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what is up ladies and gentlemen it is legion here guys today back with some fort night and it's gonna be a little different than you guys are used to seeing on my channel usually i just play for a night hour play clash or a play cod or something like that but today I decided to help everybody here out guys everybody who wants to know we went by we went through all the five new locations the major places are right now little villages and little towns and stuff like that but the five big named locations and we went through and we searched it for every chest we could find guys we landed at these spots multiple times and that's mainly because sometimes we land there we got killed but we remember seeing a chest in a certain spot so we try to map out all the chests from all these spots guys and we're gonna start with on top top top at junk Junction and then we're gonna work our way all the way down to the last place alright so I hope you guys enjoy and let's get right into this they might you might not see every little chest but I'm gonna mark them where they might be where we remember seeing one where we know for sure there was one to give you guys the most accurate reading of all these chest puzzles so here we are junks junction and right in here guys's chest number one as soon as you land in the building there's only one building in junk Junction and there's a chest right up there on the second door to the right now I remember seeing one right here for sure so I'm t-bag and right in front of it that would be chest number two if you guys were to land here moving into the house over here in the other corner guys this chest number three I think this is also downstairs yeah so you don't to go upstairs for this or yes you do I totally lied upstairs guys and my friend helps me find another one that he already grabbed I think nope didn't grab it Yeah right here is chest number four as soon as you walk in through that door or you can break a wall like he did and then just build up there guys I'm sure you guys will be able to hear it alright making our way out of here my buddy over here tells me hey there's two more over here go right up there and there is that chest right there chest number five guys I should think that's a second building there might be two buildings i total err do you guys here's chest number six though at the edge bottom of that building too and that was pretty much all the chests we found in junk Junction guys it wasn't that great six chest though not too bad especially if you're there with a team there's at least one for each you and yeah so now we're making our way over to what is this haunted hills and what we decided to do then afterwards because we realized we kept dying up places we landed at because we were just searching for chests but here's chest number one here in haunted hills we decided to get rid of everybody all right as soon as we land look there's a chest right here too you don't see it like I said sometimes in the video we didn't get to record it but there's definitely chests in that room right next to the coffin guys make sure to check it out first year so we decided to kill everybody guys unfortunately two of our men died they didn't necessarily land here but that's all right me and my buddy over here that one guy held it down and we were able to get rid of whoever was here and keep looking for the chest now if you go to the smaller building near the really big Tower just walk all the way around out no one's taking me forever I'm I'm terrible man you go right down here guys and in there it's kind of dark but you can see chests number three right there my buddy already got it or maybe an enemy got it who knows but next we're gonna make our way into the big middle Tower guys all right we're gonna go right up the stairs and as soon as you enter in the back there is a coffin right there right here I walk that back downstairs my buddy says he remembers a chest there for sure he marks it with a slurp juice I mark it with a chest that would be chest number four guys and we will continue the search walk around the building in the back right corner I think there will be another chest behind that next coffin it seems wherever there's a coffin there might be a chest at least there's three coffins with three chests in the room as far as I can sell but of course you always gotta check on top of buildings two guys either you can hear it maybe or if there's like a room on top of the building even if it's small there's a high chance that might be there my buddy over here break said because he says he remembers seeing the chest there unfortunately it's not here but we know it can be there so we mark it for you guys that's chest number six and I think that was all the chests for haunted hills here we only found six it's not that large but it's pretty good but on our way out we saw a chest behind this truck and I just had to count it guys cuz long he gets a purple scar huh how could I not count a purple scarf alright if it's a purple scar and you counted it's right outside you guys can get it all right chest number seven right there pretty good pretty good let's see where we go next next we are going to snobby shores alright snobby shores this is like five houses I think and there's only four of us so we get rid of the people I land and there is a big clock tower I know for a fact there's a chest down here I remember singing it that would be chest number one of snobby shores alright we each split up and kind of went to our own houses I think snobby shores is really underappreciated so far how many people land there but it has a lot of chests a lot of good chests – so walk into this kids looking bedroom break this like drawer looking thing and you will find a secret room to another kids bedroom but turn right around guys underneath the stairs there is another drawer kind of blocking the way but