Battle Trip | 배틀트립 – Ep.61 : Soboru Tour 2 [ENG/THA/2017.08.11]

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Let’s go to Germany then Denmark. We welcome you to Copenhagen. It’s peaceful. (A laid-back city, Copenhagen) (Unexpected charm) (Denmark, Lee K Tour, so hot) This is nice. (Which team will win?) (Numerous great tips on trips) (Lee Hyun, K.will) (Kim Soeun, Cho Boah) Travel is war. Battle Trip! Over the past four weeks… We’ve traveled to two countries on just one ticket with our stopover tours. – They went to Germany. / – They did. Then Denmark. That was K.will and Lee Hyun. And they went to Poland and today, it’s Hungary. Kim Soeun and Cho Boah. Welcome, all four of you. – Hello. / – Hello. It feels like… Lee Hyun and K.will look more relaxed today. I usually don’t tend to overreact. But I think our score will be… 92 points. – You just seriously overreacted. / – Seriously. I’m sorry. I always tend to overreact and it’s 100 points. I’d say you get 100. That was too much. – I do overreact. / – Too much. – I normally do. / – Okay, okay. We have our 100 judges in the audience with us today. – Welcome. / – Nice to meet you. The trips are divided into two halves. You’ll vote once after the first half and then again after the second. The votes are not added up. The votes for the second half becomes the final vote. And that will decide which team wins. – Are you confident about Hungary? / – Yes. Around 2 weeks before our trip, I went on a package tour with my sibling and cousin. – Did you go on a package tour? / – Yes. Where did you go? – Czech Republic? / – We went to Czech Republic… Germany, Austria, Bosnia… You went to a lot of countries. Yes, we visited a lot of countries. – How many countries did you visit? / – Seven. For how many days? For around 2 weeks. – What? / – So you spent like 2 days in each? Yes, it was that kind of package tour. We did visit Hungary but it was so short that we didn’t even… – Try the food there. / – Since it’s a package tour… It was such a shame so I wanted to make sure to return. Then what did you eat in Hungary? – I ate Chinese food. / – Instant noodles? – You ate Chinese food? / – Yes. Chinese food in Hungary is really nice. It’s famous. Hungarian Chinese food is famous. – Really? / – No, I was kidding. – What’s wrong with you? / – I’m just overreacting. DinDin is doing well. But that’s going too far. Package tours have lots of pros. – There are. / – Because you have a guide. And you get detailed explanations. Plus they organize all your meals for you. – That’s all and good but… / – The downside? If you really like the place… – You want to do something else. / – And want to… – Stay longer, you can’t. / – That’s right. That’s a really big disadvantage. – There are pros and cons. / – You’re right. We mentioned this last week but Denmark is famous for its beer. However, Hungary is famous for its wine. Hungarian wine is quite new to me. I’ve never heard of it either. We went to a restaurant… That also had a winery. They let us taste wine just like how they tasted beer. Right in front of the restaurant, there’s a vineyard that surrounds the whole area. The restaurant grows their own grapes and use them to make wine. – Their food tasted great… / – It seems special. And the ambience was really beautiful. I’ve never been to a winery before. I’ve only heard stories. But I hear it’s nice to visit in July or August right when it’s time to harvest grapes. But they’re also very busy then so the people at the winery don’t have much time to explain anything. There aren’t many people working there. You’ll learn more if you visit during non-harvesting season. Because they need to sell wine too. So their service is much better. I guess it’s best to go in winter. The climate is different all around, right? So if you go to the opposite side… – There are such places. / – Opposite temperature. – You should go to Chile. / – You’re really smart. – He really is. / – You should open a wine bar. He’s the master of alcohol. – He loves drinking. / – Let me tell you something. Narae Bar isn’t the only celebrity bar that’s famous. There’s also Sikyung Bar. You walk in on two feet and walk out on all fours. Sikyung only laughs when we talk about alcohol. – He’s the master of alcohol. / – He’s fascinating. Professor alcohol. I heard rumors that Soeun became addicted to wine after the trip. I heard you’re still really crazy about it. Am I correct? I even brought wine from there and I had some with my mom. – My goodness. / – She loved it so much. She asked why I only bought one. Different regions produce wine that tastes different. France is famous for Bordeaux wine. There’s a place in Hungary called Tokaj and that place is famous for Tokaji wine. – That is white wine. / – It’s white. And the representative red wine in Hungary… – Is from Eger. / – Oh, it’s different regions. Yes, but the interesting thing about Eger’s wine is that people also call it the bull’s blood. That’s because the color of the wine is very dark. The taste is very strong too. Eger’s wine doesn’t have a bitter aftertaste either. – You must’ve brought that one home. / – Yes. That’s the wine we bought and drank while enjoying the night views. The night views? Just the two of you? – I guess that’s why you cried. / – Yes. But it really happened naturally. Are you sure it wasn’t because you were drunk? Did you cry just because Boah did? No, no. That’s not why I cried. – “I should cry too.” / – That’s not true! Before it’s too late. – “Now’s the time!” / – They really bawled. I heard it was hard for them to get into character. Anyway, we get to check out Hungarian wine. – I’m curious. / – I’m looking forward to it. There’s a hot spring there? – Yes. / – Oh, right. Hungary is known for having great hot springs. – Really? / – Really? I thought that was Japan. – No, no. / – Did you just imagine… Drinking beer in a hot spring pool? – No. / – If you look up Hungary… – Szechenyi Baths is really famous. / – I’ve been. Men enjoy hot springs there while playing chess. It’s very famous. But we went to a place famous among locals. We went to a place called Heviz Spa. – You found a new place. / – Yes. We’ll show you that new place. – Is it good for your skin? / – It’s a great place. – It’s really good for your skin. / – Hot springs… But our team jumped into the ocean. Do you think all we did was go to a hot spring? They must’ve done the cold bath too! Soeun’s really competitive! I didn’t think she’d be… Fine, let’s see what you did. My goodness. You can enjoy wine, night views and hot springs. Plus it’s not that expensive in Hungary. – That’s right. / – Anything like the Copenhagen card? – Well… / – It’s cheap so you don’t need it. – That’s right. You don’t need it. / – It’s really cheap. Really? Did you just use cash? – Yes, we used cash. / – Must’ve been uncomfortable. Not many people know much about Hungary. – That’s right. / – So it’d be nice to pay attention. Soeun and Boah’s happy trip. We begin now. – Soeun… / – And Boah’s… Happy trip! Their trip to Poland was so great. This is so nice. Everyone needs to go to Poland. Yes, everyone really needs to go. I can’t believe I’m in Europe, finally. This is so nice. That’s what