All Legendary Pokémon & Ultra Beast Locations in Pokémon Ultra Sun & Moon (Guide & Walkthrough)

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There are tons of Legendaries to catch in
Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon. Not only do we have all of the new Legendary
Pokémon from Sun & Moon but every Legendary from previous Generations. And that’s not even all of them as there’s
the Ultra Beasts as well, which includes 4 brand new ones. So we’re here to help you find each and
every one. But before we begin, we want to thank Ted
‘ExandShadow’ Wiesen for his help in catching the Pokémon from Ultra Moon. Let’s start catching some Legendaries. First up is our cover Legendaries, Solgaleo
and Lunala. As you head for Victory Road, you’ll have
have a battle with Gladion. Afterward, he tells you that he last saw Lillie
on the Mahalo Trail where she’s waiting for you. Go to the trail and she’ll mention how either
Solgaleo or Lunala wants to travel with you. This gives you the opportunity to battle them
and catch them depending on your version. You can also discover Necrozma on the way
through Victory Road. It’s pretty hard to miss what with it being
in the middle of a crater. Cosmog can be found exactly the same way as
in Sun & Moon. Simply go to the Altar of the Sunne at night
or the Altar of the Moone during the day depending your version with either Solgaleo or Lunala
in your party. Inspect the Ultra Wormhole and you’ll be
given the option to go to the Reverse World. Travel through and go to the Lake of the Sunne
or Moone, again depending on your version, and you’ll discover a Cosmog that will automatically
come with you. Once you raise its level to 43, it’ll evolve
into Cosmoem. Once it reaches level 53, Cosmoem will evolve
into Solgaleo in Ultra Sun or Lunala in Ultra Moon. The Guardian Deity Pokémon can be found the
same way as in Sun & Moon as well. After completing the main story, simply travel
to the Ruins of Conflict and inspect the statue to fight Tapu Koko. Do the same thing at the Ruins of Life to
find Tapu Lele, the Ruins of Abundance to face Tapu Bulu, and the Ruins of Hope to catch
Tapu Fini. The final Legendary that can be found in Alola
itself is Zygarde. Travel to the Resolution Cave on Poni Island
and make your way to the final chamber. There you’ll discover it in its 50% Form. Once you catch it, return to Ula’ula Island
and enter the trailer on Route 16. You’ll meet Dexio and Sina who talk more
about Zygarde and challenge you to battle. Once you defeat them, you’ll be given a
10% Form Zygarde and a Zygarde Cube that already contains 40 Cells. With the two Zygarde in your party, inspect
the machine and choose Separation. Separate either Zygarde to fill up the rest
of the Cube then choose Assembly. This will grant you a Zygarde with the Power
Construct Ability, allowing you to use the Complete Forme of Zygarde. There’s still Ultra Beasts to find in Alola
though. Poipole is the first you’ll receive, as
it’s automatically given to you after you finish the events in Ultra Megalopolis. However, it can evolve, but it requires that
Poipole know the move, Dragon Pulse. There are two ways to teach it this move. Either go to the Move Tutor at the Battle
Tree or the Pokémon Center on Victory Road and talk to the woman there to have it relearn
the move from earlier in its moveset using a Heart Scale. Once it knows Dragon Pulse, level it up one
more time to have it evolve into Naganadel. UB Burst or Blacephalon and UB Assembly or
Stakataka are discovered during a small post-game sequence. You are summoned to Poni Island by the Ultra
Recon Squad in order to stop these Ultra Beasts. They’ll be found automatically and there
two available with Blacephalon being exclusive to Ultra Sun and Stakataka exclusive to Ultra
Moon. The rest of the Legendary Pokémon and Ultra
Beasts are all found in Ultra Space and can start being hunted as soon as the portal appears
during the main story, at least the Legendaries can. But here’s where things get quite different. As you travel through Ultra Space, you’ll
see five different colors of Ultra Wormholes. Each one denotes the kind of territory that’ll
be on the other side with the exception of the White wormholes. Those always lead to an Ultra Beast. The other four, Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow,
respectively lead to a Cliffside, a Field, a Waterfall, and a Cave. These give at least some kind of clue to the
type of Legendaries you’ll discover in each one. But each wormhole can be different as well. There are four levels to them: a plain hole,
a hole with a single circle around it, a hole with two circles, and one with a circle surrounding
it with smaller ones leading into the center. Any of these could possibly lead you to a
Legendary Pokémon, but the only way that guarantees it is the level 4 wormhole. However, if you don’t find a Legendary in
a level 4 portal of a certain color, then you’ve found all the Legendaries in that
color. Naturally these level 4 portals are also the
most rare. The way to actually reach the higher level
portals is through the mini-game portion of Ultra Space. Here you fly through energy rings that keeps
up the Ride’s speed. You must navigate around the electrical hazards
