Battle Trip | 배틀트립 – Ep.58 : Lee K Tour [ENG/THA/2017.07.21]

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(Numerous great tips on trips) (Lee Hwijae, special host, DinDin) (Kim Sook, Sung Sikyung) Travel is war. Battle Trip! What’s up, DinDin? Yo, DinDin. – DinDin is like family. / – He’s part of our family. Last time for the March First Movement special, I went to Shanghai with Yu Jaehwan and Professor Seo Kyoungduk. – It was a great trip. / – It was very meaningful. Now that I’m back as a special host, I will make sure to fill this vacancy well. Is there anywhere you’d like to go or someone you’d like to take? – Please be honest. / – Even a female. – Even a female? / – Yes. – Is that allowed? / – People travel like that. – So what? / – It’s just traveling. We’re all here broadcasting together too. If that’s allowed… – Not too long ago… / – Is there anyone? Red Velvet made their comeback. – My gosh. / – I’ll just stop right here. Well, you are a huge fan of Red Velvet. Irene! – Pardon? / – I was coughing. – Irene. / – Please stop. Keep the program going. Red Velvet will be on the show at least once. – You can come then. / – As the opposing team. No, I meant as a member of the audience. – Invite me as a traveler. / – Please come to vote. Today, we have another big special. – Right? / – We prepared for summer vacations. Summer vacations are long so you must’ve gone far. Visiting two countries with one flight ticket. – It was amazing last time. / – We did it once before. – Stopover trip. / – That’s right. Last year, we had Lee Kyuhan and Kim Kibang. They stopped over in London and went to Prague. They scored incredibly high with it. Also Seo Hyorim and Lee Chunga stopped over in Dubai and went to Italy. That’s right. For people who are still unaware, please explain how stopovers work. A stopover is when a long-distance flight stops at a layover destination for more than 24 hours. It’s not always available. – You have to confirm it in advance. / – Right. Just because it’s a stopover, you can’t just go out. If you do that, you could be in big trouble. You can end up back in Korea. – If you just go out… / – You’ll get in big trouble. You might end up in a small cell. I studied abroad in Vancouver before. Layover flights would often include San Francisco. When you see San Francisco out the window, it was so pretty but we weren’t allowed outside. Just going out can get you labeled as an illegal alien. Then you’d just get deported. That’s right. The U.S. is very strict. They carry firearms and follow you around. Make sure to put on your best cute face when you enter the U.S. – Hand over your passport like a baby. / – How? – Like this. / – That’s fail-proof. Then you’ll get admitted right away. So today’s episode is a special among specials. But today’s destinations are places we’d really like to go too. Let’s invite the four planners who visited travel destinations of our dreams. Welcome. (Kim Soeun, Cho Boah) Welcome. (Lee Hyun, K.will) Are the two of you close? – Yes, we met on a drama set. / – I see. We traveled together after filming. – Really? / – Leaving out domestic travel… This would mark our second international trip. Then on to our men. – Yes? / – Are the two of you close? – Yes, somewhat. / – Right. Please tell us the truth. – Be honest. / – How close are you? It’s enough to be on air together. That’s about how close Hwijae and I are. Have you traveled together? – No never. / – How about a public bathhouse? – Public bathhouse? / – Public bathhouse? – Have you never been? / – I can stop meeting him. – What? / – We’ve been friends for 15 years. – 15 years? / – Okay. K.will and Hyun, what trip did you embark on? – Honestly… / – What’s that? I felt like we needed to be ready… – I even made a book. / – Is that a memo? – What is that? / – What’s that? During our trip abroad, we kept taking pictures and gathered them together to make a scrapbook. Do we not have anything? We don’t have a scrapbook? We’re actually more carefree. They seem very feminine. – That’s really… / – That’s a misunderstanding. – They prepared their beauty. / – Hey, you… DinDin’s good. Let’s check out the stopover trips where you can travel to two destinations with one ticket. In other words… To kill two birds with one stone. Have your cake and eat it too. To get two for one. Stop two gaps with one bush. You can fill two needs with one deed. Feeding two birds with one seed. This is what a stopover trip is. Where did you all go? Lee Hyun prepared Munich. Munich, Germany. Is that how it’s pronounced over there? There are many different ways to pronounce it. There’s of course, “Munich” and “Munchen” as well. – What’s the correct way? / – We asked them. We asked, “How do you locals pronounce it?” – It’s Munchen. / – Yes, Munchen. You must’ve met someone with a very low voice. Yes, Munchen. Here’s the thing. My previous girlfriend in Canada was German. She pronounced it like this. I’ve heard that. – How was it pronounced? / – Munchen. Munchen. Where else after Munich? For our final destination… As you know, northern Europe is all the rage. We went to Denmark’s Copenhagen. You picked out the more expensive countries. That’s not true. – Am I not right? / – Yes. Denmark is a tad bit expensive though. How long is the flight time between them? – One hour? / – An hour? – That’s less than expected. / – About 1.5 hours. It’s like how we go to Jeju-do. But I’m curious. Of all the places in Germany, why Munich? One way to stop by in Germany on the way to Denmark is through Munich. – There’s Frankfurt too. / – That’s right. – It’s known for soccer. / – Right. – Munich is more well-known. / – That’s right. We chose Munich because we felt like there was more to see. Germany is known for their sausages and beer. I’ve heard that the beer is amazing. That’s what we started with as soon as we got there. Does the beer actually taste different? – It’s completely different. / – It’s different. Germany is great. The beer is something else. Germany is famous for its beer but Denmark also has its own. – Really? / – It’s a place for lager. – We drank beer there too. / – Then… Were you two drunk the whole time? Correct. We’ll see once we watch it. He’s my idea of a stereotypical drunkard. – Drunkard? / – What did you say? – So what? / – He becomes a zombie. Sikyung dispenses alcohol into his mouth. – Stop it. / – This is what he does when drunk. – Call out my name. / – Sikyung! (Drunk K.will spacing out) I can still smell the alcohol. – Aren’t you on my team? / – You’re good. Now, our team will do some boasting too. Where did you go, Boah and Soeun? We went somewhere that can be a bit unfamiliar. It’s a fascinating and curious place. – It’s more exotic. / – Yes. After stopping by Poland, we went to Budapest, which features one of the top three night views. My favorite actor is Jay Chou. His film, “Secret” was filmed there. One of the most famous scenes in the movie is when he plays Chopin on the piano. Poland is the birthplace of Chopin. – It has a rich musical history. / – Poland? I see. It would be a great place to go for lovers of Chopin. Poland is a country… – That loves music. / – That’s unfamiliar to us. – Yes. / – I see. You’re both in the music industry. Poland might’ve been more fitting for you two. From what I know, they don’t care for classical music. Germany also… – Sure, it’s also known for music. / – Excuse me. Why are you keep moving towards them? My heart goes that way. Honestly, it’s the same for me. – Why is it like that? / – But look at his outfit. Only his right-half is part of the team. – But… / – The