Aislelabs Flow: WiFi Location Analytics and Real-time Footfall Heatmaps

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Get to know Aislelabs Flow, the world’s
most advanced analytics platform. Aislelabs provides an advanced business intelligence
platform and can help you understand your visitor’s footfall patterns. Collect anonymous data to measure how many
people visit your venues and at which times. Understand how long, how often, and where
they spend their time. It’s like web analytics but for the real
world. Here’s how it works: Flow works with your existing WiFi infrastructure
so you can be up and running in just a few hours. No need for users to connect to the WiFi or
download an app. Using these signals, Flow can anonymously
triangulate the location of each mobile device, automatically obtaining location data without
a visitor taking any action at all. The dashboard lets you observe key metrics
across the entire physical space. Such as how many visitors were there? How long did they stay? How many were returning customers and how
many times have they visited in the past? If your business has more than one location,
you can track these metrics across them all. Flow features a built-in heatmap that visually
represents which parts of your space are the busiest. It segments any physical space into multiple
zones to get even more granular information on customer behaviour. You can easily create and change floorplan
zones. Flow will rank these zones by different metrics
such as popularity, dwell time, repeat customers, and engagement. Spaces are further broken down by cross visits,
time of day, and day-of-the-week. Even better, Flow will show you the most common
paths customers take from one zone to another, giving you valuable intel on correlation between
different areas. Flow analytics features multiple reports like
Site Comparison which allows you to compare two venues against each other. It also features live traffic with real-time
information, Reports with multiple metrics, a Calendar view, and more than 80 other reports
with hundreds of metrics to choose from. Slice-and-dice data using the comprehensive
built-in behavioural and contextual filters which breaks it down by site or by date. Get even more detailed information through
the people filter and target specific types of guests who visited one or more particular
spaces and meet certain behavioural characteristics. Data is updated to the minute and displayed
in real-time. The platform stores unlimited past data giving
you key insights into historical trends, all the way back to the very first time Flow was
run at a venue. You can also integrate point-of-sale revenue
data to identify correlations between sales and footfall patterns. Integrations with weather reports, local road
traffic, and traditional people and camera counters is also available. Flow collects no personal information and
complies with privacy laws from around the world. Marketing teams can use Flow to plan, execute,
and understand the impact of campaigns across an entire property portfolio. Operations teams can use Flow data to better
schedule staff, track assets like cleaning carts, optimize space, or even control HVAC
settings. Leasing and tenanting teams can attract new
retail tenants and optimize zones. Aislelabs has deep experience with location
analytics solutions having successfully deployed Flow for multinational shopping centres, international
airports, restaurants and cafes, hotels and resorts, sports arenas and entertainment venues,
and retail outlets and brands. Get started with Aislelabs Flow today.

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Big Brother is watching ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€

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