there is chest number two for snobby shores walk into this next room and there is chest number three in this house alone guys there's three chests so that's pretty cool and there could be a fourth chest right here as I'm gonna show you guys I definitely member samie one right there for sure unfortunately like I said didn't get it in this clip but we have landed here before we have seen that there before a lot of ammo boxes too people don't get ammo boxes and I think that's a us you're missing out on em oh man I cannot tell you how many times I've been low on ammo and if I saw this many ammo boxes there's like four in here alone you just gotta grab them you got to grab them alright so that's pretty good secret little house here in this far left first house so now that I'm doing my place after getting like four chests from there alone we go into the next place alright next house I think my brother was watching this one or no nobody watched this one there's almost the one we left alone cuz there's five and I hear a chest up here I swear to you I heard a chest up here and I'm pretty sure I broke it I am freaking stupidest fuck I am I couldn't hear after I broke that there was a lot of people talking I was talking but I'm a little bit it was right there guys I'm pretty sure the chest was right there and I just broke it and so you might want to come up another way but uh we're gonna count this chest number five because I definitely heard something and I don't hear anything alright going to the back guys where the pool is there's a little bar looking thing with a fridge definitely chest right there I do remember seeing it gonna teabag a little area that would be chest number six and now we're gonna make our way out of here and I think we're done with this house so I searched two houses and those two houses alone there was six chests let's go look at the rest of these other houses this was my cousin's house I think Legion X fame or Magnum p9 is I don't remember but my friend tells me that was definitely chest here he's seen her right behind that red chair upstairs guys at the third house so I mark it there for chest number seven and I think that was the only chest there that we found that we'd seen in like the two or three times we dropped there so going on now to Legion X famous his house we're gonna see where he found some chests and we're gonna mark them here we've got seven chests total already in three house that's pretty good that's a little more than two chests per house so he left me to the garage downstairs jumbo type of car jump on top of those little railings and there is just number eight right up there guys it will be a lot easier for you guys because if it's if it's there you guys can hear it you guys can maybe see the glow it does it is a little hard right now because we've open most of them more you know it's just darker but that's okay go right upstairs guys right up this railing build up there and there it is chest number nine and that's nice chest in four houses so far let's see is there any other more here are we gonna make our way down we are gonna make our way down what's taking me forever man all right down check the backyard like all these guys you always want to check the backyard and every little aspect I checked the backyard and I go into this little house in the basketball court and it look just this this looks like a chess would be there but we've never seen one there so I'm not gonna count how many to leave us at nine but it just it looks like a chess would be there to me so definitely check that out guys and he's playing basketball there my friend got one guy opens the door for me with a sweet little shit and we're gonna go upstairs he's gonna lead me to the chests you seen because this was his house and right over here upstairs into the little kitchen looking area is their kitchen upstairs that's fucking weird there's chests number 10 guys right there so I'm gonna lose it's pretty dark gonna see but we continue going upstairs and he he sees something behind these these drawers guys so make sure you check that out I was a scope they are pretty good I'm not a fan but maybe you were maybe there's a different gun next time so make sure you check behind there guys anyways I get out of his way he builds up here and he says he definitely member seeing one right here so that would be chest number 11 so 11 chests and like five houses I think that's pretty dope guys so always checking these little houses because they just look like they would have a chest in them but I don't know maybe they don't maybe they just look suspicious but we're just gonna leave it at eleven guys we're not gonna count any chests we don't know for sure are there so we're just making our way out of here guys pretty much clear zombies Shores check in everywhere still because you gotta be sure if you guys see anything that we missed any spot we might have missed and you guys know for a fact there's a chest or you've seen a Chester let us know but as we make our way to shift these chefs guys this one was kind of a disappointing they said they had like an underground mine thing and it was it wasn't very in there I look there's just number one in that truck guys right there are shift each ops and I can't even get up there that's a little depressing I wish as didn't have to see this i t-bag him I get a bush so I think you know what why not let's use a switch right here a bush looks totally natural on the truck right right all right guys let's fuck that over and let's keep going my friend that won't get looking we've been here all day guys we go right down the shafts and my friend manages to find one of the chests behind this thing you can see the globe pretty well so that would be chest number two gets the loop pretty decent hopefully you guys get somebody Lou because I feel like our loot look is garbage it's freakin awful but I continued to search he continues to search we