BABY ALIVE Morning Routine, Picnic Adventure & LOL SURPRISE DOLLS!

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good morning Luna good morning Mia good morning Emma girls it's Saturday morning it's time to wake up Saturday I thought today was Monday why you goofball today's Saturday una why would mom lie to you I don't know maybe I had a really weird dream last night that made me think that today was Monday Oh what are we gonna do kidding well girls I have a really cool plan but you guys just have to get dressed and ready we're knock me breakfast quite yet we're gonna go in a little bit of an adventure are you guys okay with that are you kidding me Adventure is my middle name well unicorn is my middle name but it's also adventure yeah Mia unicorn adventure baby yeah that's money hey mom we'll get ready we know how to put our clothes and shoes on so we can do that for ourselves Oh Emma I know you can put let me help I can get you guys some new clean diapers on – how does that sound I think I sound great look thank you okay Mia I'm gonna get you dressed first I'll take this cute stop pink nightgown off and let's change your diaper really quick got the noon day right yeah swap this one out and put this new clean one on your boom-boom here we go it always feels nice to have a nice clean diaper on doesn't it okay you're all set with that and then we'll just take this shirt off just milk goes all in the back okay and then we can kind of adjust your diaper a little once we've got all that cleared up here we go we want it on kind of tight so it doesn't wiggle around then you've got your dress try to get your dress on I love this dress it is so cute and magic okay we get your arm through sometimes you have to be kind of patient when you're getting dressed hum there we go so cute shoe on get your cute little bow on your head Oh sometimes this is a little tricky to make it stay on your head but that looks good what is so cute yeah and then we have this cute little wraparound suit your your hair just goes over your head like that Oh dad is precious I love that so cute then we'll throw this diaper away cause it's dirty okay now it's Mia's turn so we're gonna get your PJs off these are the cutest PJs I love that they're unicorns cuz that's her favorite theme is unicorn okay we'll take this diaper off and give you a brand new one there perfect okay and then this is Mia's dress right here all these bright pretty colors and you can even see her on her dress right there right in the uniform so much fun yeah sometimes you have to be a little patient when you're getting dressed Tom sometimes it takes a second to to know what goes where and how to get different pieces of material on but it all works out okay there we go she looks beautiful in this dress okay her feet her shoes on them otherwise she might get cold floors should you get a sliver in her hey if she's not careful and accidentally stepped on something sharp there's that shoe and then we've got the other shoe right here so we'll get this one right on like that there we go knee wears a cute little headband to green with like pink flower on it so we're gonna go ahead and get that on her head just like that how beautiful is she then we have her cute little hoodie for her hair just in case it rained or something we don't want her beautiful hair take it all messed up from the rain so it's there just in case plus it has a really cute unicorn horn so why wouldn't you want to wear it hey and then our cute sweet and the girl is next so let me get her PJs off her diaper just slipped right off – whoops well good thing we're changing this huh we've got a brand new baby life diaper right here get this diaper on nice and snug so that it doesn't slide right off I would be operating okay and then let's get her dressed this is her dress right here it's got bunny rabbits on it it's so cute oh this is her tooth is a needle baby her blonde hair is so cute okay let's play this dress right on it they'll put it back hey Jeannie it's her shoes on – so we've got these super cute ones to put on her feet these won't split on really easy so that's nice okay put this one here here we go then she too has a really cute flower headband right around her hair just like that and then we can adjust it now that it's velcroed on right she looks gorgeous I love them all she also has a little hoodie for her hair and hers is so cute I love her funny ears that she has on top of this thing gorgeous so beautiful so I'll just put this around her neck that way it can just sit there and you see that cute little blue bow right there that is darling so yeah she has this that she can put over her head whenever she needs it well all three of you like gorgeous mama mama I could really use it like an apple cuz I'm pretty hungry right now no mom said we're going on an adventure and we're gonna eat once we're on our adventure hi mom right Emma yeah so Mia just wait a few more minutes and we're gonna be on our adventure so one of the big surprises I wanted to give you guys it's I got you each an lol surprise doll oh my gosh oh my gosh yeah so I'll just give you each one of those but the catch is I want to get everything packed up and into the wagon and we're gonna have just a little bit of a picnic on the grass that sounds magical mom how did you know we would love that seriously that sounds so good what do we have to do to get to get to the picnic you're the best mom okay so mom what do we have to do to be able to and open our new lol surprise das question Mia well I have this diaper bag right here and I'm just gonna fill