Announcing TFG Community Luggage Tags! (Travel Fashion Talk Replay)

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today we have a big celebration here on travel fashion girl and I am so happy to be sharing this with the community this has been a long time coming and I would have never in my wildest dreams have imagined the travel fashion girl would have achieved what it achieved last month in March last month was the very first month out of the 7 years that we've had that we've been running Travel fashion girl that we hit a million monthly visitors that is absolutely insane I would have never expected something like that to happen for those of you that don't know I started trouble fashion girl back in August 2012 and it was based on my own personal frustrations as a long-term traveler I really wanted to share how tired I really wanted to share all the the lessons that I learned as a long-term traveler and I was tired of traveling with so much stuff especially over packing all the stuff I really didn't need so in August of 2012 I launched Travel fashion girl from Koh Samui Thailand with the help of other travelers after spending a year interviewing other girls on the road finding out their frustrations finding out their favorite travel products and finding out what lessons they learn from their own travels I decided to report that back on this website and it was almost an instant hit it was so well received I couldn't believe that there was so many women that had the same issue and I was able to provide some insight and some clarity as to how to pack while traveling now packing why packing because it's about feeling more confident and stress-free while you're traveling and I'm so grateful and humbled at how much you've all embraced the website and the blog over the past 7 years so thank you for being there thank you to each and every one of you whether you're too in live or watching this in the on the replay thank you so much for being a part of the community and now March we hit a million monthly visitors how awesome is that give yourselves a hand of applause because this is really all because of you I started the website because I wanted to figure out how I can pack lighter and in doing so I helped you and now with the community together we continue to help each other so before I get into it talk about a giveaway talk about the major community news that we have going on today I'd love it if you take a moment right now and let me know how long have you been reading travel fashion girl when did you first discover the blog what year leave a comment below and if you're just tuning in my name is Alex with trouble fashion girl comm where we teach women how to travel stylist tea light for any destination in the world today we have a big celebration we're celebrating our first 1 million monthly visitors from March 2019 after having the blog for seven years we're gonna be talking about it giveaway to celebrate those 1 million visitors which is incredible so let's talk about that giveaway I know you guys like your giveaway and I like to have them as well so I thought to myself what can we do what can we do to celebrate this big accomplishment because it's more so an accomplishment for the community not just for me it's for everybody and if you didn't know Travel fashion go we have an entire team of team of other travelers of a team of people that have really dedicated themselves to also making sure that the blog is always up and it was running and that things look good and that we're trying to replace the products and trying to fix all the things that sometimes just don't work when you have a website so it's not just a one person effort here it's the it's a really a team effort so think I have a big thank you to them for us helping us get here and of course the community if you weren't involved and if you weren't sharing your tips we normally as we could on our own because it's not just about one person it's about an entire community helping each other speaking of which if you're not a part of the Facebook group make sure to head over to the Facebook group right now because and join the Facebook curve community it's free and it's also a place where the community hangs out and it we give each other tips and tricks and we're able to share our best hacking hacking hacking and also our post trip experiences as well so before we go on I think we've got a little bit of delays in here so if you're if you're gonna if you're tuning in thank you for I really appreciate your parent your patience during the live and if you're joining in for the replay thank you so much for tuning in as well so what everybody is doing right now is leaving a comment and letting us know how long you been reading travel fashion go make sure to let us know since what year when you started reading that's project number one for today's live number two giveaway I want your help with the giveaway I want to know what would you like to win what would be the like what would you like to win on the travel fashion girl giveaway how can we celebrate this let's do it together because it's all about a community so next week I want to I'm going to be announcing the giveaway to celebrate our one millionth visitor from March 2019 and in order to do so I want to ask for your help in choosing your prize what do you want to win so now that you've let me know how long you've been reading the blog in the comments below now I want you to also head to the comments to let me know what would you love to win on travel fashion girl how would you like to celebrate this big accomplishment and what would you like to win in the giveaway so share right now in the comments below and let me know when we're running our giveaway next week what would you like to win so I'm gonna I'm gonna start looking over here somebody said they want to win travel fashion girl luggage tags spoiler alert what else what else would you like to win what are some of the prizes that you'd like to see more travel fashion girl these tags I like it compass rose packing cubes I can definitely do that so as we're going on let me know and if you're not a part of the newsletter if you haven't already joined the newsletter please make sure to do so because we're gonna be announcing the giveaway in the newsletter next week and then we're gonna be choosing from one of the prizes from one of the prize suggestions from the comments below and that's how we're gonna go ahead and choose what we're gonna give away so we can all celebrate I see packing cubes everybody wants packing cubes travel fashion girl t-shirts luggage tags a suitcase full of the essentials I love that Melanie what a great idea I really love that Shelley says compass rose anything I love all these suggestions very cool packing cubes packing cubes you guys are more obsessive packing cubes than I am and I love it because they are really what helped me start traveling lighter back in 2013 I was trying to figure out how to dance those downsize all my clothing so I can get everything to fit into a carry-on and then now packing cubes as a solution so I love it