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if I make this shot we go to Hawaii tomorrow okay but you have to promise I promise yo yo there is one thing that job didn't know about me before I was a professional can I go before I was a professional coordinator genius I used to be a pearl basketball player peep game so bad I'm a little rusty daddy you literally have no skills that's just because I'm a little out of seat hey you told me choice watch this Hey I swear I used to be a pro NBA I swear it I'm probably better than you let's see what you got okay okay okay Oh Oh Tom's gonna show us his skill go slow do you were like so fast just sign up to my boy show me what you got you read oh my goodness he's getting ready let's see what kind of skills you got let's see let's see let's see oh oh my goodness Shawn will help you out grab the basketball now I gotta pick up my little son because you can't reach it the longest dribble like Messi TV here about to watch the sick is dude for I mean okay what are you going to do there you want to play basketball on the playground so why you playground on the basketball court I like your hair does Lucy it's still up there oh my goodness I'm just kidding I get crushed by a giant bag t-ball that's just a fit nothing's under it see what are you doing John doing coming again I'm right here oh it's watery No Oh Oh Jess it must be oh goodness okay bye all right we're gonna go to Shake Shack only if you get this last shot okay if you don't get it you get McDonald's and Sean gets Shake Shack okay Francis now Sean gets the shot me you get Shake Shack sure I see a shine can get the shot oh he wants McDonough so wait do you want man are you sharing you okay coffee if I make this shot we go to Hawaii tomorrow okay but you have to promise I promise Hawaii is not playing we have no plans for Hawaii on business we're going to hold on okay what if I actually make it well then we're gonna have to make happen yeah I got so much work you're fine you can go if you make it we'll go to Disney World next week in Bahamas okay but you're too close it's hard bro you kidding me lose a little Cooney arm look how skinny it is oh my gosh okay go nope all right now if Shawn makes it he gets to go to his house later can I please try it again daddy please that's not my last man please you're not it used to be I married a Spanish lady and she had good food and I ate too much of it makes a he goes home later yeah it's the perfect age that's still true it's still tricked next year okay Donald are you kidding Michael these are the purpose the way look the balls almost the same size of the hole let me fix you go Bahamas Oreo you're not supposed to record crimes because then there's proof and I'm not supposed to do this so people watch this in my neighborhood I'm probably going to get in trouble all right the only may even go to Bahamas is if I go and get that basketball and I'm back here within 30 seconds well well well look who it is I could have ran yeah I'm not going to Middle Eastern country right now I've got stuff to do somebody's being really annoying right about now it's this guy wait what owes you Sean got Shake Shack Michael got McDonald's Sean wanna trade look at mine dougie oh are you doing coke and apple juice yeah we'll be gone here without a toy plane if you get to destroy you for a while puncture out the ones coming are ya having fun all day I'm so oh wait my friends go why you smelling my fingers oh wow don't lick my boogers I mean there's nothing okay hey you want a Mickey waffle you want Mickey laughs OH so you're gonna write on the roof okay

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