other side is elsewhere. Come this way. You’re teammates with Hyun, buddy. – I got it. / – It’s true. Only a half of him is on their team. The other half is… Where should we get started with first? – Let’s start over there. / – We’ll drink up. – Let’s be off to Germany. / – Off to Munich. (Stopover trip part 1) – That was part 1. / – London, Czech Republic. London, Czech Republic. That was a great trip. Up until recently, it was in 1st place. – Then Dubai and Italy. / – Dubai and Italy. They went to southern Italy too. (Battle Trip has prepared stopover trip part 2) – What was that? / – That’s CG, right? Probably. That car is so pretty. Thank you. Thanks to the show, I get to go on a trip beyond my means. Gosh. – Thank you. / – When you were asked on the show… You said you must travel with this person. He’s a poor fellow. I have taken him under my wing. I referred him to his company. Buy him drinks. So ambitious that he’s in two groups and does a solo. – Look at his pimples. / – He’s living it up. If I’m the head of Starship Entertainment, he’s the head of BigHit Entertainment. – Come on in. / – Okay. Oh, gosh. Meet the head of BigHit Entertainment, Lee Hyun. You should’ve put on makeup. He already caked it on. Since when did you get close? – It’s been about 15 years. / – That’s right. – Since your debut? / – You were young. We were on the same team before we debuted. I’ve heard that you hear often that you two look alike. He doesn’t like hearing that. – Why is that? / – I’m not sure. Why do you even ask? Why do you ask? My mom is watching this too. You think my mom isn’t watching? Our hair color is similar too. I should change it. Please show us. Do you go to the same salon? No, different salons. (Sighing) Well, you two do share some similar interests, right? – We like sports. / – Yes, sports. We like to drink. Let’s just say that we like everything the average guy likes. Well, the two of them are giving off a somber vibe. – I’m sure there’s a twist. / – That’s right. – First, let’s pick a destination. / – Sure. – Europe… / – Pick a final destination. – How about Ukraine? / – Ukraine? – Ukraine is full of pretty women. / – There are many. – That’s right. / – That’s what I’ve heard. I’ve heard it’s full of beautiful women. That’s why. Ukraine sounds like a place to visit. There’s Norway, Sweden and Finland. Finland is known for that gum commercial. That’s right. Norway has… – Salmon? / – Salmon. Wait, isn’t that Alaska? We all think similarly. We already have the big picture. A lot of traveling shows have covered these places. Denmark? Denmark is known for Laudrup brothers. – Are they soccer players? / – That’s right. It’s the happiest country in the world. – Of course. Just look at it. / – Is it the happiest? – It’s in first place. / – Gosh. I’ll have to visit there. Copenhagen. (Local-like Copenhagen trip by the two men) What are you two doing? It’s much more impressive in person. Denmark will be our final destination. Then where should we go before we get there? Shortening the route is probably a good idea. Somewhere closer. It’s like Seoul and Busan. The distance is about that much. Take a look. You’re… – Moving too much. / – Don’t little kids do that? That’s… That’s a valid method. – It works. / – That’s right. But most people don’t use their hands. Usually, it’s with a ruler. From Denmark, it’s all pretty far. They’re all so far. Want to watch soccer in Germany? Sounds good. – It’s very… / – Germany is beautiful. – Gosh. / – Isn’t everything so clean? It’s immaculate. – What’s that? / – It’s me. – That’s you, K.will? / – What? Me, me, me. They’re drunk right now. They’re very drunk. That’s such a nice picture. That car is so pretty. – That’s so picturesque. / – What’s that? Envy means losing but I’m envious right now. Alright. Let’s go to Munich then head to Denmark. – Off to Munich. / – It was an excellent choice. Should we choose what to do once we get there? – What? / – That’s how traveling is done. Really? I don’t think that’s possible. (Few days later) Did you look things up? I’ve researched a lot. There’s more to see than I thought. This is the Germany I prepared. Don’t do that. Don’t do it for the camera. You never prepared it. You don’t even like travel. Just take a look. – He prepared a presentation. / – Is that for Germany? There’s so much. He just dug through blogs. Now that I’ve seen this, I have no worries for Germany. You’re very thorough, aren’t you? Well, not really. But I got insecure about traveling with him. – That happens. / – It does. (K.will came up with the team name) We’ll include Lee from Lee Hyun. – How does it sound? / – It has a good vibe. – We’ll include K from K.will. / – The K? Let’s connect them. – Then, it becomes Lee K. / – I see. How amazing would we feel once we get there? After we state our team name… – We’ll stretch it out. / – Lee K Tour. Every time we drink, we’ll chant Lee K Tour. Lee K Tour. I received my international license today. – It’s so cute. / – How is it? Doesn’t our team name have a nice ring to it? – Let’s go. / – How long is the flight? It’s about 11 hours. – About 10 hours. / – 10 to 11 hours. It depends on where it is in Germany. (Lee Hyun arrives first) – A handsome singer. / – You dyed my hair. – What? / – I dyed my hair. To be different from me? We have to look apart. We have to at least be able to tell each other apart. Battle Trip. – The weather is great. / – I prepared a cake. Why? It’s to celebrate our trip. This is… You sure prepared all kinds of stuff. Is this normally done? I’ll hold it. Lee K Tour. – It’s still a hassle. / – What is that? What is that? – It was a huge hassle. / – Why would two guys… Have a cake party? I told you not to do stuff like this. They’re a bit strange. – Isn’t it a beautiful picture? / – We are Lee K… – Tour. / – Tour. Let’s go. We’re going to do something. – What? / – A travel diary. A travel diary. – What? / – A travel diary. Don’t they seem like a newlywed couple? You take care of the diary. You still have to participate. 1, 2, 3. (He meticulously records everything) – Lee K Tour. / – Lee K Tour. – Lee K Tour. / – Lee K Tour. The more unusual a trip is, the more you’ll remember. I share the same opinion. (Incheon International Airport) We traveled really far. That’s a packed schedule. (72 hours left until Denmark) We’re in Germany. – Hello. / – Hello, Germany. The weather is amazing. I thought it would be colder. It’s more temperate. Who said it would be cold? We packed thick clothing. Let’s go. – How is the weather? / – Was it nice? We were told it was cold so we packed warm clothing. But Germany was so nice and warm. What’s your plan? First off, it’s about 5 p.m. in German time right now. Then in Korean time, it would be about 12 a.m. Instead of going straight to the hotel, since we’re in Germany… What were you looking forward to the most? – Wasn’t it beer? / – Beer? Beer. – Don’t do that. / – It has already begun. – Straight from the airport? / – Yes. (The best craft beer pub in Munich) (Have 40 different beers) (And 3 special recommendations every day) How do we begin our three-day trip in Germany? – We start with beer. / – Beer. Lee K Tour. (40 minutes to the Munich’s craft beer pub) (Nature and the modern age coexist together) (Atmosphere of freedom and lively people) How much can you drink, Hyun? – I actually don’t drink too well. / – I see. The taxis here… Even taxis are Mercedes Benz. What the? Hi. Hello. (Let’s take one together) – Why are they doing this? / – Because it was TV? Yes. One of them was… See the beer in his hands? Is that all beer? They