so continue to share what you'd like to win in a giveaway and if you're not signed up to the newsletter already please make sure to do so we're gonna go ahead and add a link right now to the newsletter so that way you can sign up and find out what the big giveaway is gonna be next week remember keep sharing your suggestions I love some of these I'm definitely leaning towards that suitcase full of travel essentials with everything that you need and compass rose gear as well so very cool I love it now as a community we're choosing the prize and as a community we've developed a very special space online a very special space which is the travel fashion girls Facebooker it's a place where we hang out it's a place where we talk if you're not in the Facebook group please join as well we're gonna be adding a link the group is free we have 14,000 members now I think and it's an incredible community it's a place where we help each other where we share tips not just for packing but also for travel and it's amazing to see the conversations we have in their it's all positivity Oh full of just helpful people and experienced travelers if you're going anywhere even when I'm traveling somewhere new ahead over the travel fashion and girls Facebook group and I asked for your best tips because I know that that's where I'm gonna find them so the community has been asking me for so long we love a way to identify each other while we're traveling haven't you ever said at the airport and wondered is that another travel fashion girl next to me I was at the airport yesterday I was traveling out of the Austin and Dallas Airport and I was thinking how you know how many women have Arthur any women in this Airport right now have I walked by anybody that's a travel fashion girl reader I'd love a chance to meet them in person I'd love a chance to say hey I'm a trouble fashion girl too so everybody's been asking and everybody's been requesting it and here it is we have it we finally got it we finally got Travel fashion girl luggage tags for everybody so that way we can identify each other at the airport so a couple of I think a couple of months ago I was the comedian law the community for the past I don't know several years has been asking for a way to identify themselves and they thought well maybe we can have scarves maybe we can have charms and we thought well what's the one thing that everybody needs everybody needs a luggage tag so here it is this is gonna be a way for us to identify each other at the airport and well we started talking about it on the group and we thought well how can we make this special this is gonna be waiting for us to recognize each other and bring together the community to a whole other level and how can we make that even more impactful how can we make our community how can we take that to the next level so in the Facebook group we thought what if we combined the ability to identify each other at the airport or while we're traveling with a charitable effort so we are gonna be selling these luggage tags for the community and only for the community starting next week all proceeds are gonna be a hundred percent of profits a hundred percent of proceeds are gonna go to charity a charity that you are gonna be choosing a charity that's gonna be an international charity something that we can support together as a community so we can pull together and you know it's pulled together as community and not just identify each other but also support another community may not be as fortunate as us so this is gonna be a full full group effort it's gonna be a project we're gonna do together I've created the luggage tag for you and I'm going to let you choose a charity I'm gonna ask I'm gonna show you everything it's gonna be a hundred percent transparent where I'm gonna be showing you how much it's costing how much everything is gonna be how it's all gonna work and then we're also gonna let you choose a charity as well we have a list of charities that have been that the readers in the group have requested and we're gonna be creating a poll later today in the group so if you're not a part of the Facebook group right now make sure to join head over the top to the Facebook I think forward slash groups forward slash travel fashion girls and we're gonna add a link right now and later today I'm going to be posting up I'm gonna be sharing a poll that's gonna show you all the different charities that the readers that you the readers ask the community suggested so one of the things that one that the readers requested is that we have an international community maybe a community of charity that supports other women globally so I'll give you a chance to decide which charity like ideally we'll choose one charity a year we can sell luggage tags one time a year so we're gonna open them up for sale next week we're gonna be announcing the charity next week and we're gonna offer them for sale for two weeks and this is gonna be something that's not gonna be on available anywhere other than within the community only because it's just for us so how is it all going to work okay next week I'm going to be announcing the charity you're gonna have two weeks to four to pre-purchase this the luggage tags we haven't manufactured them yet we're gonna be doing a pre-sale kind of like the way we took with the compass rose products I mean I'm gonna get I think a separate PayPal just for the charity that way you can see everything and I can be a hundred percent transparent for you with you so that way you see where all the money is gonna be going to and we're gonna have the pre-sale open for two weeks the pre-sales gonna be open from next week April 17th through May 1st hopefully our goal is to sell we'd love to be able to sell at least a thousand of these luggage tags to raise about $10,000 for charity that would be our ultimate goal we would love to chair to raise $10,000 for charity that would be incredible and we're also gonna be matching it as well so I'll be sharing all those numbers with you everything it's gonna be fully transparent and we'll start next week so it's gonna be you're gonna be able to be ordering it globally from anywhere in the world and as of May 1st you can expect it to be six to eight weeks for delivery so we're hoping to get these in time for your summer travels I know summer travels are coming up so we are going to be working on this as soon as possible to get things going and it's true a thousand might seem like a small number we have with a million monthly visitors and a travel fashion girls Facebook group community of 14,000 this page has 70,000 followers we should be able to do at least a thousand I would be an amazing an amazing accomplishment to do something that where we can support other people a community and a community effort I mean I can't say how much I love the all the women in this group we've all helped each other not just for packing but for travel and in some cases some of you become my closer friends I've even met some of you and we've been able to support each other in posite in many positive ways so let's take that to the next