captions out of the way! It’s eye candy) (Now, it’s time to take a photo of Jaemin) Why is that a boyfriend? 1, 2, 3. (A bit crooked boyfriend) Because it’s continuous shots, they can eat fast. – Yeah. / – Eat fast. He didn’t even get all the noodles in. (Just watching him eat makes you full) (They chow down after taking photos) They’re not so good at describing the food, but they sure can eat. Of course, Shindong recommended a great place. (They’re at war with the food) (Scraping his bowl) They ate everything! – They cleared everything. / – We finished it all. You guys don’t diet? – Never. / – Right. – That’s cool. / – Never? Never been on a diet. – I’ll never diet. / – They’re very active. We still have two meals left. Now that we’re full… When we spoke to Suho on the phone, he said to go on the Taejongdae cruise. A cruise? There’s a cruise ship at Taejongdae. I’ve never been on a cruise ship. Let’s go to Taejongdae. Taejongdae? They have a cruise ship? I love cruise ships. There’s a place called Taejongdae. You have to take the cruise there. I just said that I wanted to go on a cruise ship. – Sounds fun. / – Oh, we think alike. Yes. It sounds great, Suho. (Jeno Day, Dreamy Tour) (Taejongdae cruise) This looks great. Taejongdae. (Taejongdae has been designated as a cultural asset) Back in the Silla era, Taejong Muyeol of Silla used to practice archery here. That’s why it’s called Taejongdae. He rode a ship and practiced archery here. I didn’t know that. Taejongdae is named after Taejong Muyeol. (A tourist attraction at the southernmost point) Let’s take a bus there. – Huh? A bus? / – Yeah. Can’t we take a taxi? Come on. We haven’t been to Busan in forever. Let’s take the city in. Let’s see what the bus is like. It’s nice to take the bus on a rainy day. – It’s nice. / – Yes. This is really taking me back. Remember the bus we took as trainees? Bus 4318. We took that bus and got off at Apgujeong Rodeo. If you miss your stop on 4318… – You end up elsewhere. / – Right. It’s 101, it’s 101. 101 is here. 101 is here. 101 is here. Shall we get on? (The last stop is Taejongdae!) Two passengers. The public transit is so nice here. (The bus drives through the pouring rain) (Water on the lens?) (Wiping the camera lens) (Rain trickles down the window) It’s raining so much. We should’ve taken a taxi, Jeno. – A taxi would’ve been better. / – No… You’re so obsessed with new culture. “Obsessed with new culture.” It’s nice to take a bus sometimes. (They get in the mood on bus 101) (A 45-minute bus ride to Taejongdae) So this is Busan Port. Busan Port. This place looks amazing. Yeah. We’re going into Yeongdo. – We couldn’t see from the fog. / – Yeongdo? – Yeongdo. / – Where’s that? An island. (Taejongdae is in Yeongdo) (Busan Bridge is one bridge that goes to Yeongdo) It would’ve been nicer if it wasn’t raining. It sure is pouring. The rain is hitting the bus. (It’s raining and they’re full) (They’re getting sleepy…) (They fall asleep) We really slept. We really slept. They passed out right after eating. – We felt drowsy. / – Very healthy. That’s the best feeling. A nap after a big meal. (They have a short, yet happy nap after eating) (He’s still so handsome when he’s sleeping) (The two boys slept very well) We’re here! We’re here! This is so real. Yes, that was for real. – That’s where we woke up. / – That’s funny. Gosh, that itis hit me hard. – Did we sleep for 10 minutes? / – Beats me. I blinked a few times and fell asleep. Let’s go on that cruise ship. (Two ways to see Taejongdae) (First, take the train that goes into Taejongdae) Oh, there’s a train. The Danubi Train. There are several ways to see Taejongdae, but the cruise ship is the most convenient method. I didn’t even know they had a cruise ship. (A course that circles Taejongdae) We took a lap around Taejongdae. – I didn’t even know they had a cruise ship. / – Yes. This looks nice. People in Busan don’t even know about this. My entire family is still in Busan. (It runs from 10 a.m. to sunset) Let’s fill out the form. So you need to do this. This is my first time on a cruise ship. Wow! What’s up, sea? “What’s up, sea?” This view is so nice. But it’s so unfortunate that it’s raining. I can’t see what’s ahead of us. It’s covered by the fog. (Dark…) So clean. Nobody’s on the ship. – That’s… / – The weather… – With that weather… / – Nobody would take a cruise. Yes, that’s right. I love the smell of the sea! (The cruise ship sets off anyway) This is pretty nice too. Seeing the rain clouds. So cool. – The island is covered. / – That’s… Wow, so cool. This is pretty cool. A mountain god. A mountain god? I feel like we’ll