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Auckland Transport has about 1700 people. We definitely have a diverse workforce. We’ve got many different ethnicities. We’ve got a really large age range, quite an aging workforce as well. So that’s something for us to consider. The team that I’m in is called culture and transformation – which is a pretty cool title. I’m Alice Thither. I’m the wellbeing specialist at Auckland Transport. At AT, people didn’t really know how to have conversations with each other about mental wellbeing. People were quite afraid to bring it up and just didn’t know what to do when someone was struggling. Quite often we have people who are facing customers who aren’t happy with what Auckland Transport’s doing, and sometimes those interactions aren’t so nice. So to have a supportive team and have those tools to be able to have those conversations about that is really really crucial We’ve just started to roll out the Five Ways to Wellbeing workshops, and we’re looking at basically rolling out all of the ones that the Mental Health Foundation offers. It’s this whole package and toolkit that is just kind of there and it’s freely available for anyone to use. The resources give us that real evidence-based grounding and foundation to build it into what we need it to be, so it means that we know that what we’re doing is the right thing. I especially loved the run sheet and the facilitator guide. It means that it’s broken it up through Powerpoints, and it’s just so simple to deliver. So, yeah, I certainly feel confident doing it. The team meeting activities have been really cool and the fact sheets to share around with team leaders has been really useful for them to lead that, so that people don’t have to come to the workshops. The evaluation results have been overwhelmingly positive which means that we’re offering workshops every month, and they sell out really quickly. So the demand is really high. People who have attended the workshops They’ll say to me quite often that they’re practicing it every day, or they’re doing things and they didn’t know that that was really positive for their mental wellbeing and now they’re conscious of it, and so they try and do it more and more. They’ll say to me “Oh, yeah, it’s one of the five ways, right?” The Working Well toolkits have really helped to support and facilitate those really positive conversations around mental wellbeing, and have been really supportive for me to facilitate that session too.

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