level and let's make it a charity effort and I hope you really like this when I first presented it to the group I was very nervous it was something I've always wanted I've always wanted to have a charity a charitable tie-in for Travel fashion girl and this it's so exciting to have everybody responded in such a positive way so let's do it let's get at least a thousand of these and let's makes let's bring in at least $10,000 for charity that would be incredible ok so if you guys have any questions about it please leave it in the comments below let me show you a little bit about the luggage tag so it is a faux fur faux leather it's very lightweight very thin so make to make sure that we're keeping the weight down on our luggage as well so it's very lightweight it has this secure this secur security secur thing and inside you can put your business card or you can put in your name and your information that way you're you're able to identify your tag so hopefully when you're in the airport you see somebody else with this tag on their carry-on or their personal item or maybe even walking down a train station in Rome or somebody somewhere else around the world you'll be able to say hey I'm a travel fashion girl – that would be so cool so I'm very excited that we're gonna be able to do this together and I'm so excited that we it's been a long time coming so you'll be able to order as many as you'd like I know several people in the groups that they wanted to buy some for family and friends make sure to encourage them to join the group as well so that way we can continue to support each other and get to know each other as well alright ladies and if you miss the beginning of the Facebook live I announced the giveaway as well so if you missed it go back to the beginning once the Facebook life is over and have a listen to find out more about the giveaway but we are celebrating that we hit a million monthly visitors last month which was so cool an amazing accomplishment and to celebrate we're gonna be having a giveaway and it's gonna be a pick your prize a giveaway so remember leave a comment below and let me know what giveaway what's the prize that you would love to win sign up for the newsletter because the giveaway will be announced on the newsletter next week we'll be providing all the information in addition to that I'm also going to be sharing information for the time for the time the details for the Facebook Live Well result will start the pre-sale for the giveaway sorry for the luggage tags as well so whether you're just tuning in right now my name is Alex a travel fashion girl where we teach women how to pack stylus tealight we've been here talking today celebrating our million visitors last month thanking you for that and saying that we're gonna be doing a giveaway next week for that and the way when what we're gonna be giving away is gonna be up to you it's pick your prize giveaway so stop what you're doing for a moment and let me know in the comments below what you would like to win in our big celebration we're gonna choose one of the prize Reckitt prize suggestions from one of the readers and I've seen some really cool prize suggestions we've seen packing cubes we've seen compass rose packing cubes requested on there we've seen luggage tags rec suitcases Osprey bag packs laws of Osprey backpacks and maybe a suitcase full of essentials and even noise cancelling headphones which I love so awesome prize ideas I love them and the waiting I think the person that's that recommends the winning prize might get a special unique prize as well we'll see we'll see so the more the more you the more prizes you recommend the more chances you might have to win a little extra something on the side as well we'll be announcing the giveaway next week so make sure that you're signed up to the newsletter because that's what we're gonna be announcing it also if you have Gmail you might want to also double check if you can't find our emails if they might be going to your promotions tab sometimes they go into junk so if you if you add readers at travel fashion girl calm to your contacts on your email you'll always get the newsletters and email updates as well so make sure to do that we're gonna add a link right now in the comments where you can sign up for the news letter that way you don't miss a giveaway news and as far as the charity and choosing the charity for the luggage tags for the new travel fashion girl community luggage tags make sure that you're a part that you are also on the travel fashion girls Facebook group because that's what we're gonna be having all the conversations for it this luggage tag why well because it's a community effort and we don't want any yet to have any lurkers on the page here which is public impacting our decisions on who we're gonna be supporting and what we're gonna be doing for the charity and the luggage and we pre-screen all the members and asks you guys a few questions so make sure that you answer them so that way you're in the group with your in you can also vote for the charity later today we're gonna be we're gonna have a charity voting open for the rest of the week I'm gonna be listing with different charities that were recommended by the different readers in international charity and remember all proceeds of the new travel fashion girl community luggage tag will be going at charity so 100% of profits will be done everything is going to be transparent so you'll know how much this cost to make manufacturing ship and how much will be exactly will be going to the charity so I want it to be a hundred percent transparent because this is a community effort it's for us we're gonna do together and we're gonna help another community somewhere in the world as one travel fashion girl family so thank you so much for tuning in today I'm looking forward to seeing you next week I'm gonna do another Facebook live where we're gonna start pre selling these and before that I'm gonna be announcing the big giveaway as well celebrating our 1 million visitors from March so make sure to tune in thank you so much for spending time with me here today I really appreciate it and even after the Facebook live is over please continue to share your prize ideas please continue to share and and I'd still love to know my first question if you first some of you that missed the very beginning is how long have you been a travel fashion girl reader what year did you first read the blog we launched in August 2012 and it an amazing journey ever since so thank you so much to each and every one of you for being a part of it I really appreciate you being here and I really being a pretty I really appreciate you now being a part of this next step where we're gonna bring our community even closer together thank you so much for tuning in today I will see you next week don't stop commenting I'm gonna go back after this is over after the Facebook live is over in response to all each and every comment myself thanks again for participating I'll see you soon safe and stylish travels see you soon

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