were on their way to a bachelor party. One of them was getting married so they had a party. They take beer around like that? – They carry them in a crate. / – It’s a crate. We buy beer in bags. But they buy it buy the crate. – It certainly feels like Germany. / – Gosh. – This is Germany. / – You’re right. – But there’s nothing here. / – They’re drinking outside. Do you see that huge sign there? That’s a sign? – It’s right there. / – Where? Those are the signs. They’re signs? – Let’s go. / – Let’s head inside. Let’s go. We’ve finally arrived to a famous pub. There’s a good vibe here. This pub is enjoyed more by locals than tourists. By locals? – Finally. / – We get to drink German beer. – Let us see. / – We’re in Germany. Everything over there is beer. Each one of them is numbered. – But what’s… / – There is a huge variety. – Those are all different varieties? / – Yes. The alcohol dosage in the beer… They even have beer that goes up to 12%. You’re right. The most famous beer here is the pilsner. So I think we should try it in Germany. Is that what you were talking about earlier? – Okay. / – Is this “beeramisu?” “Beeramisu?” It’s like tiramisu. But it’s saltier. You can eat it with beer. I don’t like cake much. Tiramisu is a bit sweet but this one’s more savory? – I like it so let’s try it. / – Sure. I’m anticipating this. Do you think German beer will be different? – I hope it is. / – Me too. They say that this place is famous within Germany too. Beer comes out of those containers too. – They’re here. / – Already? It’s about to get crazy. I’m craving beer now. (It’s a refreshing lager) (Draft lager, $4.90) – Lee K… / – Tour. It’s different tasting that on-site. You came up with a great team name. – Right? / – Yeah. It’s good. It’s really good. This is seriously good. They use different glasses for different beers. – There are normal mugs. / – I see. Depending on the alcohol content and depth, different mugs are used. Doing that’s mandatory. – I’m so curious. / – Were they different beers? Yes, one was a lager. The other was… – This? Pilsner. / – Yes, pilsner. – I want this. / – I want that one too. Let’s share. It’s nice. I hope the food arrives soon. I’m not sure why but I can feel the taste of the wheat. Really? Really? Well, they say it was produced where wheat is widely grown. Now I want some beer. Wheat beer began in Munich? That must’ve been nice. I think you can get a taste of it in Korea too. – But the taste… / – It’s light and refreshing. It would really be perfect after playing a round of soccer. More so than this. – It’s refreshing. / – It’s just so refreshing. This one is perfect to get rejuvenated. However, if you want to spend time with your girlfriend. – You don’t have one. / – I don’t. I’m sure you will one day. Should we try another beer? Let’s go. – Beer is sure best… / – When the sun is out. Day drinking is the best. – It’s here. / – The food is finally here. – It’s a sandwich. / – What is that? – I don’t know but it looks good. / – See the size? – I’m getting grumpy. / – Look at the melted cheese. What is that? It’s beer and salt? Is that the beeramisu? – That’s… / – It’s not a tiramisu. You can basically think of it as a tiramisu. Tiramisu usually contains shots of espresso but there’s draft beer in there instead. So it contains draft beer. – Lee K Tour. / – Lee K Tour. That’s German bread. (I want a bite) You two must’ve been hungry. It’s not what we expected it to be. This is driving me crazy… I thought it’d be something weird. – It seems dry. / – Right. But it’s like it contains… How do I put it? Boiled meat? It’s like there’s boiled meat inside the sandwich. – You’re right. / – It’s very good. That really was good. I just want to take a bite. – I want to try it quickly. / – Nothing tastes bad… – When it contains melted cheese. / – Now. (He tries another bite) Thanks to the texture of the meat and the mustard… (Are you a food fighter?) That’s more like shoving away than eating. That was how it all began. What’s wrong? – Do you miss your mommy? / – They’re good. Well, I like eating. That’s how he eats and sings so well. – I have to try this too. / – Try it. But why is it called beeramisu? It’s not tiramisu. It’s pretty much “beer” with “tiramisu.” – It means there’s beer in there. / – That’s right. There’s salt. – It’s been salted. / – Yes, it has. I’ve heard that it all goes very well together with beer. – Well, we haven’t tried it yet. / – We haven’t. – We haven’t tried it. / – That’s right. The sunflower seeds inside are large too. How is it? (Curious) Is it good? It’s good. It does taste a bit salty. Stop after a bite. – It’s salty? / – Yeah. (I thought you didn’t like sweets) That is so good. Are you two sharing a spoon? Then… – They only gave us one. / – They only gave you one? You know, it’s sweet-and-salty. – Sweet-and-salty. / – That describes this perfectly. We can open a store with this. It’s sweet-and-salty. – It’s tasty. / – It really is. We completely scraped this clean. – You ate it all? / – I did. But it really feels like we’re day-drinking. It’s over 9 p.m. – You’re right. / – It’s past 9 p.m. It was a perfect first destination. – Let’s drink until sundown. / – Sounds good. In Germany, the sun sets late because it’s up north. – Did you just drink and sleep? / – Yes. – We knocked out. / – Really? (Second day in Munich) (Lee K Tour itinerary) (Old car renting) Who said Germany was cold? – Who said it was cold here? / – Yeah. The weather is perfect. The sun is hot. It feels tropical almost. Well, we are on our second day in Germany now. There are seven things men can enjoy in Germany. We tried the first yesterday, beer. – We experienced that. / – Aren’t we drinking beer today? – Most likely. / – Of course. We’re about to scratch off three more off the list. In Germany… There’s a place to experience classic cars. We can drive them. – You can drive them? / – We can drive them? Classic cars? That must be expensive. It’s kind of like this. (Heart drop) Oh, those cars with the elongated fronts. Even women might like it because the cars are pretty. Alright. If we take a few more steps, there is something you might enjoy. This place is nice too. We’re still in Munich. – But it’s country-like, right? / – It’s so nice. – Let’s go. / – We’re full of expectations. The weather is so nice today. It’s a beautiful life. I’ll be by your side. ♪ It’s beautiful life ♪ (Where is Gong Yoo?) I can open my eyes after turning, right? – Hold on. / – 1, 2, 3. – Hold on. / – 3. – Hold on. / – 3. There. – He’s really shocked. / – He’s not K.will right now. I’ve never seen his eyes get that big before. That’s so pretty. (It has won over the female heart) I really liked this place. How did they maintain these cars? – A convertible will be nice. / – I can’t say the brand… – But it’s driving me nuts. / – It’s so pretty. Instead of just looking at them, we can rent them too? – We can rent them. / – And drive them. It’s hard not to get wide-eyed over them. Isn’t it great? It’s so pretty. – Gosh. / – Look at that. Gosh. Just look at this. – I don’t even know this model. / – It’s an Alfa Romeo. You need to post pictures of cars like that. – It must be manual, right? / – It’s perfect for SNS. Gosh. It’s so pretty. – And also. / – This one’s amazing. What I wanted to show you, isn’t this car. It’s over there. – You can’t ever see those. / – There’s another one. (A chorus of dummies) (Ta-da) This is amazing. That red one is so pretty. Look at that. It’s an old Porsche. I want that one. – James Dean. / – Right? – James Dean drove that. / – All of them… They’re all German