ALL 17 ALIENS Locations in LEGO City: Undercover – SEE DESCRIPTION for TIMES

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Hi! Brickette here showing the locations of all 17 ALIENS in LEGO City Undercover. Thanks to Christian Kai-Nielsen and
Pikam22 for requesting it! The first alien I caught is in Cherry Tree Hills
in the top right (or northeast) corner. Hit the bottom, then the right side,
then the top, and then the left side. If you have the Super Astro Crate red brick,
this will open instantly. I’ll skip this part from now on. We have to catch the alien, but not shoot at it. I found THAT out the hard way! We have to chase him, even though he’s right there. Then, when you see the prompt, hit the right button
to grab him, and again to slap the cuffs on. The next one is in Auburn right there. I’ll take the train. See the description below this video for the times
of the aliens if you want to skip right to them. Chase has to have the astronaut
disguise on for all of these aliens. We get the astronaut disguise after
Chapter 7, “One Small Job for Chan”. The next one is in Fort Meadows, in the Spider Cave. I’m speeding up a lot of this video to shorten it. I figure you guys don’t want to sit
through a bunch of traveling time. We’ll need the miner the first time we get to this cave. If you don’t have the unlimited dynamite red brick, you can get some dynamite out of
a machine across the street. I guess he wasn’t far enough away from that! There are a few other collectibles
to get in here, including a red brick. I wish there were some way to make him run faster! I thought that would help, but not really. So I just sped up the video. The next one is in Bluebell National Park. You’ll probably need the Jet Pack for this, which
you get in Chapter 13, Special Assignment 13. Yep. You’ll definitely need the Jet Pack. Here’s a character token we can get while we’re up here. Now back to the Alien. And, of course, even though he’s right next to us,
we can’t grab him until we chase him for a while. Yay! a small super brick – worth 2,000 bricks! The next one is in Uptown. It’s across the street from the Toy Store where you can get the Super Color Gun
Red Brick and one of the cats. The next one is in Crescent Park. The Jet Pack makes this easier. coming back, too The next one is in Bright Lights Plaza, and it’s a doozy! It’s right there, but we have to go all the
way around the buildings to get there. First I’ll show you the quicker way. Then I’ll show you a longer but easier way. You might be tempted to smash this, but
you might want to jet pack from it first. This is a little difficult to do, so after this, I’ll show
you a longer but easier way to get to the alien. Careful you don’t fall here. We definitely need the Jet Pack here! This was SO nerve-racking! So was this! I kept thinking I’d fall
and have to start all over again. One thing that might help is the Fall Rescue Red Brick, which I show how to get in my “10 Red Bricks
for Studs, Bricks and Hearts” video. Press the right button to teleport. There are a couple things to the
left to get while you’re in here. There’s a water cooler and a small super brick. Over the teleporter is a character token. Here’s the long way to get there, but it’s easier
than trying to jet pack over to that ledge. If you fall here, here’s how to get back to the beginning. Here’s another place where it’s very easy to fall. You might be able to recover with the jet pack. Then hit the right button to go down to the lower bar. As you’re running, slide under with the jump button. And we’re back at the place where we jet-packed to. The next one is in Pagoda, around
the corner from the train station. The next one is in Festival Square behind the hospital. I guess I could’ve jet-packed up here,
but I switched to a police officer. You kinda have to move the stick up. Oops. Went the wrong way. I goofed and shot at him again. It just slows me down. Oh no! I did it again! When will I learn?! The next one is Downtown. I could’ve gone to the right, here, but either way works. It’s actually over here. I might’ve been able to jet pack up here, too. I’ll get Rex to do this. I’ll teleport with the astronaut here. The next one is on Lady Liberty Island which
we can get to from the flat side of this wall. The first time we go to Lady Liberty Island,
we need Rex Fury. We get his character token at the end of
Chapter 15, “Fly Me To The Moon”, the last chapter of story mode. I made a video of that last chapter, and I also show you how to get Rex Fury and add him to the wheel
in my 5 Most Useful Collectibles video. The links are in the description of this video. It wouldn’t let me mark it. The next alien is in Kings Court. We can get the next one from the ferry from
the same pier. Just go to the right this time. Once we build this ferry, we can get to Apollo Island. Huh. Weird. It didn’t let me mark it again. The Instant Vehicles red brick really
comes in handy right here. Press down on the right stick (R3)
to use the Instant Vehicles red brick. I really should watch where I’m going. I didn’t want to fall here, so I backed up right away. Oh! I hear a cat! I made a video showing
where you can find all 17 cats. There’s a link in the description for that one, too. This is so fun. It’s so funny to watch, too! You have to keep hammering on that
jump button, or you’ll slide down. The green arrow points down, but
you need to jump off the building first. If you go back on the roof, you probably
won’t be able to get the alien in time. The next alien I got is in Fresco. If you don’t have the jet pack yet,
you can use the farmer right here. The next one is in Paradise Sands. Oh man! It was so hard to land right on top of this thing! If you haven’t finished the story yet, you’ll have
to build a lot of things before you can move on… …like these, for instance They do that every time. Don’t worry.
Just grab onto the rail right below you. This is a tricky place for falling! Two more to go! The next one is at the LEGO City Airport. We need the Fireman disguise for this one, which we get
in Chapter 10, Special Assignment 9, “Hot Property”. One more! And the last one is on Albatross Island, which
we can get to from the ferry in Cherry Tree Hills, behind the Police Station. If you don’t have the jet pack yet, I’ll show
you right after this what you can do. And we get the Space Alien! Here’s how you can get the
last alien without the jet pack. Thank you so much for watching! If you like this video, please make like a LEGO character and smash that Like button. And subscribe to see when I upload new videos. See you next time!


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