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Congratulations! You’re going on a cruise
with your kiddos! Our cruise experts are often asked: “What is there to do on board a cruise
for my kids? What can you expect?” Cruise ships may have water slides, pools and water
play areas. In addition, mini-golf, rock climbing walls, sports courts, ping-pong, Foosball, giant chess and shuffleboard, arcades, and kids-only areas are typical on board attractions. How do you find out what’s going on each day? A daily newsletter is delivered to your cabin
each evening. Once will also be waiting for you when you arrive on the first day of your cruise. In it, you’ll find the schedule for the next days activities and entertainment offerings. As well as opening hours for the spa, restaurants, on-board shops, and bars. Children registered with the on board kids clubs will often receive their own daily schedules
of age appropriate activities as well. More family oriented ships have huge facilities that often include multiple play areas for the youngest cruisers, teen hangouts and discos, kiddy pools, water slides, arcades, and kids-only deck space. Parents can sign children up for
these on-board camps and trained youth counselors will lead them in various organized games, contests, scavenger hunts, arts and crafts projects, pajama and dance parties,or simply
supervised play. Some cruise lines have partnered with outside sources to offer unique programs such as acting and juggling classes, hands-on science experiments, and DJ training. Children can spend as much or as little time as they want in the kids clubs. Either participating in activities or just hanging out. At night, most kids clubs host drop off parties so kids
can hang out with their friends while their parents can enjoy leisurely dinners or hit
the bars. The ships main theater will offer family-friendly shows such as song and dance
reviews, musical soloists or guest groups, magicians, comedians, or acrobats. Just remember to check with the steward. Evening movies or deck parties might be family-friendly or adults only. Let us help you create the perfect cruise experience of a lifetime for your kids
now. Start planning your next cruise vacation by contacting a cruise expert.

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