cars. So that’s what it looks like. It’s no joke. – Look at that. / – It’s so pretty. It’s so pretty. – You can’t find them. / – How are they maintained? But how did they keep 50 to 70-year-old cars in such mint condition? Hey, hold on. We can’t get in yet. – Let’s take pictures. / – I’ll take it for you. – Can you take one for me? / – Sure. Can we touch it? (Touching delicately) You can touch them. – Good pose. / – It’s good. Did you post that picture by any chance? – Did you post it? / – I erased it. I knew you’d like this place. But we really took so many pictures. – We did. / – They rent them out. – Really? / – Yes. Do you need an international license? – Yes. / – But you also… Need to take your Korean license with you. Are you switching teams? (I like pretty cars too) This is it. We have to ride this. – This is it. / – It has to be this. You can spend the whole day just looking at them. (Ta-da) To the right. This sounds the horn. – But that’s… / – Is it ready? Is it automatic? – Of course it’s manual. / – It’s an old car. I guess you have to be somewhat experienced. It’s “I rented a car” not “I bought a car”. ♪ I rented a car, I’ll be there to pick you up ♪ That’s reasonable. Let’s go. (Bumpy) Brake, brake, brake. It’s an old car too. – Let’s go. / – You fools. Goodness, guys. – Are you driving it? / – Try driving it. It should start moving. – Let’s start moving. / – Let’s start moving. When I put my foot off the clutch, it will move. – That’s understandable. / – Right. – Let’s go. / – Okay. – There you go. / – Come on. – Check this out. / – Is it tough to drive? It’s very different from cars nowadays. It doesn’t have power steering either. – This feels amazing. / – It’s manual. This is incredible. – Lee K Tour. / – Lee K Tour. I never thought I’d get to do this in Germany. – It’s so great. / – I am curious. What happens if you get into an accident? – The insurance covers it. / – Is that right? You have to get the insurance too. Was it okay to drive? How are the traffic lights? You drive on the left in Germany, just like in Korea. – I’m starting to get used to it. / – I can tell. (Tight) Keep your eyes in the front. Don’t look to the sides. – Do I turn? / – Keep your eyes in the front. Let’s make a turn and check out that small street. Try flickering the turn signal. This is the left turn signal. – Is it on? / – I think so. – The brake is… / – There’s a car coming. Goodness. It’s off again. He can’t pass, can he? I remember that time. – They’re in trouble. / – I have to start the car. That’s a scary moment. – There’s a car coming in. / – The engine is off. And that big truck is coming. He’s making way for them to pass. – It’s off again. / – Gosh. – I’m so nervous. / – What’s this? – It was so hard to go backwards. / – By the way… It’s moving. That’s it. That’s it. Okay. We can act naturally. We were too intimidated. We were too intimidated. Should we just go wherever? Should we go wherever the road takes us? I remember that moment too. Goodness. I was holding the car so it won’t go backwards. But this is… The owner came out. – Isn’t that the car rental shop? / – Did you have to run? Do you have to run and hop inside? We got through it because of you. I couldn’t have done it alone. – Goodness. / – Goodness. We sighed at the same time. It must’ve been your first time since the driver’s test. – It was my first time. / – Right. If we come back next time… – Let’s practice before coming. / – Let’s do that. I can’t enjoy the scenery. I feel good when I see these places. The view is unbelievable. We’re on Battle Trip but this is the best trip I have ever been on. ♪ The flowers fly high ♪ ♪ When you tell me you love me, I melt ♪ It would be a lovely location for a music video. – Right. / – He’s right. We talked about that a lot too. Did you go to the soccer stadium with that car? No way. No! I heard we can tour around the stadium. That’s the home ground of… – FC Bayern Munich. / – Yes. (One of the 1,001 architectures to see before you die) (Allianz Arena of Munich) – I really want to go there. / – I got goose bumps. – Is that a famous stadium? / – Yes, it is. It’s the home ground of Germany’s best soccer team. (Tour around the stadium when there’s no game) This is it. – This is it. / – This is it. So this is it! – This is it. / – Goodness. This is the home of FC Bayern Munich. Robben! Hello, Ribery. – This is amazing. / – This is amazing. – You can see the inside. / – I know. Let’s go inside. I love Bayern Munich so much. This place is… This is the home of Bayern Munich. There are a lot of people even when there is no game. Munich. Shall we go in? When there’s no game, you can pay the entrance fee and tour around the stadium. Is that right? Right. And when there’s no game, you can go inside the stadium with a tour guide. – How much is it? / – It’s $29. – Including a guide. / – The tour includes… It’s about $30 per person. Check out the trophies. – They sell uniforms too, right? / – Of course. – What are these trophies? / – I don’t know these. There must be a big ear. Do they not have it? What is big ear? It’s European Champion Clubs’ Cup. It’s the one that have big handles on the side. – The handles look like big ears. / – The big handles. They look like big ears so it’s called big ear. – We have to find the big ear. / – What do we do after? It’s not here. Is it not here? The European Champion Clubs’ Cup is not here? The European Champion Clubs’ Cup isn’t here. (He leaves the group) (He walks around) It says Champions League. – Big ear. / – What? – It says Champions League. / – These are replicas. When did they receive this? – They are replicas. / – Did they get it 3 years ago? – Are they all replicas? / – They got it 3 or 4 years ago. They got it when they traveled somewhere. Why are these all replicas? That’s what I heard. Those are replicas. The real ones are kept separately. The real ones are still in use. – I’m disappointed. / – So it’s a replica. I am disappointed. It’s great. I watched the Champions League Final a few days ago. I really wanted to hold it. They should have let us hold the replica. I took a picture with the real one when they brought it to Korea. That’s the bus they ride. Those are the seats the players sit on. Is that the bus the players actually ride? It’s the replica. – Bus? / – Yes. We can’t tell that it’s a special bus. We can’t tell. As if we are on their bus. Can’t we upload one more photo? Okay. – Can’t tell. / – It’s because we’re not in uniform. Let’s go get a uniform. They are selling it here. Boateng. – Vidal. / – If you take children who love soccer… – They would be thrilled. / – So thrilled. You must take them. Do you want to put our name? Isn’t it too embarrassing? You’re not a big soccer fan, are you, Hyun? – I think that was a mistake. / – Right? You can’t put your name there. Wouldn’t it be fun? The number will be 100 because we want 100 votes. I’m too embarrassed to do that. You want to write 100 on the back? – Do you have to do that? / – How about it? Do you have to do that? Let’s do it. I’m in charge of the Germany tour. So just listen to me. Do whatever you want. – Okay. / – It’s a shame. Let’s put K.will and Lee Hyun. Let’s do that. Okay? – I really didn’t want to do that. / – With just two guys… I thought it’d be awkward… – But you’re really delicate. / – No! Did you buy that? – He forced me to do it. / – No! Thank goodness the name is in the bottom. We put 100 so that you’d give us 100 votes. Isn’t it great? (75,000 people are waiting for FC Lee K Tour) That’s where the players wait before they enter the stadium. – When