see a mountain god. Nobody else is on the cruise. – That’s when couples should go. / – Yeah. – So they can be alone. / – Right. It looks cool covered by the fog. (Things are quaint because of the rain) Even the eroded stones look pretty. And colorful. It’s like they’re split into levels. Jaemin, this is refreshing! What we saw earlier. – Oh, the kettle? / – Kettle Island. You have to look carefully. Where’s the kettle? You need to use your imagination to see it. So it’s Kettle Island because it looks like a kettle. What’s that? I think that’s a lighthouse. (Kettle Island) – A kettle… / – It looks like an elephant. – That one stone is sticking out. / – Yeah. – That’s a stone statue. / – Oh, a stone statue. Waiting for her husband that left her. That’s sad. (Stone statue) Oh, so that’s a stone statue. She turned to stone from waiting. How did they build all that on a cliff? (The lighthouse built on a cliff looks romantic) The perfect boyfriend shot. 1, 2, 3. Great view. 1, 2, 3. (On a shaky cruise ship looking uneasy) 1, 2, 3. 1, 2, 3. Jeno looks great. 1, 2, 3. (Looks like a photo shoot even with his eyes closed) Jeno looks great. The reactions are good. I’m so happy! I’m so happy! Jaemin takes great photos. I take good photos. He takes terrible photos. If it was nicer out, I’d feel even better. But it’s nice with the rain too. Our trip was in the rain. The rain flew into our faces. We have something else to do after this. Sure, so what’s next? We’re going to get grilled clams. Shindong recommended a place for grilled clams, so that’s where we’re going next. After getting all wet, they get to sit in front of a grill. – That should warm them up. / – Sure. We got sleepy again. Take a nap on the bus. The only kind of seafood I eat is grilled clams. (Shindong recommended grilled clams) Shindong, I’ve had grilled clams a long time ago. I don’t really remember, but it was good. Get what I’m saying? – You don’t remember, but it was good? / – Yes. Then you’re lying. You’ve gotten better at lying after being on TV a few times. No, Shindong. They have a bunch of sauces. I think you get three. Hold on… Now I’m hungry. (Jeno Day, Dreamy Tour) (Grilled clams) Three-level grilled clams. All his recommendations go with alcohol. Shindong… (The restaurant is at Taejongdae) (Fresh clams are waiting for them) A medium order of grilled clams, please. Scallops are delicious. Pick out the good ones, please. – That’s on the house? / – Yes. An appetizer. To start our meal. But it was so good. (The mussel soup looks so refreshing) (They try the mussels first) (Why isn’t he eating?) This is the close-up. Is this another boyfriend shot? (Got that?) He kept trying to get close-ups on our trip. Is he doing his own show? The close-ups… – He’s like a YouTuber. / – Jaemin’s very odd. (He tries some of the broth) This broth is good. It’s like an upgraded version of the noodles we had for breakfast. This tastes healthy. Wow… I want that so badly. This appetizer is already epic. (It’s just an appetizer before their meal…) Wow. I bet that’s very refreshing. (They’re eating so fast…) (The mussel soup is disappearing) They ate it all. They finished it. (Cleared the mussel soup) – Wow. / – Wow! Wow! What is this? What is this? (Amazing) (Three levels of grilled clams) There are three different sauces. Chili paste, cheese… And this is curry. (Like making carbonara with scallop) (It’s called scal-bonara) There’s cheese too. I’m hungry. (Medium order of grilled clams, $50) They’ll start to bubble on the grill. That’s when you flip it over. (When the clams start to boil, flip them over) (It smells delicious already) (Waiting is torture) (Scallop with chili paste sauce) Smells like spicy rice cakes. What does it taste like? (Winces) Spicy rice cakes. – It tastes like spicy rice cakes? / – It’s the sauce. Yes, it tasted like spicy rice cakes. This chili paste sauce tastes familiar. But you can’t stop eating it. It’s addictive. This is good. Go for the curry? – Curry? / – Curry was fascinating. So many different sauces. I’ve never tried clams with curry. – I’ve tried vinegar chili paste. / – Yeah. (Chewing) Kids would really like this. Really young kids would really like this. The curry prevents fishiness. Curry is my favorite so far. I really want to try this. The cheese. (Jeno really wants to try the cheese scallop) That looks delicious! (Slurps) (Stretchy cheese) It isn’t that heavy. The cheese is really good. The cheese… You eat the cheese scallop… – And go back to the chili paste. / – Cheese. Yes, if the cheese gets too heavy. This is so good. Hot. (They start chowing down) (The one in charge