and portals you don’t want in the hope of finding a possible level 4 wormhole. The farther you go, the more common they become. And if you lose too much speed, you’ll be
pulled into the nearest wormhole. Now it’s still possible to encounter a Legendary
in the more common portals. It’s just not as likely. Either way, you’ll be made aware of its
presence immediately. If it’s not there, simply exit and try again
or try to catch the common Pokémon waiting for you. Because of the nature of this mini-game, we’re
going to provide the color portals that each Legendary is found in as well as any other
requirements. While we recommend saving before confronting
a Legendary, if you do accidentally knock one out, it will return until you catch it. But only one of each Legendary can be captured. Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres can found in
red portals where you’ll find them on the cliffside. All three can be found in both versions. The same goes for Mewtwo, who’s waiting
behind a green wormhole. We’d actually recommend using your Master
Ball on it since it knows the move Recover. Both Raikou and Entei are found beyond green
portals as well, but Raikou is exclusive to Ultra Sun while Entei can only be found in
Ultra Moon. In order to find a Suicune, both Raikou and
Entei must be in your party as you search through blue wormholes. Lugia is also found in a blue portal, but
it can only be caught in Ultra Moon while Ho-oh is an Ultra Sun exclusive that’s found
beyond red wormholes. Continuing on, all three of the Regis from
Generation 3, Regirock, Regice, and Registeel are found in the yellow portals in both games. Latias can only be found Ultra Moon though
while traveling through a blue wormhole. Naturally, Latios only appears in Ultra Sun,
but it also awaits on the other side of a blue portal. Another pair of exclusives is Kyogre and Groudon. Kyogre is in a blue portal in Ultra Moon while
Groudon is in a yellow portal in Ultra Sun. The only way to find a Rayquaza though is
by having both of these in your party while traveling through a red portal. For Gen 4, we have Uxie, Mespirit, and Azelf
all appearing in both versions and all hiding beyond a blue portal. Meanwhile, Dialga is in a green portal in
Ultra Sun and Palkia waits within a blue wormhole in Ultra Moon. Both are required in your team in order to
discover Giratina on the other side of a yellow wormhole. Two more exclusives are behind yellow portals. Heatran, which is exclusive to Ultra Sun,
and Regigigas, which is exclusive to Ultra Moon. Finally, there’s Cresselia who’s in both
versions and can be found beyond the red portals. Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion are all
within a green portal in both versions. But the Gen 5 Legendaries also have their
own exclusives. Tornadus can only be found in Ultra Sun while
Thundurus awaits in Ultra Moon. And you need both of them in your party to
find Landorus. All three of them are hiding beyond the red
wormholes Likewise, Reshiram is in Ultra Sun and Zekrom is in Ultra Moon where both are
found in green portals. Once you have both of them in your party,
you’ll be able to find Kyurem in a blue portal. The final two Legendaries are Xerneas and
Yveltal. Xerneas is exclusive to Ultra Sun and found
in a green wormhole while Yveltal is an Ultra Moon exclusive that’s waiting in a red wormhole. And while that might be all the Legendaries,
there’s still the matter of the Ultra Beasts. As we said before, these are all found beyond
white wormholes. The most common Ultra Beasts, found in the
lower level portals, are Nihilego, Buzzwhole, and Pheromosa. Nihilego is found in the same cave from Sun
and Moon called the Ultra Deep Sea. Simply sit on the rock to have it appear. Buzzwhole is in the Ultra Jungle and is exclusive
to Ultra Sun. All you have to do is run along the trees
until you reach the end to confront the Ultra Beast. Pheromosa is found in an area known as the
Ultra Desert in Ultra Moon. Here, you’ll have to complete a series of
puzzles using Mudsdale and Machamp. Once you do, Pheromosa will be waiting on
the other side. The next set of Ultra Beasts are bit more
uncommon and will appear more often in the level 2 or 3 portals. Xurkitree is found in both versions in the
Ultra Plant. All you have to do is follow the path to find
a Xurkitree waiting at the top. Celesteela can only be caught in Ultra Moon
in the Ultra Crater. Once again, follow the path to find it at
the end. Kartana, which is only in Ultra Sun, is found
in the Ultra Forest. Here, you must fight your way through two
trainers using lower level Kartanas in order to reach the one you can catch. Finally, there’s the Guzzlord, the rarest
of the Ultra Beasts and the one most likely to appear in a level 4 white portal. To reach it, you must navigate the Ultra Ruins
to find the appropriate path. Once you catch it, you’ll have gotten every
Legendary and Ultra Beast in the game. While the Legendaries can only be caught once,
the Ultra Beasts can be caught as many times as you want. We hope this guide has been a help for you. Thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe
to GameXplain for more on Pokémon and other things gaming.


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A Fat Penguin · July 30, 2019 at 1:02 pm

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