you call peace. (We don’t want to leave) (Soeun and Boah enjoyed many delicious dishes) You were the first actress ever to drink with your throat open. That’s vodka beer. – The hot-air balloon was great. / – It was fantastic. – The hot-air balloon. / – That left a strong impression. We’ll end this with the hot spring. I actually went on a package tour a month ago with my sibling to Eastern Europe. But we didn’t get to travel properly. I really wanted to stay longer in Hungary. It was so beautiful but we were only there for a night. – I only got 1 day there. / – Such a shame. I wanted to return there. – Let’s definitely go to Hungary. / – Hungary? – Hungary. / – Hungary. There’s a movie called “Gloomy Sunday.” That was filmed in Hungary. Have you seen “The Grand Budapest Hotel?” We have to visit that hotel. Hungary… You must’ve missed a lot on that package tour. We really did. I got to see the night view just once. It was a teaser. Right. You must’ve wanted to stay longer. I wish Hungary gets picked. – After Poland. / – You must’ve loved it. They really need to pick Hungary at this point. (Drop it) (40% chance of success) Hungary was the largest piece. – How big was it? / – It was two-thirds. I’m so happy. (She’s so happy right now) – My gosh. / – There are some places… I really want to show you. I’ll take you to those places. Then let’s find some places… – We can visit for the first time. / – I’d love that. I think it’ll go well with beer. – Wine… / – It doesn’t go well together. Thank you. I love drinking while eating food. I enjoy drinking. (Soeun is honest and she loves drinking wine) I really wanted to go visit Hungary again. I was here for such a short time… – That I was so sad. / – Did you get to come here? – No, I couldn’t. / – Really? I haven’t had this before either. There was no one and everything was closed. – Like this? / – You’re so pretty. (Boah loves Hungary and she’s unique and sloppy) That’s what I’m talking about. – That’s where they cried. / – That’s the place! (Chopin Airport, Poland, 8 a.m.) Chopin Airport. – We’re at the airport. / – That’s Chopin Airport? Yes, it’s Chopin Airport. It’s our last day here. Exactly. We were here on a stopover but it feels like it was a full holiday. I feel so sad to leave. – It was too short. / – Yeah. It’s a shame… But let’s go to our final destination… Hungary. – Let’s go. / – Go, go. – This is it, right? / – Yeah. – Hello. / – Hello. How long does it take? 2 hours? 1 hour and 40 minutes. – It’s so close. / – Only 1.5 hours? And you’re in a different country. – Right. / – I’m so envious of that. 10:20 a.m. Doesn’t seem to take long. I’m so excited. You must feel a bit pressured. I’m really looking forward to Hungary. I planned out our trip so that we’ll visit all the important places of Budapest, Hungary. You can look forward to our trip. (Hungary, the heart of Eastern Europe) (It’s a place that’s filled with romance and sensitivity) (The country is filled with many historical sites) (Lights up more beautifully when it becomes dark) – This is the place. / – The winery! That must be the winery. (Poland) (Hungary, 1.5 hours) We’re in Hungary! We’re finally in Budapest. The weather is so nice. This is going to be so fun. – Aren’t you happy? / – Yes. – Let’s go. Do we go this way? / – Go, go. Let’s go! Come on! (Soboru Tour’s Romantic Hungary Day 1) (Szechenyi Chain Bridge, lunch) (Dessert, wine, city tour) – My gosh, it’s so pretty. / – Is this a canal too? – I’m speechless. / – They’re in Budapest right now. – It really is beautiful. / – I divided our trip… Into two different themes for you. – What themes? / – Romantic and fantastic. I think it’s the romantic theme today. You can tell, right? – The weather is romantic. / – And our outfits. They’re lovely. It’s only June but look how beautiful the sky is. I know. It’s so beautiful. There are bridges on the Danube River… That’s just like the bridges on Hangang, right? – Right. / – That’s Chain Bridge. This is the Szechenyi Chain Bridge. This is the most beautiful bridge among all. – Is this a dream or reality? / – This is so nice. – I’m so happy that I’m with you. / – Me too. We will walk across this bridge. I’m so happy. If you take a look, over there is the east and this is the west. – Pest is in the East. / – Pest. – The West is… / – Over here is Buda. So it’s called Budapest. – Buda and Pest are separate. / – I didn’t know that. Buda and Pest feels different too. (Buda was a city of aristocrats) (There are many historical buildings) If you think about it, it’s like Seoul. – Like Gangnam and Gangbuk. / – I know. – It’s like Seoul. / – It’s divided. (Pest is more lively in comparison to Buda) See why I wanted to come here so bad? Look at the bridge. It looks like Seogang Bridge. – There’s the National Assembly. / – That’s right. – It looks similar. / – The building over there… Is the National Assembly. It’s so magnificent. It’s like that. What is it? I saw it in a movie. It looks like a castle in “Beauty and the Beast.” It has the antique feeling of the Middle Ages. – I agree. / – That’s how it looks. – The National Assembly is that pretty? / – At night. It’s one of the world’s top three night views. The biggest attraction of Hungary is the buildings. They’re so beautiful. We can’t see them in Korea. – It’s so detailed. / – And it’s delicate. The sky is beautiful. – We came here… / – Really. When the weather is perfect. This is so nice. You’ve shown your romantic side. – Yes. / – Soboru Tour’s romantic trip. – A romantic trip to Hungary. / – Right. Day 1. This is so nice. – It really looks like Hangang. / – It’s very wide. It’s probably because there are roads along the river. Gangbyeon Expressway. One of my cousin’s friends has lived in Hungary for a long time. (An acquaintance in Hungary?) He says we should go to this New York Cafe. – It’s a cafe. / – New York Cafe? It’s a New York Cafe in Hungary. The place is very pretty and they serve good food. Do they have it in New York? Is it a chain store? No, it’s not. – It’s only in Hungary? / – Yes, it’s only in Hungary. It’s the most beautiful cafe in the world that’s been around for more than 100 years. The most beautiful cafe in the world? – Why call it New York Cafe? / – I wonder why. Is this the place? It’s so beautiful. Isn’t it amazing? It’s so pretty. – That’s a cafe? / – Isn’t it a museum? It looked like a museum. – It’s so pretty. / – A U.S. company made this cafe. So it’s called New York Cafe. Let’s go take a lot of pictures. Okay. Let’s go to this place. We’re going to the New York Cafe that you’ve been looking forward to. I really wanted to go there. The pictures looked so beautiful. This is the building. I saw that! – You saw it? It’s written on it. / – New York Cafe. It’s more than 100 years old. – It’s exactly 125 years old. / – 125 years? How is it that the building doesn’t look old at all? – It’s too big to be a cafe. / – You’re right. – It’s magnificent. / – It’s really magnificent. (So excited) (They are struck by the grandeur of the building) This is really beautiful. I’m so nervous. Let’s go in. Open the door. They are so excited. It looks like they’re entering a palace. It’s too beautiful… – To just drink coffee in