you enter there… / – I am the little kid. – I see. / – The little kid. – Can you go out there? / – Not a pretty picture. Goodness. I got goose bumps. They were fixing the field. It hurts. It’s artificial turf but it still feels so nice. Just stepping here feels nice enough. I want to step on the field. (You can’t enter the real field) I see. What are you doing? – What? / – What are you doing? – I’m patting the grass. / – Isn’t the grass nice? It’s amazing. You can’t step on the actual field, can you? – You can’t. / – We couldn’t. We’re standing on the artificial turf. So that’s where the players sit. That’s it. This mark is… There’s the tiger. – Tiger. / – Yes. He’s the assistant coach. (Goal) (It’s a goal!) Because they can’t step on the grass, they don’t go far. We were very careful. We were careful. Good job. – Good job. / – We enjoyed it. We are still children after we get married. Let’s sit. How can a singer have such weak lung capacity? I’m tired. – Goodness. / – Let’s go eat. I drove, ran on the field… I’m tired. Why aren’t you feeding me? – I’m so hungry. / – I’m hungry. I don’t have any energy to move. – This feels so good. / – This feels amazing. This is it. Has it ended? They say you lose if you get jealous but I have to lose. I am unbelievably jealous. What’s the difference between wheat beer… – And the one you drank? / – Pilsner. Pilsner tastes like ordinary Korean beer with a little more feeling of refreshment. – Wheat beer tastes a bit… / – The scent. It’s richer. I’m more curious about the snacks rather than the beer. Beeramisu? It looked very soft. Compared to tiramisu, it has a firmer texture like bread. Is it like bread? They sprinkle a little salt on the top of beeramisu. You can enjoy the combination of sweet and salty. Alright. Now… – We’ve seen the first half. / – Let’s vote. As Lee K Tour planned, would you go to… How do you say Munich again? – Munich. / – Munich. Would you go to Munich or not? Please vote. (Lee K Tour planned a trip to Munich, Germany) (What will the judges choose for the first half?) We have the result. Let’s see it. Alright. You can’t see the result of the vote… I’m shocked. – We can’t see, right? / – Sikyung’s face… This many votes? – That’s his expression. / – Well… – I feel bad. / – Maybe I criticized them too much. – Sook. / – Let me just say this. Please don’t get hurt by this. I’m sure we got many votes. I know how Sikyung looks when he’s displeased. – This is what you’ve done. / – I feel bad. – I’m 100% sure it’s a high score. / – Right? Right? – I’m right. / – I’m 100% sure it’s a high score. – Right? Right? / – I’m right. No, wait. Among the things men would go crazy for, how many were shown? – Cars. / – Three. – You still have four things left. / – That’s right. You have more than half left. That’s a relief. You’re right. It’s a good thing. – Everyone, it’s Munich. / – Munich. Let’s watch the second half now. Munich. (7 things men would go crazy for, schweinshaxe) Normally, there should be more people. – Earlier, it was… / – Yes. It’s too quiet. – The weather is too good. / – It’s such a fine day. Everyone is outside to enjoy the sunset. There are many people outside but no one is inside. Yes. It feels like we borrowed this place. You’re right. This must be how it feels to borrow a restaurant for your girlfriend. – But you’re here with me. / – I’m here with you. You’re wearing matching clothes and hats. That’s what tourists wear. – Was that your honeymoon? / – It’s a uniform. – This is schweinshaxe. / – This? – This is schweinshaxe. / – I think you’re right. It’s schweinshaxe. They also have the 1L beer which is famous in the Oktoberfest. The name of the beer is Hacker-Pschorr. – Hacker-Pschorr? / – Hacker-Pschorr. – Hacker-Pschorr? / – I’ve only seen the picture of it. The glass is really big. – It looked as big as a 3L glass. / – I want to drink it. A German lady with big arms might carry the beer glasses with her both arms like this. – Just one glass is quite heavy. / – It is. – That’s right. / – They must have schweinshaxe too. Excuse me. Did he just speak Korean? We want to order. – Schweinshaxe. / – One schweinshaxe? Okay. Two glasses of Hacker-Pschorr. Schnitzel and sauerkraut. – Okay. / – Okay. Thanks. It’s so convenient that you memorized the dishes. Gosh, this feels good. – You did it. / – I did it. People study for a reason. I think I know what this trip is all about. – What? / – It’s a free trip… And all we need to do is memorize the food. Then we have no problem. We just have to know what to eat… – At which restaurant. / – That’s right. This is Hacker-Pschorr. This is the one. – Is that 1L? / – Huge, right? That’s right. Also, their portions are huge too. You’re right. It’s a lot. We’d share the food. (It’s traditional German beer) (It has plentiful bubbles and a rich, creamy taste) – Lee K Tour. / – Lee K Tour. Bottoms up. This is really heavy. (It’s as big as a person’s face) – It was great. / – They might drink it all. – Bottoms up. / – No, it’s a lot. You can’t drink it all at once. – This is great. / – Hyun is like K.will’s wife. Hyun does really cute things. It tastes similar to the beer we drank first. – Pilsner? / – Yes. – Anyone would like this beer. / – Right. It’s the beer that Koreans are familiar with but it has a great texture. Yes. This is what I wanted. Did you hear that? A bell rang. It means they have fresh Hacker-Pschorr. (A new beer barrel shows up) – What’s that? / – It comes up like that. Oh, my. – That was fast. / – It’s draft beer. (When the fresh beer is ready) They ring a bell. They let us know they have fresh beer. The food is here. Are you ready, guys? – Is this schweinshaxe? / – It’s schweinshaxe. – It’s schweinshaxe. / – Schweinshaxe. – Come on. / – This is sauerkraut. It’s similar to Korean pork hocks. I see. Goodness. It looks delicious. – My gosh. / – I don’t think… I can criticize that. – It’s crunchy and juicy. / – Shall we eat? Cheers. (Chomping) (The crisp sound hits your ears) This is true meat. It’s really firm. It must be delicious. I can clearly see that it’s delicious. You have to eat it with the sauce. The outer layer is so crisp as if it’s been fried. It’s different from pork hocks because of the crust. The outer layer feels like fried chicken and the inside… – Is like pork hocks? / – Crispy out, soft in. But it’s not fried. – What? / – It’s not fried. – It’s roasted. / – They roast it in the oven. I see. It must have removed the grease. – That’s right. / – It looks delicious. It’s delicious. This is great. Are you giving it to me? Try it. Eat it like a Viking. (You should gnaw off the meat to really enjoy it) (Mouth watering) I think this is like coleslaw. Is that sauerkraut? – It’s like white kimchi. / – It tastes refreshing. It’s like white kimchi. I love this. I think every country has a side dish with vegetables that can rid the greasiness of meat. Let’s try this too. – It’s schnitzel. / – Schnitzel. Schweinshaxe is pork. – What’s that? / – Is that kimchi pancake? That’s like veal cutlet. They coat veal with bread crumbs and grill it with butter. It’s meat? (Fresh lemon enhances the flavor) – That’s berry jam. / – They eat it with jam. Doesn’t it taste strange to eat cutlets with sweet jam? – It’s delicious. / – That was really good. Women would love that. I look so happy. It’s good. – It looks like a pancake. / – You two eat a lot. It doesn’t look like a meat dish. – I know. / – This is a very interesting dish. It’s hard to describe its taste. What’s that? – Strawberry jam? / – Is this strawberry jam? Isn’t this amazing? – It was great. / – It’s like