Amberlynn Reid Vacation Exposed

Published by Darron Toy on

well it's happen folks like world
traveler known as amberlynn reid our baby girl is going on vacation she's just
dropping it all and she just traveling the world no she's probably not doing
that but you know we're gonna go with this but now where can I baby girl be
headed what vacation is she going is she packing a pillow Mountain is she taking
a huge trip to Walley world no she definitely not taking a trip to Walley
world could it be her and Becky he's gonna take a trip with the aliens in
this picture and storm area 51 they're gonna just crash that place and take it
down nope I don't think that's it either or could it be number three maybe she's
just gonna straight-up go to Europe and she's gonna find her ancestors and visit
her Uncle Pablo's Museum out there see all the pictures of pillow mountain you
know I don't think it is but what is it really
straight up she's going to Lexington Kentucky the home of what famous
historic things like what Cheesecake Factory
but now baby girl amberlynn reid before you head out on your big carmen sandiego
trip right you need to first of all clean this screen like that dirty
ash screen right there you can't even see out there in that storm and now can you
tell me amberlynn reid baby girl why are these underwears and these short still
out there in a rain it's like two days you say and it's still none of you
people four of you can't drag that inside your house and let it dry in your
bathtub somewhere or hang it somewhere instead you're gonna leave them dirty
drawers over there on there whatever that is right there but baby girl can
you explain to me why you got massive maggots up in your trash can like well all
this rain you shouldn't be having no garbage in there what you leaving in it
dead bodies in that garbage can there you got maggots in there but now did
amberlynn reid trick us we not gonna know where she's going right no she already
did it yo amberlynn reid your timeline is all
over my neck hurt be looking back and forth day after day I don't know where
I'm at no more in these videos but one thing's for sure baby girl we all know
that you went to this hotel right here and you gave us this toilet bowl haul
with this ninety box that nobody wanted to see but instead what do we get
in this video we get boom amberlynn reid petting a burger like baby girl why
are you petting the burgers not Twinkie is not your cats and why exactly does
that burger I have this braid in it some palms or something tied up in the top I
don't know what that's about you're gonna choke on that girl you better be
careful don't look like a bent up tooth pick but
now baby girl I'm gonna give you some safety precautions you need to do you
need to fix that busted ass brick on top of that roof because they're gonna fall
down and hit somebody hit eric in the head right there
it's all broken hanging off that's very dangerous but how can amberlynn baby girl
shock us and give us some improvement make all the video much better to watch
on her channel she gives us a box full of pocketbooks baby girl you said that's
all pocketbooks in there you could tell me why theres a pair of pink shoes in it
you didn't think I was gonna notice that there's some shoes in your pocketbook
box come on baby girl you can't be tricking us now how can our baby girl
amberlynn reid end this video in the finale what is she gonna do she gonna give us a
whoops and drag it out for like 30 seconds so she can reach that 10-minute
mark to stuff them ads down out throat that's the end of the video folks I hope
you enjoy I hope you have a great day later

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