there. / – I want to go there. (The world’s most beautiful cafe) – Goosebumps. / – We can see their eyes popping. (Soboru Tour reveals it now) It was really… – That’s really a cafe? / – It is a cafe. Is it real? – Can you go without a reservation? / – Yes. It’s so beautiful. (It’s the shiniest and most beautiful cafe in the world) I got goose bumps again. I’m serious. The hairs on my arm rose up. Isn’t it because she’s sick? – Maybe the weather was cold. / – Was it cold? It’s so beautiful. It must be a famous tourist attraction. Right. Even you talked about it. I know. I searched a lot online. This is all they talk about when you search Buda. All you see is New York Cafe. – It’s the most elegant place ever. / – It’s so pretty. How did they build this place? Is it 126 years old? – It’s 125 years old. / – 125 years. They built this 125 years ago? It’s so pretty. A person feels great when there’s a high ceiling. All I can see here is the lighting. It’s so beautiful. I want to buy them and take them home. – Seriously. / – It’s around $7 for a cup of coffee. – That’s reasonable. / – It’s not that expensive. Desserts were also cheap. – Around $10. / – It’s cheaper than Garosugil. Right? Around $10. It’s cheaper than cafes in Garosugil. Excuse me. Yes? We are going to have one cappuccino… And latte macchiato. Hungarian cake selection. This one. The best part is her reactions… – Are so realistic. / – Boah didn’t see it yet, right? – What’s she looking at? / – The orchestra. Yes. We were watching their performance. They’re playing the music right away. Look at that. It’s amazing. It’s like drinking coffee with a purpose. They look experienced. (Watching carefully) What instruments are there? – What is that instrument? / – I don’t know. I’ve never seen it before. (What instrument is that?) – What is that instrument? / – What is it? I don’t know what it is either. It’s a timpani. – It was fascinating. / – No, it’s not. – What is that? / – The instrument looked fascinating. – Cimbalom? / – Cimbalom? (Soeun is so into it) (Boah is into it more) – Amazing. / – It’s so interesting. I might get goose bumps again. You should wear long sleeves in Hungary because you’ll keep getting goose bumps. – Don’t you think? / – Right. We can’t see this in Korea. We rarely watch live performances in a cafe. – It’s not continuous, right? / – About 15 minutes. – Once every hour. / – Every hour. – They do it every hour. / – You can hear music… Wherever you go in Europe. I know. – That’s nice. / – Chopin too. This is so romantic. It’d be great if you go there as a couple. (It feels like their eyes and ears will melt away) Do you know why this place is called New York Cafe? We are in Budapest but they call it New York Cafe. I looked it up. In the past, a New York insurance company owned this building. And they made a cafe on the first floor. So people started calling it New York Cafe. That’s why it’s called New York Cafe. I bet the food is good there. It’s coming. – It was really good. / – And it was beautiful. You have to eat something this fancy. It looks fancy. (It’s the most charming dessert in the world) You have to eat something this fancy. – It’s so pretty. / – Take a picture. Take this away. She just got rid of our camera. Might as well just kick out the camera crew. (Must take these pictures, passionate photography) Let’s taste them now. – Thank you for the food. / – Thank you for the food. (She takes a sip of coffee first) (The coffee is good and the music is good too) Soeun looks so excited. – I loved it so much. / – Is it tasty? I really wanted to go there. It’s so cute. I’m not normally feminine like this. This place makes me act so feminine. It’s so feminine. I should go there too. (Yum) It’s very light. This tastes like cream cheese. It’s so good. It was really good. Each dessert cost… – Less than $10. / – This is really tasty. What is this? Tangerine? Let’s break it. (Tough) – It’s chocolate cake. / – I think there is… Tangerine on top of it. (Is it tangerine?) It tastes like tangerine. (It’s tasty) (Enjoying sweet dessert and coffee) That’s the Hungarian cake selection, which consists of three desserts. And it cost about $16. You know… You can get coffee and dessert anywhere in the world. But it feels so different from our local cafe. It feels like… I’m in another country or something. (You are in Hungary) You really are in another country. Oh, right. I mean, a whole new world. – Right. / – It is a whole new world indeed. Since it’s Hungary. (Maybe she’s still suffering from jet lag) – You got enough sugar, right? / – Yes. – Then let’s go. / – Okay. – Let’s have just one more sip. / – Alright. – It’s a waste. / – Cheers. Is this alcohol? This is what’s great about Battle Trip. – It finds nice places like that. / – Exactly. Great tips like that. Now, those who go to Hungary have to stop by there. It is so crowded here. It’s like Myeong-dong in Korea. – Lots of shops. / – Lots of stuff here. Just like you said, it does feel like Myeong-dong. Maybe that’s why there are so many tourists. There are so many things. – There are so many things. / – It’s so pretty. I like outdoor cafes like that. I want to go into every store. They all look so interesting. They’re so cute. Last time, I was so sad because it was such a short stop here. – Have you been here? / – No. I haven’t. All I’ve seen were Gellert Hill and the Chain Bridge… And after seeing the night view, you came back. It’s like I have a grudge about it. The weather was gloomy and it happened to be Easter. So there was nobody here and all the stores were closed. But now, it looks much livelier. That street was very nice. There were many souvenirs and it was great for shopping since all the designer brands were there. There are also many restaurants and famous ice cream parlors. The buildings themselves are gorgeous in Europe. I didn’t know Hungary was such a nice country. You can’t help but get closer since you see great things and eat tasty food together. That looks like a scene from a commercial. It looks like a car commercial. They keep on walking. Although we walked a lot on that street, time flew by so quickly without us noticing. Have you heard about goulash? – Yes. Goulash. / – Do you know it? It’s traditional Hungarian food. It’s pronounced a little differently in Hungarian. We’re on our way to the famous goulash restaurant. It suits Korean’s tastes so well. Don Spike went to Europe because he wanted to eat goulash. – Yes. I heard that. / – That’s the dish. That looks delicious. It looks really good. I want to have some. It’s about time we got hungry. We’re here. – Where is it? / – We’re here. And when I told Kim Sooro that I’m going to Hungary, he highly recommended that we try a certain dish. He said it’s somewhat like spicy beef soup. I can’t find the name of it. Goulash? Is this it? Right, goulash. – It kind of looks like soup. / – Goulash. It tastes really good apparently. It’s more like stew. – You’re right. / – Stew? – This is what it looks like. / – I see. It’s spicy. What is that? – Like spicy beef soup. / – My mouth is watering. This is the first time we try a Hungarian dish. It’s my first time too. (What?) You didn’t eat any last time? Last