continue to search for more chests guys we've been here all freakin day it's already nighttime its start but my friend telling me hey buddy follow me look look I even know where there's a chest so of course I'm gonna follow his dead ass and leaves me straight I don't really know how to tell you as these directions but there's at least this chest here just check behind like this wooded area that's just number three right there and that's pretty much all the chests we found here in shifty shafts honestly we continued to look but we just that was it we landed here like two or three times also because we died a few times but these were literally the only trust we found I feel like there should be more so let us know if you guys have seen chess anywhere and guys alright check this out this is this is where everybody wants to know check this out what the hell is he doing I'm just gonna let you guys watch this while I watch I was able to hear where he was running through my headset so even though I couldn't see if I knew he was here the funny thing is he's a gingerbread man and I just I think of that nursery rhyme that you can't catch me on the gingerbread man song and I'm just tasting of that and it's just stupid as fuck and I get behind it guard oh my god but we continue guys with the main objective and that is finding chests we go to this red brick house near the edge of blue sniper round the huge sniper fan mainly because I'm not that great at it but I see chest number one right there I try to build which is pretty sad because look I could easily just jump up there look that athleticism so we could chest number one get another bush guys push push push push push anyways I think we're gonna make our way down out the house around the corner guys same house just go around the corner you'll see a garage and in there you kind of crouch in there you'll see a car and it doesn't have a chest now but we have seen a chest here so that's definitely to Mark's chest number two right there and we're gonna keep looking and keep searching all right the clock tower you guys all already know about the clock tower I'm pretty sure you do and if you don't you're probably not want to hit it up all right so first chest is actually right above as you can see a right there that's just number three all right but the last two chests this this clock tower has at least three chests sometimes it has less actually so at most three chests that's what I meant we work our way up because I'm like you know what let's I know I trust you when you say that there's two more chests up there but let's actually see them so I could get it for the video we're working our way up working our way up the clock tower almost there when all of a sudden guys we start getting shot and I barely build that one thing there luckily we fall onto it we jump inside because somebody shooting at us and we're getting fucked in the ass really hard so I'm thinking oh my God we're so freakin close those two chests I just need to see him you did not understand how many times we landed I look at him he's a genius he was the bush inside the freaking tower ah some people some people anyways guys I was just so so frustrated because I need it I wanted to get these chests you do not know how many times I landed at tilty towers how many times we were killed how many times we came back over and over just to try to film these just for you guys so I hope you guys can appreciate the hard work because it was rough anyways guys I'm not quitting I'm not giving the fuck up I'm going all the way up I'm thinking all right I'm gonna in these chests in the video one way or another I'm gonna show it to everybody we're gonna go all the way up all the way up we don't have any more wool stone but we made it guys there's chests number five and number four four and five are right there guys we make our way back down my buddy Falls but luckily he was around the edge of the tower so I'm able to pick him up check in just in case and I'm gonna pick a sorry ass up because that's what I do that's what I do so now you guys are already pretty sure know about this one this pawn shop looking area troughs me some bandages I appreciate him a guy and I try to fit in there it doesn't work so let's just heal go inside the door now and you will see this corner thing here and usually there's boxes in the way break that and you go down here where there's the chest here chest number six and there's definitely a chest here chest number seven so there's sometimes two chests unfortunately there's none this time we spawned around but you come outside guys and I'm pretty sure you'll notice this one first when you come in because it's glowing but that would be chest number eight and there are three chests about in this building too and it's kind of off to the side so you really could land there and maybe not many people will but at the same time if they know about this there will be a lot of people landing here so we work our way around guys and we're just going into the next building I think we try to go on a pattern to not kind of forget and not show the same chest but you walk into the bathroom of the first floor and that's chest number nine guys and that's the red building I think near the center walking to the kids room nothing there and I think that was pretty much it because the circle is about to get in here but um what is that doing oh he's I think you see the chest or here's something I'm just traveling searching around the perimeter at second to see if I can hear anything because I had the game ball I'm totally loud now look here's one in here the one with the red and white kind of flag thing over there we get this just like this dedication we're still there that's just number 10 guys get a rocket launcher and we make our way out of the storm but you best believe we came back again because we are not done so we finished like those three on the other side guys we're coming