cranberry jam. It doesn’t feel like they’d taste good together. It’s really delicious. While Schweinshaxe feels like a meal… – Schnitzel feels like a snack. / – I see. – How was today? / – Thanks to you. It was a fun second day. We can have fun like this tomorrow as well, right? – Of course. / – K.will seems drunk. That’s his drunk look you showed us earlier. I told you. That’s the look. Let’s say our team name. – Lee K Tour. / – Lee K Tour. Sikyung would say, “They’re drinking too much beer.” That sounds like something he’d say. (The last day of stopover in Germany) (Lee K Tour itinerary, Munich’s landmark) They drank a lot of beer. It will be our last 24 hours in Germany now. – Already? / – Yes. Gosh, time passes so quickly. Today, we’re going to a place you really wanted to go… – New Town Hall. / – That pretty building? – Yes. / – Okay. – That building. / – It looked so beautiful. – I know. / – Do you know the way? ♪ Somewhere ♪ ♪ Over the… ♪ – The weather feels like… / – Goodness. It looks like a cathedral. The sky is gray. I heard that there aren’t many fine days in Germany. In a way, this is the real weather of Germany. We’re going to go on the tram here, right? – This is… / – Yes. That’s the tram. We have to get to Theatinerstrasse. – We’re here, right? / – Yes. We should get on it. Let’s get on. (They successfully got on the tram) – Let’s have a seat. / – We should mark our tickets. That’s right. They don’t check the tickets but if you get caught, you have to pay a large fine. Yes. It’s often like that in Europe. There. We have to listen carefully and get off at the right stop. (Well…) What you just said made me anxious. Theatinerstrasse. When we hear this, we should get off. What if we miss it? It’s actually very fun to take the public transportation. It’s really fun in the place you’ve never been. Also, I think this is better than the subway because it’s above the ground. Gosh, that’s beautiful. (It’s a fine panorama of the city) (The tramway is on the roads) (Since it’s above the ground) (It’s a great way to enjoy the view) Every building here looks like a piece of art. (11 minutes from their hotel to Marienplatz) (This stop is Theatinerstrasse) It said Theatinerstrasse. I heard it. This is the stop we should get off. We have to press the button to get off. Does it skip the stop if we don’t press the button? It’s Theatinerstrasse. When we go to the city hall, we can look down at the whole… – City of Munich? / – City of Munich. Is that it? (It’s located in Marienplatz, the center of the city) – It’s wonderful. / – What a nice town hall. The building is gorgeous. It really is. (The New Town Hall) It’s beautiful. – How old is that building? / – It’s only 100 years old. – Only 100 years old? / – Only 100? – Compared with other… / – That’s why it’s called new. – Yes. / – It’s the New Town Hall anyway. – Since other buildings… / – They must be older. (The observatory in the New Town Hall) (It costs $3.20, you can take the elevator) – Can you tour the observatory? / – Yes, you can. – It costs $3.20. / – As I told you… Because there are no hills, from up there, you can look down at the whole city of Munich. They must be the performing dolls. – Do they perform there? / – I think you can watch it. The performance is at 11 o’clock. There will be a lot of people around that time. – So will it be crowded after 11? / – Yes. – I want to watch it too. / – Let’s go. I really wanted to come here yesterday. – Is that an elevator? / – Yes, it is. I guess so. Something is written here. – Maybe “Be careful.” / – No. The button doesn’t work. It’s closed today. (Is it closed?) Yes, that’s right. It says, “Tower is closed.” Why is it closed? “Tower is closed, elevator out of order.” – The elevator is out of order. / – Then… Can’t we look down at Munich? They have to go up there since they’re there. This is wonderful. Can we see this first before we go? Let’s see this tomorrow with great anticipation. Okay. Well… (“Please Don’t” by K.will, 2012) Can’t you use the stairs either? – You can but… / – Because it’s closed… – You can’t see it anyway. / – Don’t give up. You brought me here. It doesn’t make sense to close the observatory because of the elevator. Can’t we go up the stairs? They say we can’t. – There is another observatory. / – Really? (Observatories in Church of Our Lady and St. Peter’s) There were many clock towers and they were observatories. – There are three observatories. / – Yes. – We’re going to another one. / – Thank goodness. But this is the only clock tower that doesn’t have an elevator. Isn’t it nice? – ♪ We climb stairs ♪ / – So good, right? – ♪ And sweat it out ♪ / – Good, right? That observatory has very funny stairs. So this is what it looks like. (They start to go up 306 stairs to the observatory) – Isn’t it fascinating? / – Gosh. – It feels like we’re in a castle. / – It does. I came up only one floor and I already feel tired. I think you should be in front of me. – To stop me from running away? / – It looks narrow. – That’s why it was fun. / – It was interesting. – Are there 306 stairs? / – It’s almost hiking. – There is a bench here. / – Okay. – Is that for a rest? / – Yes. You can rest there. Are there separate stairs used for coming down? – No. / – No, there isn’t. That’s for both to go up and to come down? – Isn’t this wonderful? / – What? – Hold on. / – It’s wonderful. Okay. Let’s go. Let’s go. It looks somewhat like a tiring honeymoon. – 1, 2. / – 1, 2. – Look. / – It got brighter. Great. We’re almost there. (Amazed) (Delighted) We can really see the whole city. You can look down at all of Munich indeed. If you look all directions, you can see everywhere. We could see Allianz Arena from there too. That’s the plaza we’re going to visit. – Where there are a lot of roofs? / – Yes. You can’t see many people now but there will be a lot soon. We have some extra time. I was told that it’s great to watch it down there. – You mean the puppet show? / – It’s great down there. – Okay. / – We have time so let’s go there. – Okay. Let’s go. / – I know you can do it. The bell rings five minutes before the puppet show. Five minutes before the show. There are many people already. – It’s getting crowded. / – It was not before. Do the puppets moonwalk or something? Don’t expect too much. Right. You should not expect too much. The puppets will move like this. – They can’t move a lot. / – Please don’t expect a lot. (The puppet show begins) People seem to be waiting for shooting stars. It’s rotating. It just moved. Let me explain the content. On the top floor, they are celebrating Wilhelm V’s wedding. On the lower floor, they are having a party outside to celebrate because the plague has gone. Something like that. – The plague. / – Yes. Here come knights. – This is the crucial moment! / – What is it? – Gosh. / – Goodness. Why? (Surprised) – Why? / – He’s dead. He was thrust. – Why? / – The knight thrust a spear. – He thrust a spear. / – He did? – The other knight is down. / – Right. We get touched even by the smallest things. – It is detailed. / – I missed it. That’s like missing the last scene in “The Usual Suspects.” I’m hungry. I get hungry so easily. – Let’s go eat something. / – Let’s go. In Victuals Market, what shall we eat? Sandwiches, salads? – No. / – I’m just looking around. – Are you? / – There is wine too. – I want to look around. / – It’s fun at markets… Because there are so many varieties. We only have one or two varieties of potato. There are so many kinds of potatoes there and they all taste different. (There is a variety of food there too) (You can enjoy