time when I was in Hungary… Then what did you do? – The package tour… / – Since it was a package tour. They gave us Chinese food. In Hungary? Yes. So I haven’t tried any Hungarian food yet. So this is my first time too. You have to eat something cheap and keep moving. – I really hate that. / – We had no money… You go to a new country for a concert and you want local food but… They always give you sausage stew. Or a packed lunch. I had pork belly on my first trip to Guam. – In a Korean restaurant. / – Right. Since… Tokaji wine is so famous, I looked it up in Korea before we got here. Wine. (Hungarian wine, the dessert of kings) – Hungary grapes are famous? / – Is it harvest time? – Not yet. / – We went before they harvest. As you said before… We went when they could give us a detailed tour. – I want to taste it. / – Since… Tokaji wine is so famous, I looked it up in Korea before we got here. But 1 bottle costs $400 in Korea. You mean a bottle of this size? – An ordinary bottle of this size. / – Just a bottle? But when I saw the price of it here… How much was it? 1,460? Then it would be about $5. That’s like 10 times more expensive. – $10? / – $15? How much profit are they making out of it? The price of wine is crazy in Korea. It’s ours. – Enjoy, ladies. / – Thank you. – Is that Tokaji? / – That is Tokaji. An enjoyable drink during the day? – Yes. / – It looks golden. – It’s sweet, right? / – Yes, it’s sweet. (Savoring) It’s really sweet. – It’s so tasty. / – It’s so sweet. It tastes like fruit juice. I’ve never tasted such sweet wine before. It arouses my appetite. It has the color of gold. – It looks like apple juice. / – The color of orange. Kind of like apple juice. It’s as sweet as that. It is numbered between… – 1 to 7. / – It’s so good. – Is that sugar content? / – Yes. The food is ready. – Your goulash soup. / – It’s goulash. And some hot peppers. Be careful with them. See? Stew goes well with wine. So this is goulash. At a glance, it looks like sausage stew. – Right? / – Or kimchi stew. It’s more like… It’s kind of an in-between stew. It is considered comfort food to them just like how beanpaste stew is to Koreans. (They finally get to taste their first Hungarian food) – It does taste like spicy beef soup. / – Yes. Spicy beef soup? In Korea spicy beef soup, you have the beef… And herbs. – But they use potato here. / – And pork. – Carrots. / – Carrots too. – It doesn’t taste weird at all. / – Right. It’s like spicy beef soup and thick beanpaste stew. – Just as we mix our stews in rice… / – It looks good. – They eat it with bread here. / – Bread, of course. I’m hungry. This is good. What do you think? – Is it delicious? / – Yes. Does it taste like Korean food? – Surprise! / – Goodness. – So this is it. / – She is surprised so easily. It was huge. It was this big. We can tell how she feels if we just look at her eyes. That’s blood sausage on top. – Isn’t that blood sausage? / – It was huge. – No, it’s just s regular sausage. / – Sausage. – Is it sausage? / – Yes, it is. This… This is… I think we’ll need a doggy bag. – There’s rice too. / – Fried rice. It even rotates. (Rotating) There is so much that we need to spin it while eating. – This is incredible. / – There’s rice… – And potato. / – Taste it. Anyone can see it’s Byeongcheon blood sausage. How much is all of this? $20 something? – This is $24. / – $24? Goulash is $8. – The wine is $6 a glass. / – $6. They are more generous here than I thought. – That’ll be 3 to 4 servings. / – In Korea… Only a few shrimp fritters would cost $24. I think we need to attack the top first. – Let’s put the sausage down first. / – The top first. Have one of these each? So huge. It looks delicious. (Fried chicken) It looks like it’s grilled very well. How does it taste? (Crunchy) It’s like rotisserie chicken. The fat is all drained so it’s not greasy at all. It’s crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. – Our first rice of the trip, right? / – Yeah. Feels like I haven’t seen rice in a long time. If I dip this rice… – In here, it’s spicy beef soup. / – There you go. – I was just thinking that. / – Now it’s just Korean. You don’t need to dip bread then. It becomes Korean food now. You’re right. It looks so good. Doesn’t it hurt here because your mouth is watering? Since I’m Korean, that looks the most delicious to me. I’d better go out and eat some spicy beef soup. It’s good. Eat spicy beef soup with rice and fritters too. (Soeun cracks up while Boah looks serious) Are you giving new names to them? – These are fritters. / – Is that assorted Korean food? Something like that. I’m sorry but are you just in Insa-dong? We still have a lot to eat. – What is this? / – I think it’s a croquette. It’s not a croquette, it’s a mushroom. – Mushroom? / – Is it not? It’s a mushroom. – Look. It’s a mushroom. / – Look at that. – It’s fried mushroom. / – That’s a good idea. – This suited my taste. / – I was right. It tasted really good. – Oh, my. / – It’s delicious. (Crunchy) It’s really crunchy. I’ve never had fried mushroom before. This is really delicious. Between Polish food… And Hungarian food, what do you like better? They’re all good. The best for me is… – Goulash? / – This goulash that we ate today. After eating this… I think this is really good. What do you think of the combination between the food and Tokaji wine? I think beer would go better with this food. That’s right. Beer is perfect with fried food. – That’s fried food. / – Beer is perfect with fried food. To drink with food… These don’t go with wine. She’s very firm. Will they part ways from here on out? Tokaji is a dessert wine. Hungarian people eat it with dessert. That’s why we failed at this combination. However, wine is very famous in Hungary. Why don’t we go to study more about wine? I think that’s a good idea, since we both like wine. After studying about wine, let’s drink some while watching the night view. Okay, that sounds good. Before we go, cheers. This tastes delicious. I really want to try Tokaji wine. Since it’s expensive in Korea, I want to try it more. (Soboru Tour’s Romantic Hungary Day 1) (Wine) – Where are we going? / – We will now go… To a wine shop. Hungarian wine has the longest history among Eastern Europe. That’s why we must go to study wine. I was really surprised… That the wine was only $10 or $20. – That’s really cheap. / – It was about $10. It’s really cheap in Europe. – It was so great. / – Do you drink wine often? We drank wine not too long ago. After our drama was over, we drank together. Do you like alcohol? We don’t drink… – Like there’s no tomorrow. / – We don’t. – But we do enjoy drinking. / – We enjoy it. I like the atmosphere where I can drink with my food. While we’re hanging out, I would say, “We should have some beer since we’re here.” And order a glass of beer. I start to drink more from there. Sikyung, did you know that Hungarian wine was famous? I didn’t know either. – Is this the place? / – This is it. – It’s really big. / – When we were eating goulash… We failed with our wine pairing… To drink with food… I wouldn’t choose wine. Look at this. These are all Tokaji wines. – There are a lot of varieties. / – I like wine too. – Are those all