American Girl Our Generation Dolls Picnic Table & Camping Playset on The Pirate Ship Playground Park

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keep it awesome look there's popcorn oh that's not popcorn it's sweet potato yes we're gonna go open it right now I'm factory guys welcome back to factory today I have know with Amanda I'm from the channel of Gigi kids club digi kids club check it out in an hour good night with our generation go oh you are oh my gosh are you guys walking up your where they ant there behind me yeah oh there they are who are they can't be this is mine and this is mine that was cool those are our generation and my life dolls and my Mac – its edgy oh she wants a drink her name is Jody you'll have to check out the video we made with her by the ice cream truck and what's her name Gianna and Sarah and I think and this is brew eyes up there there is there's a hidden surprise up there Oh they've got it we cry and there's the fire Angela inside oh their food oh I love their cups that's awesome sorry yeah it's cute little bit – doughnuts with sprinkles in one of these and into pretzels but sure she's gonna you guys don't know so there's cute pretzels and to doughnut and fear nothing okay you want to give serum huh what even there is is that um there's um um oh I'm a lie under and a little sleeping bag in the lantern out I love the left oh is it really light up uh yeah cool can I see it hi oh there we go I'll get it out I am trying to get really can you tell me how good the dolls fit in there after you get the lantern after you get the pie engineering it's the lantern now very what does it do when you push this button right here see that well while I thought let's get it dark let's see oh but like that this tent is from my life and it fits my life our generation is American Girl dolls there's a surprise isn't there it looks like Brielle's getting ready to stand up do you want to have her stand up and go inside the tent um I say they Hey I think Jodi's going to then fine if you don't want you she's gonna go take a nap inside oh it's too warm to get inside the tent the daytime isn't it let's see perfectly she fits in here oh and she's going to sleep what ha she is an hour generation she fits perfect in this my left hand okay you guys ready to go see what the surprise yeah oh my gosh you guys thank you for bringing it down okay we don't want to bring it on okay I like okay let's go see what's out here how about I look this way keep it awesome book there's popcorn oh that's not popcorn sweet potato yes we're gonna go open it right now is that awesome just like the ice cream truck this is our generation picnic table sense and it's gonna fit perfect for your dog and also a real grill the real gorilla there is real hamburgers too real hamburger and – and into pop and that macaroni and cheese no that's sweet Jay Oh french fries from here it looks like he'slooking Evelyn oh she has mustard and mustard and ketchup into dr. house oh and that is a sweet potato chips another dill pickles you can win the add cucumbers it has a foot and a spoon yeah have some of that I see apple and you're awesome can't take paper towels you want hanging down to the bottom of the push-up so we can look at it better look down there cool where oh that's your to carry a damn yeah okay let's carry gun oh it's gonna be heavy for your girls Oh be careful well I have to help her oh you hear idea idea yeah oh I'm excited to go on a picnic okay hold on all right yeah I've got it you guys be careful walking down all those are some steep steps here is a closer look isn't it closer look look they don't come women already neither led to another Lantern and I bet we'll have to assemble that little green and even eight even come on boys catch there's no that's a tablecloth – can I see the back of the box yeah oh that is so cool Oh was there up watermelons included yeah see them so cool oh it's over there perfect you ready to go you guys ready to get out the box yeah of course you are okay then we're gonna play with our dolls yeah he's going on a picnic we're still opening it but it's so minute there are so many mystery there's even some macaroni in some cups and some cheeseburgers cheeseburgers you and open that one up and play – bro you would open this one up oh yeah I think I've got it all ready to unpack as I look at this salad and individual slices of watermelon hi napkins the tongs you can just pull you should be able to pull it and this table is so she just pulled a bunch aside every girl oh is that a tablecloth yes I'll help oh look this gotta get ready for our girls oh dude I'm not the head oh no oh yeah what do you have the hamburger yeah I think individual oh my gosh they're so like this over the hair she's amazing Thanks and look there's an entitles and hamburger Lee thing awesome anyway so long tomatoes you don't have to squeeze they do yeah such I'm an awesome taller here's the cap two cups what else we have oh and they discovered that the lemonade um you could take the top off of the lemonade yes she said you could touch it I said it smelled like lemonade wonder if it really does what do you think oh and it comes with two bowls and pepper and Tom I'm gonna die oh and here's the grill and two hot