snacks at the beer garden) (Hold on for a moment!) – Why? / – You have to pay. To use the restroom. (You can use the clean restroom with some fee) This must be the ticket. I’ll be back. (After getting the ticket, he has a peaceful time) You should keep the ticket. I received the ticket to go to the restroom. With this ticket, I can get a discount at this restaurant. Not every restaurant gives you a discount but if you keep this ticket, you may enjoy your trip with less money. – It’s not cheap in that city. / – Right. So those kinds of tips are helpful. – Shall we go there? / – Here is the menu. – Currywurst. / – Currywurst. – I’ll have that. / – Okay. – I want to eat curry. / – What’s that? Let’s eat it. Wurst means sausage. – One currywurst, please. / – Oh, sausage. – They serve with French fries. / – French fries too. French fries come along with almost every dish. – Potatoes are their staple food. / – That one? That shrimp dish looks good. But I ate a lot for breakfast. – Let’s eat it too. / – I’m going to gain weight. Sausages… They use only white sausage for that. They have special sausage only for currywurst. (Fresh salad on crispy nacho) (The white and firm shrimp are grilled) That was very good. – What is that? / – Shrimp salad and shrimp skewer. – Did we order too much? / – You’re going to eat a lot? I wanted to try them. – How does it taste? / – It’s good. It’s a little spicy. This is the food Germans usually eat for breakfast. – In the morning? / – Yes. Sausage and beer together? – Bravo. / – Maybe not. I heard they drink beer in the morning too. – They start the day with beer. / – It’s before noon. – Beer glasses are on every table. / – There are. It surely is a country of beer. It’s not awkward to drink during the day. – Please look around. / – It’s 11:50 a.m. They look relaxed. Do you think they have the term “day drinking?” I wonder. The egg is… Cute. This is delicious. – It’s so fresh. / – Yes. It’s very good. Nacho is salty in Korea but this is not at all. I think we chose the salad dressing very well. (For you) – It was a nice choice. / – What’s going on? It looks strange. – We’re eating quite early. / – We are. Yesterday, we ate only one dish. This is nice. Now that we ate, we should work out. We should work out while drinking beer. – You know what I mean. / – Work out while drinking? – You mean the beer bike? / – Yes. I heard there is the beer bike in Germany. – Beer bike? / – It’s quite interesting. Beer bike tour is riding a bike while drinking. – Riding a bike while drinking? / – Yes. – But it’s drunk driving. / – Well… You won’t drive the bike. Then do I drink beer while someone else is driving it? You sit at a cart bar and drink beer… That looks so funny. – That’s something new. / – I think it’ll be fun. – Right. It’ll be fun. / – Yes. – That looks like fun. / – We saw a beer spa last time. – A beer spa? / – It was during my trip. That’s amazing. How do you drink like that? (Cheers!) – Really? / – It’s a beer spa. – While drinking. / – While drinking beer. We have to wear a special outfit. – This is it. / – What are you talking about? I’m in charge of the schedule in Germany. I think we should do this. What do you think? – Who are you talking to? / – What are you doing? Me. – What kind of outfit is this? / – It’s traditional clothing. Doesn’t it make you excited? You can rent clothes? We wanted the full experience. He prepared a lot of unnecessary things. (The jacket looks hot) (It’s leather) – What’s that? / – We’ll sweat to death. Isn’t this amazing? (We will show you the traditional outfit of Germany) – What’s this? / – Here. (They burst into laughter) Oh, no. Isn’t that what you wear to go mushroom picking? You are ready to bike. How does this make me ready to bike? You’ve turned a 37-year-old into a 7-year-old. It’s hilarious that you’re wearing matching clothes. Can’t you wear your pants a bit lower on your hip? That’s how you wear it. That’s how you wear it. Let’s go ride that beer bike. – Wait, I’m not ready. / – Come on. This is it. This is the beer bike? Wow, what’s that? Those are beer bikes. That’s awesome. How much beer do they give you? – 5L. / – 5L. (Up to 6 people and you can choose a city tour) You get a keg of beer. If you finish it, you can’t drink more even if you pay more. Isn’t it electronically-powered? I’m sure it is. – I don’t think so. / – Look how thick the tires are. This cycle… Moving only… How do I say it? Personal power? What? It has no engine. – No engine? / – No. No electricity? No electricity. It’s only has pedals. Only pedals? It’s very analog. Okay, she said it’s an analog bike. – Let’s go. / – How do you say that in German? Los geht’s. – Los geht’s. / – Los geht’s. – Los geht’s. / – Here they go. Pedal. – It moves easily. / – This is interesting. This is nice. You sit in a circle. We need this in Korea. That’s fun. – I bet. / – It’s fun. Lee K Tour. I think even Germans find it interesting. They stare at us. Their looks are different. Some smile as they look at us and some have a questioning look on their faces. They must find it interesting. Is the lady steering the bike? Yes, she steers it and we make it move. Look over there. – The city hall. / – The city hall. – The city hall. / – Right, the city hall. Very beautiful. Beer bike. Beer is great. It’s very innovative. Okay. That’s enough. I see a tour bus. (City tour bus) They are waving. She waved at me. Hi. ♪ We must’ve drank too much beer ♪ – ♪ My heart… ♪ / – They didn’t edit that out? ♪ We can’t fall asleep ♪ That looks so fun. (They enjoy their tour with a beer) (Time might pass by but memories last forever) This is the English Garden. This is the English Garden. Wow, that looks fun. – Since you have beer. / – I’d be so happy. It’s very pretty there. There’s a reason it’s famous. It’s very pretty. You thought you were in England, didn’t you? I’ve never been so I don’t know. (English Garden) The people there take off their clothes and lie down when the sun comes out. That’s right, they lie down. – Wow. / – Right. – They lie down like that. / – They can. The weather was nice and many people were sunbathing. Wow. It’s pretty. This is one of the highlights. – It’s very pretty. / – Of the English Garden. It makes me want to jump in the water. Do you have to return the bike too? – She takes it back. / – Right. – You can get off wherever you want? / – Yes. – That’s nice. / – That’s convenient. It’s so pretty here. Wow. This is unbelievable. I heard they love it here because there aren’t any beaches nearby. You don’t need a beach if you had this. We’re going to go surfing here. – Here? / – Yes. Oh, you mean you? You will? (They get closer to the sound of water) This must be the surfing zone. – Wow. / – This is amazing. (They surf in the park) – What’s that? / – That’s me. Is that an artificial wave? They made a stream in the English Garden and you can surf there. That’s unbelievable. Not anyone can surf there. – Only good surfers are allowed. / – I see. Then you can’t learn there? – No. / – It’s dangerous. – The waves are too strong. / – Dangerous for amateurs. Look at that. (You’re going to surf here?) Can you do it? – Do what? / – That. How could I do that? That’s out of the question. It’s dangerous. I can’t. You have to be a skilled surfer. – That’s amazing. / – It’s fun to watch. (He looks scared of the current) This is a bit too difficult for us. It’s more than a bit too difficult. Were you really going to surf here? – There’s a beginner’s course. / – We’ll die. There’s a beginner’s course. There’s a beginner’s course outside. That’s where we’re going