Tokaji? / – Louis XIV… Really praised the Tokaji wine. This brand assigned numbers 1 to 7 on their wine. The higher the number, the sweeter it is. A six means it’s really sweet. It’s this number here… We drank a really sweet wine. – There’s a six. / – We drank a six. – That’s dessert wine. / – Yes. – Tokaji… / – A bottle of Tokaji. And Eger. Eger means bull’s blood. It’s really rich so it’s called Eger. The price is… 4,750… – $12? / – A little more than $12. – It’s cheap. / – It’s really cheap. – That’s amazing. / – If I didn’t know about this… I would have been afraid that the quality might be cheap. – That’s right. / – Me too. It’s really good to buy some wine if you go to Hungary. – Eger’s wine. / – It’s cheap over there. – The third wine is… / – What’s the other one? Eger, Tokaji and rose wine. (Rose wine is a rose-colored wine) (Hungarians prefer rose over white wine before meals) There’s a reason why rose wine is famous in Hungary. The rose wine we know is a mixture of red and white wine. They only use red wine for this. They keep extracting it to make this. What do you prefer out of these three? For me, I’ll pass on Tokaji wine since we tried it. I want to try either rose or Eger’s wine. I want to try one out of these two. However, I like red wine better. – Let’s try that. / – Let’s try that first. If Hungary wine was common in Korea, there’d be no need to buy some there. – That’s right. / – You’re right. It’s really rare here. I looked for it in Korea because I liked it so much. – You couldn’t find any? / – I couldn’t Cheers. Let’s go. What is this? We will take this to Szentendre… – A traditional village. / – They’re also riding a boat. It’s a boat showdown. Let’s go. – Hello. / – That looks refreshing. Their boat is a little faster than ours. – A lot faster. / – It doesn’t look a little faster. Much faster. (This is amazing) – Is this a water taxi? / – Amazing. – That’s right. / – That’s right. Doesn’t that look like Seonyudo? – What happened? / – What happened? It’s over. Why did it end so fast? – It was quite long. / – Time went by so fast. I want to go to the most beautiful cafe in the world. – The New York Cafe. / – The New York Cafe. That was really… – Amazing. / – I have never been there… But I really want to go there now. The inside was decorated with marble pillars and chandeliers. When you see these… It’s the same as a castle. – It was really luxurious. / – That’s extravagant. – That’s right. / – It’s extravagant for a cafe… But the coffee was only $7. – There’s no reason to not go there. / – $10 for dessert. – That’s cheap. / – That’s really cheap. – Reservations aren’t needed, right? / – Yes. Not long after this airs, the cafe workers will greet people in Korean. – Will they greet us in Korean? / – In Korean? It won’t be long after this airs. They’ll do it within December. I’m not really interested in alcohol but I want to at least try Tokaji wine after seeing this. You said it was sweet and tasty. Are there any wine festivals? Every October, they have a wine festival in Tokaj. It’d be perfect to go then. It’d be packed around that time. Yes, since they have a wine tour. After watching the Soboru Tour, will you head to Hungary or not? It’s the first vote. Please vote. (Soboru Tour designed a trip to Hungary) (What will the judges choose?) – The result is in. / – Is it in? – Is it in? / – Yes, I’ll see the result first. To tell you the truth, we’re not nervous at all. After watching that, there’s no reason not to go. I think they don’t have a number for the first figure. – What? / – 1, 2… Do we only have one figure? Goodness. Were you all texting instead of voting? – What will they do? / – They must be hungry. Wait a minute, Hwijae doesn’t look good. I’m sorry but K.will, what should we do with our facial expressions? – K.will? / – What should we do? Hwijae? Hwijae, make a facial expression for us. Is it that bad? – I’m just… / – His expression looks so bad. Expressing the behavior of the judges. It’s an achievement. (Will the final vote be higher than 61?) There were some shocked and some amazed. – I don’t think it’s too bad. / – Some were surprised. It’s not too bad. A variety of reactions. Lee Hyun, do you think Lee K Tour will win? I think we will win even if you add the past scores. Stop it. You can’t tell them that. I’m sorry. Okay. According to my feeling, I think the score isn’t too bad. – Okay. / – What should they do? Stop it. – Okay. / – What should they do? Stop it. Why are you getting angry with your team? I feel bad because Denmark is a wealthy country. That’s why I feel bad. You should stop too. – Hey. / – Let’s stop doing this. – Stop it. / – We have the second half. Let’s watch the second half. – It’s not Africa. / – The second half. Look at that. We’re in Budapest. So nice. This is so pretty. I’m lost for words. Is this a dream or reality? So nice. I’m happy. – Soboru Tour’s… / – It’s fantastic. Let’s go. It’s a boat. A boat for us. We’re going to take this and go to Szentendre. A traditional village. (A folk village that recreates Hungary 100 years ago) (You can experience various life styles here) You can go there by bus or subway but we’re going to take the boat. Can we go there by boat? It doesn’t take long. About 20 minutes. Let’s enjoy the whole view of downtown. – How much is that? / – For 10 people… – It’s about $24… / – What? – Why is it so cheap? / – That’s really cheap. – It must be $24 per person. / – Oh, $240? This looks like a scene from a movie. They jump from a bridge, fall into the water, ride a boat and jump into the waters. It’s like a scene from a movie. We’re going to the traditional village by boat. It takes about 20 minutes. – Are you going there by boat? / – Yes. We’re going to a Hungarian traditional village. (Go, go) (Soboru Tour is racing across the Danube) This is amazing. (Must do the “Titanic” pose) (Holding onto her knees) (Soboru Tour is excited like little children) (They race at full speed) Hello. – They’re having a good time. / – You need to do that. My hair is all over the place. You’ll have to give up your hairstyle. You must not have taken photos there. – You can’t. / – It’s scary. – Hello. / – Hello. (The Chain Bridge that they crossed yesterday) – Is this the place? / – That’s the castle. – I talked about this yesterday. / – Is this the castle? The National Assembly building is so pretty. (They keep facing the endless beautiful views) – The National Assembly building. / – You can see… Both Buda and Pest this way. It takes 40 minutes by car but… – It only takes 20 minutes by boat. / – Yes. It’s similar to Korea’s water taxis. The air is so clean. How can the sky be so pretty? How can the sky be so pretty? – The weather is beautiful. / – Go and see for yourself. The atmosphere is totally different here. – Is this a traditional village? / – It is. It looks like the Netherlands. It’s like Korea’s Gyeongju. It must be. Those kids must be on a field trip. – You’re right. / – There’s a lot of children. Even the houses are all traditional houses. – It is. / – Old Hungarians must have… – Lived like this. / – Yeah. Koreans also used to live in thatched-roof houses. – You’re right. / – It’s pretty similar. Hungarian grade schoolers