down to the south side I think or the east side something like that we land on these two l-shaped buildings and I land on one heel and on the other you can already see a glow right there but I walk in here thinking it was there never been in this built in my life and not there so I walk in since other building I'm pretty sure you can see the glow from there or at least here break down with one slice open that and you get some decent stuff like usual and gonna make my way out gonna head downstairs of the same building and look and behold guys right there on top of the washer machine or or an oven or whatever that is it's just number twelve here at tilted towers a grenade launcher I'm not that a fan of a grenade launcher so I'll leave it but my buddy gets it where we're gonna weigh now up his tower the other l-shaped our I did not land at all the way upstairs in the bathroom is chest number 13 lucky number 13 of course I'm gonna let him grab it because it is his chest he saw it and he gets some decent loot there now we make our way out of this l-shaped our to the next tower right beside it's like a tall brick tower with like brownish brick at the bottom you guys don't see it right here it's right next to the tower we just left the elves and make our way inside and actually pretty disappointed to not find a single chest in here we landed here at least twice for sure and no chests but look this tell me this doesn't look like a spa chest would be so we're gonna count that as chest number fourteen because is is a building really of building that tall without his chest there's got to be at least one so maybe it's not there although it looks like there definitely will be a chest there walk across the street guys into this little shack and you will see chest number 15 right there again kind of lonely kind of a good thing because if you just land chances are not many people are gonna land they're gonna land at the bigger building so you have a chance at getting that chest right there guys if you so choose we're gonna weigh around it's literally just a bunch of little garage doors crawl into the open one and you will see chest number 16 that is my favorite number in case you were wondering that fact it's totally irrelevant okay it's just number 16 right there get some decent stuff across the street from that garage area is this green and white flagged store it's pretty tall but we just made our way down to the first floor he definitely here's a chest around the corner over here and there's chest number 17 in the edge there guys so let him grab it Blu sniper pretty sick again kind of near that spot but into the next building let's see what we get let's see what I can see a chest from there I don't know why I didn't go there but I'm trying to keep a a strict order guys I don't wanna get confused until I have I gone here have I seen that chest I don't know go all the way upstairs break that caution tape and right there behind the wall guys there is a chance at a chest number 18 right there feel like I'm repeating myself a lot anyways open that guy's and in the same room just check the corner you'll see a hole and there will be a chest in there too I wonder if there's a way up there that might be I didn't check I just built up there and got chest number 19 for you guys it's open that get some things and stuff huh talking really fast really does get you winte ladies and gentlemen and I was gonna drink that juice and work our way down or you could jump down like an idiot like me I lost some health there not and what the fuck I was thinking my partner was telling me hey man I see a chest right behind that wall so break is so I break it unfortunately it was the wrong one it was the one right above that you gotta be careful not to break the floor it's really close by I was really close by but thankfully though I don't break the floor the chest is right there my dumb ass stressed the bills for some reason instead of doing just going around like I just did it right now I don't know what the fuck I was thinking anyways I get that chest guys that is chest number 20 right there and then I get a green burst not my favor I prefer the the automatic AR but go outside guys there is a red apartment looking thing with green steps you just go up there I can hear it chest from here it's definitely up there so I'm gonna break it or you could easily just land on top like 90% of the people too but if you don't and you definitely hear it up there just build right up here now too difficult still getting used to these controls since the update break this wall right here it's kind of the only part sticking up higher than the rest of the building behind that wall you will see number 21 open that and get whatever your heart desires and we will move on from there back into the red and white we already saw that chess when we were in the storm so I'm not gonna count it still at 21 but go right up the stairs guys and you will find my buddy's gonna leave me at least the chest number I'm shrinking why is this taking forever I'm terrible with timing anyways guys right there chest number 22 the same room he was in pretty close to the other one still in the storm look at this freakin dedication we're doing for you guys we're willing to die for you guys and if that doesn't speak volumes chest number 23 we'll guys make sure to leave a like for the fact that we're dying for you guys or I wouldn't that we had health and stuff we could heal we were fine I was the first circle all right but still welcome to this store right here it's one of the taller buildings same all the way upstairs I think break dap guys and you will see just number 24 behind that thing and got that shit more grenade launchers that I will not get whoa to shield pots I was gonna grab a both my buddy decides he wants one I give it to him go continue going upstairs what did I say nobody knows right under those staircase guys you will see chest