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oh hey y'all walk in a fatty supplements the show dedicated helping you learn games good and today we are talking about the top seven hidden base locations on the new valley arrow map and leashes jump right on into it okay starting this video off at number seven we're gonna go to 59 85 now this is one of my favorite spots cuz this is my current base as well now what makes this place really great is that there's only two entrances there's the main entrance which I'll show you first and then there's the flyer entrance to the one on top now this is great because you know blocking out that blocking that off makes it really easy it's really hidden off kind of base a little bit it easy to defend it's nice and flat you got multiple levels which gives you a lot of natural protection so I want to build my base on the very top that's gonna where I store my dinosaurs by sword on the bottom so you have a natural shelf covering the top of it as well which is gonna be really great for you know keeping it going as well in the long term um the only really con I have about this one is the roof is a bloody pain to kind of kind of rough I did an awful job doing it but you know that's a little small thing if you want to keep this for the long term coming in at number six we are going to go to the most crazy spot on this list but also the most hidden one by far so the location of the base is actually gonna be 24 81 a flash on the screen now but to really find it I'm gonna give you guys the coordinates of 27 80 now this is in the aberration area so when you kind of find this you can see some structures around that kind of gave you a point of reference you're right above the river and what you want to do is when you're in this spot is look at this tree and once you're in the this location you're gonna normally need a flyer or not gonna be flying a creative mode like I am but you're gonna go fly through those trees and you're gonna find a lot of little flat spots now you're not gonna build the biggest base ever in arc in these spots well you know if you have a platform you can put that there you know you can kind of build off that as well as you can put plenty of foundations to build a very nice and solid base but you're gonna be incredibly hidden you're not gonna have a lot of your dinosaurs which is gonna be the con you know you're gonna have smaller ones it's gonna be lonely fliers or if you're late game and you have cryopod it's gonna be another great one for that other than that it's really gonna be raid resistant too it's gonna be hard for people to get in there they're not gonna be able to see very good visibility so as soon as you get turrets they're gonna get really discombobulated up in those Leafs and you're gonna be locked down for solid so this is a great spot for especially smaller tribes coming in at number five is gonna be located at 25 41 now this is a great spot it's located kind of right near in the middle of the map where a lot of the busy resources and stuff and the best part about this is there's a tiny little nook and crevice right way up here that you can put a little base right off the start you know have a flier not too much just you can kind of build up so you can defend yourself and all the materials are right below you you know it's gonna be really quick not a lot of travel time not a lot of effort required there you know so it's gonna be easy to fence too and once you get a little bigger there's tons of room to expand you can go anywhere you really need to down on the spot below you're gonna lose those resources but there's more resources to be found the cons for this one is it's for smaller tribe starting off you know you don't want to have like five guys in a tiny little base like that it's not gonna work that great and you need a flier to start off with this is not going to be great for ground I know sort of lease locations but if you're a smaller guy looking to just kind of start up and then go for a bigger place or a smaller tribe this gonna be great for you coming in at number four this one's gonna be located at 35 10 now this is gonna be the water cave and the waterfalls kind of location now this is probably most well known spot on this entire video but it is just so good if you haven't discovered it yet you need to go there now this is gonna be great for PvE this is gonna be great for PvP as well now the only really con I'm gonna throw this one out there is that the there's openings for the the underwater cave and you can cover those up you can put turrets there's a lot of different things you can do to secure that but it is kind of a hassle but it is also a pro you know it is a really good thing to have that have that access to go down there when you need black pearls and silica pearls later on in the game that is gonna be your place to go as well you know it's hidden it's flat there's resources inside there's a really sick waterfall inside as well it is just gorgeous to build and that's why it locks down this location coming in at number three we are talking about some hidden right waterways in these ancient ruins now we're gonna start off at 44 83 now you're gonna kind of Club up the way and you'll see along the Hills you're gonna find these beautiful beautiful ruins and you'll come to see it it's very symmetrical on both sides now if you're looking square at the front of it you want to look over to the left side and you'll see some water ruins kind of at the very base and then if you climb up further and further back into the tree you're gonna find I've really kind of like a one by one pathway of this waterway you know it looks really small but you can build a very solid base there enough to get you know even a fabricator going at this one cuz it's long enough you know a smithy a couple storage boxes stuff like that as well as on the other side so this will give you a great spot to just kind of get started and then build further once you do there's plenty of room to expand which is great again natural protection everywhere which I love it's one of my favorite things ever about one of these kind of spots the only bad part is it's very small you know it's harder to defend at first and once you do build out you know you're kind of in a little bit more of in the open so this is gonna be more for smaller or medium tribes coming in at number two this one's gonna be located at fifty ten now I really like this one because it's really pushed towards the edge of the map not a lot of people go here there's not a little not a lot of reasons to go here there's not a lot of dinosaurs and a lot of resources nothing along that so it's really good now it's actually gonna be hidden underneath this waterfall which is really nice people are passing by are not gonna really see it if it's during the day and you're running for geez and different stuff you're not gonna really notice it as well at night that's a difference you're gonna see the water glow a little bit which will be a little bit noticeable but hey anywhere you're gonna do forges at night you're gonna be a little bit noticeable am i right the cons about this is just because it's loud – I don't like building necessarily in the waterfalls like when there's a waterfall nearby it's really dope really cool I like it but we need to build in it you can kind of get loud a little knowing if you having the constant play with like the sound on you're gonna be longer travel times just because you're at the edge of the map there's not a ton of them like major resources next to you so there's going to be a little bit of that but you're gonna be protected out of the way so that's why this one gets a number two spot coming in at the number one spot this can be located at 1650 and this is gonna be the waterfall ice cave is what I call it now this one's really nice again it's a little bit more push off to the it like side of the map not really centralized anymore and it's really nice because it's it's it's a pretty subtle waterfall it's nothing that stands out of the blue like it's not amazing aesthetically it's pretty cool I like waterfalls you put a waterfall anywhere I'm gonna dig it but the thing that is really nice about it it's smaller so you can really tuck away there's only one entrance again so it's super easy to defend and once you kind of do build up in this lake ice cave that's gonna be hidden behind you can really start to expand above and below and this gives you really nice you know room to go room for exploration and a room to expand you know on top – is resources which is really nice you're gonna get that metal you can also get some of city and from that which is gonna really help you in that early game as well as always thank you so much for watching don't forget to show some love to that like button if you guys enjoyed today's episode don't forget to comment down below if you guys want to you see anything special you know comments tutorials whatever you guys want leave a comment down below and I just hit a thousand subscribers yay so I'm gonna be putting out a thousand subscribers special here soon so look out for that and I will catch you guys next time bye


Nohsa · July 27, 2019 at 5:18 pm

@1:50 how do you expect us to get there if there’s no flyers allowed down there ?

konserv padda · July 27, 2019 at 5:18 pm

I see no reason to exclude the oil cave tbh.

Damo Helstrip · July 27, 2019 at 5:18 pm

Awesome video dude

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