Autumn Travel Week provides couples with unique experience at locations from famous Korean TV shows

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so with the autumn season in full swing
here in Korea there are a number of tourists options open to give travelers
to chance for short getaways now to help people enjoy some hidden attractions
during this beautiful but short season the government came up with some special
package programs called autumn travel week our one zone wanna tells us more smiling all the way people hop on the
bus looking forward to a journey to enjoy crisp and clear weather with
colorful leaves the fifth edition of autumn travel week is here with a unique
program called Coon canoeing in which 20 spots have been sorted into categories
such as places recommended for families couple dates trips with a friend or solo
travelers featuring locations from popular Korean movies or TV shows out of
those 20 attraction spots the city of Monson in South Chungcheong the province
was picked as a site recommended for couples to enjoy visitors walked around
a 300 year old guns and owns a tradition house also known as the yoonjeong’s old
mansion which serves as a prime example of an aristocratic class house during
the Chosun dynasty the house located at the foot of the mountain provides a warm
and romantic vibe for couples to hold hands and soak in the morning autumn
breeze and for the afternoon it gets even better as part of the tour the
couple’s also visited sunshine land a site featured in a Korean popular TV
show mr. sunshine a huge studio venue with in the sunshine
land that has officially opened to public on Wednesday provides an
opportunity for visitors to relieve the scenes from the drama and for those who
are willing to experience some action scenes the newly opened sunshine land
military experience Center provides visitors a live action war experience
called survival game couples wearing body armor and helmets find themselves
immersed in an exciting and hyper real world shooting game throughout the
entirety the couples say they’re taking great
experiences back home with them I enjoyed it a lot because I learned
something new about this town I used to only think of noon Sun as a place I had
a military training camp became a long way to get away from our daily lives we
liked it a lot especially the historic vibe this town has won Arirang news
the one’s home

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