come for field trips. – Is it like Gyeongju? / – Yes, it is. There are lots of pretty souvenirs. This is pretty. You have to do this on a trip. Look around like that. So cute! Sook, what was the most useless object you bought? I bought 25 cat dolls from Bali. It was really cute. I think I bought around 30 of them. (They continued shopping for a while) I’m hungry. I’m also hungry. They have sausage bread. Those are sausages. – I want the chocolate bread. / – I want sausage. Is that chocolate? Should I eat pizza bread? Something different? – A bakery inside the village. / – Bread overseas is great. It’s amazing. And they’re really big. It’s a touring site so it could be expensive. – How much is it per piece? / – It’s $1.50 per piece. – About $1.50? That’s cheap. / – Yes. Let’s eat. I’m going to eat this one that I chose. Do you want to try this? Let’s try it. It’s chocolate but it’s not that sweet. This tastes good. This is sausage. It’s sausage. Try this too. (She takes a big bite) This is delicious. This tastes good. They put mustard and cheese on top and baked it. Are you talking about this white part? The food was generally cheap. Just like the goulash… Their taste and culture was similar to Korea. It’s so pretty. It’s like a painting. The houses look like they’re from a fairy tale. They even have a windmill. It feels completely different from downtown Budapest. The sky is amazing. This is pretty. I think we can experience some activities here. – Hello. / – Hello. – It’s the same as Korea. / – They’re weaving cloth. We tried out traditional weaving. – They have the traditional things? / – Yes. We tried weaving. We even made accessories out of yarn. – Did you do it yourself? / – Yes. – That’s pretty. / – They put colors in the weaving. (The teacher demonstrates first) (She puts a skein of yarn in the loom) Make the yarn in a round shape. We should make it in a round shape. (They understood) Is she the Hungarian Park Sulnyeo? That’s right. Park Sulnyeo is famous for traditional outfits. – She doesn’t weave. / – She must have made… This from weaving. (Carpet made from weaving) (Soeun tries weaving) Make this in a round shape first. 1, 2… 2. It was fun. Did I do it? (Boah also tries it) (Is the yarn supposed to be this long?) It wasn’t for me. Boah isn’t dexterous. (She steps on it since they made her do it) (Should I step on it again?) – Is it over? / – Yes, it is. (It was a good experience) (She laughs out of embarrassment) (She prepared something more easy) That’s cute. It’s a snail. – It’s like an ornament. / – Yes. It’s similar to knitting. She also made it. – Korea uses 2 needles to knit. / – We use 2 needles. Uniquely, they use that to knit. They use that piece of wood to knit. – With that? / – Yes. Try it. I’m really bad at these things. It’s not difficult. Pull the yarn on top, and take the yarn from the bottom and wind it on top. Soeun has good hands. Soeun knows how to do that. – This is interesting. / – She’s good. The inside gets layered and that’s how it’s woven. You can do this in Korea if you have this wood. Let’s see what happened to Boah. Boah is predictable. I’m not really good… At staying still and doing things. Boah is rather clumsy. This is the most upset she was while in Europe. She’s just like us. She’s bored to death. She’s really distracted. – Soeun isn’t moving. / – She’s staying still. – Oh, my. / – She’s asleep. She lied down next to her to get attention. (Soeun’s hand crafted work) (It takes 1 hour and 40 minutes to Lake Balaton) This sea is pretty. This is Lake Balaton. – Is this a lake? / – It is. – Is that a lake? / – I’m surprised. – It’s a lake. / – The area is… Almost as big as Seoul. It’s the biggest lake in Europe. The lake is the size of Seoul? – Yes. / – The area of a lake is? The area of this lake is bigger than Guam. If I didn’t know this was a lake, I would have thought it was the sea. How can a lake look like that? Why did we come to this lake? We came here to do the sport we enjoy. I like sports. But I don’t like sports on water. I’m a little scared. Since you are a little scared of water, I will help you overcome that fear. You’ll through me in the lake when I can’t swim? That’s the color of the lake? – It looks too deep. / – That looks like the sea. I can’t swim at all. Not one stroke. (Her eyes are pleading) (Oh, my) (What did I just see?) You shouldn’t see that. I already saw it. On the lake? You’re doing that? You can ski or ride a board here. This is mechanical water-skiing. – We don’t have that in Korea. / – Isn’t this amazing? That’s really scary. They’re all falling into the water. That’s exactly like K.will when he rode the board. When he learned to surf, right? Gosh. Soeun, you know that machinery over there? In Korea, we do wakesurf by trailing boats. – We don’t have the machine. / – You ride using that? – What is that? / – Isn’t it fascinating? That’s how it’s done. There are cables set up above the water. – Gosh. That’s interesting. / – It’s difficult. That’s the fun of it. How much is this per hour? It’s about $16.80 cents. This attraction doesn’t use gas. It’s eco-friendly. – It’s a green sport. / – You’re right. Oh, my. Can’t the speed be adjusted? – It’s possible. / – That’s a relief. That’s really great. Isn’t that K.will? – It’s K.will. / – It’s not. That thing just drags you no matter what. (I can do this, right?) (Where is Soeun anyway?) You can do it, Boah! How did I end up in skis? (Sorry) I really find water terrifying. I can do anything else. But I really don’t have much water sport experience. (Boah takes up the challenge alone) (Balancing is key) – Standing upright for the first time is hard. / – It is. Did you have previous experience? It was my first time. It was your first time? – I think she’ll be good. / – You must’ve struggled. The women we saw earlier were very experienced. They tried it before at least 5 to 6 times. (The automatic pulley slowly approaches) (Feeling nervous) – It begins with that. / – I see. So, that’s how it starts. That’s fascinating. Maybe she holds out. Maybe she holds out. (She splashes in after losing her balance) Oh, gosh. She did manage to travel a bit. – She’s excited. / – She looks bright. (She returns the short distance by swimming) She just hates sitting still. The rest of the time, she’s happy. (This determined woman makes a second attempt) Isn’t it scary? (Shaking her head) (Focusing attentively) It takes time to learn to stand up. (Did she finally succeed?) Oh, no. – She has to let go. / – Why isn’t she? (She acquired a strange Superman-like technique) – Oh, no. / – Where were you going? That’s crazy. She’s determined. – It’s a bit like… / – Gosh. – That’s a harder technique. / – How far did you go? She’s having fun. (Boah returns by boat) (This older lady rides poised and cool) She definitely has some experience. She’s good. Try again? Again? (I’ll succeed this time) (Will Boah be able to succeed?) (Wobbling) I think she just might make it. – Hold on. / – Just a little longer. – Push on. / – Just a bit more. Push ahead. She did it. That’s impressive. She’s standing up… I feel proud of her. It was very impressive. It’s fun once you get up, right? – Was it worth it? / – She rides