to give it a try. – Let’s go. / – Is there an easy course? – That’s a relief. / – Don’t talk nonsense. If you go 10 to 15 minutes from the English Garden, there is a course for beginners. Ta-da! Is this Munich? – Look. / – Is this Munich? This is the first place in Germany… Most people surf in the sea, right? Surfing is meant for the sea. (Is there a law that it should only be done at the sea?) This is the beginner’s course. – Really? / – Yes. Those who are good here… The place in English Garden. – Can go to the place we saw? / – Yes. It says beginner’s course but everyone is so good. It looks like skilled surfers are there to warm up. I heard it’s a beginner’s course and thought the waves would be smooth… – But they aren’t. / – What’s this? I can’t do this. Can’t we learn? From who? It doesn’t look easy. (It said it was a beginner’s course) – Can we do this? / – I don’t know. – Alright. / – Let’s go closer. We might find a way to do it. – When will we get to surf here? / – Right. This is my very first time. This is my third time. Don’t worry. – Third time? / – Yes. They stand up very quickly because it’s a beginner’s course. Doesn’t it look fun? My legs are shaking. (The girl they just talked to is a skilled surfer) Some are that good. – Do you have to wait until she falls? / – Yes. The person behind you two are lucky. He said that’s his third time yet he was so good. (Will they do a good job?) (Lee Hyun gives river surfing a try first) I bet he falls right away. – Have you surfed before? / – No, that’s my first time. – Is it your first time? / – Yes. I really need help because this is my first time. – They were very nice. / – That’s right. (The girl surfer lent a helping hand) Wait, wait. I didn’t think I could do it. – Good luck. / – The current is strong. (I accept your challenge) Show us something. I wonder what happened. Will he be able to… (On his first attempt?) Bye. The woman behind you is lucky. That could be dangerous if you fall on your side. That’s dangerous. Even if you fall, the current carries you away. (Cannot keep his mouth closed) Will you make us laugh? K.will is good at sports. – What? / – You’re good at sports. (Everyone is watching) Let’s go, let’s go. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. He’s going for it. He let go. (Huh?) No way. (Huh?) (Where did K.will go?) It’s hard to do that. It’s very difficult. These people… They picked a good line. It’s incredible how they built that. (As if?) He seems good. That must’ve been a blow to your pride. This kid… Children wear a helmet. – Right? / – Yes. – You might hurt your head. / – So good. (Even little kids can do it) (We can do it too) You have to stand at least once. That kid was good. (No matter how times they try) K.will can’t even stand. Try it. I think he fell right into the water. (Please stand up this time) Come on. ♪ This is hopeless ♪ Geez. I’ll put my hope in Hyun. Hyun might be better. (How will Lee Hyun’s last try go?) Let’s do this. He stood up! He stood up. Nice. (He has good posture) – Nice. / – He did it! – Now move over. / – Move, move. Go, go. You did it. – He stood up. / – Hey! K.will must feel embarrassed. You don’t have to be good at everything. You don’t have to be good at everything. But you were way too bad at it. You didn’t try again? I didn’t want people to lose interest after watching us. – It’s a lot of fun. / – Yes, it is. We didn’t know this existed before now. You have to visit Munich to try it. I did think this. That I could come back for this. We were scared to try at first, but once you try it… It’s fun, right? It felt like shooting. You take a long time getting ready… – Bang. / – Then bang, it’s over. That’s how it felt. One of yours was like archery. Then over. It’s like when I go to the sauna with my mom. – The general review of Germany… / – So chatty. It’s a very famous city in Europe but you never hear that people did something here in Munich. I don’t know why but I thought it’d be a shade of gray. So I was worried but those worries are gone. It was a very nice trip. Your faces look very bright. – It was a lot of fun. / – It would be okay… To stay longer even for a layover. I think enjoying your layovers is a great way to travel. That’s what I think. Are preparations for our Denmark trip going well? I’m looking forward to it. Of course. This is Denmark. This is our second trip. Welcome! Beers from all over the world. You must not know. Is that a country of beer too? Is Denmark known for beer as well? It’s like a picture. (A dream playground that takes them back to childhood) Let’s sleep well for 12 hours. We’ll get ready for our trip in Denmark tomorrow. – Lee. / – K. Tour. You don’t stop drinking beer. That isn’t the end, it’s just a stopover. – It’s nice. / – That’s the beginning. You had a nice and busy schedule. I thought of it as a gray city so I was a little worried. This is what I think. It’s better once you go there. (At times, it was friendly and at times, it was warm) (It was precious because they were together) (Happiness is this moment together rather than) (Time that’s already passed) That was a lot of fun I’m nervous. Boah kept touching her arm. – I asked her why. / – Aren’t you cold? No, I got goose bumps. – Why? / – She isn’t feeling well, I bet. It was because it was fun. – Really? / – Which part did you like the most? The surfing at the end. Who came up with the idea of building that? It’s really novel, right? Who made that in the city? Surfing in the city is a great idea. That’s for the locals, right? Is there an entrance fee? There is no entrance fee. – But there’s a rental shop nearby. / – Rental shop. You can rent the board and suit for $100. – All day? / – $100? This is cheap because the sun sets very late in Germany. It sets at 11 p.m.? It was bright till 11. It was light outside during the whole video. People surf until after 10 p.m. – Really? / – I don’t believe that. – Really. / – Because the sun is still up. – Really. / – No wonder. You said it was 3 days and 2 nights but it seemed more like 6 days and 5 nights. We didn’t see any night scenes. – You’re right. / – There wasn’t a nightscape. – Because it doesn’t get dark. / – Right. So that’s why. I thought you drank so much that you ended all the shoots during the day. No, no. We filmed it until right up to the point we went to bed. – Really? / – I’m sorry but… – We need to see how much it cost. / – It cost… – Lee. / – K. Tour. The total budget for 3 days and 2 nights in Munich per person. Per person! It was $540.20 in total. – What? / – Even with the classic car rental? – Not bad. / – It’s really cheap. Let’s get ready for the vote. – Stand up. / – Stand up. Any last words? The theme of our trip was a stopover. It’s nice to choose a place you’ve never visited and somewhere you don’t know when you’ll get a chance to visit in the future. That’s why we chose Munich… And I’m sure you’ll make unexpected memories here. Vote for us. Would you travel like Lee K Tour to Munich in Germany or not? Cast your vote. – Munich. / – Cast your vote. – Munich. / – I’m curious. (Lee K Tour planned a trip to Munich) (What will the judges choose?) I’m sure more people will vote than the first half. It has to go up a lot. Next episode, we will be visiting Poland. Look forward to it. We will greet you next time. Thank you! (Next episode) This is Europe. I can hear the music louder. (The country of Chopin) It’s nice. (1,000 years of European history) – Look at the sunset. / – We’re coming back for sure. (Battle Trip) (“FIVE” by Apink)


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