it up with a few things that I think will be important for us to have out there so of course we're gonna pack these lol surprise dolls we're gonna pack this blanket so that we can all sit on it and knock it it G from the grass it's kind of cold outside – so the grass could be a little wet so we don't want her bum bums to get wet it might look like we peed ourselves so that'd be awkward so and then we want to have a snack so I thought this strawberry Apple little cereal snack would be a perfect snack for you guys so we'll pack that and then we'll want to put the cereal snack on something so I grab these three plates right here so we'll pack those and then I have a water bottle packed and then we can just give you guys each a bottle that you can drink some water down and of course a few extra diapers just in case anyone has an accident because we're almost potty trained sometimes we have an accident but we use the toilet as much as we can yeah exactly so just just for in case because when we're out there we just want to have a good time so I'll go ahead and start packing this up and then we should be good to go all right girls let's go over to the wagon and find it spot to sit in it here's your lol doll Emma and then here is Mia's and then Luna here is yours I think we're all set to go what do you guys think oh yeah I'm ready and excited me too honestly I just want to get my LOL doll opened I don't care about anything else right girls let's go up this looks like a good place then we brought a blanket to sit on because the ground looks a little bit wet here's the diaper bag the blink air out first okay girls go ahead and eat your snacks drink your juice and then we can open up your brand-new lol surprise dolls I'm about to beat these necks and juice faster than anyone has ever given an entire life slowly but surely I am eating at my snacks and I just can't wait I need to open my new world also badly I don't even have an appetite I'm Way too excited so mom can we go ahead and open our lol smells okay mom my juice is empty and my plate is empty too you said my lol once I'm done so can we open it now yeah sure why not let's go ahead and you can open yours first and I'll help you open it and then then Luna and Emma can open theirs when they're done I know girls but me and did finish her stuff first in I can only open one lol surprised all at a time so it worked out I'll open hers and then all open Lunas and then I'll open Emma's okay well this one here is yours Mia so I'm gonna go ahead and and get the rapper opened so that we can see exactly who we have inside are you excited yes I did I hope I get a really really rare one that would be amazing yeah go ahead and start opening a month okay this up + mountain on top of the mountain okay Mia let's see what accessories you got first we'll open this little bag up first Fuli got black shoes those are pretty cute okay so those are cool we'll open this next bag see what's here oh it's a silver pacifier that's really cute – okay I can't wait till this is yet oh I think I have a pretty good idea now oh look at this outfit that is darling Mia that looks like something you would actually wear okay look at that bottle I think I know who this is should we take a chip a check real quick and look at who is on here oh my goodness so it looks like to me we're gonna get Thrilla from the spooky club how cool is that okay that's finishing finish opening her up okay oh she looks so cool she looks like you Mia she's beautiful and so are you brown hair brown eyes we actually don't even have this one yet how cute is she let's get her dressed up oh my goodness she is so cute I love thriller awesome yes she is beautiful thank you you're welcome all right Lynette it looks like you're done with your food do you want to go ahead and get your lol doll opened yes mam ASAP please will you help me open it of course all right so here it is let's start opening it up on top all right Mia here are all of the surprise fact right here let's are opening them up to see who you got oh these are sparkly shoes those are really cute I already have an idea of who you might have and the outfit oh my gosh so cute the bottle of course and then the oh this is Kansas cutie how crazy is that she matches you too that's so cute her hair looks darker than normal she is adorable let's get her all dressed up wow she is so cute do you like her oh yeah she's adorable crazy how mine matches my hair color and she looks similar to me him than me as um lol doll looks similar to her she had a but is so crazy Emma you haven't even finished your food or your dream yeah that's because I'm Way too excited to get my lol opened alrighty then let's start getting this one opened under the sea Oh looks like we got sold babe those are so cute and a bracelet that's a cute bracelet and glasses and gold shoes gold bottle and then we'll open her up here gorgeous look at her eyes lady Wow she kind of matches Emma with her really pretty gold blonde locks so cool let's get her dressed up she is so pretty and it looks she has earrings here but you can even add these earrings that she came with to make her hoops bigger that is so cool I love this lol doll what do you think about her Emma I think she's amazing well girls I'm so glad you guys had a blast I'm so excited for your new Ella well surprise dolls thanks mommy had a blast too good I'm so glad All Right girls should we head back to the house yes we should and we should watch some Saturday morning cartoons yeah dear Mia oh good friend up All Right girls let's hop in the wagon and head back inside you