of grilling) (Jaemin makes sure the clams don’t burn) I want to go there. How was Shindong’s recommendation? – Shindong knows the deal. / – Satisfying? – He’s so trustworthy. / – When it comes to food. Wow, this is epic. The main dish. – My gosh! / – That looks good. How can they make it like that? There’s a bunch of cheese in there. Pen shells have such a nice texture too. They’re delicious. – With cheese on top… / – It’s a wrap. (Eating?) (How will pen shell taste with cheese?) (He doesn’t miss a single drop) The texture is totally different. It’s so chewy. (Chewing along) – It’s really chewy. / – Hyeri. – You should go to Busan. / – Gosh, I really should. The grilled clams swayed her. – It’s different from the cheese scallop. / – Totally. This is like the king of clams. Pen shell. (You can never get sick of these grilled clams) – This is good. / – It’s good with the rice cakes. (They enjoyed grilled clams without end) That was the best reaction so far. That looks the best from what we’ve seen so far. People in Seoul don’t usually get to eat clams… – Until they’re full. / – That’s true. I bet that was really nice for them. Now that we ate and we’re full, let’s digest. – Yeah. / – So, what should we do? Go bike riding. There are bike paths near Gwangalli. And places to rent bikes. (Gwangalli is the most famous beach in Busan) (Let’s ride bikes around Gwangalli) That place. Right there. (Jeno Day, Dreamy Tour) (Gwangalli Beach) (A 50-minute car ride to Gwangalli) Wow! It’s raining. That’s where I used to rent bikes whenever I visited my grandma. They have free bike rentals. I used to ride around here. – There’s a place to rent bikes there? / – Yes. Free rentals. From 10 to 7. It ends pretty early. From November to February, it’s 10 to 5. It’s a bit longer during summer and shorter when it’s cold. Riding bikes by the beach. I don’t know about bike riding in the rain. (Will it be okay to go bike riding in this weather?) I’m a bit nervous. Let’s go where the bikes are. (They start rushing) (Looking around) I don’t see any bikes. It’s free. I see one. I don’t think that’s available to rent. It’s raining so much, so they’re closed today. (No rentals today because of the rain) “No rentals today because of the rain.” (If it’s too dangerous to ride a bicycle) It’s the perfect weather to drink and do nothing else. Yeah. Just drink as you listen to the rain falling. – In a cart bar. / – Yeah. It’s raining, Jeno. – It’s raining, Jeno. / – Yeah. Should we walk along Gwangalli Beach to digest? Yeah? Nobody’s here! This is great! Let’s go! (They just do things their way) This is the sea in late June. (Gwangalli seems a bit scary…) The sea smells nice. (They feel great being on the beach) – It’s the sea! / – The sea! (Not even the weather can stop us) (They play with the waves) (Even if it’s raining, they have to take photos) Boyfriend shots. – So cute. / – The photos look great. The photos are so picturesque. We look so cheerful. Are you hungry? Not really. The original plan was to eat raw fish on a mat in Subyeon Park. Oh, that… But it’s raining too much. Subyeon Park is really hot these days. So I don’t think we can do that. How about we eat at a raw fish restaurant… – With a view of the bridge? / – Sounds good to me! I love being indoors! (A rainy night in Gwangalli) Wow, that looks nice. (The boys go to a raw fish restaurant) See that? The lights are on! I’ve never seen this before! Gwangan Bridge lights up at night. (Gwangan Bridge has lights in 100,000 colors) The lights change depending on the day and weather. So it always looks different. (Dancing lights and laser shows are on 3 times a day) (A great view of the bridge from Subyeon Park) – So many people. / – That’s Subyeon Park. People buy food and sit there to eat. It would’ve been nicer if we were eating outdoors. Too bad it’s raining so much. Hold on. This smells amazing. I changed my mind after smelling this. (Ta-da) What fish is in season these days? (They pick out seabass which is in season) They said seabass is in season. You have to eat spoon worm. That sounds good. (Seabass, spoon worm, live octopus, $45) Thank you. – They sell raw fish at the restaurant as well? / – Yes. They do sell as well. But it’s cheaper to buy from downstairs… – And pay for the table. / – Right. What should we eat first? Let’s start off with the live octopus. (Staring) It’s still alive. It’s important to choose the right thing to eat first. This is it. Eating this wakes up your appetite. (Savory, chewy, piques your appetite) (Chowing down on the live octopus) (How will the seabass taste?) That’s a proper spread. Dip it in