so well. – Isn’t it hard? / – Yes. – She lost strength. / – It’s draining, right? – Of course. / – After about four times… – I still succeeded, right? / – It’s really tiring. You did so well this time. You went so far. It was amazing. I’m content. – You should be. / – I’m totally happy. It’ll be nice to have that in Korea. – Like at the Hangang? / – Yes. From what I know, they have it in the provinces. – That? / – It’s meant for practice. – That’s right. / – They have something like that. (Wine-making experience) This place seems like the country, right? The ambience is different again. Over there. We’re at the winery. I mentioned it earlier. – You’ve finally arrived. / – It’s a winery. – How is that a lake? / – There are vineyards there. The color of the water is gorgeous. – It’s huge. / – I can’t believe it’s a lake. These grapes are small and haven’t ripened yet. They need two months since it’s June right now. They harvest them in August. By August, they’ll become plump like grapes we know. They’re all grapes. Living there must be so peaceful. That’s great for sunshine. It’s just facing the sun. You can taste the wine made here. There is also food available to pair. I’m so hungry now. You must be. You worked so hard. You really did. Eat up. Eat double the portion including mine. I don’t think Koreans know about that place. – Only locals go there, right? / – Yes. Amazing. This is also a grape vine. Goodness. Can we pick them to eat during our meal? Around July and August, grapes ripen and hang. Like you said, July and August… – Is the harvest period. / – You’re eating under a vine. (Wine tasting) How many glasses come out? There’s a lot. A total of 3 glasses. There’s 1 for each bottle. Is the tasting included? For three glasses… – It’s $22. / – It’s tart and brisk. It’s a bit lighter than red wine. It’s not sweet at all. – Right? / – Yes. There’s more? We can keep tasting. Thank you. – So different. / – That’s a real reaction. She has a drunken habit. She shakes. (What’s with her?) (Rizling is a light and refreshing Hungarian wine) This one was very strong. This one. The white wine… – I like this one. / – Right? It’s so aromatic. But it’s so interesting… – That we can taste them here. / – I know. It’s so great. There’s more? We can taste up to three bottles? I don’t think we need to order more. What would be the ideal food pairing for that weather? All you need is white wine, bread and butter. You can eat that forever. Koreans have rice, pepper paste and sesame oil. We can eat forever with those staples. Everyday fare. – Bread, butter and white wine. / – Never get sick of it. That’s all. Drinking wine in that weather under the shade… Those who love wine… – Would go crazy for it. / – Nothing more is needed. (How will the third wine taste?) It’s so soft. – I know. / – This one is the strongest. The second one is somewhat sweet. The third one is the smoothest. The last one is the smoothest. It’s soft and smooth. It’s not sweet at all. Alright. Pick the one you want to drink. – 1, 2, 3. / – 3. – 1, 2, 3. / – 3. (The second one produced from this vineyard) As expected. There’s a reason why we’re traveling together. – Rizling, I see. / – We click so well. This place has great wine. That looks so good. – I’m so hungry. / – This is… It’s pork belly! (Beef steak) (Pork filet dish) (Avocado toast) – Avocado toast. / – That must be good. – Let’s taste them. / – We should… Eat that first. This is the appetizer. (Exclaiming) The egg oozes over. (How will the toast taste?) It’s so good. The avocado has been prepared like a salad. They must really like paprika here. Almost every dish contains paprika. The texture was great too. That was only about $5.60. – $5.60? / – What? I’m going to eat 10 of those. – That one’s really good. / – That looks so good. – It’s so good. / – Fried onions. That’s beef in the middle. – On the bottom, that’s potato? / – It looks like it. I think it’s potato and onions are on top. Yes, they’ve been fried. – Gosh. Seriously. / – That was about $16. Beef steak is about $16. That’s cheap. That’s really affordable. Mashed potato is delicious. (Chuckling) (Gulping down the wine) She’s starting to show swag. Are you okay with your parents watching this? I thought I was watching my father taking a shot. You drank three glasses for wine tasting. Then you got a refill. The steak with the mashed potatoes were so tasty. – The potatoes really look good. / – They were. – You’re right. / – The mashed potatoes are fantastic. Try it. They’re good alone. They almost look like mangoes. They’ve been slightly boiled and mashed. It all came together topped with their secret sauce. – You can’t tell they’re potatoes. / – They’re great. It’s so good with the steak. It’s very good. You spread a bit of the mashed potatoes on the steak. It must be great completing that bite with onions. That’s when you take a sip of the wine. I’m curious about that one. What is that? That dish includes cuts of pork belly and shoulder. The cut is similar in Korea. It’s so tender. Almost boiled. That does look good. (Three-way combination with pork) (Delicious) It’s so soft. It almost seems boiled. – It’s so good. / – I don’t eat salty food well. – It’s not salty at all. / – You’re right. – That’s why I love it. / – It’s not salty so it’s great. It’s full of flavor without being salty. It suits my tastes perfectly. It’s amazing. This is my favorite dish in Hungary. – Really? / – I don’t need anything else. I got to come all the way here thanks to you. I got to eat something that suits me perfectly and drink good wine. It’s fantastic. The expense probably piled up a bit there. But considering the ambience, it wasn’t that expensive. – Denmark is more expensive. / – Of course. I looked this up… Hungary is very well-known for their hot springs. If you read books about Hungary, you’ll read about the Szechenyi Spa. Tourists always pay the place a visit. – I’ve been there. / – Instead of that place… – It’s the most famous. / – That’s right. – Is that a hot spring? / – Yes. There are different temperature options there. There are indoor and outdoor facilities. The water temperatures all differ. If you look up Heviz Spa… It comes up like this. What is this place? – That’s a hot spring? / – Yes, it is. – You found a new place? / – Yes. It’s the world’s largest natural hot spring. – It’s a lake. / – It’s environmentally friendly. They always pull out trump cards at the end. It’s a proper uppercut at the last round. It was discovered during the Roman era. If Lake Balaton is as big as Seoul city, this lake is more like the size of Yeouido. It’s still quite sizable considering it’s a lake. That’s what they say. Then is the county called Heviz? Heviz isn’t the name of the county. It means “hot water.” (The area around the lake is well-built) – This place is so nice. / – I know. It’s like a forest. I want to go there. It’s a place with history. Many Europeans travel there. They come for the therapeutic benefits. – That’s right. / – I see. It’s good for the joints. It’s so pretty. It’s well-made. It must be here. They all come out of here. What is it? Let’s take a look. Heviz. This feels more like a pool than a hot spring. But once you go inside, the water is very warm. You can’t see the steam rising. Hungarian hot springs are kind of like pools. The depth goes from 2m to 38m. I won’t be able to stand in it. I guess it’s very deep. Is it warm? Will it float? It’s very deep. – Really? / – Yes. I’m scared of the water. So I usually can’t go in. But because she was tipsy from wine, she went in. I took 3 tubes because 2 weren’t enough. I was so scared. – How cute. / – Oh, no. I can’t float. (She has been equipped with 3 tubes) (She musters up courage and wades in slowly) How nice. It’s very serene and leisurely. It’s so scary not being able to touch the bottom. Isn’t that like floating on a tire? (Her kicks are induced by her survival instincts) For people who fear the water like me, tubes can be rented without limit. You can use like 5 if you want. I’m sorry, but the mic is over here. We can’t hear anything you’re saying. She’s all excited alone. Soeun… – The water of this lake… / – How deep is it? – The depth was… / – It was 36m. – Yes. / – Really? 