number 26 I break it even though my friend shows me you could easily just sneak in through there you know always outdoing me that's just what he does and go all the way back downstairs into the bathrooms and you will see chest number 27 just break that little stall guys and you will be fine well that 26 or 27 it skipped 25 I didn't count 25 but I went straight to 26 so that's an editing mistake that's fine we're going back into the green and white flag building because my friend swore he heard another chest that we had not seen because look this is where we saw the other one right there in that corner it was not there and he said he heard another one so we work our way back around guys and he breaks it right there and inside there it is sure enough chest number 27 and I t-bag because I always say that when I see a chest I guess me so excited so that's 27 chests and I think of the same building we go upstairs it's a white looking building you guys saw right there we go all the way up he says he hears a chest he breaks the roof I think there is a way to go there from the inside of the building for sheriff but we just break the roof and there I see chest number 28 right behind that desk guys looking fresh as hell now well he's grabbing that I'm just kind of checking around the perimeter and I'm very disappointed in myself because you can see a chest right down there under the tree chest number 29 it's right there and I don't see it I don't see you did you guys see that bottom left finally though in the morning when it like comes out my able to see I see chest number 29 instead of seeing it way before he opens it and just looking this so you guys were find me and you kill me on fortnight it's because of this look at that lack look at that light that's terrible but guys chest number 30 is actually right underneath this red brick road I was playing to the day literally after finishing all this editing definitely found a chest under there guys I gotta deuce break it there's like a little mine and you will see a chest in there a good chance of it and yeah guys tilted towers has about 30 chests maybe more if we miss them make sure to tell us but let's take a count guys over here at junk Junction there was six over here on Haunted Hills seven down at was that snobby Shores 11 and shifty shafts three and tilted towers 30 ladies and gentlemen that is a grand total of let's see 30 plus 3 is 33 11 plus 6 17 plus 7 is 24 24 plus thirty three fifty seven total chest quick math anyways guys 57 total chest now I'm gonna bet there were at least 60 we might have missed like three from somewhere maybe it was a shafts maybe it was that Junction I don't know but maybe it was even an ad tilted towers just because there are so freakin many buildings but guys you can see what tilted towers is probably the new pleasant part people are dropping their more than I've seen in a long time that's like the brand new it's spot it's the hot spot guys for everybody everybody wants to go there because if they can take control there are about thirty chests they can freaking find and that's ridiculous and think about 30 chests for a whole team that's crazy of course there might be less there might even be a little more depending on the spawns we know things tend to spawn differently at different times so I think it's not bshorts is actually my favorite because it has a good amount of chests and it's really off to the side so not many people will see it but guys that's gonna be it for today's video I hope you guys enjoyed if you did please make sure to hit that like button guys this took a lot of work a lot of deaths a lot of frustrations but I did it for you guys I hope it really did help you guys out if you guys saw a chest location you haven't seen before and now you you guys have a brand new place to go to to find a chest make sure to subscribe guys alright I think I think that would be great alright make sure to comment down below if I missed something or if you guys definitely think there wasn't a chest where I said there might have been or you guys have seen a chest where I totally skate by me you guys tell us and just comment down below somebody can see it or keep it to yourself so your secret can stay safe with you up to you guys but also comment down what's your favorite spot to land at do you guys like this new update I'm totally loving it I feel like people die a lot slower now though because of all these big places there's so many more places to hide and just kind of CAP out so it is a little strange but I love this update guys I can't wait I'm definitely do some more gameplay on this and yeah that's gonna be for today's episode guys I hope you guys enjoyed and I will see you guys next time I said guys like 20 more times again that's the problem with me I said guys a lot I'll look into that I'll look into that I gotta see a doctor about them until next time that ladies and gentlemen Legion out


Legion X Gaming · July 27, 2019 at 11:26 am

Thought I’d make the chest locations for each spot a little easier for you guys! (:
Chest Location Video Times For:

Junk Junction: 1:00–1:55 (6+ Chest Locations)
Haunted Hills: 2:00–4:00 (7+ Chest Locations)
Snobby Shores: 4:05–8:10 (11+ Chest Locations)
Shifty Shafts: 8:35–9:50 (3+ Chest Locations)
Tilted Towers: 9:53–20:30 (30+ Chest Locations)

NoahKG · July 27, 2019 at 11:26 am

U missed a chest in tiltid towers in the truck under the brighe

Nolan Gasner · July 27, 2019 at 11:26 am

My faveorite number is 16

Ayard Arsenal · July 27, 2019 at 11:26 am

I already knew all of this chest

Fi-Bug Lol · July 27, 2019 at 11:26 am

A place that nobody goes with lots of chests Is moisty I found 2 chests right next to each other good place to go

Ro Dog58 · July 27, 2019 at 11:26 am

But the L shaped buildings the little hut there is chest in side

Kolt Bennett · July 27, 2019 at 11:26 am

At snobby shores their is one at the bench by the basketball court