some vinegar chili paste… Yeah. The vinegar chili paste made a gradation. Gradation… It looks so tasty. Firm? Not quite. Chewy. Bouncy. That’s the texture. It’s chewy. Chewy, chewy. Seabass. (Chewy texture because it’s in season) It has its unique fragrance. It’s really chewy in your mouth. (The seabass isn’t oily which makes you unable to stop) I’m going to wrap the fish in a perilla leaf. I put one on top and… Just like this. They make such pretty wraps. They don’t eat like this. I eat like that. That’s how people usually eat. (Just like this…) (You have to make wraps with raw fish) (A bite of carrot, a bite of chili, and a big wrap) – He sure has a big mouth. / – That’s the way. Why are you at war with the food? It’s so good! (Scraping) (He has an explosive appetite) (Staring) I remember you said it was shocking and you couldn’t eat this when they killed the fish. Sorry, fish. I don’t think I can eat that, Jeno. – Because you saw it? / – Yeah. Sorry. (So much for that!) I remember you said it was shocking. You felt bad, so you made wraps? So it doesn’t touch the tongue directly. You must’ve felt terrible. That’s that and this is this. But we do pick up raw fish from the fish market and take it back to our dorm. But this tastes different. (Every time they eat, it’s like their first time eating) (Inhaling the food) (Slurping up the spoon worm) Spoon worm is my favorite. Spoon worm is delicious. (Happy) – It was so good. / – Look at his face. I was in euphoria. What was the most memorable thing we did today? This right now. It’s so good. What did you think of today? It would’ve been perfect if it didn’t rain. For tomorrow, we’re going to hot places. New places? Hot places. Things people are familiar with for the first day. – Yes. / – Yes. New stuff tomorrow. That’s what we’re doing, so be prepared. What do I prepare? Prepare yourself. – Be ready to eat. / – Just be ready? Yeah, right. (The hot place in Busan is coming soon) (The second day of Dreamy Tour) (You can see the sun behind the clouds…) – It’s raining. / – It’s raining again? Oh, no. – Today is… / – It’s raining! The weather isn’t helping. Soorin would’ve been whipped. If it rained. Today, we’re going by what I planned. So where to? The Venice of Busan or Bunezia. It’s hot these days. A hot place in Busan. (Searching) Venice? Bunezia? The Venice of Busan. Oh, a lot of people take photos here. (A great spot for photos?) (Venice is the city of water in Italy) We went there. Venice is this pretty? Yes, it is. IU shot a music video there. Was that a boyfriend shot? We wanted to punch each other. (Jaemin Day, Dreamy Tour) This is the Venice of Busan. Let’s check out Bunezia. – Since you went. / – Right. (Jangrimpo is a port in west Busan) What if we go and it’s lame? There’s no way it can be lame. Open your eyes at the count of 3. Make a good reaction even if it isn’t nice. You get it, right? – So you want a big reaction? / – Yeah. 1, 2, 3! (How does the Venice of Busan look?) (What was that forced reaction?) This is the city of water? (Jangrimpo is decorated like Venice) It would’ve been great if it didn’t rain. It is pretty though. They remodeled all these buildings. They’re all shops. – They’re all shops? / – Yes. What kind of shops? – Cafes and restaurants. / – Craft shops. So pretty. A lot of people post photos of this place. You become cool if you post photos from here. It would’ve been beautiful if it was nice out. Wow, so pretty! (Taking photos like they’re really in Venice) I bet the photos look great. Hold on. (What’s going on here?) I have to act with my hand. Act with your hand. (His hand is acting hard) Okay! (Would you like to come with me?) For us, it’s just scenes of you pushing me. And hitting you. (These sisters don’t like this concept) Got it. (Huh?) (Did you call me?) Got it? Does it look good? Got it. It looks so different in the rain. – That rainy day mood. / – This is like a movie. (Looks like a scene from a music video) It’s like a music video. We have to keep going. Let’s take photos in front of every color. (You have to take 9 photos in Bunezia) (A photo like this) Boyfriend shots featuring Sung Sikyung. (Taking photos in front of all the colored walls) I should’ve done that too. (He points while posing for a photo) – Such different poses. / – They’re idols. (Lastly, it’s a photo of Jaemin) (He can’t stand seeing this…) What? (Angry) (Photos of Jeno pointing at Jaemin) Nice concept. – Cute. / – Put it side by side with Sikyung’s. (Sigh…) (Where’s the next place Jaemin has planned?) (Battle Trip Part 2 will be aired soon)


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