Asking a Stranger to go on a Date across the World!

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What if somebody messaged you on a dating app, asking: “I know we’ve never met but, how do you feel about dropping everything you’ve got going on this week to go on a crazy adventure together in 48 hours across the world?” See there’s two things Ammar does extremely well: getting strangers to go on crazy adventures and organizing dates. But so far the dates Amar has organized have always been for others so today it’s time for that to change While on Bumble a few months ago I found the perfect opportunity to ask a stranger to go on the most spontaneous adventure of their lives I matched with a girl on Bumble And I had this pretty crazy, idea where I would, ask her to go on a trip across the world on a first date -On what? -Like on a first date. I’ve like organized Dates for you guys and I’ve been like third wheeling so f****** hard but I feel like now its my f****** time to go on an epic date. -YES! *Indistinct yells of excitement* I left her my number on Bumble and she texted me so, now I’m at the point, where I’m about to go into stage two of my ask and ask her to meet up I’m gonna ask her what I’m gonna ask you, on camera. -What’s her name? -Her name is Talli This is so weird This is the weirdest way to meet with someone -Have you ever met this person? -I promise It is.. It is intense It’s been 5 minutes and no response It’s always the ??? Culturally this is going to be very appropriate for me to display that part of my, life but My intention is this in the context of like, friendship and just getting to know an awesome spontaneous girl, who’s down for like an adventure like that She just responded “As long as it’s nothing illegal and has to do with snakes, yes.” Let’s see if this coffee is gonna get me a trip across the world with a Bumble date. All right. Now, I’m going to meet her Alright i’m pretty much approaching where we are meeting right now Woo! Anxiety! Hello! Thank you! I’m Ammar -Okay! Nice to meet you! -This is probably the strangest thing anyone’s ever asked, you, right? -Oh, Yes! -But first I would like to offer you coffee -Thank you so much! -You’re welcome! Alright, so Let’s drink coffee first well, cheers! -Oh God -Hahaha The buildup is killing you, right? I guess -It is, it is -What’s the craziest thing that I can do on like a date? -Yes? The answer was what if i ask my date to go on a trip across the world for a first date -*laughing* Oh my God! so Literally just book a ticket whatever the cheapest ticket is and just like go for it And then throughout this time i’ll get to know… of course there’s no obligation there’s no expectation for anything this is done in the context of friendship. By no means is this to put any pressure on you. ‘Cuz if it’s a no then it’s all cool then we’ll just delete this footage. It’s okay but… yeah. Wow. It’s getting hot in here. -So, I’m guessing Tuesday to Thursday. -yeah -Okay? -Yeah!? -I’ve never done something this crazy, ever in my life. -That’s the whole point. I love the attitude. -I’ve been trying to say yes to more things. It’s a perfect opportunity for a college student to just keep the campus life. Yeah, we’re going to be best friends for sure. Alright, so, I just got back and The, guys just happened to be pulling in at the same time. We’re good to go! She said yes! -What? -Holy f*** She said yes to do what? -To go like, on the trip -No way! -And I told her that I’m not going to tell her where we’re going and she still said, like, “sure” -Was she cool? -She was really cool -Wait… It’s finally Ammar’s turn to go on a trip with a girl. *applause and cheering* -When will you leave? -We’ll probably leave on Tuesday literally after tomorrow in two days… in two days. As someone who’s been in a very similar position before do you recommend international dates with Yes Theory? -Yes! For sure! Because you are so funny -That just gives me that boost of confidence going into this knowing That i’ll kill it. It’s official i got the passport i just booked tickets to Iceland i am actually leaving in 48 hours to an entirely different Continent to a place that i’ve never been to before with the human being that i’ve met for a total of ten minutes -alright Currently on, my way to the Los Angeles international airport to get Tali and i was very stressed this morning and i was always behind the camera? For the other experiences when thomas and matt were in similar situations and now i understand how Nerve-racking it is to just be doing such an intense experience with a complete stranger Good morning! -Good morning! -How are you? -I’m good We made it! -I know I was, like, really excited I was, like, super down to go. I called my friend she was like that’s super weird. Don’t do that. I was like, oh shoot and I called, my parents and they were like, go! -Realy?! -Yeah -Wow! you’ve got chill parents. You just got the randomly selected? -Yeah -Welcome to my life I ended up setting something up in Iceland but I actually forgot to book, where we’re gonna stay We’re just gonna have to do it like on the plane or something. I hope I’m not scaring you -Yeah, well, like a little *laughing* I was like going to follow you and I realized very quickly that I need to be like, no we’re going this way -Exactly This, is her first ever Bumble date so i’m glad that it could be a cool one. A cool experience 9 hours later we just landed. Gonna head to the hotel right now, drop off our stuff and start our adventure A lot of things planned for today She still has no idea what we’re doing First morning in iceland we’ve got about 48 hours in the country before we have to catch A flight back to la So the only plan is to find as many epic adventures as we possibly can to finish those 48 hours and head back to la Let’s get started all right Yeah, we’re basically going an ice cave exploration of some sort and snowmobiling over the second largest glacier in Iceland So strange put you on the spot i’ll let you explain to people what’s going on as i play the drums I don’t know if I can do this So, the tire just popped and we’re waiting for someone to come and fill it up Watch you just come and take me out All right, day two, we are actually heading to blue lagoon, right now Which have seen a lot of videos a lot of like promo things on iceland it looks super creep You got it? This is the best thing ever Boom! Got it! One more, one more, one more -You’ve got me holding the camera like this Alright this, is the part i’ve been waiting for the impact we’re Going to get to stockton between the two tectonic plates of north america which is right over there and eurasia, which is? Over there and we’re, gonna be swimming right in the middle waters of course freezing, so we’ll be wearing dry suits But if this is the last footage found of us because we just froze to death down there it was a good job Yeah it’s like 4 degrees today not 3 spitting out Just got to the airport heading back to la Litterally’s been most adventurous spontaneous 48 hours i’ve ever had -I mean i think it’s absolutely crazy and i feel like i would have never said. Yes but really really glad i did It’s so weird to me that this, is the first person i ever met on the bumble it’s the first time i ever met someone I guess on the internet and, now I’m in Iceland I’m very happy, and i’m like proud of you for doing it that’s for the high five We missed at the beginning of the episode now let’s do it again Let’s do it again Let’s do it again -That was a good one -Alright! See you in the next episode


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