dogs come on in and what's of course what the hot dog can come out this slides right out of the bun this is amazing and it's so easy that even played over assemble the grill three little fish I want to sit down oh yes please let her sit down oh we've got to fix their meal it's all scattered right now oh wait let me see the cucumber over there cucumber and I'm in second else's over here that I've missed look cool look at that little knife oh it looks sharp but it's not yeah well very cool very very cool okay let's I say let's set the table right we'll have one of them be I mean our cook and we're gonna set the table for look at all the food they have to eat it's like there's so much they can't even fit on the table I see it Brielle's over here Manning the grill look at her she's got the hot dogs on there and the hamburger is your lantern I'm getting pour some lemonade okay how does the lantern work I am a put the burger together yep this is how um the lemonade comes out so you just push that out and then it comes out very very cool oh and Jody's over here cutting cucumbers oh and they've got little bit cut up big fork and spoon for the salad and they can put their salad in the bowl are you fixing that one for Jody yeah okay oh I think the hotdogs are done here we go who has a bun ready me okay right here I have a hotdog okay we push you guys you guys slide it in yeah you sign it in for me here you go played on a good this is this so cool and those are french fries yeah I looked at them closer can't take your hotdog here we go can you slide it in just slide I did we just slide it through it's easier to slide it through very cool can you give Briella bot or Jodi about sorry Brielle we're gonna cook for you just a second we're gonna fix you a burger okay I know you're gonna feed your burger aren't you will you feed her a burger right here this right here Gianna right here will you feed her the burger mmm she kind of looks like you curly here doesn't she oh and after that they can have dessert yep there's a very salad oh yeah there is salad and we'll try the cutter and cucumber times and what sweet potato chips okay what even is their dessert is I'm some watermelon yeah the watermelons a real top of dessert that's right hey Jody what I made you this break um I made you a cheeseburger think I love them here oh thank you can you guys see if they can hold it oh it's okay what there's such a perfect sauce comparison to the hands what I made I do you want some watermelon yeah okay here can you feed it to um and you I'm even what I'm a napkin okay oh but it's so don't really come out no they don't they like the ice cream truck one not to check out that video these cool dolls and this mean that many pieces of water but do we want tight you want some salad sure okay wait put some dressing on it I figured out that was what that was it's a : vinegar apple cider when you started Sarah the comfy t-shirt your hot dog think she had her on top yeah it's done oh oh I'm sorry that they fixed for Yale one okay that is nice of you I'm I react no I already ate my mind to make of a and she's a fixture another one good we've got some more on the grill I made herself liners in each oh that is so cool oh good okay good salad is gonna be so yummy I'm gonna get my own a canal and why troops I now know why from Alice I knew I want chips I do okay good we got two bags we're the other Meg go huh check out this feast let's find the other chips I found it I've got a life thanks you're welcome do you guys love this set yeah so awesome and they sit perfectly like I think they just sat down without falling one time we didn't have to rearrange them they sat down so you can easily sit for dolls at this table and again this is the our generation picnic table set and I am going any doll you have like American girls wrong generational muscles any dollars left if you don't have baby doll fit that's fine if you do have baby else that is okay I got I got her some lemonade and she and she met your uncle Oh Josie you pour some lemonade again yeah sure I was burning up on top of that grill I'll get you some lemonade okay thank you yeah man it's hard being the cook stop a hot dog now Oh Roxy can you make I'm gonna make some more lemonade for us are you perfect here we go so is this one ready for Brielle yep oh yes good the nice breeze you girls are having fun camping that's gonna camp here tonight yeah looks like you got your chair and your cooler and your fire because it's really hot out yeah I think we'll need the fire for nighttime not right now right what's that lemonade yep here we go I'm gonna get tiresome I'm bored you can have that one see if they want some french fries oh okay doughnut I want them oh don't know Debbie good t-shirt watermelons much healthier is that right that's dessert oh and there's pretzels in there cos you girls brought lots of food for your picnic yeah yeah you gotta be prepared there's one of these there's two Donuts two pretzels and one of these cool cool all right if you guys like this set be sure to give us a big thumbs up subscribe for more fun videos yeah my headaches cries oh my channel that's right and subscribe to Gigi kids club for Mama and give a thumbs up in it guide for our videos – okay you you you