Amelia and Avelina summer beach vacation and mystery visitor

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oh good morning everybody let's see where does girls are it's so nice you know buddy now we want to make some pictures for Instagram yeah grazie yeah there they are I've got an idea but we're going to put seawater coconut water they're coming going to be fun okay ready make a picture of Zee whoa this guy is mine Stacy what can isn't more what's my Apple is eaten who ate it hey you gonna be kidding me she has my hats let's get her where does she go I have to get back my hats there she is there you got it Hanina help me get her up because she is going back home to jail oh no she skates again ok please guys her okay she escaped again those were bullies will get hurt how did you escape oh no you can't find her okay I'm Lina let's go home and eat our pancakes YUM did they say pancakes maple syrup okay Oh quickly go to the shop [Applause] Amelia oh yeah yeah all that no units did it you know Oh No my glasses they didn't see me hi kids – hi did you see Van Amelia by any chance no I'm also looking for her everywhere she escaped from jail and she's nowhere to be found Oh No my shoe are you okay oh you're under arrest girl you're coming with me you're good I thank you already now hey kids last time you block where I was this time

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