America's Forgotten Paradise: Businesses and tourism suffer after hurricanes

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this girl here i bottle-fed her and she was born that's my pet still in business but only just when hurricanes Irma and then Maria carved their way through these islands Frank Bermudez his farm took a direct hit but I ended up burying about 14 their animals at that time and then I had to deal with the defensing the flooding defensing I had to work through the flood through the rain there are nearly 500 farms on the US Virgin Islands every single one of them was affected by the Hurricanes Dale Brown has spent the past year and a half getting his business back on track the effect of the hurricane of my and the farm has been catastrophic we actually have lost got a total destruction on the farm everything that you may see in place now wasn't there and a lot of debris fence were broken animal shed will destroy this used to be our jewelry store which is now closed because it couldn't sustain itself after the hurricane this used to be a makeup store called or matiz and that couldn't sustain itself it isn't just the countryside that suffered the high streets are sharing the pain this entire Street has closed close to 20 doors in a matter of a year so any store is gone that's close to 45 families the Hurricanes knocked out many of the islands hotels meaning fewer tourists and fewer dollars can Shannon Arnie is packing up and moving part of her business to Alaska it's going to take these islands a long long time to recover from what happened here in 2017 much of the repair work is only a temporary fix the big fear is of course of another hurricane what's the hang of I see in my late was happy kid and I don't want to see a next one I believe in havoc in is coming and this is coming I'm leaving it's a sentiment widely shared as the people of these islands wait anxiously to see what Mother Nature might have installed for them next Jon brain TRT world on the US Virgin Islands

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la mexicana · May 16, 2019 at 10:08 am

America is not able to clean its subway from its trash !

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