36m? – 36m? / – What? 36m? – Yes. / – It’s completely natural. I’ve never been to a place like that. – It must be great for the skin. / – How nice. It wasn’t just an artificially created hot spring. It feels like we were floating in a natural lake. Yeah. It’s so nice. – Here’s another commercial. / – What about her hair? (Heviz is perfect for skin care) – No one is there too. / – I was scared. – Is she scrubbing away? / – Look at the mud. Is that dead grime? There’s a lot of mud there. (Final night of Soboru Tour) You probably returned all smooth and sparkly. It’s perfect time for a beer. – Wine, wine. / – Oh, yeah. Look at that. It looks photoshopped. Is that a bridge? (Breath-taking view of Europe’s top 3 night views) It’s like a painting. How can the color of the sky be like this? When I came to Budapest last time, I saw this sight from the ferry boat. I wondered what it would be like to sit here watching people pass by while sipping on a glass of wine. How nice. I’m so envious. I’ve never been more envious than just now. Should we sit here? We need to be careful. (Her wish is becoming reality) Heaps of people come to take photos. You have to bring a tripod. Okay, here we go. It’s the wine we bought earlier. Eger’s wine. This is… – So cute. / – So cute, right? I really wanted to do this. (In front of Budapest’s grand night scenery) A lot of people do that too, right? People take pictures and sit along the walkway and drink wine. – For Soboru Tour’s victory. / – So nice. Let’s receive the energy from Budapest. Soboru Tour’s… – Victory! / – Cheers! Is the mood making this taste better? (Wine, the night view and Hungary’s breeze) It looks so good. It’s like a painting. That’s so pretty. Certainly. They say it’s among the world’s best. This is our final schedule in Hungary. How is it? It was so good. Especially… We arrived… And crossed the bridge. – We also had goulash? / – Yes, goulash. – Goulash. / – Yes, we had that too. We did so many things. But I think the highlight is definitely… This night view. – It’s so different from the day. / – Of course. It’s among the world’s top three. The people in Poland and Hungary seem to know how to relax. Overall, the mood… Felt warm and leisurely. These small moments that we shared while traveling together… We spent time and took care of one another. Aren’t the feelings amplified since we’re abroad as well? That is how… We were able to form a bond that’s indescribable. I prefer men. This is so nice. This is Kim Soeun and Cho Boah’s happy Soboru Tour. The end! Cheers! It’s so beautiful. We can’t leave the night view out of the discussion. It’s among the world’s top three night views. There’s Paris and also Prague in Czech Republic. Then it’s Budapest. But it was very pretty earlier. It’s across the National Assembly building. But there are other famous night views. There’s Citadella, Gelert Hill. There’s the observatory at Buda Castle. – It’s a view from above, right? / – Yes, there’s that. And beautiful night views from below the bridge too. Last time I went, I took a tour on the ferry boat. That’s also great. – Night views on a boat are amazing. / – Yes. – Anyhow… / – The expense is important. Wasn’t Denmark $592? – And 50 cents. / – It was very affordable. – Right, but… / – Then… Shall we check the final expenses? The total amount Soboru Tour spent in Hungary for 3 days and 2 nights… The total amount is? They ate such delicious food. – Per person. / – Per person? $477.20! – There’s a difference. / – If it’s $477.20… Considering the fact that Northern Europe is much more expensive, we only spent $120 more. Sure, there aren’t any vineyards in Northern Europe. But how expensive would it be to go to a hot spring there? It would’ve been covered by the Copenhagen card. There’s that card. He’s good. – Okay. / – Shall we hold the final vote? It was a vintage but modern city. Enjoy a soft classical atmosphere by leaving on a trip to Budapest. Drink wine and enjoy food in a romantic setting. If you’d like to bask in that fantastic night views, don’t hesitate to take a trip to Hungary. Will you go to Hungary or not? Please cast your votes. (Will they score better than 61?) (What will the judges choose?) The birthplace of beer. They did backflips there. Will it be Lee K Tour’s Denmark? Wine, hot springs and night views. They captured the trifecta of holiday activities. Will it be Soboru Tour’s Hungary? What will the judge’s choose? Let’s go, Lee K Tour. – Lee K Tour. / – I’m certain we’ll win today. – Lee K Tour. / – Not today. – Let’s go. / – Losing won’t make sense. Will we see the last digit? Poland vs. Germany. Soboru Tour won that round. Now it’s Denmark vs. Hungary. (Denmark’s last digit is 5) – What’s going on? / – No, no! – 95? / – What number will it be? 85. 85. 85. We won. Good work. But from the first vote… What did we get for the first half? – Compared to that… / – Your first vote was… – 85? / – You lost a vote. 6? – 86. / – You got a lower vote? – You did. / – We did? Who was it? – Hungary really… / – Ours went up. – It went up. / – It did. – It went up a lot. / – It was Park Chanho’s number. – I knew this would happen. / – How? I had a feeling. That’s why I tried to look pitiful. Please give us your final comments. For those of you who are planning a stopover trip… – Our trip isn’t a bad idea. / – It’s the best. Thank you. And of course, we had DinDin… – As a special host for a month. / – He’s talented. – Stay with us. / – How was it? What’s the point in commenting? – I’ll be back next week. / – Yeah! Thank you, DinDin. Our next episode is early August and it’s the peak of vacation time in Korea. We’ll be airing a domestic water-fun trip special… – To chase the heat away. / – It’s needed. – It’s very needed. / – The specials keep continuing. Please look forward to it. We’ll see you again next time. The world is a school. Life is a journey. Battle Trip! Thank you. (Next episode) (Peak of summer vacation) (Domestic water fun) (GFRIEND and BTOB) (Enjoying summer fun, exciting water park) I recommend it. (Thrilling, king of exotic water sports) (Battle Trip) (“Fly High” by Dreamcatcher)


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